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Mass Fiscal Alliance, Bill Maher & Low info voters

September 30th, 2014 | No Comments

Hazel:  Is cowslip coming?  Maybe he knows.

Fiver:  He wouldn’t  come.  He told me to stop talking about it

Richard Adams Watership Down 1978

You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.’

2 Samuel 12:12

At their new location of Barber’s Crossing the Twin City Tea Party, Paul Craney Executive Director of the Mass fiscal alliance came and spoke about their checklist of votes.

Their voter guide mailer which went out to hundreds of thousands of homes in the state scores the entire 200 member House and Senate of Massachusetts on fiscal issues (nothing social, nothing 2nd Amendment nothing else.) and a further 20+ votes on their site, their mission? To inform voters of how fiscally responsible your representative is with your money.

Mr. Craney talked about the response to the mailing and how his organization has been attacked as a PAC (they’re not one) accused of legal violations (without evidence) and accused of not being transparent in their donor lists by the very legislators who have voted to keep committee votes private.

I found the argument Ironic, legislators demanding a transparent donor list to intimidate people exercising constitutional rights while avoiding transparency to the people their employers who they beg every two years for their job.

It the same premise behind Bill Maher rejection of Powerline’s John Hinderracker for an event when his condition for appearing was a copy of the video to keep them honest:

I found this episode revealing. Guys like Bill Maher are essentially bullies. They interact with conservatives for one purpose only: to make them look bad, and serve as foils for their leftism. The last thing they want is a real debate on a level playing field. The mere threat of being kept honest by not being the only possessor and editor of the video is enough to send them scurrying in a “different direction.”

That is the essential illustration of what it means to base your power on low info voters.  One doesn’t dare allow the truth to be seen for fear of waking the sleeping voter or  shattering a comfortable illusion.

The problem is while you might not see or acknowledge these illusions, you certainly pay for them.


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