… lend me your eyes.
I come to speak of Stacy, not to praise him.
The evil that men do rises like a Hannah Giles google bomb;
The good is oft lost disposed like an unwanted cache.
So let it be with Robert Stacy. The noble Charles
Hath told you Stacy is a Racist.
If it were so, it is a grievous fault,
And grievously hath he answered it at the top of LGF for all to see.
Here, under leave of Charles and the rest —
For Charles is an honorable man,
So are they all, Killgore Trout, Wild Irish Rose and Shamutra all honorable lizzards —
Come I to speak in McCain’s past.
He is my friend, faithful and sent me hits.
But Charles insists he is a Racist ,
And Charles is an reputable blogger.
Stacy hath Supported Israel in Gaza,
Vs Hamas and with humor did he defend Israel.
Did this in Stacy seem a Supremacist?
He hath associated with Steven Green, and Moe Lane, hath prayed with Baldilocks and befriended Lesbians and Gays.
Racism should be made of sterner stuff.
Yet Charles says he is a racist,
And Charles is an honorable man.
You all did see that he did reject
tossing allies purges to build support,
Was this racism?
Yet Charles says he is a racist,
And sure he is an honorable blogger.
I speak not to disprove what Charles posted,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
Charles did once scorn Friedman, Media Matters and Moyers. He defended Palin vs smears and make Rush an honorary Lizzardiod , not without cause.
What cause withholds his attack on the RoP, Chavez and Soros?
His Judgment, thou art fled to avenge vs Beck,
And revenge hast cost his reason!
Bear with me.
My heart is Sad since April there with McCain,
When first he defended Geller and Charles changed crying Racist.

I wouldn’t mind it:

In this year dedicated to priests and prayer for priests, Holy Church has provided lay people with a special plenary indulgence on first Thursdays of each month.

For the faithful, a plenary indulgence can be obtained on the opening and closing days of the Year for Priests, on the 150th anniversary of the death of St. Jean-Marie Vianney, on the first Thursday of the month, or on any other day established by the ordinaries of particular places for the good of the faithful.

To obtain the indulgence the faithful must attend Mass in an oratory or Church and offer prayers to “Jesus Christ, supreme and eternal Priest, for the priests of the Church, or perform any good work to sanctify and mould them to his heart.”

The details involved are at Fr. Z’s site.

My family went to see the heart of St. John Vianney when it was in Boston a few years ago, it was quite the event:

Over 7,000 clergy, seminarians, religious and lay Catholics came to see the heart of St. John Marie Vianney, an incorrupt relic hosted by the archdiocese from Oct. 12-14, according to Father Daniel Hennessey of the archdiocesan Vocation Office, which organized the event.

The heart, encased in a reliquary of glass and gold with a wooden base, traveled from its home at the Shrine of St. John Vianney in Ars, France. It has only left the shrine on two other occasions — once for St. Vianney’s canonization in Rome and the other for World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, Germany. During this trip to the United States, the heart was hosted in New York before coming to Boston.

He was an incredible priest.

This is an excellent chance to earn such an indulgence for ourselves, a loved one or maybe a forgotten soul in purgatory. All it takes is under an hour of your life to obtain this extraordinary source of grace.

You know we Catholics have daily mass, we have the sacrament of confession, we have the Holy Eucharist, we have the Rosary, we have Sunday mass, we have the Blessed Sacrament, we have Sacred Scripture.

All of these things are there on a daily basis waiting for us to take advantage of them to bring us closer to Christ. How many Catholics take advantage of them? How often do we ignore them for worldly reasons? Are we so perfect that we don’t need to strive toward the grace of God?

Just a reminder:

Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one—the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts,

How is it that a person who wouldn’t put off paying a bill for the sake of their credit rating would put off a devotion for the sake of their soul?

…based on a movie:

That this could happen to a famous director with excellent representation should send shivers to everyone else about what could happen to them. Instead, people want to spout off on the vigilante justice they think appropriate for Polanski based on crimes to which he never pleaded guilty and which were never proven in a court of law.

Ignorance and vengeance knows no bounds in the court of public opinion. Particularly by those who turn a blind eye to the facts. (Here is the Motion to Dismiss (pdf)and the Victim’s Declaration (pdf).)

Shorter version: Roman Polanski went for a ride on the elevator of justice, but all he got was the shaft. Free Roman.

Hey we all know how much good information you can get from a film:

Loaded with powerful, new footage and in-depth interviews with the likes of Steven Earl Jones, an American physicist who has discovered undetonated explosive material in multiple samples of dust from the World Trade Center collapses, this documentary presents a wide array of evidence both known and unknown…until now. Eight years later, the American people continue to live in the aftermath of 9/11 and deal with its ongoing repercussions. Is this just another machination of power on the timeline of history? If so, the real question is what happens next? Or better yet, what can we do to prevent another 9/11

Hey that was a movie too? Maybe the Truthers are onto something…

If you can tell the difference between Talk Left’s movie driven position and the truthers position then you are smarter than me.

The hole that is being dug by these guys just blows my mind. It is lemmings off the cliff.

This is going to be a turning point in the culture wars.

…Anne Applebaum’s just seems to be odder than others.

As one commenter on the site noted, if Applebaum finds the description of rape and sodomy “salacious”, she needs help.

