Popularity assured

I strongly predict that our friends on the left will suddenly get a new respect for Victoria Toensing: I am as repulsed by the governor's crude statements -- captured on tape by investigators -- as anyone. And although I am a Republican, I am first an officer of the court. Thus, I take no joy … Continue reading Popularity assured

Speaking of conspiracy theories

Bob Owens the Confederate Yankee goes after truthism on the right with an article on Pajamas Media on the president elects constitutional qualifications for the White House: In various courts, dozens of cases have been filed claiming that Barack Obama is not eligible to hold the presidency because of various alleged citizenship issues. The U.S. … Continue reading Speaking of conspiracy theories

Fight faith with faith.

Via The Captain, The Anchoress makes the correct argument in a column at Pajamas media today: To secularists and avowed agnostics who work to expunge all religious language from governments, that idea is anathema. I doubt it makes many Christians or Jews happy, either. But the war on terror is as much about ideas and … Continue reading Fight faith with faith.

A day without power is not a day without Mighty Subs

Well the ice slammed into us really good. No power (or heat) in the house, no power in the neighborhood, no power for most of the city (although as of this writing two sections of town have lights) and a good chunk of central mass is totally dark. Tonight I'm writing from a friend's house … Continue reading A day without power is not a day without Mighty Subs