Why do I get the feeling that if the subject of this headline was President Obama that someone would have been given his walking papers?

Go to the home page of MSNBC and click on “World News.” From there click on “Americas.” Next click on the article, “Losing Their Religion? Catholicism in Turmoil.” Scroll down and in the “Click for Related Content” section there is an article entitled, “Pope Describes Touching Boys: I Went Too Far.” Clicking on this piece takes the reader to an article about a homosexual German priest who had sex with males in the 1980s. It says absolutely nothing about the pope. Yet MSNBC paints Pope Benedict XVI as a child molester in the tease to the article.

Of course it is pure coincidence that MSNBC runs with this headline after pounding on the Pope for days. We should accept MSNBC apology.

I’m sure the explanation is simple and innocent, the person at MSNBC likely is Hungarian and was using Alexander Yalt’s phrasebook to translate

After all we have no reason to believe that MSNBC dislikes the Pope do we?

I thought I was good at the cutting remark but Adrienne put me to shame today:

Today is called Spy Wednesday in the Church. Today’s liturgy celebrates this as the day Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty peices of silver. I hear Bart Stupak has a party planned…

Some insults are just so great that they should be celebrated.

don’t think for one minute that the president would be defying his leftist friends if he didn’t need to recover from their pushback.

In a move that could help win Republican support for other energy initiatives, President Obama will announce plans Wednesday to open large sections of the eastern Gulf of Mexico and an area off the Virginia coast for oil and natural gas drilling.

“To set America on a path to energy independence, the president believes we must leverage our diverse domestic resources by pursuing a comprehensive energy strategy,” said a statement provided by an administration official

Wrong reason or right reason aside, it is the right policy, particularly in a time of high unemployment and it should be supported and encouraged, particularly when done by a president on the left.

The Lonely conservatives thinks it might be to get votes on cap and tax. We’ll see.

I would really like to see what “experts” are saying the Catholic Church is in turmoil. It is not for nothing that the story has a big correction at its head.

I submit that cafeteria Catholics and the media are seeing and trying to make turmoil where it doesn’t exist. As Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio… said

called upon the priests and people of the Diocese of Brooklyn to stand up with him and “besiege The New York Times. Send a message loud and clear that the Pope, our Church, and bishops and our priests will no longer be the personal punching bag of The New York Times.”

Bishop DiMarzio’s spirited defense of the Holy Father was based on the decision of The New York Times editors to, “Omit significant facts,” and ignore the reality that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which Cardinal Ratzinger headed up, did not have competency over Canonical Trials in 1996. Moreover, Bishop DiMarzio continued “…the priest in question, Father Murphy was in the midst of a Canonical Trial. He died before a verdict was rendered.”

via Brutally Honest.

If the media bothered to look they would notice the huge attendance at events like the Catholic men’s conference among Catholics who actually believe and attend mass.

If Catholicism is so weak why was such a fuss made when dissenting nuns supported it? If Catholic opinion doesn’t matter why fund pseudo Catholic groups? In my opinion it is no coincidence that the scandals that struck the church were at their height as the church walked away from traditional practices.

I would suggest going to the Anchoress site and reading the whole thing as opposed to say Morning Joe trumpeting the BS class action case against the pope is a great example of this nonsense propagating the “big lie“:

Which brings us to Crimen sollicitationis. The document was crafted to ensure that if a Catholic were solicited to commit a sexual sin by a priest while going to confession, he or she could denounce that priest without being exposed to public scandal. Sinead O’Connor (and many, many others who have been flogging this particular Big Lie) have it precisely backwards. Crimen sollicitationis was not written to protect sexually abusive priests from punishment; it was written to enable the Church to get to the truth about predatory priests without embarrassing their victims or breaking the seal of confession. In fact, the protections required by Crimen sollicitationis encouraged victims of abuse to come forward. By requiring secrecy of the bishop and priests who handled any complaint about a priest-confessor who was a sexual predator, the Church tried to protect the confidentiality of the confessional and the privacy of the victim, not to prevent the crime from being reported to the police by the victim, who was never under any obligation of secrecy. The appropriate analogy is not to some Mafia-like international criminal conspiracy, but to the secrecy of those newspapers that choose not to print the names of rape victims.

