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How to Spot Different Types of Presidential Candidates from Quite a Long Way Away: #2 The Stalking Horse

May 27th, 2015 | No Comments

The second in a series you can read about the Fee Booster aka the Resume Enhancer here.

So now we continue:

How to spot different types of candidates from quite a long way away


#2  The Stalking Horse aka The Attack Dog

Distinguishing Characteristics 

1.  An active high profile political career

2.  Positions nearly indistinguishable from a particular major candidates

3.  The Respect of the Media class

4.  An aggressive and provocative speaking style

The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog is a common type of political animal whose natural habitat is deep in the political system.  Such a candidate is usually in a high-profile position, a congressman, a senator, a former official either from a very important state or from a long serving member of a lesser state.    The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog has existing national profile and in different circumstance might be considered a credible upper candidate.  He has considerable clout either in his state or in his particular field and is well-known to the media, usually a person who has appeared semi regularly on the various shows.  In some cases  The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog will be a key member or chair of a congressional or state committee but The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog  will always be in a position to the next level either in congress or in government.  But most important of all the The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog will either be a longtime friend or ally of a different candidate or a group supporting opposing a different one.

The primary purpose of the The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog’s entry into a presidential race is to say the words or do the attacks that the candidate or group he is working for can not.  Is there an issue that is too dangerous for the primary candidate to advance?  The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog brings it up.  Is there a question that the primary candidate doesn’t feel comfortable answering?  The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog will ask it and frame it in a way that the primary candidate can safely answer.  Is there an opponent that needs to be pressed without involving either a group or a particular candidate The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog will not only ask that question but will aggressively press the case through every debate and public appearance in the hopes of throwing said candidate off their game.

The goal of the The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog  will is to enable the victory of his candidate or the candidate of the PAC that supports them.  Because the The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog goal is to support a different candidate he will not be from an early primary state unless the opponent of the person or group he is working is favored to win it.

The impossible dream of the but the The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog is a position a high cabinet position or VP on the ticket or to be put in a position to be a front-runner the next time around.


The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog is may or may not have a book out but will always have a friendly superpac backing him and will always be good for an on the record quote.  Said Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog is liked by the press not only because their profile is high enough to be worth their time but their willingness to give them a juicy quote means they will make news  Because of their high profile they will draw a fair amount contributions who want to keep in his good graces, and the people backing them will make sure The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog has sufficient staff to seem credible but oddly enough that staff will not to any state beyond Super Tuesday.


The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog is in the race until the field is cleared for the person they are really working for at which time they pull out due to the “inevitably” of the candidate they are working for and will happily give their full endorsement to them in an event of some size.  Their staff oddly will find themselves coordinating with said campaign seamlessly and will have their campaign debts paid off quick.


Usually The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog is a candidate acceptable to the supporters of the people they are stalking for so a vote for them is a vote for that other candidate.  If by some quirk of fate that candidate falls out of failure early or is destroyed by scandal The Stalking Horse / The Attack Dog  can become an actual serious candidate.

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