Charles Karuthammer states some inconvenient facts, at least inconvenient to some.

For Hamas, the only thing more prized than dead Jews are dead Palestinians. The religion of Jew-murder and self-martyrdom is ubiquitous. And deeply perverse, such as the Hamas TV children’s program in which an adorable live-action Palestinian Mickey Mouse is beaten to death by an Israeli (then replaced by his more militant cousin, Nahoul the Bee, who vows to continue on Mickey’s path to martyrdom).

At war today in Gaza, one combatant is committed to causing the most civilian pain and suffering on both sides. The other combatant is committed to saving as many lives as possible — also on both sides. It’s a recurring theme. Israel gave similar warnings to Southern Lebanese villagers before attacking Hezbollah in the Lebanon war of 2006. The Israelis did this knowing it would lose for them the element of surprise and cost the lives of their own soldiers.

He also mentions something that is very true and ignored by everyone for some reason

That is the asymmetry of means between Hamas and Israel. But there is equal clarity regarding the asymmetry of ends. Israel has but a single objective in Gaza — peace: the calm, open, normal relations it offered Gaza when it withdrew in 2005. Doing something never done by the Turkish, British, Egyptian and Jordanian rulers of Palestine, the Israelis gave the Palestinians their first sovereign territory ever in Gaza.

The Arabs and their supports spend a lot of time beating their breasts over the Palestinians but as a rule they are treated as 2nd class citizens all over the Arab world. The Irony is that they performance the one time that they were given total control of a region may actually justify that decision.

To paraphrase a US congressman from the last century: “The difference between War and what was happening before the attack on Gaza was one side wasn’t shooting back.”

Gateway Pundit reports on some huge news in Iraq:

The US turned over control of the Green Zone to Iraq today in what is being called a restoration of Iraq’s sovereignty.

This would seem huge news to me but apparently to nobody else since I don’t see it being widely reported.

In a few years you will read about how “we” succeeded brilliantly in the Iraq war and the we will be used by pols and commentators who opposed it bitterly. It will be like France post WW II where there saying went if everybody who said so was in the resistance then there would have been nobody left to collaborate.

Tomorrow on BBC 1 a special edition of Dr. Who Confidential called The 10 doctors will be broadcast at 5:35 PM England time.

It will have to go a long way to be better than this Ten Doctors but according to Life Doctor Who and Conbom it might break some big news for fans:

There is a serious rumour circulating that during the Ten Doctors special on BBC1 on Saturday, they will be announcing the next actor to play the Doctor. I’m not one to fall for rumours, but it looks to me like this may have some backbone, after all, why show this special at prime-time on a Saturday evening, when its all just repeat footage?

Since the clock is ticking (15 months to the 2010 season) there isn’t a ton of time left for the pick.

Going over the menu for tomorrow’s open house:

  • Lasagna (with my wife’s 1st rate sauce) 3
  • One Spiral  Ham
  • My wife’s awesomely fantastic Chicken wings.
  • My wife’s friend’s Chili
  • Meatballs and sauce
  • Rendezvous dip and crackers
  • Veggie Tray
  • Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 2 Pineapple Pies
  • Pistachios
  • Mint M & M’s
  • Barbara’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

Usually the kids also buy pizza for some reason, I don’t see why with all that food.  This doesn’t  include any foods that any other guests bring.

There will be assorted soft drinks and some hard drinks for the over 21 crowd but it is officially BYOB. Hope to see you there.

Due to the water leaks in the house last night I was up 1:30 a.m. filling out the FAFSA form for my oldest son.

You would think that with no job his prospect of financial aid would be pretty good, however my “estimated expected contribution” displayed at the end was 25k. That is more than half of my wife’s gross pay (or mine if I was still working) and a whole lot more than all the money I have in every bank account my family has.

It looks like scrimping and saving to send him to a good Catholic High School may have the end result of forcing him into a cheap state college.

Jim Wooten’s round-up in the AJC contains this interesting paragraph:

The city of Ringgold is betting that erecting a statue of Confederate Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne next October will bring tourists with fat wallets eager to spend. It’s on my list —- just after the Golf Hall of Fame, the Music Hall of Fame, the Sports Hall of Fame and the various others that were to be the salvation of some place or other. But give the people of Ringgold credit. The statue was not financed by taxpayers.

Cleburne was one of the most effective commanders of the war, particularly on defense. His men were were renowned for holding back the enemy, it was his men that at Lookout mountain that held Sherman on the right flank while the center gave and who covered their retreat.

What he was not so renowned for has his proposal to emancipate the slaves in 1863 by the south and enlist them.

We can do this more effectually than the North can now do, for we can give the Negro not only his own freedom, but that of his wife and child, and can secure it to him in his old home.

He believed that it would also remove the “all selfish taint from our cause” he figured that slavery was doomed anyway so why not, particularly since tens of thousands of black soldiers were already in the Northern ranks.

It was considered so incendiary that it was suppressed for over 30 years after his death at the battle of Franklin. Foote states that the result of his paper Cleburne was never promoted from that point.

A luckier break the Union never had.