The Never Ending XP

It looks like Microsoft has heard the cry of the Customer again and is extending the OEM period of windows XP through May 2009. Microsoft system builder partners who've been feeling queasy about the impending Jan. 31, 2009, deadline for selling PCs with Windows XP pre-installed can now breathe a bit easier, as Microsoft is … Continue reading The Never Ending XP

Now THIS takes guts

Remember this name Abdallah bin Bakhit. He is a Saudi columnist in Saudi Arabia and he is a brave man: Abdallah bin Bakhit, Saudi liberal and columnist for the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah, stated in an interview on Al-Arabiya that “the time has passed” for the Saudi religious police, and that it should be abolished. He … Continue reading Now THIS takes guts

War round up

Well all kind of round ups are taking place over the hits of Gaza this week and there are quite a few surprises. Lets start a Powerline Blog. In Calling Hamas pt 2 they look at the tactic of hiding being civilians: The video vividly illustrates how Hamas uses civilians as shields against a humane … Continue reading War round up

A 10th doctor perspective

You know as the 10th doctor era winds down I've been thinking of the Character. I can't help but see a parallel in current events. Over and over we see the doctor knowing what has to be done. He sees and knows what war is. He has fought a desperate war for survival of his … Continue reading A 10th doctor perspective