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Ted Cruz John Kasich Carly Fiorina or Why I don’t travel with the Media Swarm

April 19th, 2015 | No Comments

LOWE: You will join the Swarm to be consumed, to become part of our purpose!

Doctor Who The Invisible Enemy 1977

Brill: Well, if they’re big and you’re small, then you’re mobile and they’re slow. You’re hidden and they’re exposed.

Enemy of the State 1998

Day two of the FITN GOP leadership summit in Nashua New Hampshire started strong for me. I got to the Crowne Plaza early and the entire press room was mine for the taking:

If you’ve never been in that situation that means you can pick the sweet spot were you can see the access doors where the candidate are coming in and out, next to the area where they speak to media so you don’t have to move while still having easy access to a plug for charging your stuff.

Location Location Location.

But even as the press credentials burned through my fedora screaming NO! I found a place across from the hotel Salon, not only as far as you could get from the press room but technically outside the event area where people who lacked a ticket were restricted to, and that’s where I planted myself for the day.

Now at first glance that might seem like a bad idea, after all smaller bloggers have fought very hard for the right to be considered equals with the MSM and if one is credentialed one should take advantage of it. But there are two factors that made the decision easy. The first is at a GOP event being part of the press scrum is like wearing a big sign in front of a candidate saying “I’m here to destroy you if I can” but the second is the same factor just mentioned above.

Location Location Location

While the Press Entrance was next to the door connecting to the green room & private area most people not named Trump don’t want to be instantly swarmed by press. The Salon spot not only gave good plug access it allowed me a view of the main entrance and the experience next to the bar restaurant meaning when someone like Say Carly Fiorina is coming in.

You can get that interview exclusively or if you’re very lucky when Senator Ted Cruz comes in and start signing autographs for voters

You can get a couple of exclusive questions in without another press person in sight.

Instead of having to hunt with the swarm like this:

and have (almost) the same footage as everyone else

Now you might ask, where was the swarm while I got those uncluttered bits with Senator Cruz?   Well the swarm had descended on Governor John Kasich of Ohio I filmed part of it…

…But left because think about it for a second. Not only were all the question on the same gotcha theme but every media person was shooting the same thing it produced no reason for a reader to come to this site to see it.

Now some candidates used this wisely for example when Rand Paul (Who I think doesn’t get enough credit for pure cunning) he allowed the swarm to envelop him in public areas as he moved though

To the point where they were taking pictures of him in the elevator doors

NUCLEUS [OC]: Fool. Do you think a metal barrier can contain the Swarm?

Doctor Who The Invisible Enemy 1977

After all nothing says “journalism” like a shot of a candidate in an open elevator and God forbid your editor finds out you’re the only news organization that didn’t get a swarm question on Kasich or that elevator picture of Rand Paul.

Senator Paul understand this thus he allowed interviews on the second floor away from the pack thus getting the attention of the swarm while still being able to be somewhat in control.  He knows how to counter these guys at their own game

Not all Journalists stick to this game.  For example while I made regular strolls to the Press room to see what was going and was able to pick up walking interviews such as this one with Governor Mike Huckabee before returning to my spot

(That’s Lee Fang of Think Progress jumping in with a question)

Mark Halpern who grabbed that sweet spot that had been open in the room regularly drifted to where I was and was able to get some one on one time with people like Senator Lindsey Graham.

He was an excellent example of adapting within the swarm.

But on the whole the rest of the swarm remained within the swarm staring at the monitors & typing away.

Even when the speakers were done and the press hit the bar the rules of the swarm remained as evidenced when during Gov Scott Walker barside entrance to a small dinner.

So tell me dear news consumer, how do you like your journalism, inside or outside the swarm?


And that’s the real question.  If you like your journalism  from inside the swarm there are plenty of places you can get it from.

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