The internet and actual monetary savings

One of the first things a tech support guy learns on the net is how to find solutions. The became necessary when my Phillips DVX decided to fail about a week ago. When my wife bought it for me 2 years ago as a Christmas gift it stated quite clearly that it had a reputation … Continue reading The internet and actual monetary savings

Don’t leave home without one

As a very cheap guy, (after all using free wordpress and a bare bones blog) I don't like to spend money when I don't have to (even before I lost my job), but there are two things that no person without a computer should be without. #1. Thumb/Flash drive When I saw my first thumb … Continue reading Don’t leave home without one


Back in the days when I was blogging for HiWired I tried to show a bit of restraint when talking about the acts of some people. However one of the great advantages of a personal blog is the lack of said necessity, so lets say some things bluntly: The people involved in the attacks in … Continue reading Barbarians