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The Trump MSM Symbiotic relationship Pt 2: The Big Lie Supported

July 5th, 2015 | No Comments

Tom Hagen:  Now we have the unions, we have the gambling; and they’re the best things to have. But narcotics is a thing of the future. And if we don’t get a piece of that action, we risk everything we have. I mean not now, but, ah, ten years from now.

The Godfather

Part 2 of a three-part series (part 1 is here)

Yesterday in part 1 I talked about how the media frenzy over Donald Trump statements are exactly what he wants and of great advantage to his campaign.  Today we’ll talk about why the MSM is even happier about the results of Trump’s remarks than he is.

One of the highest priorities of Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) is to try to create a permanent break between Americans of South American ancestry and the GOP.  They sabotaged the nomination of Miguel Estrada’s in fear of George Bush nominating the first ever hispanic to the Supreme Court.  When Ted Cruz became a national name the left and the media (again I repeat myself) did all they could to define him as anything but Latino.

That’s been the goal and if the English language MSM has been bad spanish language MSM like Univision has been  even worse as Daniel Garza noted:

Garza referred to a 2012 report by the Pew Hispanic Center in which 32 percent of all Latinos polled said their political views were either “conservative” or “very conservative,” with an additional 31 percent self-identifying as moderates. Only 30 percent reported their political views as liberal. And around one in five Hispanics said they wanted a smaller government that offered fewer services. But if you judged Latinos by watching Univision and Telemundo alone, “you’d think that conservative ideology in the Hispanic movement is nonexistent,” Garza said. “Mainstream [Hispanics] really are conservative-independent, so it’s not like they’re outliers. But you wouldn’t know that from watching Spanish news. . . . That expression of the conservative point of view has to be representative, and the policy sentiments of the conservative Hispanics has to be expressed, because it’s millions of people.”

In fact it’s so blatant that a staffer at Entravision, “the largest US owner of Univision television stations” requested in writing to be removed from the GOP press release list because, as their person put it  ” …I am a democrat and don’t need to read your viewpoints

In the couple of decades I’ve spent pitching stories I’ve been rejected thousands of times but I’ve never been rejected in writing. What this points to is a culture within Entravision that is so hyper-partisan that the communications efforts of one of the two major US political parties was rejected out of hand AND the staffer felt so comfortable doing so that they felt obligated to email Ms. Pardo about what they had done.

And it’s the immigration issue that they play their card on heaviest (never mind that from 2008-10 Obama had veto proof majorities  & passed on it) as Univision puts it

“It’s true that immigration is not the most important issue for Latinos,” Ramos said. “However, immigration is the most important symbolic issue for Latinos. Immigration defines who is with us and who is against us. Immigration is something personal.”

Oh it’s a “symbolic” issue?  I wonder what it symbolizes?  The rule of law?  The idea that if you are from Mexico or South America you should be treated the same as if you can from Europe or Africa?  Nope what it symbolizes is the Democrat/Media big lie they’re trying to sell to American Latinos:

The only reason republicans want to deport illegal immigrants is because they hate Latinos

And along comes Donald Trump.

Does he critique the gangs and the drugs like flakka that have come to US cities?  

Does he critique the high crime rates that come with them and the democrat controlled areas where they flourish

Does he cite the high rape statistics among women who come illegally who make that trip and frame it as a safety issue for women?

Nope he leads with a blanket statement about Mexicans who come here with a caveat saying that “some” are good people.

The MSM couldn’t have asked for anything better, they don’t have to cover the president and his failures, they don’t have to cover any of the GOP candidates words concerning anything other topic but Trump and his 12% 2nd place showing.  Obamacare?  ISIS? Russia?  Who cares?  We can go all in concerning Trump and if I’m Hispanic media I look at Trumps 2nd place  and say to their audience in Spanish:  What did I tell you, all these gringos see when they look at you is a crook, a drug dealer or a rapist.  

It doesn’t matter if in follow-up interviews he specifies illegal immigration, talks gangs, produces stats, none of it matters.  The media will simply play the base quote and then whatever snippet from any follow-up interview that supports the base quote.

What would the MSM have paid any other GOP candidate to make a remark like this?

Two things first let me remind you of something I said when he announced:

What is to stop Donald Trump from playing stalking horse for the Democrats…What if he acts like a soundbyte machine for the Democrat party?…What is to stop Donald Trump if denied the GOP nomination, if denied the speaking spot he wants at the convention, if he develops a grudge against the eventual GOP nominee or if he wants to just feed his ego, from going the Ross Perot route running as a 3rd party candidate and dividing the vote to give Hillary the White House?

Every single day that this goes on confirms these fears.

But let me point out one important thing.  If you want to fix the blame for this fiasco don’t blame Trump whose tactics are working for him, nor the MSM Spanish or English who are both acting according to plan.

The people who deserve the blame?  Why the GOP establishment of course, but that’s another post.


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