I was uploading some video for the church social post that went up a bit ago and I noticed that I totally forgot to put this video up during CPAC so although I planned on closing with Grace we can’t leave Dale out:

His site Teaparty.org is here.

Update: The thing about interviewing random people is you never know what you are going to get.

Now that things are sort of back to normal it’s back to the end of the month church breakfasts. We have them the last weekend of each month. You might remember this church from Robert Stacy’s articles at the American Spectator:

That was a lot of people over two masses but that wouldn’t happen without the people who do the heavy lifting at the 8 a.m mass…

They put up with people like me…

And at the 10:30 mass.

One of the great things about something like this is how it is an equalizer. At a coffee in like this there are no rich or poor, or old or young parishioners, there are just all the people in the same church who are part of a single community. In a time when people don’t even know their next door neighbors this is something that we could use more of.

If you don’t have something like this at your parish consider starting one.

Update: One small clarification, there was also food served after Saturday’s 4 p.m. mass including soups and meats.

Most of it is in the form of running gags so let me make my own positions clear, these are positions I have articulated in the past and they haven’t changed:

I do not favor gay marriage, I believe that to redefine the institution of marriage is an excessive in narcissism.

I DO believe that a legal/social contract to allow gay couples inheritance, medical rights nearly identical to marriage is more than acceptable.

I’ve already written recently on the subject of Homosexuality and sin, I’ve quoted the Catechism of the Catholic Church at length. I stand behind every word, including the words that point out that some people use other people homosexuality as a way to prop themselves up in their own righteousness.

As far as gays in the military I have written on that too here. I think the democrats have played gays for fools.

The bottom line is I am a practicing Catholic in full communion with Rome and my position on these issues reflect it, nobody is going to change that.

You will note that I absolutely adored Cynthia Yockey, I am be proud to call her a friend even as we disagree on some of these issues. I see no contradiction in this. I have friends who are gay, I have friends who are pro choice, At the planned parenthood meeting I had friends wearing stickers for the other side. I’m certainly not going to throw them under the bus either. I am a sinner, she is a sinner we all are sinners, when you start thinking that you are better than other folks you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Just as there is no reason why we can’t get along socially politically we should be willing and happy to corporate with Gay conservatives whenever we can. Their orientation should not be any hindrance when it comes to issues that are in common and there are many. Particularly for religious conservatives there should be no reason why we can’t work together and appear together at the same conferences. That doesn’t require or preclude us to change our religious beliefs, on the contrary we should be unafraid to express them, but a Christian belief also requires christian charity.

You can never have too many friends and I intend to make and keep as many as I can in life and I’m certainly not going to let political disagreement get in the way.

Here is what we were able to save from the Cellar:

And here is what we couldn’t save

That’s life I guess, but I can’t say enough about my Son’s friends who spent hours helping us out to clean this stuff out. My wife has allergies and the mold on that stuff would have knocked her flat.

The idea that you could get 5-6 teenagers to give us a Friday night and Saturday to help us clean out the cellar is simply amazing. If that’s not a blessing I’d like to know what is.

Update: Would you believe another one just showed up asking if we need anything? I guess all those dinners I cooked for them really made an impression.

Tim of Jumping in Pools caught me in between throwing away tons of bags of stuff in my cellar after it flooded and conducted an e-mail interview with me.

there’s a little CPAC, a little Scott Brown and a little Stacy McCain.

The interview in its entirety is available here.

Update: The interview appeared at Lucianne.com under blogs lucianne loves.

One of the things that always amazes me about the MSM is that they don’t seem to realize how tilted they are. (That’s one of the reasons why even though she drives me nuts I love Mika Brzezinski, not just because she is a handsome woman but because she is not afraid to come out and say it). It’s the elephant in the room that almost everybody gets except for the media and the very liberal liberals.

That is emphasized in this Huff-Po interview with Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park.

“It’s so much more fun for us to rip on liberals only because nobody else does it, and not because we think liberals are worse than Republicans but, just because…”

“..it’s like fresh snow. I mean how’re you gonna rip on Sarah Palin in a new way?” Trey pointed out.

“I think sometimes we do gravitate towards things other people haven’t done and a lot of times that makes us gravitate away from ripping on Republicans cause it’s just done very well by a ton of people. It’s hard to compete with Jon Stewart, etc — those guys are brilliant.”

