Pinball Pilgrimage

Had a fun little day hitting three locations with the youngest going from pinball machine to pinball machine to pinball machine. We started with The Adams Family , progressed to Theatre of Magic, and finished off with Terminator 2. Well for $4 and a couple of small pizzas we got 3 hours of serious pinball. … Continue reading Pinball Pilgrimage

A new revelation every day

It's funny. As I recall before the election the problem of what to do with those in Gitmo was not a big issue, the only issue was getting in closed. Now that the order has been given suddenly we are seeing a lot more stories like this: One day after President Obama ordered that the … Continue reading A new revelation every day

I second his motion

Don Suber in his just ask me column gets it exactly right on the nonsense column comparing Princess Di and Michelle Obama. It is an Obama: Mrs. Obama is an accomplished lawyer, pretty good mom (from what I see) and a person of substance who would not fritter away a good marriage for a … Continue reading I second his motion

Speaking of promises here’s one for you Mike

At yesterday's party my liberal pal Mike pointed out Wonkette and a story there concerning the Conservative version of Wonkette that I promised to link to. Back in my hiwired days I had a love hate relationship with Wikipedia in particular and Wiki formats in general. I think Glenn Reynolds put it best: And … Continue reading Speaking of promises here’s one for you Mike

Required Catholic Belief; The Devil and Hell

I'm jumping a bit ahead in my writing about religion and Catholic faith to touch on something that people find uncomfortable particularly in this modern age. If one claims to be a Christian in general and a Catholic in particular there are several things that are required beliefs. The defining belief is the divinity of … Continue reading Required Catholic Belief; The Devil and Hell