The latest in our series of bloggers that I interviewed during the early hours of Saturday just before I got my second wind. Bruce Carol of Gay Patriot.

I didn’t get to really talk to him much other than this interview, but I’ve been reading his blog long enough to know that it is worth your time too.

Comedian Evan Sayet explains why you don’t see much conservative comedy out there.

Watch for him on your local college campus or even better request him.

Update: Smitty links, and for the record I had a total of 77 posts over the three days of CPAC most of the the short interviews.

Update 2: You can catch more Evan at Newsbusters today on their notable quotables show.

from stories like this?

Unemployment claims filed last week rose unexpectedly, coming in at 496,000, up 22,000 from the previous week.

Taken with other discouraging news released this week — record-low January new home sales and a slide in consumer confidence — the new jobless claims number describes a slow and uncertain recovery.

Forecasters had expected 460,000 new jobless claims to be filed last week

Unexpected, Unexpected, just like the fact that a group of polls who are so bush league that they can’t get a bill through congress with huge majorities can’t manage to win a dog and pony show even with the entire media behind them.

Considering that I think these bills are nonsense this is a good thing but how did these people ever manage to gain power when they are so poor at using it? As Barbara Espinosa quotes: A weak leader talks tough and passes the buck.

Oh and BTW. The word “unexpectedly” will disappear as soon as republicans have majorities that the numbers being reported can be blamed on.

…also known as the Old Time Luncheonette. In fact the street is also known as Harvard Street so you might have quite a time finding the place.

It was here where the other McCain established the important fact that all breakfast is local. Stacy can vouch for the food as can Dan Collins too.

Jay Nordlinger in his Impromptus column deals with the island in some details and quotes Christopher Sabatini making a point I’ve been arguing myself:

In what other country in the hemisphere would it be considered a crime for a foreigner to give out a cell phone, laptop, or any other modern tool of communication? Brazil? Argentina? Mexico? Venezuela? Of course not. In fact, Americans passing out free cell phones and computers in those countries are called, appropriately, humanitarians. Let’s be clear: The Castro regime is isolating its citizens from not just news and information, but from modernity.

This is the reality, journalists ignoring this are disgracing their profession.

Or they might just be following the guidelines established by Atlanta progressive news.

…”would you be so damn tolerant then?”

Those are the words of Kitty Pride in the old X-Men Graphic novel: God loves, man kills that came out in my college days. They are provocative words and I use them uncensored deliberately and without apology for two reasons in this post.

#1 Because I loathe this N-word nonsense, I’ll not be intimidated by any word.

#2 Because of the important point that is to be made.

There are times when we allow the shifts in culture and rules to take place unchallenged. We allow what is crass and wrong a pass because we have reached a point in culture that we are so used to it that we don’t notice it. We say it is no big deal and decide that we are being humorless if we take offense.

Part of the blame and credit go to the Genius of Monty Python. They created some of the best and most timeless comedy that has ever or will ever be created by ignoring every sacred cow that has ever existed and doing so with such intelligence that it affected a generation of comedy writers who frankly are unlikely to ever achieve the level of sheer greatness that they did.

Unable to match their intelligence they have attempted to out-gross them. They have not decided to just ignore sacred cows, they have decided to slaughter them and serve their steaks in a white wine sauce with shallots, oysters and a sort of fine pureed beets that are rarely made available for the average table.

The end result is that people recognize the carcass of the sacred cow and admire the audacity of the act of slaughter, the neatness of the table setting and the boldness of serving white wine with a beef dish…without realizing that although they have surpassed Python in the abattoir; in the respect that matters for comedy, actual humor they fail remaining lesser sons of greater fathers.

Which brings us again in a very round about way to this post by Cynthia Yockey.

Gov. Palin ALONE, of ALL politicians, is expected to be gracious and/or silent when her children and husband are attacked by the Left. Then, regardless of how she responds, she is then attacked by everyone else. Basically, everyone thinks it is safe to attack Gov. Palin through her children. No, no, a thousand times, NO! We are entering the campaign season — we must not permit the tactic of getting at our candidates through their children to go unchecked and unpunished.