I also love the fact that on the single most important issue facing the west they get it:

“I think Comedy Central totally f****** p***** out. Now, they weren’t any different than anyone else, so it’s not like you can single them out. But I think it would’ve been an important statement for one media outlet in America to stand up. That was one of my most disappointing moments as an American–the American press’s reaction to the Muhammad cartoons. It was completely wimpy,” Matt Stone said. “Cartoonists, people who do satire–we’re not in the army, we’re never going to be f***** drafted and this is our time to stand up and do the right thing. And to watch the New York Times, Comedy Central, everybody just go ‘No, we’re not going to do it because basically we’re afraid of getting bombed’ sucked. I was so disappointed”

The fact that the Alex Leo felt compelled to include the next line suggests she doesn’t get it:

The irony of it all? The pair did a show that included an image of Muhammad years before and a clip of it (pictured below) runs during the show’s opening in dozens of countries, in syndication, on Comedy Central.

South Park is disgusting, sacrilegious and with very rare exceptions not allowed in the house. It is also brilliant, topical, laugh out loud funny and one of the most honest shows on television.

Q: Why for my money is the Rosary the best prayer out there bar none?

If you are a New Englander you might remember that old beer commercial jingle: “Schaefer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one” In much the same way the Holy Rosary is an Excellent Prayer when you have multiple prayer intentions of varying importance that you want to pray for.

You can Offer the full rosary for an intention, you can offer an individual set of mysteries for a different intention and you can offer a single decade for an intention. You can offer the “Hail Holy Queen” at the end of a set of mysteries for yet another intention and if you pray it they way I do, you can even offer closing prayers (I go backwards back to the cross) for a particular intention. (I always offer the closing prayers for the Holy Father and his prayer intentions).

Even if you are offering just a single set of Mysteries that still allows for 9 different intentions (10 if you offer one for the opening prayers, I never do, I keep them as simple prayers of praise). That’s a lot of people you can handle on a single type of prayer.

Just to diagram it out Here is an Example of a Full rosary with prayer intentions Continue reading “Answer: Because The Rosary allows you up meet up to 30 prayer intentions via one session”

To say the last 40 days of my life has been the experience of a lifetime is the understatement of the year. Starting with picking up Robert Stacy at South Station on January 14 to today life has and continues to go in amazing and interesting directions. CPAC has been (so far) the culmination of that period, but that doesn’t mean it is all over.

Wednesday began with my late arrival at Mass. Due to a time mix-up I missed my regular parish but just made it to St. Joseph’s parish in time to receive Ashes. As I hadn’t been to confession I received both confession and communion after mass and then headed home. Most of the packing was done the night before so there was little to do other than confirm various stuff. I was rather frustrated by my inability to find my Knights of Columbus Rosary, I was hoping to touch base with my fellow Knights there (still ran into several all 4th degree to my mere 2nd) but my wife provided me with a very nice spare that was in the drawer next to the PC.

Next stop was Dutch Kitchen bakery. They carry the traditional Cannoli in two different sizes and several types. I bought as many as I could fit in a small box to carry on. Lucky for me Roxanne at Haemet assured me that it wouldn’t be a carry on problem.

I arrived VERY early to the airport, I hadn’t been on a commercial flight for 17 years (5th wedding anniversary) so it was rather interesting. Because I came so early the security measures were fairly easy as nobody was waiting behind me. Since it had been so long since my last flight the measures didn’t really bother me at all.

Next came the flight itself, I sat next to a fascinating gentleman who worked at Raython (I worked there out of college myself). He is apparently an expert in Nanotechnology so I’m already got Glenn Reynolds Jealous. I immediately found myself in conversation as I held the box on Cannoli on my lap. The conversation was fascinating going everywhere from the war to Beef Stroganoff, really nice guy, the flight time simply disappeared into vapor.

But soon enough I was landed and picked up by a person just as nice Smitty! We had one of several great conversations during the drive to his house. I settled in quickly and he then dropped me off at the metro station so I could register for CPAC proper.

The hotel was pretty impressive, I headed to the registration booth where I was informed that I missed registration by 30 minutes, however that gave me the chance to start the interviews that I conducted over the next several days.

I’m not much of a drinker so hanging at the bar would normally not be my scene however I grew up in a bar so to speak so I’m also very comfortable at one. There were a fair amount of people at the place and it’s were I met the first of many bloggers that I would befriend namely Steve Eggleston of No Runny Eggs.

