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June 28th, 2016 | No Comments

An occasional series highlighting posts at the sites of my Magnificent Seven Writers (former and present)

Pat Austin at So it goes in Shreveport says the civil war is still being fought

You may recall that Mr. Epperson is attempting to have the Confederate Monument removed that stands in front of the courthouse on land given to the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1903.  I attended the Caddo Commission committee meeting when this was discussed and wrote about it here.  You can watch the video of that meeting here.  If you just want to skip to Mr. Epperson’s wandering, profanity laced tirade at the end, it starts at about 1:20 in the video.

Apparently Mr. Epperson’s wasn’t a big fan of Lincoln’s advice to “let em up easy” but nobody is more sore than a sore winner.

Earlier this month Juliette at Baldilocks wrote about a 2008 post whose point seems to be repeating itself

All too often these days, when the average person talks about principles, what they’re really talking about are their personal commodities—a fixed quantity to be sold under certain circumstances, with a finite set of buyers as well. Oh sure, this merchandise is labeled as “principles” but the definition of the word has become mutable–Truth become the Lie.

In her Carnival of Latin America at her blog Fausta provides evidence that History repeats itself:

Moscow Building Spy Site in Nicaragua. Signals intelligence facility part of deal for 50 Russian tanks (h/t Stephen Green). Not content with simply sending spy ships to Cuba, now

The Russian government is building an electronic intelligence-gathering facility in Nicaragua as part of Moscow’s efforts to increase military and intelligence activities in the Western Hemisphere.

While the MSM has no interest in the violence in Chicago At Marathon Pundit John Ruberry is keeping count:

It’s summer which sadly means that there will be more shootings in Chicago. This weekend seven people were shot to death and at least 48 others were wounded. Among the latter was a 19-year-old South Side woman who was shot twice shortly before noon on Saturday–she’s in critical condition.

At his site Author Tim Imholt PhD opines on some 80’s music that’s striking a familiar chord to him

Think about those words. We have two front runners in American politics for the 2016 Presidential election. Those are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Putting aside for a minute the thought that if these two are really the best, smartest, most qualified people in the nation for that job, we have a long way to go as a nation. Think about those words. These two political leaders are essentially living up to those words every day. Donald talks about himself more than anyone I know, and Hillary says look I held all these important positions with shockingly awesome titles. Perhaps Donald went bankrupt a lot and Hillary failed to perform in those jobs, but that’s beside the point. Politics is a show, and those two have people who have swarmed around that cult of personality in both cases. 

At Lady Liberty’s site AP Dillon doesn’t take sides in violent clashes between fascists but the MSM does

To me it looks like one fascist group attacking another fascist group. I’m not defending either side here, but the media is.  Google for news stories on the attacks and one can see the media has taken the side of BAMN.

One outlet cited the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) when describing who and what the Traditionalist Workers Party was. This is sadly hilarious, as SPLC helpsfund the UEAA, from which BAMN gets their money. Shockingly, the UEAA also gets money from Unions, but apparently not a lot according to UEAA’s 990 filings. Fun fact: When I called SPLC out yesterday on Twitter, they blocked me.

BAMN appears to be a far left, fascist style group who follows the rules of Saul Alinsky. From looking at their website, BAMN seems to believe that illegal immigrant sanctuary cities are not enough, whole states should be converted. Discover the Networks has some interesting history on BAMN.

It’s been a while since occasional contributor Jerry Wilson posted on his site, but that last post struck about Dawn Wisner Johnson struck a chord:

For the past few years, I’ve been working with, helping, and supporting a non profit – Forgotten Children – headed by my good friend, Paula Daniels. I never thought that this would hit so close to home.

Friends, please take a moment to watch this interview with a victim that escaped. If you don’t have the time to do that, would you “like” this post? The more likes, the more people will see it.

I’m also very sad that when I post on Facebook about human trafficking I may get 5 “likes.” Yet, when I post about my vacations or family, 50 to 100 “likes”. How sad that is to me.

People don’t like to be reminded of unpleasant realities, because it implies a need to do something about it

It’s been a while since Linda Suzuki blogged here and her site No one of Any import hasn’t seen much action lately either but this post is a great summary of the duties of a parent:

Here’s why:  I have NO opinion about my children’s future.  Unless:

  • They get hooked on illegal drugs
  • They sell illegal drugs
  • Their spouses get hooked on or sell illegal drugs
  • They abuse their spouses
  • Their spouses abuse them
  • They turn to other criminal activity as a source of income
  • They refuse to work, instead living off the government teat
  • They expect me & my husband to continue supporting them indefinitely
  • They irresponsibly go into large amounts of debt in a pursuit of unrealistic dreams

The end.  If none of the above apply, and my children are above 18, then I am a satisfied parent.

The job of a parent is to teach kids to be adults Linda seems to get it.

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