Dr Who and the Return of the Krotons. Review

Since this item is not "for sale" but is a special episode for subscribers to the Big Finish Doctor Who series this review will be here rather than at Amazon. Return of the Krotons continues the adventures of the 6th doctor with his companion Charley Pollard who still has a secret about his future. They … Continue reading Dr Who and the Return of the Krotons. Review

A Coincidence I’m sure

For the last week whenever I've attempted to go to Lucianne.com a conservative news site my Google has been screaming bloody murder warning me of dire consequences. Today when I tried to go there was no such warning, considering the format of the previous warning I was quite surprised, until I started checking out the … Continue reading A Coincidence I’m sure

Speaking of the Handsome Mika

Howard Kurtz today talks about Mika Brzezinski and her gigs on both Morning Joe and the New Radio program that I haven't listened to yet. "I've been in a box as a journalist for 20 years," she says. "That is a very safe and lazy place to be. You can hide behind objectivity. It is … Continue reading Speaking of the Handsome Mika

Revenge of the nerds

There is an old saying to never get into an argument with someone who buys ink by the barrel. Today the argument would be never get into a fight with a techie: As a prank, students from local high schools have been taking advantage of the county's Speed Camera Program in order to exact revenge … Continue reading Revenge of the nerds

The Answer is no

Glenn Reynolds asks the following question: The real question, given the way the press covered for John Edwards, Barack Obama, et al. is whether the press would cover a Watergate if it happened under a Democratic administration. The answer is no and Ann Coulter gives some examples: She complained that we didn’t have enough “Arabic … Continue reading The Answer is no

Time to steal from Nordlinger again

A lot of things on the mind again so we are just going to have to steal the style of Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus column and say a few things; And since I'm stealing his style may I say that you should read his column regularly and consider buying his book right off the top. The … Continue reading Time to steal from Nordlinger again