…if he had a chance with Amanda Bynes. Being a kind father I said anything was possible but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. He used to watch the Amanda show religiously along with All that and figure it out. It was on my TV for years and I watched her grow up.

Today via WeSmirch Hollywood tuna has a rather…interesting shot of her from a Maxim shoot that she apparently twittered to fans.

Yes I know she is 25 now, yes I know this is the normal career path, but boy that shocked me. If I didn’t realize how old I was before I sure do now.

Oh BTW my son hit the sack when he came home, after leaving for work at 5 a.m. He just staggered down the stairs after a nap, half asleep. I brought up the link and showed him the picture. That woke him up in a hurry.

I popped over to Pam Geller’s site today and noticed an interesting post concerning Google search. She references this post at the next web:

When you search for the major religions of the world, the monotheistic faiths for example, Google serves up suggestions for the search “Christianity is” such as, “a lie,” or false.” Try it on a a number of faiths, and then Islam.

Notice any difference?

Google is systematically blocking, it seems, all search suggestions for Islam. Why? To remove the chance of an adherent of the faith from being offended by a perhaps severe search suggestion? Why not treat all search terms equally?

Given the complete lack of suggestions, not just terms that could be perceived as negative, it seems that Google is covering its, well, behind.

Take a look at the graphics, they are rather damning and cowardly. I tried the “is” combinations myself and got the same results as the screen shots. Remember Glenn’s oft repeated warning:

MY ADVICE TO CHRISTIANS, JEWS, HINDUS, ETC: Start blowing things up and beheading people. This will gain you enormous solicitude from the powers-that-be…

…No, I’m not serious about the advice. But they need to think about the incentive that’s being created here, or I fear that others will take the lesson. When you reward behavior, you tend to get more of it.

For the fun of it I tried the same thing with yahoo. The results for “Christianity is”, “Judaism is” are comparable with the Google results, but take a look at “Islam is”:

When you use google as your only search engine, you are behaving no differently than if you used only ABC, CBS and NBC as your only networks.

…were stated today by Jules Crittenden.

Fortunately for Coakley, this is Massachusetts, and she’s up against someone with a lot less name-recognition and the full strength of the Mass GOP behind him … snort … excuse me.

We have a history of electing Republican governors but never republicans representatives, During the height of that streak we couldn’t get republicans to run in districts let alone win in ones where they did. I can’t remember the last time were the democratic super majorities were challenged. The Mass GOP has all the competency of Lt. The Honourable George Colthurst St. Barleigh.

Meanwhile, she’s got heavy union vote insurance in this special mid-winter election. There is no reason to think she really has anything to worry about.

The teachers and public employee unions are going to go all out on this election, with an economy in the tank these guys know where their bread is buttered and are not going to do anything that they perceive could effect their job future…and it will.

And the worst of it:

As for the Globe, while the due diligence is impressive, I sense a nose-holding, “She’s timid and inept, coddled diddlers, but we need her to carry on Ted’s legacy” final endorsement coming on.

Last night was game night, 4 guys excluding myself showed up, all vote and all are independents. Not a single one believes Brown has a chance. I have yet to speak to an actual voter in person who thinks so.

I’ll still vote for him, and I’ll make the case for him with whoever I can but I’m not going to get my hopes all up nor my knickers in an uproar if he loses. I may be known for my mindless optimism but I’m just not seeing anything on the ground to support it here.

Speaking of mindless optimism and Lt. George…

This election has every chance of going the way of that trial.

Update: Glenn is right, we should still go all out, but we should do so with eyes wide open.

Update 2: Camp of the Saints links, thanks.

Update 3: Boy what a difference a couple of weeks makes. Compare this post with my one on Election night after 900+ miles around the state with Stacy McCain talking to voters everywhere we stopped.

Well my net goes down for a bit and I crash a little and Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan head for the hills.

My first thought was rats abandoning a sinking ship with the prospect of an even bigger electoral swing. While resetting internet connections and puttering around the house it hit me that this is going to be very bad news for the country.

As long as the prospect of losing an election was in the back of their minds, we have some leverage over these democrats concerning Obamacare. There was the possibility that they might be persuaded to kill the bill.

But like Japanese pilots in world war 2 they have decided to give their seats to the emperor of socialism government healthcare. The prospect of changing the country and creating a dependent population is too juicy, the post congressional rewards given by the party are too lucrative, their loyalty/fear of party and the powers behind it overrides any worry about what the voters think or what the bill actually contains.

The prospect of regaining an inordinate amount of seats pales before the prospect of this bill passing. Once passed it will NEVER be repealed and the damage to the country will be significant. These Kamikaze Democrats will give up their seats for Soros the sake of Obamacare. They will have a much greater long term effect than any of their predecessors over the pacific.

Like other great society programs it will take a generation for this damage to really reach its apex, it will do so just in time for me to be the right age to get the full beating from it.

Elections have consequences. Never forget that when as a nation we collectively did this do ourselves by embracing the empty promises of hope and change.

And as always reaping the government we deserve.

Update: Wingnut moi? But hey a link is a link, and I say thanks for it. Just to clarify something; I’m sure there are those on the left who actually believe that socialism in general and socialized medicine in particular is a great idea. They are welcome to that idea. It is because of that belief that some are willing to die politically for their emperor. Dodd is is both a true believer and a corrupt bastard.

Q: How do I know that the experimental stuffing I concocted last night didn’t go over well?

Last night I went to my weekly board game night, got home about 11:30 and there was the pizza box on the stove.

I have cooked stuffed chicken breasts with meat straight from the Butcher shop 6 doors down and a stuffing made with some whole grain breadcrumbs that the wife picked up which I spiced with Garlic, Oliveoil, black pepper and a few other spices with a touch of Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese.

I could see that people where much more enthusiastic about the wings I made on the side but I didn’t expect an extra dinner out there.

Well back to the drawing board.