A: The democrats have decided that Doug Hoffman is scary.

There is a method to this madness. Hoffman has not won the election yet. Expect a full-out media blitz by the Democrats in the last three days of the campaign to portray Hoffman as the reincarnation of Timothy McVeigh.

And of course now that Newt has come out for Hoffman his prospects for extra appearances on MSM shows are shot.

…if he hadn’t died in 1987.

Right now I’ve been going through a hard time and I wish he was around for advice. He never got past the 6th grade but was the wisest man I knew. He was gregarious, impulsive, generous to a fault, had an incredible capacity to drink, and liked and trusted people much too much for his own good. He could fix anything, build anything, cook anything, was physically powerful and had the love of life, God and country, his fellow man and Family inside of him.

There are too many stories about him to tell them all here, from the Ambush in the parking lot, his refusal to pay and the violence he suffered for it, his refusal to accept help from his “Fellow Sicilians” when he needed it, his quest to join the Navy, his convoluted first meeting with my mother, their odd wedding day and first day bringing her home, the fights and drinking contests at the bar, the first Capone story, The great Smoking war, the rocks and the photos, the TV up the stairs, intensive care and unending talk, the pink shirt and the Green Beret, the missing 3 million dollar ticket, The Heart Attack in the woods, The burn cream, His mother-in-law stories, and the greatest story of all his cooking of his own funeral dinner.

But as this is the anniversary of his birth rather than his death I choose the 2nd Capone story which goes like this…

Mike Capone was the cousin of Al Capone and was a soldier stationed at Ft. Devens in the 50’s. He had met my parents in a previous visit to their Bar/Resturant The Mohawk Club in Shirley mass (they sold it in 1964 and it became a dive rather quickly) and would come with a group of soldiers on a regular basis for the incredible Italian food.

One day there was a group of young local kids who came in, old enough to drive not old enough to drink, they were allowed to come into the restaurant but not the bar. The six of them started trouble and my father kicked them out. About 45 minutes later one of them showed up at the back door asking to talk to the owner. As the relationship between the club and the local police was not good (another story) my father went out to handle it. He was struck from behind (the light was out) and found himself fighting six to one. He held his own for a while but numbers started to tell and once they had him down the outcome was not in doubt.

My mother heard the racket and looked outside and saw what has happening, declining to shoot them as they were unarmed (ah a gentler time was the 50’s) she ran to the bar where Mike Capone was sitting with 5 other guys pulled on his arm saying “Mike they’re going to kill him”. When he got the story he got up from his table, when the other soldiers asked he he needed a hand his answer was: “Nah Dominic & I can handle it.”

When he got outside my father was down and the six where on him. Capone caught them by surprise. With Capone there and my father again on his feet once more the outcome was not in doubt. The six of them were sprawled all over the ground and my father and Capone left them there Mike to return to his table and my Father to clean up.

He was punctilious about being clean always wearing identical white shirts and black ties, he washed his face and changed into clean clothes (my family has a house on the premises.) and within 15 minutes was back at the bar serving customers.

These fellows were connected with the local police, and as soon as they recovered sufficiently to leave they headed straight to the police station. Within the hour a police car arrived and local police were in the place escorting the six bruised and beaten teens who pointed out their tormentor at the bar.

My father came out behind the bar with a look of incredibility on his face explaining that he indeed kicked them out of the place but that he’d been working. When the teens INSISTED that he beat them up, he turned to the officer in his clean white shirt, tie and perfectly clean groomed face and asked:

“Officer does it really look like i’ve been in a fight with six guys in the last hour?”

The officer looked at the teens and left without another word taking the teens with them.

The light that was broken in the back paid off when jumping my dad but hurt them here since they didn’t get a good look at the other guy who after they left came out of the kitchen.

So ended another evening at the place and once again the quest to drive those dirty Italians out of town and business had failed.

Compared to what he dealt with my life has been a lark and I feel guilty even complaining about it.

So happy birthday dad. I miss you a lot.

I was in the middle of writing a birthday post for my late father when I got a call from a friend in PA who told me to turn on the TV and that Scozzafava had pulled out of the race in NY-23.

This doesn’t guarantee victory for Hoffman (that’s WHY you have the election) but it means the following.

Big Winners:

Sarah Palin: She was the republican who was willing to put herself on the line with the race was “over”

Robert Stacy McCain: He was the blogger/Reporter who pushed this story and took the time to visit the district twice. That meant he was on hand for BOTH the Palin endorsement and the Scozzafava pull out.

Rush Limbaugh: He pushed and pushed this race and hit republicans for dissing conservatives.

The Tea Party Movement: They got behind Hoffman and have proved their power. Lets see the MSM spin that one.

Northeastern Conservatives: All it takes is one win to give others the courage to try.

Dump Dede blog: Need I say why?

BIG Losers:

Newt Gingrich: He stuck his neck out for the GOP rather than conservatives and got it chopped off. Say goodbye to 2012 but as long as he opposes conservatives his place on the MSM rotation gravy train is assured forever.

GOP Establishment: They attached the conservative and gave us a RINO and end up with a zero.

NRCC: Good luck raising money from conservatives now. I suspect the funds will go directly to the candidates.

Democrats: They are in a no win situation. They don’t get the cover that a Scozzafava win would have allowed them (bi-partisan votes, a House version of Olympia Snowe) and even if Owens wins they get nothing they didn’t already have, an overwhelming house majority and a new blue dog.

The MSM: They have to deal with a Palin win and or a Hoffman win. Their RINO’s who have been proclaiming that the GOP has to tack left shows its weakness. They will play the GOP civil war card but not no effect.

RINOS: They lose their argument

Tim Pawlenty: Sloppy seconds

And to Charles Johnson he gets a Nelson award:

Vote Hoffman!

Update: CNN is reporting the breaking news that a poll says Palin is not electable? Doesn’t mention NY-23 news today. Do you want to know why they are in 4th? Memorandum is on it however. CNN’s breaking news still isn’t covering it.

Update 2: Second big winner Bill Quick, two instalances on one post!

Update 3: Michelle Malkin knows who to thank. Meanwhile according to Sister Toldjah CNN discovered the story while I went down the street for breakfast and she breaks some news:

Chair Pete Sessions is now set to endorse Hoffman. Politico’s Jonathan Martin reported via Twitter that Newt Gingrich, a staunch defender of Scozzafava against conservatives who accurately described her as a liberal in sheep’s clothing, is now endorsing Hoffman and urging others to vote for him on Tuesday.

A tad late isn’t it? Meanwhile Marc Ambinder makes a good point:

Where do the rest of her votes go? CW says that most go to Hoffman, but I’m with Jonathan Martin: I think half go to Democrat Bill Owens or they stay home.