Going from table to table I just started talking and interviewing anyone that struck me. While doing so I saw a face I knew but couldn’t place. It took me a few seconds to recognize him as Scott Brown’s campaign manager.

I found myself sharing a table with Pam Gellar, Barbara Espinosa and Evan Sayet. Evan I was meeting for the first time, Barbara I had exchanged e-mails with and Pam I met in Boston at the Scott Brown party. I must confess I was a tad embarrassed since I had once described her as “incredibly attractive”. She is an interesting person, fun but very blunt. She is the type of strong woman that reminds me of my oldest sister. I also met Michael who I instantly took a liking to. I would constantly run into over the next few days. I also met Tanya from the blog Midnight Blue for the first ( but not the last ) time.

Shortly thereafter I ran into Robert Stacy. You know it was a very good feeling to see him again. We spent a ton of time together compressed into a single week and in that time the friendship we formed via e-mail and phone became solid. Stacy has been a catalyst for all the amazing events that have surrounded me, he is like a force of nature that leaves confusion in its wake but also brings renewal and positive change. Consider for a moment the irony that if Charles Johnson hadn’t attacked Robert Stacy, leading to my defense of him none of the events to this point would have happened. Who says God doesn’t make lemonade out of lemons?

After a series of interesting conversations it was time to crash, so it was back on the Metro and off to the house, where I finally opened up a youtube account and started uploading video and scheduling post. My excellent adventure at CPAC was about to begin.

Update: adding links after the fact since the Cellar cleaning takes priority.

Update: Parts two and three are up.

Update 2: Bad links fixed

My review through the Amazon Vine program of Edward Achorn’s soon to be published book: Fifty-Nine in ’84: Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball, and the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had is available at Amazon.com here.

If you saw me at CPAC you might have noticed me toting that book around I had just finished it when this picture was taken by the Lonely Conservative.

It is due for release March 16th. If you want to learn both about the 19th century and the baseball they played it is certainly the book for you.

I’ve gotten an e-mail or two commenting on my new lack of beard, some have been positive and others negative. I must confess with the exception of an old fashioned barber shave with the hot towels etc, I’ve never liked shaving, my beard is very rough and rarely shaves easy.

However my beard also grows in incredibly gray easily adding 10-15 years to my appearance. In addition my wife absolutely hates the beard.

But since life is short lets have some fun, what do you the readers think.

Here are links to two different photos to compare. Without beard (via Robert Stacy McCain), With beard. (via Miss Attila)

Update: The question has been raised why don’t I just color the beard so it isn’t gray? The answer? I don’t do color, I’m kinda old fashioned, a man is what he is.

….months before this story broke.

We covered Zombie Unemployment, Massachusetts attempts to relieve it, the Appointment of the late Fred Murman as head of Department of Undead Affairs, and of course the inevitable scandal concerning his unpaid death taxes.

There is no word on if Sen Kennedy’s position on death taxes has changed since his death.

If there was ever a blogger who was aptly named it is Nice Deb.

One interesting note I was showing off a picture of Stacy and Smitty to some friends and the only question they had was the identity of the lady sitting behind them (Nice Deb). This demonstrates that my friends have excellent vision.

Update This is the picture via Little Miss Attila

This was the final interview I did on the final day before I left. Grace was shy about doing the interview but James convinced her to do it and I think she was spectacular.

If there was a person who put the feeling of what CPAC meant to all the average conservatives who spent their hard earned money to come here it was Grace.

Well done!

…in the process of being interviewed. I was going to interview him myself but believe it or not I couldn’t think of what I wanted to ask him. Total brain freeze.

I get the strangest feeling that some of the people who see this photo will not notice that Steven Crowder is in the picture at all for several minutes.

Update: This is my most popular post of the day. I wonder why?

Update 2: The actual interview that this photo is from is here.

…and we’ve cleaned out about half of the cellar, likely we will finish it tomorrow, it’s in pretty bad shape.

That’s going to be a most of the day affair tomorrow but with a fair sized crew it shouldn’t be an issue.

The actual damage isn’t so bad, we had some furnace work that needed doing but the price damage isn’t prohibitive. .

However there was one big scare when wife fell down the stairs. She is very sore and bruised but otherwise to the best of our knowledge unharmed. (I however lost a year of my life seeing it happen).

So blogging will be so so, tomorrow, but then again I didn’t expect to do much blogging today either but still managed to get a batch up.

