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Peter Capaldi as the Doctor: S8 E4 Listen

September 15th, 2014 | No Comments

The Latest of my reviews of the Peter Capaldi Era of Doctor Who

Summary: Will the Doctor’s Dream investigation destroy Clara’s Dream Date?

Plot: The Doctor has been thinking about evolution and dreams and decided to get help from Clara just as she is coming back from a disastrous date with Danny Pink, the Doctor Drafts her for his experiment but at a critical moment while tied into the Tardis’ telepathic circuits thinks bout something else that sends the TARDIS on a trip to the past that makes her life most uncomfortable. Will the Doctor be able to save her date, figure out the secret, save a stray time traveler and discover if there is in fact someone watching them…

…or is this all (And I mean all) Clara’s fault?


Writing: OK let’s say right up from that this was a clever story, with plenty of drama and misdirection and when all is said and done we still aren’t positive if the resolution is actually the resolution. Taken as a stand alone story this would be almost a masterpiece of scripting as you never EVER know where it is going. That being said if there was actually such a thing as time lords and the Celestial intervention agency et/al this episode would be used as an example as to why time lords are not allowed to intervene in events and mess up timelines. Furthermore the interaction of Clara with this older Doctor with no trace of possible romance has not only improved the character interaction of an older doctor but I think has improved the acting (more on that later) For God sake how many predestination paradoxes can one man write? Does he have any other string in his bow? And while you’re at it let’s point out that if you are a person who knows anything about the early series and time lord history your alarm bells are ringing off the bloody hook!

Acting: Another first rate performance by Capaldi possibly his best to date in the role, Jenna Coleman also does an excellent job. I’d say it’s clearly her best episode in this season and one of her best right along, the only distraction was her outfit which was so flattering particularly for her legs that I suspect male viewers between the ages of 16-25 missed just how good a performance she gave. Not playing the flirty girl of the Doctor has really raised her level. Sam Anderson did a good job in dual role and the child actors where more than acceptable

Memorable Moments: makeup, lotus position, digging wells

Doctor Who Flashbacks: Fear keeps you strong (11th Doctor Time of Angels) This episode didn’t so much have flashbacks (although there was one to Day of the Doctor) as they did rewrites and/or ignore key episodes (more on that later)

Oddities: Since when are the telepathic circuits of the tardis made of flesh? this episode would explain why the Doctor is so obsessed with Earth. 100 years in the future is too soon for human time travel.

Pet Peeves: OK lots of them here and they involve spoilers: 1. The past of Gallifrey is time locked. There is no way the Tardis even with shields down can get there. 2. IF a TARDIS approached space traffic control (See the Invasion of Time) the time Lords would have detected it.

Great Quote: None.

Final Verdict: Four 1/2 stars. If it wasn’t for the frustration of yet ANOTHER temporal paradox business it might have made five.

Ranking of Season: 2nd of four this proves you can’t judge an episode by it’s preview,

1. Into the Dalek
2. Listen
3. Robot of Sherwood
4. Deep Breath

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