Ed Morrissey does show the race looks good for the white hats:

According to the poll, Hoffman had attracted 50% of the Republican vote, while Owens had 2/3rds of the Democrats. Hoffman leads Owens among independents, 40%-35%, and the remaining 15% supporting Scozzafava will almost certainly break more towards Hoffman than Owens. Owens will likely get more of Scozzafava’s Democratic supporters, but she only had 11%, while 14% have already gone to Hoffman. Hoffman and Owens had a near-even split of the opposition in Scozzafava’s regional stronghold of Jefferson/Lewis/St. Lawrence counties, but I’d be surprised if Hoffman didn’t pick up more in those areas of disaffected Scozzafava voters, too.

The race isn’t over until the people actually vote. Various bloggers point out that it’s all down to the voters now. Meanwhile the democrats make a tactical mistake:

Politico reports that the Biden rally will be Monday in Watertown:

The visit by Biden underlines how badly national Democrats want to snatch this seat, Republican-held since before the Civil War, from the GOP. But it also reflects Democrats’ 11th-hour efforts to avoid a clean sweep Tuesday of the three mostly closely-watched races.

By deploying Biden it makes any defeat an administration defeat. This is a lot of risk for little reward, this suggests fear of giving Sarah Palin any kind of victory.

Update 4: Robert George gets it:

Outside observers who want to dismiss Palin do so at their peril. But, there appears to be a reason that her basketball-playing nickname was “Barracuda.” Recall she was the one who coined (or at least made viral) the phrase “death panel” during the health care fight during the summer — forcing Democrats and the White House onto the defensive. Whether Palin is doing all this for PR purposes (her book comes out in three weeks) or being reckless in her political rhetoric, the fact is she is having an impact on the broader debate — and continuing to resonate with her party’s base.

Mitt Romney? Not so much. His voice hasn’t been heard during the battle over health care. And then, Thursday he gave the vaguest statement on the race:

“I have chosen not to endorse the Republican candidate in New York’s 23rd District,” Romney told reporters while campaigning in Virginia for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. “That should speak a certain amount of volume. I can’t endorse our candidate in that race.”

Yeah, Mitt, that does speak “a certain amount of volume.” It says that you’re willing to campaign for a gubernatorial candidate who has had the Virginia race in the bag for months — but not make a controversial, yet, dynamic decision in a race that would have significant ripples across the country. Palin (and Tim Pawlenty quickly following the former Alaska governor) recognized where the base’s train was going and quickly got on board. Romney missed the train — and missed the opportunity to take a significant role in a tough internal ideological debate that his party is undergoing. Even if Romney endorsed Scozzafava (as former Speaker Newt Gingrich did), at least he would have made a principled decision and could have articulated his reasons for it.

Instead, he looks completely wishy-washy.

Edisto Joe does too:

Anyone who doubts Sarah Palin as an up and coming major player on the political scene better find a doctor for a reality check.

Conservatives for Palin should be talking victory laps, Intrade sure looks good too. Meanwhile Riehl World view spares some sympathy for Dede:

I’ve no ill will toward her. She had a long, productive career as an elected official. I won’t knock her for that, even if I found some of her thinking to be wrong. Hopefully she can carry on in her career at the local level for now. I don’t see why not. These must have been incredibly stressful times for her.

She might be a nice lady and good to kittens, she was just the wrong choice for this position. David Frum’s new majority links to the Politico story but hasn’t been heard from in two days on the race. There is news; David Frum has joined CNN.com and CNN is now in last place. Make of that what you will.

Speaking of Frum et/al National review has a bonanza, the biggest piece is a word from Rush Limbaugh:

“Hmmm… I thought the Era of Reagan was over? Who was it that said that? Oh yeah, the smart people on our side who told us the only way we could win was with moderate/liberal candidates like Scozzafava. Hmmm…”

Jim Geraghty sees good signs too:

A guy in the know, who’s helping out with pro-Hoffman efforts up there, tells me, “Of the 20 percent or so who supported Dede, we think 70 percent are registered Republicans. We are focusing on them. Hoffman has run an anti-Washington, stop Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid campaign, so that’s the message we’re continuing to push.”

He adds, “All the Dede resources from RNC et al got pushed to New Jersey, by the way, they didn’t stay around to help.” (Christie probably needs it more.)

While Hoffman reaches out to Dede:

“I will value a relationship with her, using the knowledge and experience she has to help me in representing this district,” says Hoffman. Working with Scozzafava, he adds, is akin to working with all Republicans to help forward conservative and fiscally-responsible policies. “In the last week, I’ve had many senior Republicans come to my aide and endorse me,” he says. “Over 25 congressional Republicans have helped and endorsed me, plus numerous presidential hopefuls.”

And Rich Santorum tries to extend the metaphor to Jersey.

We are faced with another three-way race for the governorship of New Jersey. The state of New Jersey is in a free fall under the inept leadership of Jon Corzine. Would I ever consider supporting the Independent candidate Chris Daggett there? Perhaps, if I thought, in these final days, the situation there were anything like it was in NY-23. But it is not. If you take a look at the Real Clear Politics poll average, Daggett is at 12 percent while Corzine and Christie are tied at 41 percent. What has been clear in all of the polls is that Corzine can’t break out of the low 40s in support.

Daggett, meanwhile, isn’t a Libertarian or a Socialist. He isn’t carrying the banner for a cause or a party that he has embraced. He is running, I suspect, because he knows that another four years of Corzine would be a continuing train wreck for New Jersey and he thinks he could do a better job than Chris Christie.

Like Scozzafava, Daggett was a liberal Republican in the Tom Kean mold (Daggett worked for Kean) in New Jersey. Unlike Scozzafava, he left the party to join another cause, his own. Like Scozzafava, Daggett is not going to win the election on Tuesday. Scozzafava withdrew because she put what is best for her district and her country above her personal aspirations. Let’s see if Daggett can exhibit the same selflessness.

I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

A: Robert Stacy McCain still gets instalances.

In fact not only does he still get instalances the lance goes to his American Spectator stuff which is a direct source of income and raises his stature and value at the magazine. This is due to his key work in the Ny-23 race (Vote Hoffman).

Meanwhile Mr. Johnson is reduced to soliciting donations on every single post rather than doing something like, helping to raise funds for Project Valour-It. (Donate at the link at the top BTW) Alas how the mighty have fallen!

And his foes don’t just get instalances they get Rush Lances too, and not secondary ones like I did.

Charles please look at yourself and see what you’ve become.

Commentator BSR defends Mike Huckabee non-endorsement of Hoffman in comments and links to this post. It is worth quoting:

If Huckabee agrees so much with Hoffman, the conservative bloggers wail, why doesn’t he officially endorse him?

I answer that question with a question of my own. Would these same bloggers be asking that question if it were a Democratic candidate that was the more conservative in this race?

No. They wouldn’t.

Mike Huckabee is the leading contender for the 2012 Republican party nomination. If he officially endorsed a non-Republican candidate he would be running counter to his party – indeed some would say such action serves to legitimize and strengthen a rival party – and you can bet your next paycheck he’d be hearing about it in 2012.