Her statement is here one quote:

Of course, there were some very legitimate disagreements, including two excellent ones from my colleagues Gene Robinson and Richard Cohen, and I take some of their points. But to them, and to all who imagine that the original incident at the heart of this story was a straightforward and simple criminal case, I recommend reading the transcript of the victim’s testimony (here in two parts) — including her descriptions of the telephone conversation she had with her mother from Polanski’s house, asking permission to be photographed in Jack Nicholson’s jacuzzi — and not just the salacious bits.

Patterico has this to say:

There is nothing in there about asking the victim’s mom for permission to have pictures taken in the jacuzzi. Applebaum made that part up. [UPDATE: Not that it matters. The suggestion that the mother’s consent to jacuzzi photographs would amount to consent to her daughter’s anal rape is perhaps Applebaum’s most amazing and offensive contention yet.]

It is amusing to read her commenters. They are having none of it.

You know I think I should revise my crazy uncle theory. After the past month maybe everyone is a crazy uncle, just about different things.

Update: Hey it’s not like it was Mark Foley or Elia Kazan. It is eye opening.

Can we prove that there are guys on the right as nuts as those on the left?

Yes we can!

There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic.

Lucky for all of us Cassandra deals with this moron so we don’t have to.

Oh the Column has gone down the memory hole and the Cache isn’t listed on a google or yahoo. What a surprise!

This is a full You Fool! moment.

…who has spoken out on the Polanski stuff.

Polanski-admitted raping a 13 yr old-whys every1 in the arts upset hes facing jail? cause hes a gifted director? what am i missing?

The Hollywood guys better keep an eye on this because Morning Joe is just slicing and dicing Hollywood to pieces on the Polanski stuff.

Mika is not letting the Grayson stuff go.

Even Willie thinks if it was a republican it would be big. Barnicle is using the moment to of course call Palin out on death panels.

Mike meet Jayden Capewell.

I give them points for consistency but I think it’s more a bad talking point than anything all that outrageous.

After all they wouldn’t hit Kennedy for this:

Why would we expect anything better?

Oh and Dennis Hopper got sick all at once, I wonder if he didn’t want to answer a Polanski question?

…and what fits your template, can be illustrated by a simple YouTube video:

Note: Stacy really deserves the hits on this has he has done the legwork while I’m sitting on a couch a thousand miles away, but I’m posting it here in case you are unwilling to go to his site because Charles says you can’t.

Now tell me, you might believe her you might not but which is more solid reporting? The AP story quoted in the post, or the actual film of what she claims to have said. Given the choice which report would you believe?

I’ll bet that if the AP guy knew this:

Miss Brown says she is not a Republican, but is a registered Democrat and, during her 2008 senior year at Corbin High School, was actually a leader of students supporting Barack Obama for the presidency.

And the reports themselves? Stacy links to this story that says in part:

Rudzinski did comment on some of the reports circulating about the death.

“Misinformation is one thing, but pure speculation is another,” She said. “What we’re seeing the bulk of is speculation by people who don’t have direct access to the investigation.”

I’ve objected to some of the speculation myself, the bottom line from the story:

“Misinformation is much more damaging to our investigation than the correct or no information,” he said.

But hey who cares about facts or actually catching a killer when there are points to be scored against the right?

Consider this: She will be leaving high school and either going to college or looking or work, what do you think will happen when her name is googled (and you know it will be) and that quote comes up? That is messing with a young woman’s future. That’s despicable and dishonorable.

If you want to know why this reporter is worth a ten spot, that is why.

… on his blog tonight lgf officially jumps the shark.

Just for fun lets take a look at how long it’s been since Charles hit Hugo Chavez. The last hit is April of this year. Ol’ Hugo hasn’t done one odd thing since then, no sir.

Now lets do the same search for Sarah Palin. Take a look at the hits (to be fair there are some defenses there too) but make the comparison.

Nope Charles hasn’t changed, not one bit and we on the right are just delusional to say so.

I predict that not only will Charles become a darling of the left, but he will at some time before or when her books comes out he will be invited on MSNBC to talk about the “White Supremacist” connection to the governor. I personally would be shocked if MSNBC doesn’t pick this up sometime before the week is out.

Take care Charles. Good luck convincing your new friends that Israel is worth defending, Afghanistan is a war worth fighting, the Mohammad Cartoons are worth printing and Iran shouldn’t have the bomb.

I would have thrown in the religion of peace stuff too but for some reason you haven’t used that term since April 6th. In fact you used the term only 3 times this year so far. In 2008 it was 36 times. In 2007 it was 165 times.

Has radical Islam become proportionately less violent, have they decided to treat women better or stop killing gays or are not preaching holy war or the death of people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Or is there another reason? Rather than speculate as others have, I’m asking directly.


This telegram story says a lot deletion of the ick factor.

I reread an extraordinary interview Polanski gave to the novelist Martin Amis in 1979, the year after Polanski went on the run.

The interview originally appeared in Tatler and is collected in Amis’s excellent book Visiting Mrs Nabokov.

Here’s a section of the first quote it contains from Polanski.

“If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!”

I have always maintained that the war on Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular is all about justifying one’s own sins. Andrew Sullivan doesn’t leave the Church for one that accepts gay marriage because deep down as a Catholic he still has the grace to KNOW what sin is and needs to have it justified by the Church.

This is all about trying to normalize behavior by an elite group of people who do not want to be judged.

“But DaTechGuy how can you possibly suggest this could happen?” Let me remind you of a post back near the start of my blogging days here:

Personally on a religious level I can’t support gay marriage but this is not a valid argument for a non-religious person. On a non-religious level it seems to me you can not rationally say that gay marriage is ok and should be legal without also allowing either polygamy and incest between consenting adults. Both have a longer and more accepted cultural history worldwide.