On my flight down to CPAC I sat next to a nice gentleman who is a scientist with a fine wife and a young child. We talked about all kinds of things one being my blog.

Lo and behold I have received an e-mail from him saying that he enjoys the blog and has decided to go down that same path.

So let me introduce to you my very first (known) blogchild…


All he needs is a Fedora to get into GQ.

In the last of my congressional interviews Stacy and I talk to Patrick Murray running for Congress in the Virginia’s 8th district:

As I mentioned in the interview there are an awful lot of ex military that seem to be running for congress. That’s a good thing. This is also the second to last video from CPAC waiting to go up (not counting the field guide to bloggers).

Oh and if you are wondering why there was so much background noise, the answer is here:

….Shelly just popped over with a sup pump and she and the wife came back with a long hose and the cellar is even now being pumped out, sure beats the two hours of the bucket brigade that we went through today.

Once it is dry we’ll have the furnace guy in to safely turn the heat back on and then tomorrow and a bit today we can begin the process of throwing out tons of stuff that will soon be moldy.

It’s a real shame but what can you do, this stuff happens to everybody sooner or later so I guess it was our turn, but there is a real pleasure seeing friends come through when you need them.

I am one of the luckiest men who has ever lived.

Let’s take the way back machine to December of 2008 in the first few weeks of this blog

You can take this to the bank: Any successful attack on American soil during an Obama administration is going to be wholly owned by not only that administration but the Democratic party.

It won’t matter how diligent or responsible the administration has been. It won’t matter that they acted in good faith which any fair minded person must assume. It won’t matter if like Hornblower in Hornblower during the Crisis members of the current administration and people who understand how hard it is to be right every time rush to their defense. The public will remember who succeeded in protecting the country and who failed particularly if a major population center is successfully hit.

This was written in reference to trials (and lo and behold they will not take place) but they work equally well with this:

That brings us to the main point. Republicans have mostly supported this bill because they believe it a necessary tool for counterintelligence and counterterrorism. Democrats mainly opposed it as a way to rally political opposition to Bush and the Republicans. Now that they’re in charge and responsible for preventing attacks, that Patriot Act looks pretty darned good to most of them.

There is nothing like actually having responsibility to make people choose to act, well responsible, after all this isn’t just a question of a few dollars for pals, this is a question of life and death..

If you believe this you will believe anything:

Obama is saying that unless Republicans support comprehensive reform as Obama and Dems have defined it — dealing with the problem of 30 million uninsured and, by extension, seriously tackling the preexisting condition problem — they will almost certainly move forward with reconciliation..

If they had the votes they wouldn’t have bothered with the summit nonsense they would have just done it.

The Democrats always threaten to use measures to get their way, or create new ones. This whole meeting was a manipulated setup – the bill is a warmed up version of SB 3962 which is an Obamanation. Americans have repeatedly voiced their opposition to government controlled healthcare and still the Congress, Senate and The Executive Branch of OUR government refuses to listen to “We the People” damn’it we have spoken now listen or you will be looking for work in the next election. BE

It’s all smoke, I would be really shocked if they try to go with the Reconciliation.

Update: Jules links thanks.

…it’s that they got Rush Limbaugh to admit publicly that he was wrong about something:

I want to announce to the Republicans that I was wrong. I want to announce to all of you in this audience that I was wrong when I advised the Republicans to skip this summit. (interruption) What’s unseemly, for me to admit that I was wrong? I know. It’s very difficult for people to deal with this. (interruption) Well, I’m not a slave to my accuracy rating. I don’t do things just to keep the rating up. You know, I’m not concerned about polls. I just report what our opinion audit is. But the Republicans need to be commended here for having a pretty good strategery of going up there and ramming this down their throats and not rolling over and playing dead, not rolling over and talking about bipartisanship and not saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mr. President, we really want to work with you. We want to get along.” They are taking it to him.

I really think that our democratic friends who concluded that this president wasn’t a great leader when it came to legislating decided that his skills at oratory were so great and his personal approval rating high enough that he could simply dominate the proceedings. The media believed this too and decided that this summit would be an excellent chance to use those skills to force republicans to go along…

Remember in the house there is no need to get republicans to go along and in the senate they only need one to get past 60. What this really is about is to provide enough votes so that the responsibility read: blame for an unpopular bill that will reward democratic groups so that democrats alone don’t have to take the political heat for it. I’ll say what I’ve said before:

If this health care reform was any good or desired by the public the Democrats would have passed it without republican votes and rubbed Republican faces in it.