It’s not Huckabee’s fault the party can’t field a respectable candidate in New York. Furthermore, Huckabee is a man of the people who is fully aware that his personal opinion is plenty (heck, it may even be better) to help voters make a decision.

So, the story remains, Mike Huckabee didn’t endorse a non-Republican.

Not a bad point if want to stay in good with the party, Mitt Romney for example is staying out of it, but the party is less popular than conservatism. There is a much better point to be made that my fellow Blue State Republican does NOT make.

The point would be the timing. Any endorsement would be appear to be a “me too” endorsement so at this point it is moot.

A great example is Pawlenty v Palin. When Palin endorsed Hoffman was in 3rd place but showed promise. She was talking a huge political risk, not only in angering the main party but in backing a losing horse and not only a losing horse but a THIRD PLACE horse in a three horse race. If Hoffman came in a poor 3rd the media would be jumping all over her. As I blogged Stephen Stromberger at the Washington post was practically giddy at the possibility. Margaret Carlson gives another example:

Scozzafava fails to meet Palin’s requirements for a good Republican because of her moderate position on gay marriage and abortion. While she says she won’t vote for new taxes, Palin doesn’t believe her. Friending Hoffman on Facebook, Palin wrote that the best thing about him is that he’s “not been anointed by any political machine” and stands for bedrock Republican principles. Invoking Ronald Reagan, Palin added that he knew that “blurring the lines wasn’t an appropriate way to win election.”

Put aside that Palin is violating Reagan’s cardinal rule not to speak ill of a fellow Republican. Palin isn’t a stickler for details. Her incursion into NY-23 puts into stark relief the schism in the party that’s been brewing like a tea bag since the party’s loss in November.

One-time rogue Newt Gingrich, in the midst of his periodic dithering over whether to run for president, went nuclear over her purity test. “This idea that we’re suddenly going to establish litmus tests, and all across the country, we’re going to purge the party of anybody who doesn’t agree with us 100 percent — that guarantees Obama’s reelection. That guarantees Pelosi is speaker for life.”

Yet despite Google’s love of all stories anti Palin Hoffman is now poised to win giving her the rewards from the risk. Pawlenty seeing that the game had changed found himself forced to follow her lead as did other republicans. They became followers. It made him look like Moe pushing Curley and Larry into a room.

Huckabee meanwhile made his preference to Hoffman clear so a official endorsement will only make him weak while his holding back will help him with the establishment. Strategically the status quo is his best move and it is not dishonorable…

…he is still not going to win in 2012 although the MSM will favor him over Palin if she runs, and will favor Romney over him if she doesn’t.

Vote Hoffman!

A: Gay Patriot has endorsed:

That all changed upon learning from the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund that Scozzafava was “the most liberal member of the GOP caucus in the state legislature, scoring a 15% rating on the Conservative Party’s scorecard.” And she’s not just liberal on state issues, she is also liberal on national issues as well, supporting the Democrats’ spendthrift “stimulus” and their “card check” legislation.

At a time with record growth in federal spending, record deficits and an ever-expanding federal government, we cannot afford another spendthrift federal legislator, least of all one who calls herself a Republican. We need to hold the line on federal spending and cut, not expand, government regulation. We could find no convincing evidence that the Republican nominee in NY-23 is committed to that small government conservative agenda.

That is why we at GayPatriot join other “grassroots conservatives” in endorsing Doug Hoffman for Congress in the special election to be held next Tuesday, November 3 in New York State’s 23rd Congressional District. We believe the Conservative candidate will do a better job in standing up to the big spending/big government policies put forward by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats and support a real reform agenda, cutting back on the size of the federal government, reducing the scope of its regulatory authority.

We can all go home now.

Vote Hoffman.

Because of Pataki, they haven’t mentioned that the key endorsement was Palin.

The Pataki endorsement is late but it comes on the last weekend AND he is a NY governer. This is going to make a ton of difference, but remember no matter what the Telegraph says:

Perhaps the most significant intervention has been by Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, a mainstream Republican who many party insiders believe has the most plausible claim to the party’s 2012 presidential nomination for a contest in which President Barack Obama could well be vulnerable.

it is the Palin endorsement that made everyone else move, they do conceede that she was first.

Sarah Palin, another possible 2012 candidate and a darling of the Right, had already announced on Facebook that she was backing Mr Hoffman. “Doug Hoffman stands for the principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense and a commitment to individual liberty,” she wrote.

This is an English paper so it can be excused to some degree meanwhile on the Pataki endorsement:

Mr. Pataki announced his support for Mr. Hoffman at a Conservative Party fundraiser at the New York Athletic Club. Mr. Pataki said he has a farm in the 23rd congressional district and I know that district inside and out.

John Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, also backed Mr. Hoffman at the event.

While Huckabee is being quiet:

While former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has also declined to endorse Hoffman in the race, on Wednesday he said, “I have chosen not to endorse the Republican in the 23rd.”

“Now we need to ask about Romney, why won’t Huckabee endorse, etc.,” Erick Erickson, the editor and founder of the influential RedState blog, wrote earlier this week.

“I’m willing to give till Wednesday for candidates to get on,” he wrote. “After Wednesday morning, it’s just for show.”

RedState speculated that ongoing tensions with former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, a former Huckabee GOP primary foe who has endorsed Hoffman, have kept Huckabee from weighing in. Huckabee is widely thought to be at odds with Thompson over the senator’s refusal to drop out of the 2008 contest until well after he was a viable candidate.

This is going to be the story of the year no matter how it ends.

Update: The Other McCain is there for the kill, and Morning Joe seems to have steered away from it. There is a Mass for my father this morning so I’ll only be watching for a few more minutes so I don’t know if they will go back to it. They didn’t make a lot of fuss about Palin but I suspect they will make some noise about Pataki.

But just remember that if you listened to Charles Johnson (peace be upon him) you would think there was nothing going on. McCain has owned this story and if you follow him so do you. Professional reporters, don’t leave home without em.

Oh forgot to say: Vote Hoffman!

My mother is the quintessential Sicilian. There are people she doesn’t like or care for, but she is very proper in public concerning them as long as she isn’t questioned directly. She always taught me the value of being able to publicly associate with your enemies. And with enemies you need to establish “neutral ground” such as Church or a funeral where you can be friendly and not let your personal enmity harm or inconvenience others.

There were also other bounds, you would not hurt a foes family or attempt to cost them their livelihood. On shared occasions such as sporting events when you both cheered for the same team it was even acceptable to celebrate together and most importantly there were some rumors and accusations that were so beyond the pale that you didn’t repeat them even about your foes. I saw her do this with people that had directly hurt and insulted her publicly. It was amazing to see.