And PLEASE don’t give me the “ick” factor argument about these other things being accepted. Ick is just an argument about culture. It is the same argument that one would have heard concerning gay marriage less that 20 years ago.

Anyone familiar with the vast cultural change promulgated over the last decade and a half can’t be surprised by the elites reaction to the Polanski stuff without considerable idiocy. After all:

The idea that when you can’t always live up to your values you drop the values is the path of the coward and the fool. As the saying goes:

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, it has been found difficult and left untried.”

I’m sure the author would like to leave it untried. A lot easier to do what you want when there are no rules, isn’t it?

It’s all about allowing the sin. And nobody described sin better than Warren in his interview with Curry last year:

Mark my words this case and the elites reaction to it and the media’s reaction to the elites will be either a turning point or a breaking point in the culture wars, and No I’m not surprised we have reached this point, I just didn’t think it would happen this fast.

Update: Mark Stein on the Polanski comment:

What’s that from? The Mullah Omar Guide To Healthy Relationships? Personally, I prefer ’em a little older than 13, but no doubt that explains why I’m not as “grown-up” (in Polanski’s word) about this as his pals.

More interestingly how many of the people on the list that signed are women under the age of 21? That would be an interesting stat.

Update 2 Michelle and Driscoll comment. This is going to explode in a lot of people’s faces.

…Even that darling of liberal Catholicism Father Thomas Reese gets it:

Imagine if the Knight of Columbus decided to give an award to a pedophile priest who had fled the country to avoid prison. The outcry would be universal. Victim groups would demand the award be withdrawn and that the organization apologize. Religion reporters would be on the case with the encouragement of their editors. Editorial writers and columnist would denounce the knights as another example of the insensitivity of the Catholic Church to sexual abuse.

And they would all be correct. And I would join them.

But why is there not similar outrage directed at the film industry for giving an award to Roman Polanski, who not only confessed to statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl but fled the country prior to sentencing? Why have film critics and the rest of the media ignored this case for 31 years? He even received an Academy award in 2003. Are the high priests of the entertainment industry immune to criticism?

Via ABC and hotair. If the case is so clear even Fr. Reese can’t justify it then the defenders of Roman Polanski have a problem on their hands. If James Carroll agrees then it’s all over.

Poland #1 via commentator gazzer from the Daily Telegraph

Poland to enforce chemical castration of paedophiles

Poland #2

Oscar-winning director Andrzej Wajda and other Polish filmmakers appealed Monday to U.S. and Swiss authorities to free Roman Polanski, decrying his arrest as a “provocation.”

Their appeal came as the Polish and French governments wrote to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and called up Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey about the case.

The fact that this is even debated illustrates the culture wars more than anything else I can think of.

Quick question: On the Morning shows the reporters seem to be beating their breasts over this. What do you think Sarah Palin would say on it? Would she even have to think 10 seconds?

…but who?

I’m honestly starting to lose count of how many of these there are. No “mmm mmm mmm” in this one or creepy substitutions of The One for Jesus, but kudos to the teacher who came up with the “change has come” drone. Reminds me of “one of us, one of us.”

I thought prayer in school was forbidden? Then again it isn’t just schools:

First Mate was absolutely aghast at the idol-worship connotations of this video. The Gamaliel Foundation is a community-organizing group that acts as the ground troops for Barack Obama’s domestic policies, especially health-care reform. Anyone who has spent any time in church will recognize the worship cadence of this clip

Are we mishearing?

The Anchoress has this to say:

So, I hear all three things, and this suggests to me that perhaps some at the rally did -for whatever reason- begin by using the name “Obama.” People can be very irreverent and think they’re merely being clever, or having a little lark. But upon repeated listenings, I think it is wrong to jump the gun on this and make the accusation of idolatry. If we insist on hearing what may not be there, then we need to ask if our own ideology, which may tempt us to believe the worst simply because that’s what ideology does, is in charge of us. And if our ideology is in charge, name the Idolater.

But all of this reminds me again, how easy it is to allow our political enthrallment to overtake our good judgment. And then we open ourselves up to a very different sort of judgment, don’t we?

Hey ya think he we didn’t have example after example we might not be in this spot?

What was that line from old Abe again:

“Don’t kneel to me, That is not right. You must kneel to God only.”

And Rush will be hitting it today. You know if people were actually familiar with religion they might recognize what they are doing. If you are Catholic and doing this, remember most churches offer the Sacrament of Confession on Saturday afternoons before the first weekend mass.

DaTechGuy Blog Dec 2008 post title: How to Steal an election Money Quote:

Looks like Al Franken’s people have learned the lesson well:

DaTechGuy Blog Feb 9th 2009 post title The talking point: Hypocrites quote from Kristen Lopez Eastlick:

That’s right. ACORN, the activist group that has been implicated in voter fraud and registration deception in at least 14 states may get the financial bailout it needs to pull off another round of schemes in the next election season.

And now only 7 months later the dots are being connected:

(Minnesota) Secretary of State Mark Ritchie assures us that Minnesota’s system of voter verification protects electoral integrity.

But here’s an uncomfortable fact: Ritchie himself was endorsed by the now-notorious ACORN and elected with its help.


