If there was ever a blogger who was aptly named it is Nice Deb.

One interesting note I was showing off a picture of Stacy and Smitty to some friends and the only question they had was the identity of the lady sitting behind them (Nice Deb). This demonstrates that my friends have excellent vision.

Update This is the picture via Little Miss Attila

This was the final interview I did on the final day before I left. Grace was shy about doing the interview but James convinced her to do it and I think she was spectacular.

If there was a person who put the feeling of what CPAC meant to all the average conservatives who spent their hard earned money to come here it was Grace.

Well done!

…in the process of being interviewed. I was going to interview him myself but believe it or not I couldn’t think of what I wanted to ask him. Total brain freeze.

I get the strangest feeling that some of the people who see this photo will not notice that Steven Crowder is in the picture at all for several minutes.

Update: This is my most popular post of the day. I wonder why?

Update 2: The actual interview that this photo is from is here.

…and we’ve cleaned out about half of the cellar, likely we will finish it tomorrow, it’s in pretty bad shape.

That’s going to be a most of the day affair tomorrow but with a fair sized crew it shouldn’t be an issue.

The actual damage isn’t so bad, we had some furnace work that needed doing but the price damage isn’t prohibitive. .

However there was one big scare when wife fell down the stairs. She is very sore and bruised but otherwise to the best of our knowledge unharmed. (I however lost a year of my life seeing it happen).

So blogging will be so so, tomorrow, but then again I didn’t expect to do much blogging today either but still managed to get a batch up.

On my flight down to CPAC I sat next to a nice gentleman who is a scientist with a fine wife and a young child. We talked about all kinds of things one being my blog.

Lo and behold I have received an e-mail from him saying that he enjoys the blog and has decided to go down that same path.

So let me introduce to you my very first (known) blogchild…


All he needs is a Fedora to get into GQ.

In the last of my congressional interviews Stacy and I talk to Patrick Murray running for Congress in the Virginia’s 8th district:

As I mentioned in the interview there are an awful lot of ex military that seem to be running for congress. That’s a good thing. This is also the second to last video from CPAC waiting to go up (not counting the field guide to bloggers).

Oh and if you are wondering why there was so much background noise, the answer is here:

….Shelly just popped over with a sup pump and she and the wife came back with a long hose and the cellar is even now being pumped out, sure beats the two hours of the bucket brigade that we went through today.

Once it is dry we’ll have the furnace guy in to safely turn the heat back on and then tomorrow and a bit today we can begin the process of throwing out tons of stuff that will soon be moldy.

It’s a real shame but what can you do, this stuff happens to everybody sooner or later so I guess it was our turn, but there is a real pleasure seeing friends come through when you need them.

I am one of the luckiest men who has ever lived.

Let’s take the way back machine to December of 2008 in the first few weeks of this blog

You can take this to the bank: Any successful attack on American soil during an Obama administration is going to be wholly owned by not only that administration but the Democratic party.

It won’t matter how diligent or responsible the administration has been. It won’t matter that they acted in good faith which any fair minded person must assume. It won’t matter if like Hornblower in Hornblower during the Crisis members of the current administration and people who understand how hard it is to be right every time rush to their defense. The public will remember who succeeded in protecting the country and who failed particularly if a major population center is successfully hit.

This was written in reference to trials (and lo and behold they will not take place) but they work equally well with this:

That brings us to the main point. Republicans have mostly supported this bill because they believe it a necessary tool for counterintelligence and counterterrorism. Democrats mainly opposed it as a way to rally political opposition to Bush and the Republicans. Now that they’re in charge and responsible for preventing attacks, that Patriot Act looks pretty darned good to most of them.

There is nothing like actually having responsibility to make people choose to act, well responsible, after all this isn’t just a question of a few dollars for pals, this is a question of life and death..

If you believe this you will believe anything:

Obama is saying that unless Republicans support comprehensive reform as Obama and Dems have defined it — dealing with the problem of 30 million uninsured and, by extension, seriously tackling the preexisting condition problem — they will almost certainly move forward with reconciliation..

If they had the votes they wouldn’t have bothered with the summit nonsense they would have just done it.

The Democrats always threaten to use measures to get their way, or create new ones. This whole meeting was a manipulated setup – the bill is a warmed up version of SB 3962 which is an Obamanation. Americans have repeatedly voiced their opposition to government controlled healthcare and still the Congress, Senate and The Executive Branch of OUR government refuses to listen to “We the People” damn’it we have spoken now listen or you will be looking for work in the next election. BE

It’s all smoke, I would be really shocked if they try to go with the Reconciliation.

Update: Jules links thanks.

…it’s that they got Rush Limbaugh to admit publicly that he was wrong about something:

I want to announce to the Republicans that I was wrong. I want to announce to all of you in this audience that I was wrong when I advised the Republicans to skip this summit. (interruption) What’s unseemly, for me to admit that I was wrong? I know. It’s very difficult for people to deal with this. (interruption) Well, I’m not a slave to my accuracy rating. I don’t do things just to keep the rating up. You know, I’m not concerned about polls. I just report what our opinion audit is. But the Republicans need to be commended here for having a pretty good strategery of going up there and ramming this down their throats and not rolling over and playing dead, not rolling over and talking about bipartisanship and not saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mr. President, we really want to work with you. We want to get along.” They are taking it to him.

I really think that our democratic friends who concluded that this president wasn’t a great leader when it came to legislating decided that his skills at oratory were so great and his personal approval rating high enough that he could simply dominate the proceedings. The media believed this too and decided that this summit would be an excellent chance to use those skills to force republicans to go along…

Remember in the house there is no need to get republicans to go along and in the senate they only need one to get past 60. What this really is about is to provide enough votes so that the responsibility read: blame for an unpopular bill that will reward democratic groups so that democrats alone don’t have to take the political heat for it. I’ll say what I’ve said before:

If this health care reform was any good or desired by the public the Democrats would have passed it without republican votes and rubbed Republican faces in it.

The fact that they have to resort to this nonsense tell you that it is not what they claim it is.

…But back to the president, the president and his allies forgot something. Normally this president is filtered by sound bites and surrounded by media commentary that is favorable, while republicans are not. Yesterday via CPAN the country saw the president unfiltered and unprotected and the same for the republicans.

The end result, he was revealed for what he is, the man my brother (the one from Prince Pizza) likes to call “fluffy Hussein”.

Without that filter and without the aura he becomes what he is, an inexperienced Chicago machine poll who is in way over his head.

Is he capable of learning and improving? I think so, after all he has learned enough not to mess up Iraq and to keep fighting in Afghanistan. Will it happen? We will find out won’t we?