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Robert Spencer’s Speech at YAF Nashua

March 29th, 2015 | No Comments

Here is Robert Spencer’s Speech at the YAF Nashua NH in two parts March 28 2015

I had to pause because apparently I’m getting old so I had to pause long enough to get a chair for my sciatica so you missed about 60 seconds in between.

Hysteria over Hoosier Religious Freedom Restoration Act misplaced

Interviews at YAF NH Robert Spencer

The PlaceboCare McEconomy

Voices from YAF Nashua Day 1 Hofford 3-27-15

Credit to the GOP Establishment where it is Due

A Question of Moral Clarity – Part III 03.27.2015

Words, words, words

The One Bright Side of Obama’s Incompetence

Ted Cruz & Obamacare a Dangerous Precedent

What does your higher education dollar buy these days?

I guess that experiment was a failure

Barack Obama: 16 Intelligence 3 Wisdom

About that “Cuban side or the white side”

Lucky for Ms. Hough she has so many other College Options

Ted Cruz: History & the Letter “R” vs “D”

A little surprised to see this is the Washington Post

The Chinks in Jindal’s Armor

Borland Decision is Rational, not Heroic

Azealia Banks: Pandering, Irony & Niche Marketing

Saudis throwing a fit over Swedish foreign minister’s remarks on women’s rights

Pope Acts Catholic, Time Breathless

My latest for Some police revenue streams are more outrageous than others

The Vatican Press Office Seems to Lack Faith

A Question of Moral Clarity – Part II 03.20.2015

Recommended reading for Easter: The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

Will Madison Support its Local Sheriff?

The Faith & Trust of St. Joseph

The Bush Years vs the Obama Years Compare & Contrast: the 1st Amendment

Laws Are For The Little People At State Dept.

One more thing about the Israeli Election

Ted Cruz on Morning Joe

Oh, for the days when silence was golden!

MSNBC & CNN March 18th 2015 Places of incredible Gloom

The Bush years vs the Obama Years Compare & Contrast: Iran

Simple Hillary Logic.

Tom Cotton vs Barack Obama on Iran is Abe Lincoln vs Lyndon Johnson

Staggering Toward Election 2016

Why the left so hates the Tom Cotton and his Letter

Bug vs Feature Seattle Edition

Ferguson Protesters on Jeffrey Williams Arrest in one video

March Madness: The Big Dance of Radicals

Christ’s Most Human Moment

The Mika Burger Challenge Seattle Edition

The Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act of 2016 or The Full Employment for the Unburned Act

A Lack of Moral Clarity? (03.13.2015)

Is that you, Sabo?

Dave Weigel, MSNBC miss the lede on Ted Cruz

Eric Holder, Al Sharpton et/al win Black Community Loses

Are You Ready For Hillary’s Emails?

Jihad by any other name is still the same

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American 023

MIT knows Science

MIT knows Science

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