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Kaity Thomson Ted Cruz and the Future of the MSM

September 3rd, 2015 | No Comments

Three Days ago I scored a quick exclusive interview with Senator Ted Cruz. My first question was this:

DaTechGuy: I watched your interviews in the past

Senator Ted Cruz: Yup

DTG: and one of the things I’ve noticed is whether it’s Jose Ramos or Katie Couric you never let yourself conform to the media’s template.

Cruz: Right Right

DTG: and How important is that to advance the conservative message and why don’t other republicans see this?

Cruz: It’s critically important. The media are not our friends, they are partisan players, They are not fair and impartial umpires. The most important protectors of Barack Obama right now, is the mainstream media and no one is more ready for Hillary than the mainstream media.

So the media tries, typically to do two things to republicans; To caricature us as either evil or stupid. So they ask question to us that are often rigged to paint us as either evil or extreme. And on the flip side they give these love fests to Democrats and try to paint them as loving and wonderful and caring about kids and furry kittens and bunny rabbits.

And we’ve got to understand where the media’s coming from and not accept the false premises of their questions and instead, Look the path to winning is not complicated, speak the truth with a smile.

The truth is conservative principles work. The Truth is the American free enterprise system has been the greatest engine for prosperity and opportunity the world has ever seen. The truth is our constitutional liberties are the foundation of opportunity in this county and The Truth is that American when it recedes from leadership in the world makes the world a much more dangerous place

When we know what we believe and speak the truth we win but we can’t let the media trap us, and we’ve got to understand what we believe and be prepared to defend it with hostile media questions.

You can see the video here

A pair of young Democrat activists Tyler & Kaity apparently didn’t watch that interview of mine because they attempted to play Ambush with Ted Cruz and he didn’t play along, to wit:

Ted Cruz: …Now you asked a question, ‘do you believe in climate change?’. Of course! From the dawn of time the climate has been changing. Until the end of time the climate will change. And yet interestingly enough the political liberals, their solution to climate change is exactly the same as it was to global cooling and global warming. Massive government control of the economy, energy sector, and our lives. And when you start to see politicians who propose the exact same solution to every problem regardless of the facts or the data you start to think these are politicians who just want power over our lives.

Having failed on the first go, Kaity Thomson gave it a shot and her exchange showed all the arrogance of youth:

Kaity Thomson: “Why do you disagree with me you are not a scientist.”

Senator Ted Cruz: “Both my parents are scientists and mathematicians. My father was a geophysicist.”

Thomson: Are they climate scientists?

Cruz: My father was a geophysicist.

Thomson: That’s different.

Now I was young and foolish once myself so perhaps one might forgive the absurdities shown in the transcript by young Kaite & Tyler, but there is a different between the arrogance of youth and dishonesty. I cite here the titles of the videos on Youtube

Ted Cruz absurd climate change denial.

Ted Cruz insults University of New Hampshire, denies the earth is warming

Not only are both dishonest but I challenge anyone to read that transcripts and call Senator Cruz’s answers “absurd” or find the “insult” to the University of New Hampshire.

Even so the most interesting part of those two videos on youtube are what they have in common as showed by these two screen shots:

No comments 2

No comments 1

No comments on our videos allows, we don’t trust our viewer or follows to say what they think.

So let’s review, we have two young adults who attempt an ambush interview of the senator, who attempt to advance a particular premise and agenda, who find themselves unable to cope with their “subject” rejecting their premise and agenda, who title their videos pejoratively yet are so proud and so confident of their work they don’t dare allow those who view it to publicly comment on it.

Kaity, Tyler, you have a great future in the Mainstream media.

FYI my full Cruz Coverage is here.


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