Most of this was taught by example. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me I tended to take my fathers example instead. He liked and got along with everyone and as long as they didn’t mean harm to his family he would help anyone. At his funeral I never saw so many people and neither did the funeral home guy for any non celebrity. (He even cooked his own funeral dinner but that’s another story…)

This is one of the reasons why I have taken such a hard line on Charles Johnson and lgf. His accusations against Robert Stacy are not only contrary to the personal experiences of people with actual expereince but it puts his ability to support his wife and family at risk.

Banning people from comments is childish, the comments on Jumping in Pools are childish an revealing, but the actions on the gentleman from Maryland are despicable and continue to be. (This doesn’t even count his actions against Pam Geller, Gates of Vienna et/al).

As I’ve said I’ve never met Charles so I don’t know his motivations, how he thinks, if he is having personal problems that lead to this stuff or anything, but right now I must say I don’t care much for him.

That said he has not yet crossed two particular bright lines that are significant.

He has not crossed over to opposition to Israel vs the Palestinians.

He has not crossed over to the defeat caucus concerning the radical Islam in general and the war in particular.

These are both important lines not only because of what they represent but because unlike some who support the above positions he has the facts and without a question knows better.

As long as those two lines are not crossed his chance of redemption is still intact and I will hope for it while still teasing him over his foolishness and chiding him severely for his offensives against a man I call friend.

Once those lines are crossed, once he actively supports the other side in war then all bets are off. Over time this will be the true test of him and if he just being petulant or if he is doing wrong.

I hope I’m wrong but I have a horrible feeling that this administration will very soon put this to the test.

The Christian science monitor reports that Cash for Clunkers cost taxpayers $24,000 for each new car sold.

Well, it’s in how Edmunds crunched the numbers. A valid way to evaluate the program economically, it says, is to look at how many people purchased cars that otherwise wouldn’t have been bought. The firm says that number is about 125,000 cars. By that measure, the government spent $24,000 to generate each sale of a new car.

For comparison, the average price for a new vehicle in August 2009 was $26,915, minus an average cash rebate of $1,667.

In all, the government spent $3 billion on a program that provided cash toward 690,000 car purchases – about $4,348 per car. That makes 565,000 people who got as much as $4,500 to buy a car they would have bought anyway, according to the Edmunds analysis.

So that mean in taxes that $4,500 that you were given cost you 19,500 PLUS the tax you will pay on the $4500 as income.

Of course this is on the national credit card so you might not notice it but you or your kids will pay for it, assuming you have anything left after Obamacare et/al. Snapped shot agrees.

If you thought that was a good deal, wait until you see what these nimrods do to your healthcare plan by this time next year. I’m sure you’re going to love it.

Gateway Pundit says:

It would have been cheaper to give them away free.

Jim Jim Jim, you’re missing the whole point, this entire program was a PR buy for the Obama administration and congress. The purpose was to help facilitate their re-election and prop up their numbers.

Exit question, we know where $4500 of those dollars went, where did the other 20K or so go? Who got it, what interest group cashed in on it?

Comes in two parts. Part one is the reporting on Cash for Clunkers. Lets look at Google News:

cash clunkers google
Google search 1 p.m. EST 10/29/09

You have 1,400 articles vs 23 on the effectiveness of Cash for clunkers.

Part two comes from one of those few articles that report on it. It isn’t in the meat of the article it is in the request at the bottom after the story:

Do you have a job because of the $787 billion stimulus package? We want to hear from people whose jobs have been created or saved by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Please e-mail your stories to CNNMoney.com and you could be part of an upcoming article. For the CNNMoney.com Comment Policy, click here. To top of page

In other words Please please PLEASE there must be someone we can paint as the poster child for the 787 billion that Congress and the president spent.

Lets cut to the chase, if they could point to the success of the stimulus package, they wouldn’t be trolling for people who benefited from it.

Update: Legal Insurrection explains why this is necessary.

Some of us like to eat, sleep and spend time with their families but for those who have other interests there is so much news at NY-23 that it’s hard to keep up:

There were a lot of people who doubted the polls that showed Hoffman up, well Begala apparently doesn’t:

This first anniversary is really important. The tea party crowd hopes to use Palin’s endorsement in the NY-23 special election to send one of their own to Congress on the very first anniversary of President Obama winning the White House. And we can’t let that happen. The inmates have taken over the asylum, and are abandoning the Republican candidate in favor of the extreme conservative.

The Huffington Post is in a snit over Hoffman:

And then it has the web address of a blog called PlanetAlbany, linking to a blog called Draft Dede as a Democrat. Pretty damning stuff, right? Dede Scozzafava – Hoffman’s Republican opponent – is actually a Democrat! And the proof is right there in this blog that links to this other blog, by some Democrats so proud of Dede Scozzafava that they prefer to remain completely anonymous.

That’s how crafty they are.

MoveOn doesn’t doubt it either:

The Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party could get a big boost if a far right, third party candidate wins a three-way House race in upstate New York. Election Day is Tuesday. Can you contribute to help Democrat Bill Owens pull out a victory?

Bill Owens finally gets his name mentioned, the left seems to be thinking of someone else, someone they are afraid of, Sarah Palin. They certainly seem to be afraid of her, they’re sure not afraid of Romney:

“I have chosen not to endorse the Republican in the 23,” Romney, R-Mass., said while campaigning for GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell.

Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom provided a few more details regarding Romney’s thinking: “Mitt Romney is a Republican and he tends to support the Republican candidate in races and when he can’t because there are too many differences on the issues, he stays out of the race altogether and that’s the course he’s following in the New York special election. He doesn’t plan to make any endorsement at all.”

Ah Mitt Romney voting present again, where have I seen that before?

But Dede Shouldn’t worry she is getting some press and an interesting ad as well

Politico (where Mike Allen once called Palin’s endorsement a suicide mission) is OUTRAGED and calls it a “republican” dirty trick

The group’s presumed intent with the ad is to trick unsuspecting GOP voters into thinking Scozzafava is the choice of progressives so they will then support her Conservative party challenger, Doug Hoffman. Common Sense in America is spending about $150,000 on the ad buy, and it is up on broadcast and cable in all three media markets in the sprawling upstate New York district.

There are two problems with this argument; the first of course being how we have been told over and over that moderate candidates are favored in New York. If that is the case then this ad should be of great help to Dede. It couldn’t be that all that advice about being moderate wasn’t meant to help could it?

Ed Driscoll points out the second problem:

Also, the headline at Politico is titled, “Republican Dirty Tricks” — as the Rhetorican asks, why are Republicans being blamed for a group that wants to knock out the candidate in the race who’s a Republican?

After all politico says it is trying to “trick republicans” that wouldn’t seem to be the purpose of a Republican dirty trick.

