Can we cover ourselves? Yes we can!

The word on everyone's lips these days is "bi-partisan". Bi-partisan this and bi-partisan that. The word from the administration is Bi-partisan, it seems to be coming out of everyone mouths. On all the mainstream networks we hear bi-partisan over and over. On the cable networks particularly on CNN and MSNBC that is the word of … Continue reading Can we cover ourselves? Yes we can!

Smoke and Mirrors

It's has been said that the President's Past record and accomplishments were practically non-existent. That there was no reality there. Apparently this carried over to the inauguration as the performances were actually recorded: Well, if it’s not Milli Vanilli, it’s at least Ashlee Simpson. Either way, they faked a live performance. No one doubts that … Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors

They can’t help themselves

I guess the age of bi-partianship will still hasn't arrived: An inaugural ball honoring U.S. military veterans ended in a kerfluffle as several veterans walked out when a musical act's attempt at humor backfired. During the Heroes Red, White & Blue Inaugural Ball honoring the nation's veterans, a vocalist with George Clinton and the P. … Continue reading They can’t help themselves