The fact that they have to resort to this nonsense tell you that it is not what they claim it is.

…But back to the president, the president and his allies forgot something. Normally this president is filtered by sound bites and surrounded by media commentary that is favorable, while republicans are not. Yesterday via CPAN the country saw the president unfiltered and unprotected and the same for the republicans.

The end result, he was revealed for what he is, the man my brother (the one from Prince Pizza) likes to call “fluffy Hussein”.

Without that filter and without the aura he becomes what he is, an inexperienced Chicago machine poll who is in way over his head.

Is he capable of learning and improving? I think so, after all he has learned enough not to mess up Iraq and to keep fighting in Afghanistan. Will it happen? We will find out won’t we?

…basically if you were here you would have the sight of me in shorts and boots carrying buckets of water from the cellar to outside, while the wife (who has called out today) fills the buckets in the cellar and brings them up to me.

The oldest has put out a blast e-mail/facebook for extra hand, so hopefully we will have a full crew of teens/friends and over the next 36 hours have the cellar cleared of both water and stuff that will grow mold (everyone in the house but me has allergies).

The base plan is to get the water out today and get the furnace back up and running, while tomorrow we will clean out the trash and everything else that has to go. We will of course get what we can get done today. I’m hoping for a lot of the kids friends for that as we will certainly provide pizza etc.

That is the plan for now, I’ll see what blogging I can get in between.

I’m not proud so i’ll take any able body willing to help get this done.

For those of you who have been here awhile you are aware of the “I’ll do it myself Tucker Fund” that doubled as a CPAC jar in the quest to send me down south.

Things remain up in the air for me but now that the readership has once again increased post CPAC post factor I am going to make this offer once again but not just to Tucker Carlson.

In my old job I was making $800 a week. (excluding overtime) I am more than willing to write for anyone at that wage on the condition that I am writing from here. If it is desired that I cover an event beyond my regular range, I would want expenses (travel, a room and maybe $30 a day for meals).

If anyone is out there who is looking for someone to write or film under those termss just give me a heads up in comments. If someone is looking for a part time writer I can adjust the rate accordingly, with the understanding that I will keep trying to find something to make up the rest or to get the whole shabang at once.

If someone wants to hire me on a temp basis a particular campaign etc, I wouldn’t mind that either. I can live on extended unemployment, but I’d rather not, I dislike the situation and would like to change it. If you can help I promise to give a solid effort and earn the funds I’m paid.

And of course if you are a reader and just want to kick in I certainly won’t turn down any hits to the I’ll do it myself Tucker fund.

If you want something you have to ask, so I’m asking. I’ll provide the Fedora.

The latest in our series of bloggers that I interviewed during the early hours of Saturday just before I got my second wind. Bruce Carol of Gay Patriot.

I didn’t get to really talk to him much other than this interview, but I’ve been reading his blog long enough to know that it is worth your time too.

Comedian Evan Sayet explains why you don’t see much conservative comedy out there.

Watch for him on your local college campus or even better request him.

Update: Smitty links, and for the record I had a total of 77 posts over the three days of CPAC most of the the short interviews.

Update 2: You can catch more Evan at Newsbusters today on their notable quotables show.

from stories like this?

Unemployment claims filed last week rose unexpectedly, coming in at 496,000, up 22,000 from the previous week.

Taken with other discouraging news released this week — record-low January new home sales and a slide in consumer confidence — the new jobless claims number describes a slow and uncertain recovery.

Forecasters had expected 460,000 new jobless claims to be filed last week

Unexpected, Unexpected, just like the fact that a group of polls who are so bush league that they can’t get a bill through congress with huge majorities can’t manage to win a dog and pony show even with the entire media behind them.

Considering that I think these bills are nonsense this is a good thing but how did these people ever manage to gain power when they are so poor at using it? As Barbara Espinosa quotes: A weak leader talks tough and passes the buck.

Oh and BTW. The word “unexpectedly” will disappear as soon as republicans have majorities that the numbers being reported can be blamed on.

…also known as the Old Time Luncheonette. In fact the street is also known as Harvard Street so you might have quite a time finding the place.

It was here where the other McCain established the important fact that all breakfast is local. Stacy can vouch for the food as can Dan Collins too.

