…well in my kitchen anyway.

Fresh Veal from Romano's Mkt.

By the look of it I don’t think there is going to be a lot of loathing. The veal seems to be coming out perfect, once the sauce and cheese are added and the Ziti cooked the perfect Valentines meal will be ready for supper.

You know there is more to life than politics, protest and trying to win the day, make sure you keep that in mind as the days go by.

You might remember yesterday I posted a video of Joan Conroy talking about planned parenthood and minorities. As was evident Joan would not be a member of any minority group so what business does she have saying anything about it?

I’ve never been one for the chickenhawk argument business but for those who are meet Jeff Mercie:

A tough call for the 5th street diner.

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and for 40 days Catholics will be eating a whole lot more fish.

Their fish dinner is first rate but they expect to see the price of their fresh fish is likely going to go from $4.99lb to $7.99 lb. (Last week they paid $6.99 lb).

With fries and slaw they normally get $7 for their fish. At $4.99 they can make a profit, at $6.99 it is very tiny, at $7.99? Forget it.

Now the local supermarket is offering “previously frozen” Haddock for $4.99 lb this week. So in theory they could pick up some of that and keep the same prices but the fish would not be freshly caught.

When I asked about this. she didn’t have to think once. If the price goes up as they expect, they will raise the price enough to at least break even. When I asked Tina why she told me a fact of restaurant life: When people like what you have you don’t change it.

So it will be tighter belts for the customer and for the owners but the food will still be great and Robert Stacy’s picture is above the corner booth in his Alabama pull over.

…as the democratic party is now discovering:

“People are coming out of the woodwork saying, ‘We’ve been Republicans in hiding and now we want to be out and help,’ ” said Jeffrey Hopkins, chairman of the City Republican Committee in the old Democratic union stronghold of Fall River.

It’s like the fall of communism, once people lose their fear they will suddenly shout out what they think:

In the past, he said, “You tend not to talk about your political beliefs very much. You won’t find anyone who agrees with you and you end up getting into fights.” But now, “That’s changing.”

However it hasn’t changed everywhere:

One Provincetown businesswoman and closet Republican said she’d like someone to organize a town GOP group, but she’s not sure it will happen.

She didn’t want her name used out of fear she’d lose customers. “Everybody has to have the courage of their convictions,” she said, “but I’m worried about my business.”

It remains to seen what is going to be the result. How will our democratic friends react? Have they learned anything, will republicans overreach?

It will be fun to find out.

Update: Hotair notices

My review of the Doctor who DVD Logopolis Featuring Tom Baker in his final regular appearance as the 4th Doctor (apart from the regeneration scene reprise in Castrovalva) is available at Amazon.com here.

My original review was in 2001 referring to the VHS tape, I’ve edited it to reflect the DVD release.

Ya think some Planned Parenthood fans might have wished that report didn’t make it out this week? The ones involved in Fitchburg likely do:

Local city and religious leaders this week reacted to a report issued by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which criticizes the approach the Catholic Church and Islam take to sexuality, and states that children as young as 10 are “sexual beings.”

Suddenly Massachusetts planned parenthood doesn’t know these people:

Jesse Mermell, vice president of External Affairs for the organization, on Thursday said she is not familiar with the report, and that the International Planned Parenthood Federation is a “completely different organization, of which we happen to be a member.”

Mermell said the connection between the Massachusetts league and the international organization is weak.

It has elicited some comment from the city counsel:

Ward 4 Councilor Kevin Starr said though he hadn’t read the report, he took issue with Planned Parenthood’s apparent criticism of religious groups.

“You need to respect the beliefs of the people in this city. There’s a lot of Catholics in this city,” Starr said.

Planned Parenthood would do well to keep quiet about different religions, given all the controversy that surrounds the organization, said Ward 5 Councilor Joseph Solomito, who had not read the report.

“You have a right to do it. Just do it quietly. Don’t put it in people’s faces,” said Solomito.

Still, the report doesn’t change his belief that Planned Parenthood has a right to come to Fitchburg, and the City Council should not oppose the organization.

Hey Joe if that doesn’t change your belief what will? I suspect that if you were as familiar with their history as Rosemary Reynolds was you still wouldn’t change you mind.

Councilor-at-large Rosemary Reynolds, who is pro life and has adamantly opposed Planned Parenthood, said she doubts the City Council is familiar with all aspects of Planned Parenthood.
“They’re not really upfront about it, and you have to go digging,” Reynolds said.

It’s must easier to keep oneself ignorant when you want to duck a tough call. It takes a special kind of courage to see what is in front of you and say it. Rosemary has that courage.

Tuesday’s meeting should be quite interesting.

Even after the Lonely Conservative joined the ridiculously long list of bloggers encouraging people to send money to a total stranger to send him to CPAC (thanks oh lonely one btw) I had already resigned myself to staying home. I knew exactly how I was going to say it.

I was going to explain how being a conservative means knowing that if you don’t have enough money to do something you don’t fudge it, you don’t charge the extra and hope for the best you, You say, OK I can’t afford it I can’t afford it and do without as Sharpe told Col Hogan:

Major Hogan: What do you do when you’re short of Cash Sharpe?

Lt. Sharpe: Do Without sir.

You can see the quote at 7:53

I wasn’t concerned, after all I was still very flattered by what WAS given 72% of it from people who have never met me. If that wasn’t enough of a shock several people who gave significant contributions by check told me to keep the money no matter what happened with CPAC.

Those funds were enough to pick up the necessary replacement laptop (grabbed it tonight before I got home). It is without question the best computer I ever purchased, not because of the quality (it is bottom of the line) but because it was a gift from people trying to help. How can anything ever top that?

So I was making plans for the week, first a thank you post to those who gave and paid for my laptop. Then, the youngest was figuring on a trip to Funspot on the weekend, Tuesday is the City Counsel meeting, Wednesday would be Ash Wednesday and the wife figured we’d go to Boston one day during vacation. I’d get my CPAC info the way I did every year by reading other blogs.

Stacy had inquired how much I had left to go, I let him know. I got an e-mail from a reader of his who wanted to ask a question I answered it but didn’t get my hopes up, after all there was quite a ways to go and there are a lot more worthy causes out there than me.

Then just before midnight, 11:13 p.m. to be exact, came the paypal notice and I got the shock of my life.

Once again it was a total stranger, never met, never talked yet suddenly the balance was taken care of. I arranged a phone call to talk and express my surprise and gratitude. It’s one thing to have someone like your writing, it’s quite another for them to express that feeling in this fashion.

So it appears that I will be on my way to CPAC, tomorrow in between my errands I’ll register pack and make final arrangements to leave.

To all of you who helped make this possible, from the $5 spot to the final gift, I will never forget it…

…and yes the look on my wife’s face was something to see.