And this report from the Campaign Spot seems to support that argument:

Two of the candidates for New York’s special election race are participating in a debate right now: Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Dede Scozzafava began a half-hour ago at SUNY Plattsburgh’s E. Glenn Giltz Auditorium. So far, judging from Tweeted updates, the discussion between the liberal Democrat and the liberal Republican has been (surprise!) full of agreement

The Other McCain and Hotair are disputing the question of “Why is Doug Hoffman ducking a debate” First Allahpundit at hotair:

I suspect the stated reason and the real reason are two different things, but whichever it is, this is lame. The only good reason to duck a debate is if you’re so far ahead of your opponent that the risk of showing up and stumbling into a bad answer is greater than the expected gain from showing up and doing well. That’s not the case with Hoffman; while Scozzafava may have faded, there’s no question that he and the Democrat, Bill Owens, are neck and neck.

And then Robert Stacy:

Hoffman’s spokesman Rob Ryan told me the Plattsburgh NPR debate was “the perfect venue for Scozzafava and Owens to debate who’s more liberal.” And if Hoffman is “ducking” debates, how come he’s appearing in a TV debate today in Syracuse?

Republican Dede Scozzafava, Democrat Bill Owens, and Conservative Party Candidate Doug Hoffman will all take part in a debate at the NewsChannel 9 studios Thursday night at 7pm on NewsChannel 9.

That’s why I’m leaving this morning for Syracuse. It would help if some people would at least learn to make a phone call or two before jumping to the unwarranted conclusion that the liberal MSM spin is always true.

Always trust the boots on the ground, speaking of boots he is heading back up and wants company:

If you’re a conservative student who has been wondering what you can do to make a difference, the Hoffman campaign needs you. Maybe your Mom and Dad are conservatives who are fed up with RINO sellouts in the GOP establishment, and they’ll help pay your way to upstate New York.

This is the last weekend before Election Day Nov. 3, and there’s lots of work to do. All you have to do is get up there and contact the Hoffman campaign, and you’ll be in the middle of the biggest election of the year.

If my son wasn’t in high school I’d love to get him over there.

Meanwhile Dede’s best chance is stuff like this:

I have known Assemblywomen Scozzafava for the 11 years I have served as village trustee and now as Mayor. Not once have I considered Assemblywomen Scozzafava a career politician. She has spent countless hours fight for our residents of Northern New York, first as Mayor of Gouverneur, and asNew York State Assemblywomen. As New York State Assemblywomen she has provide our residents with exceptional services. She has always been there to assist the Village of West Carthage with any issues at the state or local level. I question the amount and quality of services our residents and local communities will receive if either of the others were elected. They don’t even feel it is necessary to debate or answer questions on local issues before we vote.

All politics is local and if she has built up a good local rep then she has a chance, but does she actually have that rep? I suspect if she did she wouldn’t be in last place right now.

Michael Barone who has forgotten more about politics then I’ll ever know has this to say about the race:

The situation in New York 23 is simply bizarre. Local Republican leaders nominated an assemblywoman who has been endorsed by the ACORN-allied Working Families Party and who backs the unions’ card check bill. One of the Republicans passed over was nominated by the Conservative Party and has picked up endorsements from Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty. He has raised money on the Internet and from the anti-tax Club for Growth. He’s now leading in two polls commissioned by his supporters.

All of which highlights, in exaggerated form, the distrust of tea party protesters for Republican insiders and could result in a plurality for the Democrat. As William Galston points out in his New Republic blog, during Obama’s presidency voters have been growing more conservative but remain disdainful of Republicans.

Great writers can sum up complex issues in a few sentences. Michael Barone is a great writer.

Anyway do you want to know how things are actually going? The National Review has the clues. Clue one:

A slew of old guard conservative names at the National Conservative Campaign Fund are endorsing Doug Hoffman in New York’s special House election. Among the bigger names: Ed Meese, David Keene, Alfred Regnery, Brent Bozell, Richard Viguerie, Tony Perkins, and Ken Blackwell.

Big Batch of conservatives endorsing following the lead.

Clue two: Al D’Amato:

“On NY1 tonight, former New York Senator Al D’Amato said he is considering endorsing Hoffman for Congress in NY-23.”

Last rats jumping off the sinking ship? Well maybe not the last because of Clue 3:

The NRCC recently aired a web ad that takes on Hoffman’s stances on civil unions, bailouts, and his residency in NY-23. (Watch it here.) As Guy writes: “’Doug Hoffman: Running from himself’ is the NRCC ad’s tagline. Pitiful.”

That sounds bad but the key line is at the end:

In the meantime, before Election Day, don’t expect the NRCC to pummel Hoffman. They may have published this web ad, but with Scozzafava dropping in the polls, a source tells us that the NRCC will try to avoid clashing with Hoffman.

They know how to count and must have gotten one fundraising rejection too many.

No matter how it turns out it won’t be boring. How will it turn out? We will know for sure in 5 days.

Vote Hoffman!

…the way this race is playing out and the excitement therein is just awesome to any political junkie. The pols, the counter pols, the endorsements, the fights, it’s more thrilling to us political guys than Hillary swank nude is to a six year old boy no matter what Daniel Kalder says.

It is really something to see (I’m talking about the political race). If you spend your time on the sites, watching Fox and MSNBC screaming at one and cheering the other (doesn’t matter which one) you know it doesn’t get much better than this.

Oh and Vote Hoffman.

A: Because he knows we won’t kill him for it.

In fact there is only upside professionally for him among the people who call Roman Polanski the victim of a “young hooker“.

He has the right to do what he wants but if anyone tries to tell you it is “courageous” then they are either fools or liars.

…on customer service.

I’ve already told you about my son and his Apple and how poorly things were handled in a Customer Service bit:

Oh and did I mention the sheer anger of my son? He has a half a century of buying of computers ahead of him. He is very catholic and will have kids. How many apples do you think he will buy? How many times do you thing this story will be repeated over the decades?

By an odd coincidence his car needed serious repairs, Brought it down to John’s place (oddly named Paul’s Auto Repair even though he is the only guy there) and in addition to parts it was going to take over a full day for the physical repairs. I had an old radio to put in but the wires were cut and it couldn’t be used.

He was booked up for quite a while when I dropped the car off but this morning we went to pick it up. I made it clear to my son that he was paying for these repairs himself and when a friendly great Aunt offered to help I requested that she not so he would learn about expenses.

Well much to my surprise when he gave the price it was under $500 ($460 to be exact). In addition he found a used radio and put it in so he finally has music.

After my VERY grateful son left I thanked John. He said he knew it was his first car and his first car bill so he wanted to give him a hand, and he also knew about the Apple and figured he might need the extra money to pay it, and he didn’t want to leave him without a radio. (The car had none).

So for the rest of his life my son will remember this mechanics and the favor he did him, he will also remember that the money he didn’t have to pay to fix the car was enough to pay a 3rd party to fix the Apple.

Where do you think he is going to get his cars fixed for the next 2 decades? Where do you think his brother will go? He friends? How many times will this story get repeated? Who do you think he will be tweaking on Facebook?

