Well I’ve had a few rants today but there are a lot of good things to smile about as well.

Got my car inspected and filled up, the price was less then a fill-up would have been 4 months ago.

Saw a convoy of power trucks from Chattanooga Tenn. these guys are really working hard. Still a few people without power but they are working on it.

Been reading about King Phillips War it wasn’t far from here that houses were torched and people killed stripped and scallped. Compared to that an Ice Storm is nothing.

The direct deposit for my unemployment has come in. With the direct deposit system the check was processed in 48 hours. A whole lot easier than 4 years ago.

And I got my first sale, If I can manage 8-10 more a week we can say goodbye to the unemployment bit altogether.

And its game night. You can never be unhappy on gamenight.

And the blankets are finally in for Christmas.

The Pope affirmed Catholic teaching yesterday:

Pope Benedict said Monday that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

The Church “should also protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man is needed,” the pontiff said in a holiday address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration.

“The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less.”

The Catholic Church teaches that while homosexuality is not sinful, homosexual acts are

Considering the first line I was waiting for a direct quote concerning homosexuality. Maybe the author didn’t include it because the Pope didn’t make one:

Benedict XVI stands accused today of ecclesiastical gay-bashing. When I was woken up very early this morning by a radio station looking for a quote, I was given the impression that he’d given a speech saying homosexuals were as big a threat to the planet as climate change.

That would have been an own goal, I admit. But look at the text of the Pope’s speech to the Curia and he doesn’t even come close to saying that. The point Benedict is making is that God’s plan for creation encompasses both stewardship of the planet and the expression of human sexual relations within (and only within) marriage.

Nowhere in his speech does he say that “homosexuaity” is a sin, because that’s not Catholic teaching.

None the less the long knives are out:

“When you have religious leaders like that making that sort of statement then followers feel they are justified in behaving in an aggressive and violent way because they feel that they are doing God’s work in ridding the world of these people.”

Her views were echoed by the Reverend Dr Giles Fraser, the vicar of Putney and president of Inclusive Church, the pro-gay Anglican movement. “I thought the Christmas angels said ’Fear not’. Instead, the Pope is spreading fear that gay people somehow threaten the planet. And that’s just absurd … Can’t he think of something better to say at Christmas?”

Pam Spaulding, a leading lesbian blogger from the United States, was even more direct. She said: “The Prada Papa Ratzi opens his trap again, and the homophobia stinks like trash piled up during a NYC garbage strike.”

If you want to read the actual text of the speech it is available in German and Italian here, but not in English. A babel fish translation is here but it seems a tad iffy to me so feel free to use your own translator.

Lets cut to the Chase: Regardless of what is done in other denominations the Pope is not going to change Church doctrine because you don’t like it. There is no requirement for anyone to be Catholic. There is no requirement for you to believe Catholic teaching. If you want a church that fits your beliefs there are plenty of denominations out there that tailor their beliefs to fill the collection plate. Or you can even form your own. If you don’t want to believe in any religion that is fine too. It’s all up to you. Feel free to critique, demonize, attack, belittle, ridicule, denounce and even hate the Church and proclaim it loudly for the rest of your life if you want to.

After that you’re on your own.

Continuing the topic of my last post there is something I said that should be elaborated on:

I suspect beyond the core set of true believers the support is actually very thin. It is what the “enlightened” and “right” type of people support to show how good and tolerant they are. It allows people to feel good about themselves without actually doing anything. It keep them safe from that most dreaded charge of bigotry. In short it is an exercise in narcissism.

It is my opinion that the left in general and the democratic party in particular will use the supporters of gay marriage for their fundraising, votes and for their organization as long as it is to their political benefit. If the worm turns (see 2nd amendment rights for an example) they party will run from them like a scared rabbit.

It is up to actual supporters of Gay Marriage who truly believe this is a civil rights issue to decide if that thin help is worth it. Perhaps they believe that there is no chance for a cultural reversal, media would suggest that may be the case, but demographics do not. Or maybe the short terms gains outweigh the risks of long terms betrayal. Or perhaps they gay marriage supports are pragmatic in the political sense.

I don’t know but the outrage of the left over the president elects decision means that this choice is going to have to be made. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Special UPDATE: With the return of Gay Marriage as a big issue I’m bumping this post from my first month of blogging to the top. I think the points within concerning Gay Marriage are just as valid two years later and as the blog was only a month old it got very little play. So I present my blast from the past, my very first post on the subject of Gay Marriage.

I’m am constantly amazed at the lack of memory in this country, it might have to do with the lack of knowledge of history in this country. As evidence I quote Richard Cohen today:
Continue reading “Richard Cohen: narcissist or bigot?: Update: Special return engagement!”

The Doctor Who Christmas Special is only 2 days away. The Christmas countdown calendar is running out of features. If you are all excited by this there is some bad news , some good news, and some more bad news and some more good news.

The bad news is The Next Doctor will only be televised in England, the Good news is that the BBC usually puts up the video at the Doctor who web site to watch, the other bad news is that video is only viewable if your PC is in the UK. The good news is you can always use a proxy server.

A proxy server is basically a computer that stands between a machine and where it is going, for example if you are in a large business you likely have all your net traffic going through a proxy to try to block both virus and sites that your work doesn’t want you go to.

In this case you want to use one of the free proxy sites out there to find a server in the UK. When you set proxy values basically your machine will go out to the computer in question, and that computer will make the request. The BBC then see it as a UK machine and you can watch it.

There are several companies that offer proxy use to shield your IP from the net, that way the fact that you are surfing from your machine is hidden from the world. That is the advantage of an anonymous proxy server. The disadvantage is that speed will of course be decreased as every request has to pass through a particular machine at an unknown location. The pay sites will be faster than the free ones.

Just remember the machine you are passing through will now have a record of where you are going, so think and act accordingly.

A quick how to on how to setup a proxy in IE Connection tab under Lan Settings is here. You can set it in Firefox under Tools, Options, advanced, settings. The placing of the values are basically the same, but details are here.

If you want a quick preview of it now well your wish is my command, at least in this case;

And don’t forget to send the charity a fiver.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that for some of the calendar things also need the proxy server to play.

Update #2
My review of the Next Doctor is here.

Today is Festivus a “holiday” that was made popular via the TV show Seinfeld but whose origins actually slightly predate the more popular but just as invented Kwanzza.

I find it kind of funny that this holiday is actually celebrated but to each his own, (one of my wife’s co-workers actually gave a miniature Festivus pole to a co-worker last year). I will be taking part in a feat of strength later today trying to cut through the rock hard snowbank in front to clear some parking spaces. As for the airing of grievances, I have teenagers, every day is for the airing of grievances.

You can order your Milwaukee made (A city known for its Very High Strength to Weight Ratio) Festivus poles here, Amazon is currently out.

If you celebrate this holiday, have a happy and joyous Festivus. If not then have a nice day.