Jay Nordlinger in his Impromptus column deals with the island in some details and quotes Christopher Sabatini making a point I’ve been arguing myself:

In what other country in the hemisphere would it be considered a crime for a foreigner to give out a cell phone, laptop, or any other modern tool of communication? Brazil? Argentina? Mexico? Venezuela? Of course not. In fact, Americans passing out free cell phones and computers in those countries are called, appropriately, humanitarians. Let’s be clear: The Castro regime is isolating its citizens from not just news and information, but from modernity.

This is the reality, journalists ignoring this are disgracing their profession.

Or they might just be following the guidelines established by Atlanta progressive news.

…”would you be so damn tolerant then?”

Those are the words of Kitty Pride in the old X-Men Graphic novel: God loves, man kills that came out in my college days. They are provocative words and I use them uncensored deliberately and without apology for two reasons in this post.

#1 Because I loathe this N-word nonsense, I’ll not be intimidated by any word.

#2 Because of the important point that is to be made.

There are times when we allow the shifts in culture and rules to take place unchallenged. We allow what is crass and wrong a pass because we have reached a point in culture that we are so used to it that we don’t notice it. We say it is no big deal and decide that we are being humorless if we take offense.

Part of the blame and credit go to the Genius of Monty Python. They created some of the best and most timeless comedy that has ever or will ever be created by ignoring every sacred cow that has ever existed and doing so with such intelligence that it affected a generation of comedy writers who frankly are unlikely to ever achieve the level of sheer greatness that they did.

Unable to match their intelligence they have attempted to out-gross them. They have not decided to just ignore sacred cows, they have decided to slaughter them and serve their steaks in a white wine sauce with shallots, oysters and a sort of fine pureed beets that are rarely made available for the average table.

The end result is that people recognize the carcass of the sacred cow and admire the audacity of the act of slaughter, the neatness of the table setting and the boldness of serving white wine with a beef dish…without realizing that although they have surpassed Python in the abattoir; in the respect that matters for comedy, actual humor they fail remaining lesser sons of greater fathers.

Which brings us again in a very round about way to this post by Cynthia Yockey.

Gov. Palin ALONE, of ALL politicians, is expected to be gracious and/or silent when her children and husband are attacked by the Left. Then, regardless of how she responds, she is then attacked by everyone else. Basically, everyone thinks it is safe to attack Gov. Palin through her children. No, no, a thousand times, NO! We are entering the campaign season — we must not permit the tactic of getting at our candidates through their children to go unchecked and unpunished.

Instead, what conservatives must do is commit to protecting our politicians’ families. Making a big show at the beginning of such an enterprise saves untold labor later. So I suggest we vaporize anyone and everyone who even looks at our candidates’ children funny until the correlation between unacceptable behavior and immersion into a world of pain is clear to all and sundry.

We must protect our politicians children and families not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because our best candidates will leave public service and its marketplace of ideas, or never enter it, if we do not protect their loved ones. They simply cannot do this alone.

It is a very rare time when I take any person’s side over a person as wise as the anchoress but after talking to Cynthia today and after re-reading what was written I have to come to the conclusion that Cynthia is correct here.

One of the left’s most valued methods is to allow a standard that would normally not be allowed otherwise to stand. It is a standard that has actually been used against us in the war on terror, to wit: Al Qaeda has the ability to decide to fight outside the rules of the Geneva convention (which they have not signed) while we are expected to fight within them although they as a non signatory have no rights under the treaty.

I was prepared to allow this because Family Guy does all kinds of things that I don’t like, it is just the way they are, but then that’s when it hit me, by giving this pass I am desensitizing myself to it and allowing the standards that I operate by to be altered without question.

Cynthia raised the relevant point: If this was President Obama’s children the media would NOT have given it a pass, but more importantly Family Guy (unlike southpark) would not even dream of doing that, they would self censor before allowing such an insult. In addition the media and the left will not give her any credit for giving this a pass, instead they will consider it a bound that is acceptable and then push the next one. As a former person of the left Cynthia recognizes this and will not permit it. She is correct.

So in this case I have to have the same reaction that Stevie had after Kitty made the statement that is the title of this post:

Peter Rasputin: “Kitty was upset Stevie, she didn’t think about what she she was saying. She didn’t mean…

Steve: (From within a thought balloon) Of course she did my friend, she meant every word. And she was right

We are simply not going to win any political arguments by hoping to earn brownie points for decorum.

Sans beard
Just back from the Barber shop today got a haircut and had the beard shaved. My son snapped a shot with his camera phone.