And most importantly with all the money he will save over the years dealing with John how many PC based systems will he buy for his kids and himself instead of Apples?

Even if he never gives him another discount again he has earned his business. Hey Stevie Jobs and company you paying attention?

…even if every thing the environmental left says will happen happens it hit me that the Planet won’t be destroyed.

Humans may die, or have it tough but nature will re-assert itself.

Since according to our friends on the environmental left humans are the problem won’t the destruction or the decimation of the race be good for the planet? Doesn’t it show that the Earth will self correct itself?

If you want to believe this stuff you go ahead and believe it, but don’t worry, even if nothing gets done and you don’t get those hundreds of millions in grants to save the world (and by pure coincidence give you a very comfortable living) that world will save itself by killing you.

So don’t worry be happy!

If you want the whole video click here.

Of course if you want something full sized up front there is this:

Atomic ObsessionMy Amazon vine review of John Mueller’s book Atomic Obsession is available at Amazon.com here.

This book was the hardest I’ve ever had to rate, the best parts are must read points that are often ignored when trying to push through bad legislation and funding and the bad parts containing revisionist history are weak.

So read this book for the good parts and note the bad parts.

To explain why this is so all you have to do is look at the White House and Olympia Snowe and the MSM.

Of course most people understand the basic fact that whenever Dede Scozzafava votes with the democrats that will free one Blue Dog vote to help protect their re-election chances. That’s the thing everyone notices, but what is everyone missing.

The moment Dede votes with Pelosi that bill becomes “bi-partisan” by definition. The fact that it is only one republican will make no difference, the MSM will trumpet it as “bi-partisan”. When ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCBET wants to talk to a republican on an issue SHE will be the one they call. She will become the face of the republican party that will be pushed and lionized. She will be the reason why “conservatives need to back off”.

The reality of all of these things will not matter, the media will push them as if it was true. If you don’t believe me look at how they treat Olympia Snowe, Look how they treated Chuck Hagel, Look how they treated Chris Shays and of course look at how they treated McCain when he wasn’t running for president. Republicans who attack republican positions are always welcome in the limelight.

And even better they don’t have to have actual conservatives on, they already have a republican to talk to.

This is the trap that the NRCC is falling into. If we fall for it we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Vote Hoffman

He IS the party chairman. Rightly or wrongly Dede IS the party candidate, even if everyone else supports Hoffman (even if HE supports Hoffman) he can’t publicly not support Scozzafava. Morning Joe may bait him but that’s the way it has to be.

Now he can decides how resources are spent to support her and can try to talk her out of the race or offer her a carrot to leave, but he can’t do any of that publicly. I think in reality he doesn’t mind the Hoffman Miracle too much.

BTW: As party chairman he is the ONLY republican who gets this pass from me.

Vote Hoffman!

A: Because he provides cover for democrats.

As we have said over and over again and as I had to argue with my liberal nephew on the way home from game night last night, Democrats KNOW what “Obamacare” is. They KNOW what it will do and they KNOW who it will benefit and it isn’t the people.

Most importantly they understand that if no republicans support them they not only don’t have the fig leaf of pseudo bi-partisan. So democrats would have to be the people responsible.

Lieberman give him a non-democratic excuse for failure and most importantly makes the villain the person the nutroots hates the most, so no blame goes to the party.

In the midst of writing this post Harold Ford said the same thing. Great minds think alike.

I don’t know if this is due to Lieberman’s actual beliefs or his Insurance connections or if he is doing Reid a favor. (Remember he COULD push Lieberman out of any Committee chairmanships or sub committee chairmanship to give pressure) but there are two winners in Lieberman’s move.

1. Harry Reid it gives him Plausible deniability.

2. The American people because every day that this doesn’t pass is good for us.

Newsweek et/al may not understand it (or maybe they DO and are playing along) but stories like this:

If Harry Reid were Jerry Seinfeld, he’d probably be snarling the name “Lieberman” through gritted teeth right now, in true Newman-esque fashion. The Connecticut senator announced this afternoon that he’ll join a Republican filibuster of the health-care bill unless the public option provision is changed.

Are music to his ears, and I note that when you search that part of the story comes up without the click but the next sentence:

In doing so he’s effectively cleared the way for other fence sitters, like Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson, and Blanche Lincoln to do so as well, and avoid taking as much heat.

Doesn’t. Maybe they do get it. Just look at the liberal blogs, Bayh, Nelson and Lincoln aren’t the villains. (Sorry about the potty mouths but they are liberal blogs)

Hey guys you are being punked, and it isn’t by Lieberman, it’s by Reid.

Update: Legal Insurrection has a longer list of better known liberal blogs who are angry. They are being punked and don’t know it either.

I made this up last week when I was trying to figure out what to cook for supper:


2 Boneless Chicken Breasts split
1 pkg Stove Top Stuffing (Chicken Flavor)
8 slices slab bacon
2 tbl spoons of ANGUS Seasoning Blends Herb Garlic & Pepper
4 tbl spoons of Bella Rosa Fresh Shredded Parmesan Cheese


Preheat oven to 380 degrees. Grease pan
Prepare 1/2 package of Stove-top stuffing per package instructions BUT increase amount of water by 50% Put aside. Cut raw bacon slices in half

Arrange chicken Breasts top side down in pan. With straight edge knife cut a slit down the center of the chicken breast about 1/4″ deep making sure not to cut all the way through.

Spice with Angus seasoning. Spoon in stove top stuffing to about 3/4 of the cut. Take bacon slice and insert over the cavity in the shape of an X tuck the center of the bacon into the stuffing & cavity. Spoon remaining stuffing over bacon. Re-spice with remaining Angus blend. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top.

Bake on top rack for 45 minutes. Serves 4

Note if you are baking potatoes with this you can have the oven as hot as 400 degrees if so slightly increase water content on stuffing.

A: I just got a fund raising solicitation in the mail from them.

I looked through the Census document Dede Scozzafava would give a very interesting answers to it. They sure wouldn’t match mine on Economic or family and social issues.

I was tempted to give 01 cent because of the expense it would involve to process it.

I attempted to call the phone number listened but there phone rang and rang without an answer. I am not surprised by this as their phone lines must be overflowing with Rush’s show today.

I answered the: Will you join the RNC by making a contribution today? with the following.


NO. I don’t want to give money to a party that supports RINO’s like Dede Scozzafava. If you can afford to give her money to support her then you don’t need mine.

Ah if they had only checked my Amazon reviews they would have saved the bulk mail rate.

Vote Hoffman forget NRCC.

They expect me to support their sending people to work against Hoffman in NY-23?

Double HA!

…business today. the NRCC is taking it on the chin. Rush is all over them for running ads against him AND for the Susan Collins business. He is really bothered by Newt. He called Dede Scozzafava an OBAMA republican!

The callers are all over this today too.

If this race wasn’t over before it should be now.

