It’s that time of year: scam time

Actually every time of year is scam time but with tax time approaching and various stimulus programs being talked about its a good time to think about the many online scams out there to nail you One example: Economic Stimulus Payment Scams Perpetrated via a phishy email or a fraudulent phone call, these scams capitalize … Continue reading It’s that time of year: scam time

I’m going to be a little unfair here… that paragon of the left George Soros. I want to quote something from Jay Nordlinger's Davos Journal part 2: Lunch is with George Soros. He speaks to a group of journalists in a Davos hotel. His subject is the financial crisis, and he is very good on it: sober and analytical. I must say, … Continue reading I’m going to be a little unfair here…

Yeah this will work

CNN seems to think that democratic attack ads featuring Rush Limbaugh are going to scare republican Senators into voting with Obama: The commercials blast House Republicans for refusing to vote for Obama's stimulus proposal this week, claiming that the GOP lawmakers took marching orders from conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh not to support … Continue reading Yeah this will work

I wonder if they protest chemical engineers?

You know every now and then you read something that is so mindbogglingly absurd that you can't believe it is real. Major PSH from a group that is, and I am not making this up, protesting that ROTC offers arms training. Two things leap out at me here. One is that they really think military … Continue reading I wonder if they protest chemical engineers?

They’re just on the other side

Pat Dollard express' outrage and some disbelief at vandalism and disrespect for religion and free speech rights by the "tolerant" left. The College Republicans were in possession of a number of crucifixes used in a University-sanctioned Right To Life display. When the display was taken down, they were stored in the College Repulicans’ side of … Continue reading They’re just on the other side

How soon they forget

John McCain is a great American but has a liberal streak that drives many conservatives nuts. He is however rock solid on two important issues. #1 The War. His support for the war particularly when everyone else was running away is the 2nd of two debts that this country can never repay to him. #2 … Continue reading How soon they forget

Who you gonna call? Rush Limbaugh!

If you are looking to find out how to create jobs why not listen to a person who single handedly turned AM radio from something that generated small scale revenue to the powerhouse it is now. The person who made talk radio and is currently the highest payed media person out there. The person who … Continue reading Who you gonna call? Rush Limbaugh!

Product #1 System Tune up $85

I'm mentioned the tech services I offer through eBay but I haven't explained them in any detail on the blog. Over the next week or two I'll list each product and detail it. Remember if you have need of any of them you can contact me through comments and we can arrange to get things … Continue reading Product #1 System Tune up $85

It hasn’t happened yet

My assertion that the press will start acting like real reporters can't come soon enough for the Anchoress: They’re not asking “the tough questions.” The thing is Obama’s baby so it must be brilliant and right and they are promoting it with all their might, unquestioningly. Just as they promoted Al Gore’s Global Warming Traveling … Continue reading It hasn’t happened yet

Jenin: Haditha: Gaza School, lie, deny ignore repeat

The pattern of how news is reported by our media when it comes to either Israel or the west seems to have been established. Report an atrocity, Condemn it, organize protests, demand concessions and then the actual facts come out: There was just one problem: The story, as etched in people's minds, was not quite … Continue reading Jenin: Haditha: Gaza School, lie, deny ignore repeat

Idiocy on a more local scale

At the same time that the federal government is making a dumb move here in Massachusetts Gov Patrick, (David Axelrod's dry run for President Obama) is doing it as well on a smaller scale: The good news is that Deval Patrick has been declared “America’s Best Governor” by the state’s taxpayers and small business owners. … Continue reading Idiocy on a more local scale

Arthur v Carter Watch The Carters just keep pouring in

You might remember Samantha Power who's views on Israel were a bit of an issue but her statements about the now secretary of state were embarrassing enough to remove her from the campaign. But not embarrassing enough to keep her out of the administration: Officials familiar with the decision say Obama has tapped Power to … Continue reading Arthur v Carter Watch The Carters just keep pouring in