Has it occurred to anyone that he might never have wanted to go to congress and only did it because his father wanted him to?

That is very possible, if that’s so then leaving might be a good thing for him. If it gets his head on straight and gets him right with the church it could be a very positive event for him personally.

No matter what I think of him politically, he is a fellow person and if he can improve himself then that is a good thing and I’m all for it.

Apparently American Glob & I will be sharing a credential, a desk and an internet connection with the American Freedom blog under it’s name at CPAC.

I’m an old fashioned computer guy so I don’t need a desk, the floor is good enough for me if the desk is occupied as long as I can blog.

I haven’t talked to Alister so I need to find out his status and what he is going to do if I end up going.

Still 42% away so it might be a moot point but we will see.

…about this post concerning Pat Kennedy’s retirement?

You guessed it, he declares his and Kennedy’s Catholicism as a reason to support him, when Kennedy has publicly gone after the church and has publicly supported an intrinsic evil (abortion).

My question to the author is this: Do you support Kennedy despite his position/conflict with the church or because of it? If Kennedy was in communion with the church would you still support him or does that matter at all?

What I think people forget is the Democrats were already in trouble when this stuff came out. Kennedy’s revelation of the private correspondence between the Bishop and himself was, in my opinion, an attempt to boost his numbers and or his fund raising.

#1 If I don’t make it to CPAC it won’t be because No Sheeples didn’t try to help:

Having said all that, what the CPAC needs that it doesn’t yet have is a Sicilian blogger from Fitchburg, MA. The trademark Sicilian hand gestures. The ubiquitous fedoras. Trust me, says Robert Stacy McCain, we need Da Tech Guy at CPAC.

Aleister at American Glob and Dan Collins at Piece Of Work In Progress wholeheartedly agree that the man who played a role in covering the “Massachusetts Miracle” should be with other conservative bloggers. If my opinion counts for anything with my readers, I want the man to go and help stand guard over liberty.

…Not only has she never met me but I actually neglected to answer an e-mail she sent me on the subject just last week. Talk about owing a debt of gratitude!

#2 I’ve learned is that being one of the first on the Patrick Kennedy story doesn’t guarantee a Memeorandum link.

On the Subject the “moderate voice” says this:

His district in Rhode Island is heavily Democratic so it is unlikely to switch parties.

Yeah it’s not like there has been anything that might indicate otherwise, the Confederate Yankee reminds him:

His desire to do something else was no doubt due in part to the fact that polls indicated that the possibility of him being reelected was very slim, especially in a climate that saw his famous father replaced by Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Oh yeah, Scott Brown, the guy Kennedy called a Joke.

Who’s laughing now?

January 30 2005 Instapundit:

Reader Peter Ingemi, meanwhile, offers a prediction:

I’m remembering the coy saying about the French resistance. “If everyone who claimed to be in the resistance really had been, there would have been nobody left to collaborate.”

I make the following prediction: In 20 or 25 years (it might not even take that long) all the people who where saying that the war was wrong and Iraq was wrong will talk about how America brought democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan and how they were a part of it due to their protests and desire for democracy and the end of tyranny. (of course they will not mention that the tyranny that they meant was us.) If the same people who write the current history books write them again be sure that this will happen.

Heh. Yeah, just like everybody pulled together during the Cold War.

And the prophesy is fulfilled

Oops Sorry wrong prophesy, lets try again:

Kind of hard to figure out which clip is a better example of Fiction isn’t it?

Meet the Press this week
should be interesting.

She is a candidate for the Senate in Connecticut and is spending her morning being attacked by Lawrence O’Donnell mercilessly over the WWE and steroids and over the new jobs bill. To anyone who knows Lawrence O’Donnell this is not any kind of surprise

Her opponent Richard Blumenthal will be coming on shortly. No word if there will be a republican attack dog available to question him. (HA!)

Richard Blumenthal is now on, like McMahon he is supporting tax cuts for small business. Joe askes him about Countrywide and Chris Dodd and Lawrence is jumping in to defend Dodd. Everyone is all laughs. Donny Deutsch asks a really good question about separating himself from the democratic party. Now comes the soft balls.

…so he is doing better.

He is an impressive fellow and quite a speaker. Of course when I heard him talk he talked political & historical B.S. but the students listening didn’t know that and the Union guys didn’t care.

He is however doing much better than the democratic congress.

When a Kennedy doesn’t think his seat is safe in New England then something is VERY wrong. And that something is Obamacare