Vote Hoffman!

Ok it isn’t as big a deal as the Hoffman thing since both are republicans and McDonnell is running away with it but it might be enough to make the difference in NJ for Christie.

Also since the president is going to make an appearance in Va in the next few days for Deeds it will highlight the difference between those who Palin supports and those who President Obama supports. No wonders some are jealous.

The facebook post is here:

The Hotair headline is here:

My coverage of NY-23 is here.

Here is the meat and potatoes:

With the backing of the ACORN-allied Working Families Party, she supports Big Labor’s favorite organizing bill — card-check — as well as the federal stimulus, opposed by every House Republican.

Hoffman, by contrast, understands the dangers of unchecked spending, monster deficits and ever-higher taxes — i.e., concerns of average working Americans.

Scozzafava is the hand-picked candidate of former state GOP chairman Joseph Mondello. His successor, Ed Cox, should learn a lesson from this fiasco.

Voters in this traditionally GOP district can send a useful message — by sending Doug Hoffman to Congress.

Hmmm what hath Palin Wrought? Take that NRCC.

Vote Hoffman!

Outrage continues over the Vatican investigation of Nuns in America

“We can’t figure out why this is happening,” said Flannery, director of the Jesuit retreat house in Parma. “We’re just doing our jobs.”

The New York Times Maureen Dowd:

Nuns need to be even more sepia-toned for the über-conservative pope, who was christened “God’s Rottweiler” for his enforcement of orthodoxy. Once a conscripted member of the Hitler Youth, Benedict pardoned a schismatic bishop who claimed that there was no Nazi gas chamber. He also argued on a trip to Africa that distributing condoms could make the AIDS crisis worse.

The Vatican is now conducting two inquisitions into the “quality of life” of American nuns, a dwindling group with an average age of about 70, hoping to herd them back into their old-fashioned habits and convents and curb any speck of modernity or independence.

Nuns who took Vatican II as a mandate for reimagining their mission “started to look uppity to an awful lot of bishops and priests and, of course, the Vatican,” said Kenneth Briggs, the author of “Double Crossed: Uncovering the Catholic Church’s Betrayal of American Nuns.”

And the letters backed her up:

I came away amazed and profoundly touched by the sisters’ faithfulness to tradition as well as by their spirituality, community, ministry and joy in vowed lives devoted entirely to the church’s mission. No Catholics on earth are more faithful to the Catholic Church.

I agree, nuns are the rock of the church in America, it’s not as if they were out there supporting Abortion publicly. Oh wait:

A Dominican nun has been seen frequenting an abortion facility in Illinois recently – but not, as one might expect, to pray for an end to abortion or to counsel women seeking abortions, but to volunteer as a clinic escort.

Local pro-life activists say that they recognized the escort at the ACU Health Center as Sr. Donna Quinn, a nun outspokenly in favor of legalized abortion, after seeing her photo in a Chicago Tribune article.

Well it’s not as if her Prioress was backing her, oh wait:

And what about the pertinent Dominican religious superior? Why, she’s going to bat for Sister Donna’s right to choose the choice she has chosen:

Sr. Patricia Mulcahey, OP, Quinn’s Prioress at the Sinsinawa Dominican community, said in an email response to LSN that the nun sees her volunteer activity as “accompanying women who are verbally abused by protestors. Her stance is that if the protestors were not abusive, she would not be there.” Though Sr. Mulcahey claimed that her sisters “support the teachings of the Catholic Church,” she declined to comment on Quinn’s public protest of Catholic Church teaching.

See a contradiction here? Well you’re wrong. It might look a little odd at first glance, but in reality this is an example of the healthy and fully renewed religious life called for by the Second Vatican Council.

Well it’s not as if this was a violation of Canon law, now that you mention it:

1. Canon 695 calls for the mandatory dismissal of a religious guilty of the delict of abortion described in Canon 1398. A case can be made, I think, that Sr. Donna is an accomplice to abortion under Canon 1329, which, in turn, might bring her within the scope of the dismissal provision of Canon 695. The novelty of nuns serving as murder mistresses at abortion clinics means that there is not much jurisprudence for such cases, I grant, but it is still a theory worth exploring.

If, however, a more direct process is desired, Canon 696 seems a better place to start.

2. Under Canon 696, dismissal from religious life can be imposed against one who gives “grave scandal arising from culpable behavior”. This unusually broad language allows superiors to move against a religious whose specific conduct could not have been predicted when the revised Code was being drafted (perhaps, like Sr. Donna’s, it could scarcely have been imagined!), but which we now know can be both imagined and committed. So, to the extent that conducting babies to their death is scandalous behavior for a religious woman, Sr. Donna deserves dismissal.

3. Various provisions of penal law, for example Canon 1369 (authorizing a “just penalty” against those who use the means of social communication to gravely injure good morals or to excite contempt against religion or the Church) are applicable, I suggest, in response to the kind of verbiage that Sr. Donna directs from time to time against religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular. But again, all of this seems self-evident.

Hey ya know maybe there is something to this Vatican investigation after all?

As I’ve said before Catholicism is a voluntary activity. If sister Quinn wants to push Abortion and aid at abortion clinics, it’s a free country, she just shouldn’t do it as a Catholic nun. If she insists on doing it as a Catholic Nun and her superiors do nothing then they ought not to be whining about the Vatican investigating them. It’s a variation of the murder your parents cry as an orphan business.

In the end Sr. Quinn will do what she wants and the media will fawn on her and she and her superiors will be celebrated for the rest of their lives…

…after that they’re on their own.

No it isn’t the old Milton Bradley game (which was and IS excellent) but it is a PBS/MIT documentary about the Anglo Dutch Wars (well the 2nd and 3rd anyway)and some of the key battles of them.

As one of my heroes is Michael De Ruyter my accidental finding of this show was simply wonderful.

I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who enjoys history in general and the history of fighting sail in particular. This is a period of history very much ignored in the US. Check your PBS listings and don’t ignore this one.

PBS’ Broadside, catch it!

A: Now that Beck (and Palin) has gone “all in” concerning him, if Doug Hoffman wins in NY-23 Charles Johnson is going to go so Kryten that his hairline will match mine.

That doesn’t even count Robert Stacy’s involvement. It will drive him nuts!

Annoy Charles, Vote Hoffman!

Mike Allen in Politico is saying this is foolish and a suicide mission but Joe is defending Hoffman and is pushing Hoffman over Dede. They even mentioned ACORN!

Allen is talking up Gingrich and Joe is slapping him down pointing out that the NRCC and Newt went after conservatives in 14. I didn’t know this. This is HUGE.

Of course they were able to lump Palin in with Thompson and Pawlenty so she would not have been the one in front.

When Pat is on I expect to hear more.

The worm has turned!

