Feast or Famine

Although Central Massachusetts might be short of power these days, life is not short of irony. This have still been quiet on the tech support front. Today my sister-in-law called up over an issue with her browser (it's that IE issue that you have been hearing about). While I'm connecting to her the phone beeps … Continue reading Feast or Famine

Sgt Schultz at Justice

It appears that our prospective attorney general is blinder than the Governor of New York. As Michelle Malkin reports that when assigned to check for corruption in Chicago back in 2004 he saw nothing NUTH-THING: So: Governor Blago appoints Obama AG nominee Eric Holder to investigate corruption. Holder receives $300,000 for his legal services. Corruption … Continue reading Sgt Schultz at Justice

Two reasons to read Jay Nordlinger

I was reading Jay Nordlinger today. You should read him too. These two quotes show why: Longtime Impromptus readers may remember something I had to say from Davos, one year. Lord Carey — the former archbishop of Canterbury — stood up. Sitting next to a Saudi potentate (Prince Turki, I believe), he said, “Sure, you … Continue reading Two reasons to read Jay Nordlinger

Axelrod on Morning Joe

Typing as I see it so it is naturally abbreviated: Mika asks for information: Axelrod: "Nobody is more eager than us to release that" Joe: Help us out with some inconsistencies Axelrod questions the question get the question straight. Joe lets get your story straight first. We didn't even support Blagojevich for governor in the … Continue reading Axelrod on Morning Joe

A voice crying out in the wilderness

Watching Morning Joe this morning and the sight is astounding. You see a single person (Joe Scarborough) pointing out that it is not a hard thing for the Obama camp to actually know what their chief of staff knows and asking why he isn't answering questions, while a "cast of thousands" comes up with reasons … Continue reading A voice crying out in the wilderness

You have some patching to do

This is job one Wednesday morning for you all: Microsoft Corp. is taking the unusual step of issuing an emergency fix for a security hole in its Internet Explorer software that has exposed millions of users to having their computers taken over by hackers. The "zero-day" vulnerability, which came to light last week, allows criminals … Continue reading You have some patching to do

No contact (except maybe 21 recordings)

Well those photos were interesting but apparently that isn't the half of it: Sneed hears rumbles President-elect Barack Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is reportedly on 21 different taped conversations by the feds -- dealing with his boss' vacant Senate seat! Via the Campaign spot. This would explain the milk carton bit. To paraphrase … Continue reading No contact (except maybe 21 recordings)

Sell high buy low

The big scandal of millions of dollars in what was basically a giant ponzi scheme has hit hard: According to a criminal complaint filed on Thursday and cited by the Journal, Madoff "deceived investors by operating a securities business in which he traded and lost investor money, and then paid certain investors purported returns on … Continue reading Sell high buy low