Karuthammer bottom lines it

Charles Karuthammer states some inconvenient facts, at least inconvenient to some. For Hamas, the only thing more prized than dead Jews are dead Palestinians. The religion of Jew-murder and self-martyrdom is ubiquitous. And deeply perverse, such as the Hamas TV children's program in which an adorable live-action Palestinian Mickey Mouse is beaten to death by … Continue reading Karuthammer bottom lines it

The biggest news you haven’t heard today

Gateway Pundit reports on some huge news in Iraq: The US turned over control of the Green Zone to Iraq today in what is being called a restoration of Iraq's sovereignty. This would seem huge news to me but apparently to nobody else since I don't see it being widely reported. In a few years … Continue reading The biggest news you haven’t heard today

Open House tomorrow Menu thus far

Going over the menu for tomorrow's open house: Lasagna (with my wife's 1st rate sauce) 3 One Spiral  Ham My wife's awesomely fantastic Chicken wings. My wife's friend's Chili Meatballs and sauce Rendezvous dip and crackers Veggie Tray Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies 2 Pineapple Pies Pistachios Mint M … Continue reading Open House tomorrow Menu thus far

FAFSA: Well that was depressing

Due to the water leaks in the house last night I was up 1:30 a.m. filling out the FAFSA form for my oldest son. You would think that with no job his prospect of financial aid would be pretty good, however my "estimated expected contribution" displayed at the end was 25k. That is more than … Continue reading FAFSA: Well that was depressing

If he had his way we might be 2 countries

Jim Wooten's round-up in the AJC contains this interesting paragraph: The city of Ringgold is betting that erecting a statue of Confederate Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne next October will bring tourists with fat wallets eager to spend. It’s on my list —- just after the Golf Hall of Fame, the Music Hall of Fame, … Continue reading If he had his way we might be 2 countries