Liveblogging a War

For the 2nd time Israellycool is liveblogging a war. If you want a comprehensive update from our last post this is the place for it. The most ridiculous statement is not from the left or even the Ron Paul forums from which I don't expect better but comes from Pajamas media. Not from the article … Continue reading Liveblogging a War

Some Personal stuff

This post is of a slightly personal nature so if you don't know me personally it will mean very little to you. Due to circumstances described in this post the Christmas Open House Scheduled for Jan 3rd (9th day of Christmas) at my place has one minor change. I now have a small supply of … Continue reading Some Personal stuff

HiWired. It’s alive it’s alive! (perhaps)

There is an interesting development in the HiWired situation. According to the main HiWired site it is now a part of RadialPoint. I checked the Radialpoint site and there is no press release confirming this but it is plain as the nose on your face on the HiWired page. As for Ctrl-center that has apparently … Continue reading HiWired. It’s alive it’s alive! (perhaps)

A blog for comic book news

As you might guess when a blog tracks back you tend to take a peek to see what is there. Apparently Tel-Chi Nation's author Avi Green has a second blog devoted to comic books called The Four Color Media Monitor. Looks like a good site for comic book fans. I'm an old Green Lantern, Justice … Continue reading A blog for comic book news

Well here goes something

Yesterday Israellycool was very frustrated as Israel after promising retaliation for the more than 200 rockets that have hit it over the past week responded with trucks of fuel and medicine. Well the Captain reports that the other shoe has finally dropped: After taking more that 200 missile attacks in the past week, the IDF … Continue reading Well here goes something

If I can’t have the ball. I’ll just go home.

Two years ago my wife gave me seasons 1 & 2 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. I liked and appreciated it but I didn't want it enough to buy it myself. I guess some things aren't just worth working for. Caroline Kennedy made a little more news on NY1 tonight, telling host Dominic Carter … Continue reading If I can’t have the ball. I’ll just go home.

That’s family

Was reading this article on the Kennedys at the weekly standard and this jumped out at me: From Joe Sr. on down to his sons and their children, the Kennedys have been many things to most men. Morally, they have been profiles in courage and cowardice: They fled Luftwaffe bombs in Blitz-ridden London, and in … Continue reading That’s family