The ignorance of American Catholics concerning their own faith in criminal, ironically foes of the church are using that ignorance to allow the former Bishops in Milwaukee to pass onto the pope their responsibility for turning a blind eye to their own problems.

Any Catholic who uses the New York Times in general and Maureen Dowd in particular as a source for their opinion of their church has real problems. Perhaps if they talked to the actual priest who served as the Judicial Vicar in the Milwaukee case they might learn something, oh sorry the NYT didn’t bother to even ask for an interview.

The fact that I presided over this trial and have never once been contacted by any news organization for comment speaks for itself.

My suggestion to Mika and Barnicle is to read the whole thing until they have done so their comments on the case are simply uninformed gibberish. Perhaps they should try talking to or interviewing Fr. Thomas Brundage themselves before they jump on the Dowd bandwagon.

Update: I of course meant the “Dowd” bandwagon rather than the “Down” in the last sentence. I’ve corrected it.

Jon Meacham on Morning Joe insisted that the lack of evidence despite people actually filming and recording that somebody called John Lewis a Nigger is totally irrelevant to if it actually happened. He, in his words believes American saint John Lewis. For some reason Andrew Breitbart’s $10,000 (now $100,000) offer to anyone who can prove it not withstanding. Mika to her credit challenged him on that. This produced his statements. Kudos for her.

I wasn’t aware it was the job of an American Journalist to accept things on faith.

I say that the lack of evidence that Jon Meacham is deeply involved in efforts by the planet Vorslat to conquer earth and turn all humans into their sex slaves it totally irrelevant to if it actually happened.

If you want to know why the main stream media is dying, this is it.

the Fishbait Miller theory of Nancy Pelosi:

“The Speaker always carries a number of votes in her pocket,” he said, meaning that some members who voted ‘no’ would have voted ‘yes’ if needed.

“I had a number of members who thanked us after because they could vote no.”

I think we should follow Tom Blumer advice on this.

Well, okay Bart, who were these Dems who didn’t have the courage to vote their convictions, and instead wish to go back to their constituents and claim they didn’t support the ObamaCare monstrosity? (crickets …)

Better yet, pal, don’t tell us. It would be much more convenient for November voters to presumptively assume that their no-voting Democratic congressman really was a “yes” until Bart bailed them out. That works for me, and it would work for many other like-minded Americans — which is why the press will more than likely pretend that the CNA-Stupak interview doesn’t exist.

Works for me.

The Back room at the Border Grille & Bar was full. The waitstaff was working diligently to keep up with the crowd that spilled into the upstairs section filling up the place on a Monday night when restaurants are hard pressed to get people in the door.

Just a few months ago the closest thing to a political meeting the place had seen was Stacy McCain holding court with American Glob and Left Bank of the Charles at the Charles at the bar four days before the January Election.

Brown supporters ate there that weekend and on the 19th the back room was filled not with Football fans but with citizens following the game of politics.

The next month some of those people had returned reserving the room for the first Twin City Tea Party meeting. Neither the organizers nor the restaurant knew what the draw would be. The 40 people who came kept the waitstaff on their toes.

Now one month later the crowd has doubled. At the height of the evening people stood lined up in front of the lunch buffet area as candidates for office and tea party organizers spoke about what was going on.

There were familiar faces in the crowd, some had protested in front of Representative Olver’s office two weeks ago. Several faces from the Conservative Forum of the commonwealth were there.

But most were new, people who had heard about the meeting from a friend or who, as the patriots of old, had seen a handbill at a location and were drawn to see what they could see.

Richard Chambers had seen the handbill at a gym and came down. He didn’t necessarily disprove of the healthcare bill but thought the method of passage was a disgrace.

The bill and the methods used to pass it were certainly the catalyst for many there. Mike and Kathy Holland were also new, they wanted to see for themselves what the tea party looked like. They found it totally opposite of what the media had portrayed it as.

