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Some Housing Discrimination is More Equal than Others

October 22nd, 2014 | No Comments

Picture a person with a rental house that’s been empty for months who wants to sell.

He is approached by a hispanic owned company that has a history of buying multi family houses in areas with few or any Hispanic people and renting them out to Hispanics who wish to move there.

The sale goes through and they rent to Hispanic families.  The residents of the area are furious and hold protests calling them a bunch of lazy welfare collecting wetbacks who have no business in their neighborhood they are joined by at their protests by city counselors, their state reps and their Senator and Congressmen denouncing both the seller as a race traitor and the tenants unwelcome to the point where extra police are required for their safety.

How fast would the media put a spotlight on this story to denounce the neighborhood?  How quickly would those representatives be shamed?  How long would it take for the president to denounce such racism and declare that the local government would not see a penny of the Federal Treasury until the principle of selling and renting to people regardless of race or creed was upheld and how many members of both parties would be leaving angry comments at any site that defended these things?

This would be a no brainer.

If that’s the case can anyone explain to me why this a problem:

According to the President of the United States there are places in the world where anybody should be able to buy a home….except for the Jews. Last month his administration criticized Israel for allowing Jews to purchase homes (with real money) in East Jerusalem. Today Israel repeated the horrible mistake of allowing anybody in the country the freedom to buy a home wherever they want (even the Jews).

Ateret Cohanim, an organization that settles Jews in Arab areas of East Jerusalem, said it facilitated the purchase of two buildings from their Arab owners in the neighborhood of Silwan. Spokesman for the group Daniel Lurie said the buildings contain nine apartment units and that Jewish families and religious studies students would soon move into the properties. They moved in Sunday evening bringing the total number of Jewish families in the area to 17.

Strange how the same people who would condemn the examples above insist some places in the capital of the state of Israel be kept Judenrein.



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