… lend me your eyes.
I come to speak of Stacy, not to praise him.
The evil that men do rises like a Hannah Giles google bomb;
The good is oft lost disposed like an unwanted cache.
So let it be with Robert Stacy. The noble Charles
Hath told you Stacy is a Racist.
If it were so, it is a grievous fault,
And grievously hath he answered it at the top of LGF for all to see.
Here, under leave of Charles and the rest —
For Charles is an honorable man,
So are they all, Killgore Trout, Wild Irish Rose and Shamutra all honorable lizzards —
Come I to speak in McCain’s past.
He is my friend, faithful and sent me hits.
But Charles insists he is a Racist ,
And Charles is an reputable blogger.
Stacy hath Supported Israel in Gaza,
Vs Hamas and with humor did he defend Israel.
Did this in Stacy seem a Supremacist?
He hath associated with Steven Green, and Moe Lane, hath prayed with Baldilocks and befriended Lesbians and Gays.
Racism should be made of sterner stuff.
Yet Charles says he is a racist,
And Charles is an honorable man.
You all did see that he did reject
tossing allies purges to build support,
Was this racism?
Yet Charles says he is a racist,
And sure he is an honorable blogger.
I speak not to disprove what Charles posted,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
Charles did once scorn Friedman, Media Matters and Moyers. He defended Palin vs smears and make Rush an honorary Lizzardiod , not without cause.
What cause withholds his attack on the RoP, Chavez and Soros?
His Judgment, thou art fled to avenge vs Beck,
And revenge hast cost his reason!
Bear with me.
My heart is Sad since April there with McCain,
When first he defended Geller and Charles changed crying Racist.

I wouldn’t mind it:

In this year dedicated to priests and prayer for priests, Holy Church has provided lay people with a special plenary indulgence on first Thursdays of each month.

For the faithful, a plenary indulgence can be obtained on the opening and closing days of the Year for Priests, on the 150th anniversary of the death of St. Jean-Marie Vianney, on the first Thursday of the month, or on any other day established by the ordinaries of particular places for the good of the faithful.

To obtain the indulgence the faithful must attend Mass in an oratory or Church and offer prayers to “Jesus Christ, supreme and eternal Priest, for the priests of the Church, or perform any good work to sanctify and mould them to his heart.”

The details involved are at Fr. Z’s site.

My family went to see the heart of St. John Vianney when it was in Boston a few years ago, it was quite the event:

Over 7,000 clergy, seminarians, religious and lay Catholics came to see the heart of St. John Marie Vianney, an incorrupt relic hosted by the archdiocese from Oct. 12-14, according to Father Daniel Hennessey of the archdiocesan Vocation Office, which organized the event.

The heart, encased in a reliquary of glass and gold with a wooden base, traveled from its home at the Shrine of St. John Vianney in Ars, France. It has only left the shrine on two other occasions — once for St. Vianney’s canonization in Rome and the other for World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, Germany. During this trip to the United States, the heart was hosted in New York before coming to Boston.

He was an incredible priest.

This is an excellent chance to earn such an indulgence for ourselves, a loved one or maybe a forgotten soul in purgatory. All it takes is under an hour of your life to obtain this extraordinary source of grace.

You know we Catholics have daily mass, we have the sacrament of confession, we have the Holy Eucharist, we have the Rosary, we have Sunday mass, we have the Blessed Sacrament, we have Sacred Scripture.

All of these things are there on a daily basis waiting for us to take advantage of them to bring us closer to Christ. How many Catholics take advantage of them? How often do we ignore them for worldly reasons? Are we so perfect that we don’t need to strive toward the grace of God?

Just a reminder:

Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one—the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts,

How is it that a person who wouldn’t put off paying a bill for the sake of their credit rating would put off a devotion for the sake of their soul?

…based on a movie:

That this could happen to a famous director with excellent representation should send shivers to everyone else about what could happen to them. Instead, people want to spout off on the vigilante justice they think appropriate for Polanski based on crimes to which he never pleaded guilty and which were never proven in a court of law.

Ignorance and vengeance knows no bounds in the court of public opinion. Particularly by those who turn a blind eye to the facts. (Here is the Motion to Dismiss (pdf)and the Victim’s Declaration (pdf).)

Shorter version: Roman Polanski went for a ride on the elevator of justice, but all he got was the shaft. Free Roman.

Hey we all know how much good information you can get from a film:

Loaded with powerful, new footage and in-depth interviews with the likes of Steven Earl Jones, an American physicist who has discovered undetonated explosive material in multiple samples of dust from the World Trade Center collapses, this documentary presents a wide array of evidence both known and unknown…until now. Eight years later, the American people continue to live in the aftermath of 9/11 and deal with its ongoing repercussions. Is this just another machination of power on the timeline of history? If so, the real question is what happens next? Or better yet, what can we do to prevent another 9/11

Hey that was a movie too? Maybe the Truthers are onto something…

If you can tell the difference between Talk Left’s movie driven position and the truthers position then you are smarter than me.