I had actually planned on shaving it Friday evening so I would have a totally different look on the last day to confuse everyone, but thanks to a long but very enjoyable conversation I ended up missing the Metro and instead entered my gonzo period, thus the razor and the shaving cream went untouched.

Of course if you were reading in the Scott Brown Campaign days there were beardless shots of me all over.

Update: Want to weigh in on the beard? There is now a poll

…the more I think this post is correct.

Conservatives must work harder than ever in the months ahead to make sure voters know that they—not the real demon sheep—offer change Americans can believe in.

Make sure you check out the photoshop, the only reason why I didn’t snarf it is to make sure you hit the link.

And the subject of

The big question this morning seems to be about TARP and regulations of the banks.

As you might remember I was not in favor of the bailouts in the first place. The Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren on is making the case that the banks are #1 making too much profits and #2 only have the strength because of government guarantees.

Is it just me or would banks be closer to their actual value if we allowed nature to take its course and then let the actual market establish values based on, oh I don’t know some strange arbitrary figure like what they are actually worth?

As for profits, maybe I’m missing something but wasn’t the goal of bailing out the banks to keep them solvent? If that is the case isn’t it necessary and desirable for them to make profits? Do we not want people employed? Do we not want depositors to earn dividends and for 401k plans that have money invested in the bank’s stock to go up?

Even funnier is her statement about the new credit card regulation. She argues that we shouldn’t bother to read the new regulations since the companies have already found ways around them, so her solution is …New Regulations!

Presumably these new regulations will be magic so that the credit card companies will not be able to find a way around them.

I think the better suggestion would be to have a simple set of either “credit card holders bill of rights”. Instead of regulations that provide make-work for lawyers make a simple list of rights for card holders and enforce them rigorously.

But hey that’s just me.

…is considered offensive by a local Blogger:

Fitchburg Massachusetts:

The Massachusetts state commission on Indian Affairs is being described as “horrifically offensive” by local blogger DaTechGuy and he suggests that it be changed.

The local Blogger fresh of his visit to CPAC expressed his views after reading this Fox 25 story this morning where the commission decided that the Massachusetts State Seal was “patently offensive” and suggested to replace it.

The Blogger deplored the ignorance of the state commission which seems to be unaware that the seal was first introduced in 1780 by John Hancock long after local Indian wars were over. It also ignores that the sword represents the the motto at the bottom “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty”.

The Blogger suggests that given the timing of it’s introduction (1775) by the provincial congress it clearly refers to the battle with the English from who we obtained independence and that the general court’s official adoption of the seal in 1885 does not represent any attack or offense on the American Indian.

The blogger deplored the attempt by the commission to find offense where none existed and the attempt to re-write the history of the state for the sake of a politically correct agenda. Said blogger suggests that instead they focus on actual Indian issues concerning land and/or conditions rather than “make work” changes to the sake of their own self worth.

Material from the web site NetState was used for this blog post.

…let the left go on about how freedom is restricted in America, how they were repressed under George W. Bush while in Cuba:

Right now there’s a Cuban Mom in Cuba whom Ive also never met in person but I still consider a Mom who had her son die in one of the regime’s prisons simply because he wanted to be a free man.

Let’s elaborate further:

RTVE reports that there have been at least 25 arrests and/or detentions following the death of Tamayo Zapata for the purpose of preventing their attendance to his funeral.

Let’s be blunt: These people are murderous bastards, the people in congress and Hollywood are supporting them are supporting murderous bastards. The people who are gung ho about closing Gitmo while ready to embrace the actual concentration camp that is the rest of the island are at best ignorant and at worst complicit in the support of murderous bastards.

If you want to know the difference between America and Cuba in real life here it is. If you want to see the difference between a democratic administration and a republican one here it is.

And this little story is enough to make you want to punch the screen.

The elite’s treatment of the Gulag that is Cuba is like watching Kitty Genovese get murdered over and over again.

That Moe Lane beat him to this story:

An international arrest warrant has been issued for the 30-year-old, who is suspected of recruiting beautiful women and using them to move drugs to Europe and North America.

Many of these women are believed to be other lingerie and glamour models who compete in international beauty pageants, whom Valencia describes as “unsuspicious, beautiful angels”.

Poor Stacy he can see the lingerie model drug kingpin google bomb slipping away from his fingers even now!

Via Little Miss Attila who is even more charming than her photo suggests.