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Jo Piazza accidentally gives away the LCWR game away.

September 1st, 2014 | 5 Comments

There are plenty of things in Jo Piazza’s tirade against against the Catholic Church in Time that are worthy of critique. The lack of any detail on the clashes between the LCWR & the Vatican, the fact that one of her “hero” nuns Sr. Jeannine Gramick has been publicly pushing abortion, The fact that the Vatican waited eight years  for the LCWR  to answer their concerns before acting,  her ignoring Habit wearing orders faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church like the Sister Servants who flourishing rather than rapidly dying out.

All of these things of course are familiar to DaTechGuyblog readers but while Ms. Piazza piece is laughable at best, she unknowingly includes an anecdote that shows exactly where she and the LCWR has it wrong (emphasis mine):

I recently spoke to a young woman who was discerning to be a Catholic sister, but changed her mind before she took perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

I asked her why and the answer was very simple and yet disheartening.

“I want to work for an employer that values what I do.”

She plans to work for an NGO. She wanted to be of service to the world, but she also wanted to feel empowered in her job.

And that my dear friends is exactly why I’m so pleased this young woman is not going to be a nun as she clearly doesn’t have a vocation.

If your primary concern is to “feel empowered” and to find “an employer who values you”  then by all means look for such an employer that advertisers such an environment.

If however, your primary concern is to serve Christ and his Church spreading the good news of the Gospel by way of works & prayer for the salvation of souls and feel the call of God calling to such service, have we Catholic got some vocations for you!

You will not likely get glowing articles in Time Magazine, Maureen Dowd will not lionize you in the NY Times and gay multi-millionaires will likely not finance any of the good works but as promised you will be gaining treasure in heaven.

If  Jo Piazza was as concerned about Nuns as she pretends rather than disheartened she would be delighted that this  young woman will not be taking vows that mean nothing for her.   I suspect her priority isn’t so much helping the Catholic Church serve the God of Christianity as seeking a Catholic Church that exists to serve the God she apparently worships: progressivism and liberalism,

As for the nuns she lionized.

Many of the women who are nuns today joined the vocation because it was a way to become highly educated, travel the world and dedicate themselves to a higher good without being beholden to a husband or children.

Notice the words “God” or “Christ”  are nowhere in that sentence, but, in fairness,  you will not find the words “God” or “Christ” either anywhere in the piece.  After all what does Christ have to do with being a Catholic Nun?

There is a reason why the sin of Pride is #1 on the list of deadly sins.

I would suggest prayer for all of these ladies and for the nuns in question as well, and rest assured if they the young lady in question has a vocation within her, God will call her to it.

Closing thought:  It’s no accident that Ms. Piazza used a photo of young nuns in her article, because if she showed a photo like this that more accurately  represents her heroes, nobody would realize they were nuns.

Update: Fr. Z picks up the story and notices something I missed:

The Vatican doesn’t celebrate these women. In fact, it has done the very opposite. Attacks on American nuns have been happening since 2008, when the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life initiated an “Apostolic Visitation,” a euphemism for investigation, of the nuns.

To put it in perspective, previous “visitations” conducted by the Church were designed to investigate things like the priest sex abuse scandal.

This is simply wrong.  Visitations happen all the time and for various reasons.  From time to time check ups are needed in all manner of the Church’s institutions.  But the silly writer is trying to paint the Holy See in the worst possible light by leading you to accept a false equivalence.

And via e-mail a young lady reminds us who the employer of a nun actually is:

I would suggest that a nun’s employer – her boss’ boss – deeply values what she does and will reward her for eternity for it. In fact, He has said that for thousands of years through the prophets, the Church, and His son.

The religious orders have a great CEO.

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