Q: Can I replace that $800 a week job I used to have blogging?

Robert Stacy McCain seems to think I should start a tip jar around here to see if I can make a go of it since I’ve had little luck on the job front since I’ve opened the blog.

So starting today you will see a page to the right called the “I’ll do it myself, Tucker” fund. This is in reference to my repeated offer to Tucker Carlson of Daily Caller fame to give him 40 hours a week work for $800.. So since Tucker is not willing to pony up I’m going to see if I can manage it from the blog itself.

I live pretty cheap, I don’t spend a lot of money on things I don’t need (cell phones, flat screen tv’s etc) and I get my insurance through my wife’s job. $800 a week and I can support myself and the family without a problem.

If you feel so inclined then feel free to click the link to the right and give to the “I’ll do it myself Tucker” fund. ( A PayPal account or Credit Card will be necessary) If I discover that I can average that $800 a week over the course of two months then I’ll stop worrying and just blog full time.

If you don’t want to bother leaving this post to kick in, just click here..

My review of the Mafia Board Game Blood Feud In New York is available at Amazon.com here.

Although the chance to rule New York might prove irresistible be warned in a 5+ player game this game tends to be very unforgiving to both the too timid or the too bold.

I’ve noticed our group rarely plays it anymore suggesting that although it is a fun game its replay value is less that you might expect. If you are looking for a more “family friendly” and less complicated way to fight the mob wars there’s always Family Business.

…to the fans of Fr. Feeney that took exception to my post here. I said the following in comments to reply to them:

But I tell you what, although I’m not going to continue the debate here (particularly since it is an old post) I’ll make it a point to ask my parish priest on the matter to confirm the official church position, and of course I’ll leave up your comments so that if people read the post they can read your rebuttal and make up their own mind.

This is going to get kinda long and I’m going to annoy a lot of people when it’s done so try to read it to the end before you get angry.
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My review of the Doctor Who Big Finish adventure # 105 The Condemned, staring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor and India Fisher as Charley Pollard is available at Amazon.com here.

This is the very first Big Finish audio I ever heard. 180 audios later it is still my favorite. I was very lucky to start out with this one as Eddie Robson has proved to be the best writer of Doctor Who audios that I’ve yet to hear.

My review of Mary Lefkowitz book Not Out Of Africa: How “Afrocentrism” Became An Excuse To Teach Myth As History is available at Amazon.com here.

It was the reaction to this book published years ago where a humble scholar of ancient history tried preserve the historical record from an attempt to edit it for the sake of political correctness that directly led to the events chronicled in her second volume.

There very fact that either of these books needed to be written is a crime against scholarship and history.

that one MSNBC host might have considered this:

worthy of public critique.

We have many strong personalities with differing, passionate opinions, but it is important to remember that we are all on the same team. I want to reiterate my long-standing policy: We do not publicly criticize our colleagues. This kind of behavior is unprofessional and will not be tolerated. emphasis mine

And what was that unprofessional behavior that crossed the line, I hesitate to post it, but here it is:

Obermann calls Brown a “homophobic racist reactionary” who “supports violence against women.” How reckless and how sad.

How unprofessional! How inflammatory, how disruptive!

The real issue here is that MSNBC’s evening lineup is designed for a niche market. That niche is a far left market and its viewership and ratings reflect it. Morning Joe audience is much more mixed and tends to appeal to both sides of the aisle. Mr. Scarborough also has a radio program that precedes Rush Limbaugh on the air and has a different demographic and frankly temperament.

There is nothing wrong with niche marketing, you can make a good living off of it, but niche markets usually have specific wants. As long as MSNBC’s profit is dependent on that niche market what is considered “unprofessional” and what is considered “passionate” will be defined by said market and might cause some confusion when viewed by people outside of it.

Update: Daily Gator links. Thanks.

And although Olberman, (and likely Griffin) would disagree, it has been a good week hasn’t it.