ACORN claimed to have registered 48,000 new Minnesota voters. If just 1% were ineligible but cast ballots, or had ballots cast for them illegally, and survived the recount process … that’s 480 votes, almost certainly overwhelmingly cast for Franken. … Maybe in pristine Minnesota even ACORN is clean. If so, the state would apparently be an outlier.

Gateway Pundit is shocked SHOCKED.

Dan Riehl is Shocked SHOCKED

Nice Deb is Shocked SHOCKED:

Oh media matters says it’s BS so then it must be ok.

I would be asking this question of Franken at every stop he makes and every speech he gives. I’d be asking the MSM this question too.

Update: In case it wasn’t clear of course all the Shocked Shocked people are actually not, they are from the right and are sensible enough to have known better

Got a comment on an old post from a Lizzardoid who disagreed with me his conclusion:

What’s really happening here is the right is in la la land right now. CJ is merely the messenger. I’ve voted Red my whole life and I’m as conservative as anybody: the Right has serious problems right now. Attacking CJ is shooting the messenger.

He’s certainly welcome to his opinion (read his whole comment). I wrote him a long response and as there as been little action on the McCain/Johnson front I figured it would be a good promotion to explain my position to late comers to the debate. I won’t blockquote it since they are my words just promoted:

…I have to disagree with you on that one. My initial comment on the Rush issue was deleted when I was banned but it certainly didn’t rise to the level you were describing, in fact I didn’t know I was banned until I tried to put up my follow-up comment and found myself logged out.

Also if Charles was simply holding the right to the same standard he does to the left why the particular timing? I would point you to my follow up posts here and here concerning timing and Irony.

As I’ve said, I’ve never met or talked to Charles, he might be a very nice guy. I’m more than pleased to have him as an ally even now on both Israel and the War on Terror. I would love to have him sign my statement of common principles (you are welcome to do so too). I’ve defended him in the past and will agree with him when he is right.

But I think his current actions are due more to spite than anything else, that’s just my opinion. I saw his stuff and I talked to Robert Stacy McCain and given what I’ve seen and heard I’m going to have to take Robert’s side over his in fact I’m honor bound to do so.

Like the 20% who once approved of the president who now do not. The people who no longer support Charles didn’t suddenly become wrong or racist or nutjobs overnight. Rush didn’t go from Rush Limbaugh, Honorary Lizardoid to racist overnight either. The timing seems to suggest that once Beck hit him any ally of beck or once removed ally of Beck is to be suspect. It reminds me of an Aunt of mine who is rapidly running out of people she will talk to.

Something has changed and the logical conclusion is that it is Charles.

But you never know; I haven’t given up on him, I’ll tease him a bit but hey we all have our faults. If his attacks on the right get some liberals to take his posts on the war on terror seriously maybe it will work out in the end.

I’ll say a prayer for him and keep an eye open. When I see him willing to hit the left and Soros like he used to then I might change my mind but until then, I’ll remain in happy exile and just have to wish you all the best in your personal lives.


Oh and Big Papa, you are welcome to comment here any time, and so is Charles. As for me ever going back to LGF if allowed; I owe it to Peg who stood up for me and was banned for it to not to even consider re-registering until and unless she is invited back.

…as it is the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, St. Raphael the Archangel (Book of Tobit for you protestants out unfamiliar with him thanks to Luther) and St. Gabriel the Archangel.

I went to Immaculate Conception since we don’t have a Tuesday mass at my parish. They held their mass in the chapel (Many Catholic churches have small chapels where the more sparsely attended weekday masses can take place without the expense of opening up the main church) It is a little smaller than the size of my kitchen and living room combined. There were about 16 people there counting me and not counting the priest.

One fellow had a little kid not more than 2 years old with him. She was a very active child and remained so all during mass. I could see the father was very embarrassed as he tried to keep her occupied.

A lot of people get angry about that kind of thing, but looking at the chapel I saw that counting myself there were only 4 adults below the age of 50 present. Our city has 8 Catholic churches for a population of 35,000. The Diocese of Worcester will be closing at least three and perhaps as many as 4 of the city’s churches over the next 9 months.

I think we should be very happy that he was there with his child. I wish the Chapel had 20 parents with kids all trying to keep them in line this morning. If we had more of them perhaps Fitchburg’s Catholics wouldn’t be wondering which churches will still be around this time next year.

Update: Hey it’s one of the Anchoress‘ favorite feast days too! I knew that woman had taste.

You might recall this post that I made in a silly mood last week:

Are people more interested in Mika Brzezinski bikini pics, or Joe Scarborough Speedo pics? Can either compare with the public’s need for Willie Geist Speedo pics or even to International Superstar Erin Burnett Bikini Pics? Will Savannah Guthrie Bikini pics rule the roost or will they all be helpless against the juggernaut of Mike Barnicle Speedo pics fans? (Hey the guy has 6 kids he must be doing SOMETHING right).

Ok a week is up lets look at the numbers:

There was not a single hit for my blog for any search for Joe Scarborough, Mike Barnicle, Willie Geist, or surprisingly Erin Burnett, in a Bikini or a speedo.

There was a single hit or someone looking for hot pics of Savannah Guthrie. Although that is better than everyone else I just listed I also had one hit for “Rush Limbaugh Bikini” which is a very scary thing.

But the winner was Mika with a total of 6 hits for people looking for Mika Brzezinski bikini pictures.

To put this in perspective during the same period the blog had 41 hits for people looking for Hannah Giles bikini pictures or Hannah giles hot pics and etc.

