Guys worth remembering

One of the last remaining Doolittle Raiders has died: World War II hero David "Davey" M. Jones — one of the famed Doolittle Tokyo Raiders — died Tuesday in Tucson at the age of 94. Jones, a University of Arizona alumnus, retired from the Air Force as a two-star general in 1973 after a long … Continue reading Guys worth remembering

Fear and unemployment

One of the problems when a company closes down without warning is the fear it produces. Yesterday in the still active chat room where company members sit it was mentioned that one of our co-workers paychecks bounced. This produced a bunch of worry since that meant that some bills would have to wait a while … Continue reading Fear and unemployment

Part of the job description

Well I promised some politics so here is some: I was thinking of the attacks on Mormons in California after Proposition 8 won by about the same margin that the President Elect won. There is an awful lot of self justification on the left for their actions and a lot of outrage on the right … Continue reading Part of the job description

The kind of mine that makes others rich.

I've often said on the old blog that the Internet never forgets. At the New Scientist site they remind us today that there is money in that information of yours. Databases know more about you than you realise. A Carnegie Mellon University study recently showed that simply by knowing gender, birth date and postal zip … Continue reading The kind of mine that makes others rich.

The story of the big Axe at HiWired

Well There are likely a few people who are wondering what the h*** actually happened to HiWired, Control Center (Ctrl-Center), Windstream Tech Support, Comcast Tech support etc… and all the other supports that we did over at HiWired. Being a lowly tech I don't have all the story but I'll give you what I can. … Continue reading The story of the big Axe at HiWired

Unemployed and blogging under my own blog

Well after 3 years blogging at the HiWired blog and nearly 4 years doing tech support at HiWired my circumstances have changed. I along with the entire staff of HiWired (except for Deb who is doing the final tax paperwork) are kaput. I am now blogging here. What does this mean? It means that you … Continue reading Unemployed and blogging under my own blog