Hoffman has broken through the MSM this is big. The question is: Was I wrong about the MSN or did the Beck story and the Thompson ad force their hand, OR is the Beck 3rd party thing pushing it to show the 3rd party stuff.

Vote Hoffman

BTW all my Hoffman stuff is here

Update: Newsbusters enjoys Politico’s discomfort.

Late that is to the Hoffman bandwagon.

Now in fairness he did have him on the Radio before but he had delayed his TV appearance last week and in that time Sarah Palin jumped in the breech.

We’ll take it and Hoffman will take it, the MSM still refuses to report any of it but perhaps Beck’s TV story might force them to do something…

…I think not, they see what is coming and want to delay the point of entry as soon as possible, particularly since the Hoffman win (assuming it holds after all a week is forever in politics) is going to make a ton of trouble for the health care nonsense. It will show the bluedogs the cost of their votes.

Ironically it might actually deter them to the point where they can save their seats, but it it gets them voting the right way on issues, that’s the whole point isn’t it.

People forget this isn’t a game to see what color a map is, this is reality, governing, and the decisions and laws made are the ones we as individuals have to live by, and be aware the laws WILL BE ENFORCED ON US.

Anyways here is the Beck Video:

The bad news for a certain reporter friend of mine is he is getting scooped a bit these days the good news is that it means more people are paying attention to what is going down.

Vote Hoffman!

Well Tim Pawlenty has bravely ventured forth where Sarah Palin has already beaten the path:

I’m surprised he didn’t do this last week before Palin endorsed Hoffman. He would have gotten major buzz for his boldness in becoming the first likely Republican presidential candidate to buck the party in NY-23; as it is, he ends up a bit of an afterthought to Sarahcuda. This is his way, I guess, of serving notice to her, Romney, and Huckabee that no one’s going to out-“true conservative” him, no matter how devoutly religious they may be or how phenomenally well their book might sell.

Alas poor Romney to answer Allahpundit I knew him as a Rino well. Well maybe not a full blooded RINO more like Obama with no fixed conservative political beliefs. If the polls today are correct and Hoffman wins Mitt is going to feel out in the cold.

Poor Dede, well there is always the Margaret Sanger award to fall back on:

There’s nothing like a person with an Italian Catholic name that worships at the altar or Abortion.

Vote Hoffman

Yup you guessed it the Big Bang Theory:

Big Bang” has proved itself to be a dependable treat. The characters have become humanized and multidimensional, their relationships are believable and well-sketched, and the one-liners and jokes are consistently funny. (The ratings reflect the show’s creative upswing: “Big Bang Theory” has gotten its highest-ever ratings in its third season.)

I especially enjoy that there are different flavors to the comedy. Some of the humor is quite whimsical or even silly, and plots don’t always go where you think: Howard Wolowitz’s recent blind date went from epic fail to total win once he and his date bonded about having overprotective mothers.

I might miss tonight’s episode due to a Knights of Columbus meeting but that doesn’t mean that you have to. Oops, my meeting is next week.

All morning Rush’s guest host (Mark Davis) has been telling us that Hoffman can’t win, it reached the point were it was just annoying to hear him.

Then this poll comes out:

A poll released today by the Club for Growth shows Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman surging into the lead in the special election in New York’s 23rd congressional district to replace John McHugh, the former congressman who recently became Secretary of the Army.

The poll of 300 likely voters, conducted October 24-25, 2009, shows Conservative Doug Hoffman at 31.3%, Democrat Bill Owens at 27.0%, Republican Dede Scozzafava at 19.7%, and 22% undecided. The poll’s margin of error is +/- 5.66%. No information was provided about any of the candidates prior to the ballot question.

Gee what significant event could have happened in the last few days that could cause this. If you look at the news you wouldn’t know.

Robert Stacy encourages caution:

Of course — grain-of-salt time. The most important thing in these numbers, however, is the indication that the liberal Republican Scozzafava has slipped into third place.

Remember that NY23 has consistently voted 2-to-1 for the conservative Republican Rep. John McHugh. So if GOP voters in the district perceive Scozzafava as a likely loser, you can expect a decisive shift toward Hoffman by Republican voters whose main concern is not to give Nancy Pelosi another Democratic vote.

Michelle mocks Newt more:

The spoiler in this race is ACORN-friendly, Big Labor-embracing, tax-and-spender Dede Scozzafava. There is nothing — nothing — “mooooderate” about he

Dump Dede just repeats the release, as does conservatives 4 Palin, Ed Morrissey puts it under too good to check:

If the reaction of the GOP base to Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Hoffman didn’t get the attention of party leadership, then the results surely will. Many conservatives wondered whether splitting the vote now would be worth it in order to position Hoffman against a weak Democratic re-election effort in 2010. This survey shows that the vote split here may be benefiting Hoffman rather than damaging him.

How do we know these number have meat, particularly the unfavorables for Dede? The DCCC is ATTACKING HOFFMAN.

I wonder how many republicans who were willing to believe the old Kos poll will try to discredit this one? Over to you Newt and NRCC

Vote Hoffman.

…as the latest gallup poll (via memorandum) shows that those tea-party conservatives are onto something.

Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and liberals in the American populace in 2009, confirming a finding that Gallup first noted in June. Forty percent of Americans describe their political views as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 20% as liberal. This marks a shift from 2005 through 2008, when moderates were tied with conservatives as the most prevalent group.

Even more important are the trends:

The 2009 data are based on 16 separate Gallup surveys conducted from January through September, encompassing more than 5,000 national adults per quarter.

So we aren’t dealing with just a single poll we are dealing with a bunch of em.

Lets put it another way. Assuming that conservatives won’t persuade liberals or vice versa conservatives only need to persuade just over one out of every 4 moderates to get to 51% they need to persuade slightly over 1 out of every 4 moderates.

And lets look at the other side of the coin, liberals need to persuade better than 3 out of every 4 moderates to vote with them in order to get 51%.

And even if moderates are turned off by a conservative candidate liberals STILL need to persuade 1 out of every two moderates to support them in order to get to 51%!

One of the great victories of liberalism and the MSM over time has been their ability to persuade Republicans that they desperately need moderates when in fact it is democrats who need them. Sheer math tells us that it is much more productive to solidify one’s base.

This is the Lesson of NY-23. If they don’t learn it then Republicans will continue to lose and deservedly so. As the Jammie Wearing fool says:

if only the Republican Party would wake up and start supporting conservative candidates instead of these weak-kneed RINOs. Much of the promising news from this polls shows a trend of independents moving to the right, which does not bode well for the Democrats as we enter the 2010 election cycle.

Meanwhile the NRCC continues to back Dede, when asked about it the quote of the day is:

Asked why so many prominent Republicans had thrown their support to Hoffman, the official responded, “We’re dealing with data, not hopes and dreams.”

You want data, there’s your data!

Vote Hoffman

Update: If the republicans aren’t careful they will be playing Captain John Earle to the tea party’s Lt. Kaminsky.