Hannah giles is young enough to be Mika’s daughter and her fame comes from an undercover film posing as a hooker. for Mika to have 1/7th of her hits is no disgrace and in my opinion establishes a basic truth:

Mika Brzezinski is a handsome woman and would be a worthy Rule 5 subject if such photos existed.

I don’t know if Erin or Savannah should be embarrassed or relieved. I know if I was Rush I’d be worried.

Yeah I know it’s silly but it’s good for my heart.

…they will put themselves at risk:

So I spent nearly an hour talking to Mr. Miller, a 56-year-old native of Manchester who was quite helpful in understanding the community, the people and what little can be learned about the Sparkman murder investigation.

After we’d done talking, Mr. Miller introduced me to one of his young advertising reps, who lives in the vicinity of the cemetery where Sparkman’s body was found. Would she lead me up there? No way. Uh-uh. Too scary up there.

I suspect that this person isn’t just afraid of a cemetery.

Think about it, a native of the region is afraid to go to the area where he was murdered and yet Robert Stacy is looking to go. That is the difference between a stringer and going yourself.

He also asks some questions that are interesting:

If you want to speculate about anything, ponder this: Sparkman lived in London, Ky., in neighboring Laurel County, more than 30 miles east of where his body was found, with his truck parked near the end of the the dead-end road leading up to that cemetery.

Did Sparkman arrange a meeting up there with the person who killed him? If so, why? And if not . . .?

Of course if he was killed by more than one person one of the killers could have driven the truck, but that’s what a good reporter does, sees for himself, asks probing questions and presents what he sees. That’s more constructive than other things.

Is that worth a ten spot? I think so.

I do have one question for Robert Stacy: Any Sign of the MSM over there doing any shoe-leather work?

From a post on Jan 20th:

I remember Glenn Reynolds saying that the best part of the Democrats taking power is they will suddenly be willing to support the war on terror. Lets hope he is right.

I guess this was wrong as we see the cut and run left of the Bush administration suddenly deciding that Afghanistan is no longer the “good war”.

We are seeing posts like this:

No problem! The policy makers will find some way to get them there. Why at all send them to Afghanistan to die, why not recreate some ops. in mid-Manhattan and send them to their grave Mr. McChrystal? Or would that not be considered as dying for honor?

The title of that post was Wanted 40,000 more to die in Afghanistan is itself dishonest, but I don’t expect better.

It’s is just a bunch of Neo-cons:

Ignoring the overwhelming Democratic-voter opposition to the Afghanistan war threatens to cost Barack Obama the support of young people and anti-war voters who helped make him president. It could destroy any possibility of achieving his robust domestic agenda as well. President Obama needs an exit strategy instead of an escalation strategy.

It’s a graveyard I tell you:

From the time of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan to the British, Soviets and now the US and NATO, Afghanistan’s poppy fields, barren plains and rugged mountains are filled with the ghosts and treasuries of would-be conquerors. Sooner or later, America, Canada and NATO will meet the same dismal fate as everyone who went before them.

On Morning Joe they are united in calling it Vietnam.

And of course there is Newsweek:

One of history’s enduring lessons is that Afghans don’t appreciate it when outsiders tell them how to govern their affairs—just ask the British or the Soviets. U.S. success in overthrowing the Taliban seemed to suggest this lesson no longer applied, at least to Americans. That quickly proved an illusion.

I remember when liberal blogs were even insulted by the suggestion that they advocated withdrawal:

Yesterday on The O’Reilly Factor, former administration official Dan Senor told guest host John Kasich that “many leftist centered activists, political activists” — such as MoveOn.org — believe “we would be better off” if the United States withdrew from Afghanistan.

But when pressed by Kasich, Senor couldn’t name any progressives who have advocated pulling out from Afghanistan and admitted that MoveOn.org has called for withdrawal from Iraq, not Afghanistan.

Doesn’t anyone remember what democrats were saying just one year ago?

Al Qaeda in Afghanistan:

Obama on Afghanistan

During the Debates:

Ya think we (as in the country) might have bought a candidate and a party that might not have meant what they said?

We always get the government we deserve

Apparently the Politico asked local republicans and figured out that republicans outside of Washington actually LOVE Sarah Palin. This is being reported on Morning Joe.

Willie can’t believe it, Mika can’t understand it, Barnicle points out that the ability to raise money is the biggest draw for her at the local level, that is exactly right.

Mika thinks she is risking a “National Embarrassment”. This is the one real blind spot on this show, but I must admit they are treating this story fairly.

Remember that she was willing to take on the president before anyone else was.

This is the story they are talking about:

As part of an effort to gauge Palin’s popularity with the rank and file beyond the Beltway, where the GOP establishment is lukewarm toward the charismatic former governor, POLITICO surveyed nearly 50 prominent Republican Party officials and politicians, representing every region of the country and ranging from statewide-elected officeholders to state legislators to state and county party chairs.

Some refused to talk about her at all. Others, mostly her critics, would do so only off the record. (emphasis mine) But taken as a whole, the body of interviews revealed that despite Palin’s high negative ratings in recent national polls, Republicans at the grass-roots level and their leaders still hold a very favorable impression of the former Alaska governor.

Westerners have a particular affinity for Palin, with many noting that she embodied the values of freedom and self-reliance.

Why are those opposed unwilling to say so? If you think she is bad for the party say so. I think because those same critics will want her to come for fundraisers and Barnicle mentioned.