Instead, what conservatives must do is commit to protecting our politicians’ families. Making a big show at the beginning of such an enterprise saves untold labor later. So I suggest we vaporize anyone and everyone who even looks at our candidates’ children funny until the correlation between unacceptable behavior and immersion into a world of pain is clear to all and sundry.

We must protect our politicians children and families not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because our best candidates will leave public service and its marketplace of ideas, or never enter it, if we do not protect their loved ones. They simply cannot do this alone.

It is a very rare time when I take any person’s side over a person as wise as the anchoress but after talking to Cynthia today and after re-reading what was written I have to come to the conclusion that Cynthia is correct here.

One of the left’s most valued methods is to allow a standard that would normally not be allowed otherwise to stand. It is a standard that has actually been used against us in the war on terror, to wit: Al Qaeda has the ability to decide to fight outside the rules of the Geneva convention (which they have not signed) while we are expected to fight within them although they as a non signatory have no rights under the treaty.

I was prepared to allow this because Family Guy does all kinds of things that I don’t like, it is just the way they are, but then that’s when it hit me, by giving this pass I am desensitizing myself to it and allowing the standards that I operate by to be altered without question.

Cynthia raised the relevant point: If this was President Obama’s children the media would NOT have given it a pass, but more importantly Family Guy (unlike southpark) would not even dream of doing that, they would self censor before allowing such an insult. In addition the media and the left will not give her any credit for giving this a pass, instead they will consider it a bound that is acceptable and then push the next one. As a former person of the left Cynthia recognizes this and will not permit it. She is correct.

So in this case I have to have the same reaction that Stevie had after Kitty made the statement that is the title of this post:

Peter Rasputin: “Kitty was upset Stevie, she didn’t think about what she she was saying. She didn’t mean…

Steve: (From within a thought balloon) Of course she did my friend, she meant every word. And she was right

We are simply not going to win any political arguments by hoping to earn brownie points for decorum.

Sans beard
Just back from the Barber shop today got a haircut and had the beard shaved. My son snapped a shot with his camera phone.

I had actually planned on shaving it Friday evening so I would have a totally different look on the last day to confuse everyone, but thanks to a long but very enjoyable conversation I ended up missing the Metro and instead entered my gonzo period, thus the razor and the shaving cream went untouched.

Of course if you were reading in the Scott Brown Campaign days there were beardless shots of me all over.

Update: Want to weigh in on the beard? There is now a poll

…the more I think this post is correct.

Conservatives must work harder than ever in the months ahead to make sure voters know that they—not the real demon sheep—offer change Americans can believe in.

Make sure you check out the photoshop, the only reason why I didn’t snarf it is to make sure you hit the link.

And the subject of

The big question this morning seems to be about TARP and regulations of the banks.

As you might remember I was not in favor of the bailouts in the first place. The Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren on is making the case that the banks are #1 making too much profits and #2 only have the strength because of government guarantees.

Is it just me or would banks be closer to their actual value if we allowed nature to take its course and then let the actual market establish values based on, oh I don’t know some strange arbitrary figure like what they are actually worth?

As for profits, maybe I’m missing something but wasn’t the goal of bailing out the banks to keep them solvent? If that is the case isn’t it necessary and desirable for them to make profits? Do we not want people employed? Do we not want depositors to earn dividends and for 401k plans that have money invested in the bank’s stock to go up?

Even funnier is her statement about the new credit card regulation. She argues that we shouldn’t bother to read the new regulations since the companies have already found ways around them, so her solution is …New Regulations!

Presumably these new regulations will be magic so that the credit card companies will not be able to find a way around them.

I think the better suggestion would be to have a simple set of either “credit card holders bill of rights”. Instead of regulations that provide make-work for lawyers make a simple list of rights for card holders and enforce them rigorously.

But hey that’s just me.