Both the media and the government took their lumps among attendees. The idea that Government was out of control was a common theme. Scott Houle who had been involved in republican politics on the local level seeing the crowd that gathered commentated he was surprised it took this long for people to get angry.

Justin Brooks then took the stage welcoming the still growing crowd. He urged them not to let the passage of obamacare “take the wind out of our sails”. When he asked for a show of hands as to how many people had volunteered for Scott Brown a wave of digits filled the air. He pointed to the 3rd and 5th congressional districts as places where supporters of Obamacare were being challenged and expressed regret that a viable candidate had yet to challenge Rep Olver. He then gave the stage over to candidates and speakers.

Several candidates and/or their representatives came to the stage. It was an opportunity to meet energized votes and get signatures on nomination papers. Some like state auditor candidate Mary Connaughton had a person speak for her. Others like Kamal Jain, Lew Evangelidis and Jennie (Jane) Caisste made their case personally. Jain in particular made a strong case about the need for transparency and how important it was for people outside the system to see the books.

…yet he expressed that it was actually a better thing for the tea parties to remain independent.

The office seekers there were for positions that are not considered glamorous. State Auditor, Worcester County Sheriff, Governor’s Counsel (they vet judges) , but in each case the candidates pointed out the functions of the office and the reason why it is important. All fielded questions from the inquisitive crowd.

When the candidates were done Ken Mandile of the Worcester Tea Party came to the stage. He talked about the need to focus on local races to build a farm system and stressed, from his successful experience in organizing events in Worcester, keeping people the focus of the tea party events.

At the time he took the stage the crowd was at its peak (86). Although he had a lot of practical experience, his long disorganized presentation started to thin the crowd and his attack on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party express brought grimaces to many faces there.

Justin retook the stage and closed with a bit of brainstorming on how to keep momentum and interest alive though November before adjourning.

It was a strong second showing and experience would certainly lead to improvement, but would March 29th be the high water mark or another step toward the summit of change for the Twin City Tea Party? That question will be answered next month by those 40 new faces that came to see for themselves.

At the Twin City Tea Party my nephew who blogs on the political left decided to come on down to see for himself what was going on:

We may be on opposite sides but we both agree that the Border wings at the Border Grille & Bar are awesome!

Jan 17, 2010, Boston:

NOT the confederate flag!
“That’s a Confederate Flag” said one African American woman observing the coiled snake on the yellow field. It took the word of several people around her to convince her that the flag was in fact the Gadsden Flag from the American Revolution (an odd thing to miss in Boston).

March 28, 2010: The little nook of the cyberspace world known as Little Green Footballs.

NOT a Neo-Nazi flag
Does anyone recognize the red flag being carried at the Washington Anti-healthcare demonstration in this video of the Rep Emanuel spitting incident? I’m fairly sure this is a neo nazi flag, but I haven’t found the exact logo yet.

At least the woman at the rally didn’t have access to the greatest single source of information in history at her fingertips when she started ranting in anger. Because of this Mr. Johnson gets the Nelson and she does not.

There was a time when you could count on Charles Johnson to search the internet for information on a subject, that time is now apparently past. It’s very sad.

This is why Yesterday Stacy got the instalanche and Charles didn’t.

I Found a smaller number of people who were willing to talk on camera before the Twin City Tea party, yet a few stalwarts were willing to speak their piece. Theresa Coache was the first:

And Bill Parsons was the second:

Many of the people who attended the March 16th morning and evening protests as well.

…something we mentioned last night at the Twin City Tea Party:

* 1) Do not allow yourself or another Tea Partier to be taunted or provoked into saying or doing anything that could be interpreted as racist or violent. Always be civil and act intelligently. You never know when you are being recorded.
* 2) Take a video camera with you and record the faces of anyone instigating or participating in any such incidences so that they can be identified later.

Remember we will be defined by the media by our least flattering picture.

Wasn’t it just a few years ago that Mustard Gas shell and dual use chemicals didn’t count as Weapons of Mass Destruction?

the only thing that would have satisfied the left that Saddam had WMDs would have been discovering a giant SPECTRE-sized Ken Adam-styled laboratory with men in white lab coats hard at work caught in the act.