Oh and they are going to have the ultimate anti-Palin (David Frum) on, what a coincidence. This should be fun.

…comes via Glenn Reynolds from John Nolte:

what exactly would Roman Polanski have to do in order to become a pariah in this town … I mean, besides vote for Sarah Palin?

Truer word were never spoken.

This is one battle the elites REALLY don’t want to fight.

Update: Talk about an odd View

medicinal purposesMy review of Big Finish Doctor Who audio #60 Medicinal Purposes starting Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor and David Tennant as Daft Jamie is available at Amazon.com here.

Tennant appeared in several Big Finish products notably the Unit Mini series, this is one of two episodes in the primary range where he appeared in supporting roles (the other being #25 Colditz with the 7th doctor.) Now that his run on the show is done perhaps we will see him back again.

As always this product (and all the Dr. Who Audios) is also available from Mike’s Comics.

To come in 11th in an 11 man field in a primary when the top 10 advance:

City Council President Stephan Hay garnered the most votes in Tuesday’s preliminary election while Pacific Street resident and perennial candidate Ronald Dionne lost the chance for his name to appear on November’s ballot, according to unofficial results announced Tuesday night.

How bad was it? This bad:

Only 173 residents cast a vote for Dionne, less than 3 percent of the total vote.

Overall, 6,093 residents voted on Tuesday, according to unofficial election records.

And the title of the story?

Dionne loses preliminary

That’s gotta smart.

Hey that was a fine use of the $25,000 that election cost, it’s not like we need the money to get streetlights on or something.

Then again there are some who think streetlights are no big deal. After who ever heard of a city paying for streetlights? If we conservatives don’t like it we should pay for it ourselves!

Steve Calvi of Zolex PC has some sensible advice:

The Average Home User doesn’t need to have the latest technological advancements. They want their computer to work with as minimal problems as possible. To be easy to use and comfortable while using it. Jumping up to Windows 7 if you are happy with Vista is not worth it.
Unless you are one of those people that must have the newest toy on the market, I would advise against upgrading your Vista machine to Windows 7 at this time. Six months from now once Windows 7 has been through plenty of testing from consumers etc, we may reach a different conclusion.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 7 and you have Windows XP, time to buy a new PC. If you want to upgrade to Windows 7 and you have Windows Vista, you may do so but it is not advised at this time. Sit back and let others experience the issues/problems that will happen with a new operating system. Why experience the Growing Pains if you don’t have too? Save your money for now.

I would go even so far as to say if you only use your machine for mundane stuff you might even consider picking up one of those vista (shudder) machines that will be selling for a song over the next 30 days.

Your PC only needs to be as strong as how you use it.

As for upgrades, there is always the risk of tanking a machine, I’d go for a new machine with Windows 7 before upgrading myself.

BTW although of course I recommend a certain politically minded blogger of Sicilian decent as your first choice for tech support; I do however know the Zolex guys and can heartily endorse them as a source of pc support.

If you remember the old Zorro TV show Sgt. Garcia was a good natured bumbler who dreamed of catching Zorro to get the reward:

But he knew what to do about bears.

Maybe if Aspin had more Sgt. Garcias around they wouldn’t have to worry so much about bears or the Bears would stay away.

Via Glenn to whom this is a pet peeve.

Update: At Moe Lane’s a commenter gives a lesson in cause and effect:

Gene K says:
September 28, 2009 at 7:56 am

Colorado Issue 10 (1992) was a measure was to prohibit the taking of (hunting) black bears. It passed. The bear population has increased with all the expected consequences.

It looks like the city shot itself in the foot and didn’t have charcoal instead of gunpowder in their muskets.

So Ziggy can sleep soundly no US airspace to violate:

INTELLIGENCE chief Sir John Scarlett has been told that Saudi Arabia is ready to allow Israel to bomb Iran’s new nuclear site.

The head of MI6 discussed the issue in London with Mossad chief Meir Dagan and Saudi officials after British intelligence officers helped to uncover the plant, in the side of a mountain near the ancient city of Qom.

I guess the powerline folks were right:

After the painful spectacle of Obama’s U.N. address, however, no amount of wishful thinking can obscure Israel’s situation. Israel is in this alone. Not only can Obama not be expected to partner with Israel when it comes to dealing with Iran, he cannot be counted on to provide — indeed he is not capable of providing — sound counsel on the matter. And perhaps most importantly, Netanyahu has less to fear from ignoring Obama’s counsel then he would from a formidable, or even just competent, American president.

Thus, Netanyahu must feel less constrained from acting alone, even as he fully realizes that acting along represents the only option for acting.

Just a reminder of Principle #12

12. Israel should not be expected to risk another Shoah for the sake of the national interest of any other country.

You know it’s only when we have a Carter in office that Israel sees the need to ask alone. And we’ve got the closest thing to Carter that we ever are going to get.

…well maybe groupie is the wrong word but ya gotta love it when he says something like this:

I remember wanting to ask Rep. Charles Rangel a question, years ago: Whom do you consider the better man: Ronald Reagan or Fidel Castro? (At the time, Rangel was pounding Reagan as a racist villain, basically, and, of course, Rangel has long been one of Castro’s best friends and biggest defenders in the American political establishment.) In fact, I might like to ask him still . . .

Of course, you could ask José Serrano, Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd — a million of them.

I propose a test: substitute Chavez for Castro and ask this of every prominent liberal celebrity who visits him. (or throw in the Castro question too) This question should be a Sine qua non for any press coverage.

