The difference

Here is a perfect metaphor of the Israel Palestinian conflict. Pro Hamas Rally takes place in Toronto Much smaller Pro Israel counter protesters protest across the street. Pro Hamas protesters storm and attack Pro Israeli protesters Police do nothing. Yes these are barbarians and thugs. Pretending that they are not is foolish. Remember this is … Continue reading The difference

And even more Sherman

I dug out my copy of Shelby Foote's Masterpiece The Civil War a Narrative after that first post and in the first Volume on pages 58-59 there is a speech by Sherman on pages that could have been made to the Palestinian authority: You people of the South don’t know what you are doing. This … Continue reading And even more Sherman

More Sherman in the holy land

I've invoked William Tecumseh Sherman several times in the last few weeks. Via Glenn The Other McCain does so as well: Sherman's sober words about the "terrible hardships of war" were written to the mayor of Atlanta, who had complained about the cruelty of the Union commander's order for the evacuation of the civilian population … Continue reading More Sherman in the holy land