The hole that is being dug by these guys just blows my mind. It is lemmings off the cliff.

This is going to be a turning point in the culture wars.

…Anne Applebaum’s just seems to be odder than others.

As one commenter on the site noted, if Applebaum finds the description of rape and sodomy “salacious”, she needs help.

Her statement is here one quote:

Of course, there were some very legitimate disagreements, including two excellent ones from my colleagues Gene Robinson and Richard Cohen, and I take some of their points. But to them, and to all who imagine that the original incident at the heart of this story was a straightforward and simple criminal case, I recommend reading the transcript of the victim’s testimony (here in two parts) — including her descriptions of the telephone conversation she had with her mother from Polanski’s house, asking permission to be photographed in Jack Nicholson’s jacuzzi — and not just the salacious bits.

Patterico has this to say:

There is nothing in there about asking the victim’s mom for permission to have pictures taken in the jacuzzi. Applebaum made that part up. [UPDATE: Not that it matters. The suggestion that the mother’s consent to jacuzzi photographs would amount to consent to her daughter’s anal rape is perhaps Applebaum’s most amazing and offensive contention yet.]

It is amusing to read her commenters. They are having none of it.

You know I think I should revise my crazy uncle theory. After the past month maybe everyone is a crazy uncle, just about different things.

Update: Hey it’s not like it was Mark Foley or Elia Kazan. It is eye opening.

Can we prove that there are guys on the right as nuts as those on the left?

Yes we can!

There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic.

Lucky for all of us Cassandra deals with this moron so we don’t have to.

Oh the Column has gone down the memory hole and the Cache isn’t listed on a google or yahoo. What a surprise!

This is a full You Fool! moment.

…who has spoken out on the Polanski stuff.

Polanski-admitted raping a 13 yr old-whys every1 in the arts upset hes facing jail? cause hes a gifted director? what am i missing?

The Hollywood guys better keep an eye on this because Morning Joe is just slicing and dicing Hollywood to pieces on the Polanski stuff.

Mika is not letting the Grayson stuff go.

Even Willie thinks if it was a republican it would be big. Barnicle is using the moment to of course call Palin out on death panels.

Mike meet Jayden Capewell.

I give them points for consistency but I think it’s more a bad talking point than anything all that outrageous.

After all they wouldn’t hit Kennedy for this:

Why would we expect anything better?

Oh and Dennis Hopper got sick all at once, I wonder if he didn’t want to answer a Polanski question?

…and what fits your template, can be illustrated by a simple YouTube video:

Note: Stacy really deserves the hits on this has he has done the legwork while I’m sitting on a couch a thousand miles away, but I’m posting it here in case you are unwilling to go to his site because Charles says you can’t.

Now tell me, you might believe her you might not but which is more solid reporting? The AP story quoted in the post, or the actual film of what she claims to have said. Given the choice which report would you believe?

I’ll bet that if the AP guy knew this:

Miss Brown says she is not a Republican, but is a registered Democrat and, during her 2008 senior year at Corbin High School, was actually a leader of students supporting Barack Obama for the presidency.

And the reports themselves? Stacy links to this story that says in part:

Rudzinski did comment on some of the reports circulating about the death.

“Misinformation is one thing, but pure speculation is another,” She said. “What we’re seeing the bulk of is speculation by people who don’t have direct access to the investigation.”

I’ve objected to some of the speculation myself, the bottom line from the story:

“Misinformation is much more damaging to our investigation than the correct or no information,” he said.

But hey who cares about facts or actually catching a killer when there are points to be scored against the right?

Consider this: She will be leaving high school and either going to college or looking or work, what do you think will happen when her name is googled (and you know it will be) and that quote comes up? That is messing with a young woman’s future. That’s despicable and dishonorable.

If you want to know why this reporter is worth a ten spot, that is why.

… on his blog tonight lgf officially jumps the shark.

Just for fun lets take a look at how long it’s been since Charles hit Hugo Chavez. The last hit is April of this year. Ol’ Hugo hasn’t done one odd thing since then, no sir.

Now lets do the same search for Sarah Palin. Take a look at the hits (to be fair there are some defenses there too) but make the comparison.

Nope Charles hasn’t changed, not one bit and we on the right are just delusional to say so.

I predict that not only will Charles become a darling of the left, but he will at some time before or when her books comes out he will be invited on MSNBC to talk about the “White Supremacist” connection to the governor. I personally would be shocked if MSNBC doesn’t pick this up sometime before the week is out.

Take care Charles. Good luck convincing your new friends that Israel is worth defending, Afghanistan is a war worth fighting, the Mohammad Cartoons are worth printing and Iran shouldn’t have the bomb.

I would have thrown in the religion of peace stuff too but for some reason you haven’t used that term since April 6th. In fact you used the term only 3 times this year so far. In 2008 it was 36 times. In 2007 it was 165 times.

Has radical Islam become proportionately less violent, have they decided to treat women better or stop killing gays or are not preaching holy war or the death of people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Or is there another reason? Rather than speculate as others have, I’m asking directly.