…and I agree with Ron Radosh’s article from Pajamas Media that said:

So is there any media source one can listen to on TV that is not part of the either-or mindset? Fortunately, if you get up early, there is Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe each day 6-9 am East Coast Time. He and his guests of different persuasions discuss things rationally, without screaming at each other, and in a mature and serious way. They have the kind of conversations you would have yourself with friends, probing those you disagree with and trying to reach them with arguments.

but c’mon guys! I just watched Andrea Mitchel (shudder) paint the Iran stuff as if the Administration is just getting this information and is now acting on it. Please:

One might also conclude that, since Obama says he has known about the Iranian deception at least since inauguration and possibly even during the campaign, therefore the One Himself was also lying to the American people and playing us for saps; he knew the Iranians were cheats and liars, but he told us we could trust them to honor agreements and tell the truth.

But one would be wrong… for the Obama administration (and its liberal allies) instead see the entire incident as adding to the luster of the president’s foreign-policy acumen.

Even worse Andrea sounds like Alexander Cockburn:

In reality the public disclosure of something the US knew about years ago ­ knowledge it shared with its prime Nato allies and Israel ­ changes nothing. The consensus of US intelligence remains that there is no hard evidence that Iran is actively seeking to manufacture nuclear weapons. Iran has agreed to an inspection of the plant at some appropriate point.

At least unlike Cockburn (the $10,000 man) they don’t blame Israel and even Mika is in favor of dropping the word allegedly from the building nukes.

But please, you guys are too smart to subscribe to Andrew Sullivan’s cunning plan theory.

And lets put the poll here too:

Apparently Andrea will be the first vote in favor.

Update: And don’t even get me started on the Polanski stuff, they are not covering themselves with glory over there today and the Washington post is covering themselves with even less.

Even if you give him every benefit of the doubt on the actual initial crime. He RAN.

Update 2: That’s gotta hurt.

…concerning Robert Stacy McCain’s trip to Kentucky, he is a little more Explicit here:

There’s only one of me and I’m a freelancer. I don’t have an AmEx card for travel expenses like the big shots at the networks do. It takes a couple of business days for PayPal transactions to be processed, and until that tip-jar cash clears the bank, I’ll be pushing it to the limit just to get to Clay County, Kentucky, by Monday, and only hope I can avoid my checks don’t start bouncing before those payments clear.

Meanwhile, I’ve promised the American Spectator a column that’s already half-written and has to be turned in before I try to get some sleep, then depart before dawn in my 2004 KIA, so I can try to file something — at least a brief report — with a Kentucky dateline by noon Monday. Never mind that we’re a one-car household and my wife’s steamed because she’ll have to improvise her own transportation for a few days. (A rental car might cost $60 a day, nudge, nudge.).

As you know Things are a little tough here, but I figure I can spare a $10 spot to get an actual reporter to do actual coverage (and maybe risk his neck depending on what he finds). And I’ll bet you can too.

After all he is a professional where else can you hire a professional anything for a ten spot?

And if the Liberals can afford a starting bid of $500 for a couple of seats that held the Presidential posterior then we can spare $10 to hire a reporter to you know report, particularly since he gives us commentary every day for free.

Oh and for our friends on the left, if you don’t think that McCain’s reporting can be trusted, you can always actually go and cover it yourself. Send someone you trust like Oliver Willis, Soros can afford it and with his Washington Redskins losing to the Lions of all people , he needs a day out..

And no I don’t get a cut.

Update: Well they might not be dancing if Robert Stacy finds there isn’t a there there.

Andrew Sullivan is convinced that the events of this week involving Iran are all part of a cunning plan:

Is this weakness or is it a different avenue to strength? Politics is always about timing and context. Seeing Obama’s moves without taking into account the Bush-Cheney inheritance is to wear ideological blinkers. Obama’s promise was and is a rebranding of America (which was the primary reason I supported him). If you are an unchastened neocon you see no need to rebrand after Guantanamo, Iraq, Bagram and Abu Ghraib. But if you are capable of absorbing complicated reality, you realise that such a rebranding is essential if America is to dig itself out of the Bush-Cheney ditch and advance its interests by defter means than raw violence and occupation.

It takes a special kind of faith to actually believe this stuff, he clearly has more faith in president Obama than in well his actual faith.

But is Andrew actually smarter than the rest of us? He sure thinks so. But I leave it to you:

Update: Villainous Company reminds us that Andrew had to be persuaded that General McChrystal’s plans were cunning at all.

As promised here is the end of the Martha Raye story from Retired Sgt. Major David C. Carden’s book The Army Insider:

Here I was, a country boy from Nebraska playing poker with a movie star. Golly! The game was five card stud. One hole card and four up. Best hand wins. Hole cards were dealt around the table and one card up. My hole card was an Ace. Maggie had a deuce showing. Bets all around. Next card paired my top card and Maggie’s duce. More bets, some people folded. Third card up I had an Ace and Maggie had a face card. This round of betting just left her and me. The last card up didn’t do either of us any good. The last of the $200 went into the pot and I was calculating my winnings. Aces over had her two pair beat. I gingerly turned over my Ace and she said, “Nice hand young Sergeant, but not good enough.” as she turned over her third deuce. That’s how I met Martha Ray.

From what I understand his luck at poker never got better, but it was a different story for his sons. One of the funniest things I ever saw in a poker game were his two oldest sons over my house at a couples poker night with their wives. You never saw two people play such cuthroat poker in your lives. You couldn’t make a bet without them raising each other through the roof and even worse they always managed to get the cards. ALWAYS.

