Chicago Corrupt? NO! Short roundup.

There has been a lot written on this subject of the scandal in Chicago and what the president elect may or may not know: Kate Granju says Axelrod or Obama is lying. Gateway Pundit goes to town on Obama , Blagojevich, Emanuel and Jessie Jackson Jr. I think he is enjoying himself too much. Drudge … Continue reading Chicago Corrupt? NO! Short roundup.

With apologies to my 2nd favorite writer

There are simply too many things I want to talk about today but i don't want to put up 15 posts like that today. So I'm going to steal the format of my 2nd favorite writer and start with something and then go where my mind takes me. Am I actually reading Dee Dee Myers … Continue reading With apologies to my 2nd favorite writer

No Nelson for Camile

Camile Paglia gets it: The tragic fate of so many innocent victims in Mumbai deserves our pity. But what should live in special infamy was the ruthless execution of the Lubavitcher rabbi, Gavriel Hertzberg, and his lovely wife, Rivka, who was 5 months pregnant. These were two idealistic young people of obvious warmth and humanity, … Continue reading No Nelson for Camile