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The Vital Clue to Reduce Gunplay in Chicago

April 23rd, 2014 | No Comments

A lot of angst has been made about last weekends shooting spree in Chicago (45 people shot). The Democrat Governor of Illinois called for more gun control on Morning Joe and on the same show Al Sharpton bemoaned the lack of gang leaders with who a deal could be made (although somehow pols seem to find those leaders come election day.)

If you want to know the actual solution to this problem, I suggest listening to what Garry McCarthy the police superintendent had to say as quoted by the Daily Beast.

Until we do something about guns, don’t expect things to change overnight

No not that quote, that’s the same message that the left has been crying for decade to no effect, I meant what he said afterwards (emphasis mine):

McCarthy noted that Chicago cops have seized 1,500 illegal guns so far this year, but the people caught with the weapons are all too often back on the street all too soon.

“It’s like running on a hamster wheel,” McCarthy said of the effort to grapple with the problem. “We’re drinking from a fire hose, seizing these guns, and people are back out on the street. They’re not learning that carrying a firearm is going to have a serious impact on their lives.

Hold on, you mean to say that you aren’t putting away people who are carrying guns illegally?

If you don’t go to jail for gun possession, you continue to carry guns,” McCarthy said. “You continue to carry guns, and people get shot.”

Is Mr. McCarthy actually trying to insinuate that in a place where the gun laws are historically strict they are unable to put folks away for violating them?

The truth is Mr. McCarthy knows the solution, the problem is not the guns it’s the criminal thugs and if you want to stop them from carrying firearms illegally it might just be a good idea prosecute those offenses rather than plea bargaining them away.

You want a tough new gun law Mr McCarthy, here is one I can back:

No punishment for a felony firearms offenses in the Illinois involving incarceration shall be served concurrently with incarceration for any other offense said offender is convinced of, nor shall any jail time for a felony firearms offense be subject to reduction for “good time” or parole.

I’ll wager the NRA would back that.

Don’t start talking new gun restrictions till we see the result of enforcing the laws you’ve got:


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