The funniest poker story ever? I’ll save that for next Sunday.

Legal Insurrection talks a little about a nasty murder that has put the left all a twitter:

This is becoming a pattern. Left-wing politicians and blogs appear to be hoping for an act of right-wing violence so that they can justify their attacks on ordinary citizens who are against the overly intrusive and destructive Democratic policies. The problem is, right-wing extremists have not obliged, fortunately. So in the absence of right-wing death squads, the left-wing agitators invent facts and events to fit their narrative.

So here’s my moderate voice on the subject: You are a bunch of ghouls who would love to do nothing more than perform a political dance on the grave of poor Bill Sparkman, about whom you really don’t give a damn.

Read his round up of blog reaction and partiucalrly at the Moderate Voice which for once lives up to its name.

If only there was an actual reporter who blogs who could go to Kentucky and actually report on the facts of the case.

Where could we find such a man?

(note the historical information comes primarily from Marvin Albert’s 1957 volume Broadsides and Boarders my review here)

William de la Marck’s or as he was known to his men “Longnail”, primary interest was revenge. Despite the Letter of Marque issued by the Prince of Orange he was driven by beheading of his cousin by the Spanish authorities that ruled the Netherlands and his oath to not cut his hair or nails till he was avenged. His favorite target were Catholics priests and Monks but any ally of Spain was fair game.

He was not planning to begin the fight for Dutch independence when he sailed into the City of Brielle on April 1st 1572, pressure on Elizabeth I of England caused her to order all Dutch privateers to lose their rights in English ports and the wind took them there. He was looking for supplies and booty, the plan was to get what they wanted and get out.

With the Spanish garrison temporarily gone his fleet took the town with ease. With their fellow dutchmen around them the men had a change of heart. Where else had they to go, this was Dutch soil and they were dutchmen, did they really want to give the first Dutch town liberated back to Spain?

De la Marck declared the town taken in the name of the Prince of Orange and raised his banner, he contented himself with the murder of Catholic priests but otherwise left the town alone. They successfully managed to defend the town from the Spanish with the help of the people who rallied behind them and a group of pirates pretending to be patriots were transformed into actual patriots…

…Except for William de la Marck although feeling what the others felt for a while it didn’t distract him from his quest for revenge and his blood lust for Catholic Clergy. His vendetta against Priests and religious was hurting the effort to gain allies against Spain and preventing Catholic Dutchmen from joining the Prince’s cause. He ignored orders from the Prince for religious tolotance and was eventually removed from his command.

He swore revenge and vengeance against his former allies who dared protect the hated Catholic faithful but died shortly afterward from the bite of a mad dog.

Although he had done great service in the past, the Dutch managed to get along without him.

Hmmm a person who sees an atrocity, fights strongly against those who perpetuates it, then puts personal vengeance and dislike of certain religious beliefs over the cause and turns on his allies. I can’t for the life of me see why the story of Charles Johnson William de la Marck would be on my mind these days.

One of the first games I remember playing was called Broadsidebroadside box It was a game of the war of 1812 and had an unique game system for it’s time (1962).

First of all The players have unequal forces. Half of the British Fleet consist of Ships of the Line and Frigates only 40% of the American fleet consists of Frigates and they have no ships of the line and a further 40% can be sunk with a single broadside.

Next there are different advantages The Americans control shore batteries and know the locations of Shoals that can sink any ship, the British must attack through one of two harbor entrances both swept by guns.

Finally the victory conditions are different: The British must sink the 4 Merchant ships in the harbor. The Americans must sink the ENTIRE British fleet WITHOUT losing their entire merchant fleet. war of 1812

The game is a lot of fun and I still play it with my son once in a while. And it also came with a booklet on the Navel history of the War of 1812. This was the first history book I ever read and began a love affair with history that endures to this day and that my youngest has embraced to a lesser degree.

With the exception of Battle Cry (A simply AWFUL Civil war game, turned me off it for decades) all the games in the American Heritage series sparked my interest in history and led me on my path. (I never managed to get Hit the Beach but my Father served in the pacific in WW 2 so I didn’t need prompting there.)

So if you wonder why I’m constantly quoting historical events, now you know.

While looking through lgf to find his opposition to Trig Trutherism. (Thumbs up on that one Charles!) I stumbled upon something interesting, the LGF Dictionary

Whatever one might thing of Charles behavior lately it can’t be denied that he has been an important figure in the blogosphere and going through the dictionary is like a glimpse through it’s history.

However there is also this gem:

racist – A statement of surrender during an argument. When two people or disputants are engaged in an acrimonious debate, the side that first says “Racist!” has conceded defeat. Synonymous with saying “Resign” during a chess game, or “Uncle” during a schoolyard fight. Originally, the term was meant to indicate that one side was accusing the other of being racist, but once it was noticed that people only resorted to this tactic when all other arguments had been exhausted, it acquired its new meaning of “indicating one’s own concession of defeat.”

By his own definition he has been conceding an awful lot of arguments lately.

What was that Alinsky rule again?

… most of all, make them live by their own rules. If you make them live by their own rules, you destroy them. And never forget that ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Comedy is our friend.– from Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radical Comedians.”

Maybe he was riding without a helmet and took a fall affecting long term memory or something?

Of course there is no entry for Raaaaacist in there.

That’s worth a Nelson award