Well lo and behold the same day that islamic terrorists slaughter a bunch of people in Moscow we pick up a Christian Militia group and apparently what they have is suddenly considered WMD.

I must also say that it’s interesting to see that Improvised Explosive Devices with Explosively Formed Projectiles, which, according to the indictment are “weapons of mass destruction.” That blows a big hole in the notion that there weren’t weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Via Glenn. I eagerly await the retraction of all the stories about no WMD in Iraq by all the sources on the left who attacked the Bush Administration.

The room at the Border Grille and Bar was very full. I counted 86 heads in the place, I think a few more might have turned up after we started but then a few more might have left before things were done too.

Interviewed several people there before things got going (will be uploading them to YouTube in the morning) quite a few were first time people who had never attended an event and wanted to see what was going on. Most had never been involved in any kind of activism.

As always the food at the Boarder Grille & Bar was first rate.

Several candidates showed up, the most impressive of the batch was a fellow running for State auditor.

The fellow from the Worcester Tea Party’s presentation (which took place after the candidates) was too long and not well organized, he had a lot to say about what they had done and a few very good points (particularly about building a farm system via lower office) but he should have condensed and organized his presentation better. His hostility to Sarah Palin didn’t play well with several of us there and he really annoyed DaHospitalityGuy. Perhaps he is more of a doer than a talker. Not everyone has the same gifts.

Once he was off stage there was a series of suggestions and give and take with the crowd that was very effective, Fitchburg & Leominster has great potential for growth in this area.

When things were all over I had a pleasant conversation with Roxeanne of Haemet which lasted long after the room had emptied.

This was only the second meeting and they doubled their crowd. I think Justin did a really good job and will only continue to improve with time. With different groups in Gardner and Ayer I doubt this is going away anytime soon.

Update: Meanwhile Stacy reports on a larger Tea Party event out west.

…will not be as restrained or as nuanced as the American Response to 9/11.

I don’t expect to see soul searching or worries about the niceties. Putin is KGB and they certainly are not going to worry about keeping the US or international press happy, and the Russian Press certainly isn’t going to call for kid gloves.

And lets not pretend it is not Islamic:

While the Chechnyan conflict started off as a political rebellion, it has been an Islamist affair for most of the last several years. The “Black Widows” took part in the infamously botched seizure of a Moscow theater in 2002, when Russian authorities gassed the hostages and terrorists in an attempt to disable them, but wound up killing many of them instead.

This will not be pretty. Nor should we expect it to be.

…on what to do to fight big government if you live in an uncompetitive district. My two favorites:

“Campaign against your local Congress critter regardless. Donate to his opponents. Even if he wins in spite of your efforts the strength of the opposition may worry him and affect his votes. And you might beat him. Who expected us to win Kennedy’s seat (sic) in Mass.?”

I like that suggestion a lot, it was lonely holding that McCain/Palin sign but it made people know someone else was there.

Another reader emails: “I live within 100 miles of a Dem congressman’s district in my state. He voted against the bill. BUT…before the vote I called his office and informed them I will contribute to his opponent if the Democrats pass this. AND I told them I will drive the 1 1/2 hours to help his opponent knock on doors, stuff envelopes, answer phones, get out the vote….whatever it takes to defeat him. As a clincher, I told them I am unemployed thanks to his party’s policies. I’ll have plenty of time to devote to his opponent.”

…if I had any more to add I would suggest some publicity perhaps hiring a fellow with a fedora to cover your candidate for a week.

…not in terms of entertainment, Willie and Savannah are entertaining, (I really think the show is a good influence on younger journalists in the sense that it keep them from taking themselves too seriously, that will pay dividends, both personal and professional, for decades) but in terms of balance.

Item: The Wet sloppy kiss stuff continues, Pat was outnumbered 3-1 and discussing the poll without not pointing to the skew of the poll sample. It’s not hard to get a 53% approval when you have a 10 point democratic vs republican sample.

Item: They have talked about Sarah Palin only 4-1, O’Donnell gets props for pointing out that without Palin there would not be a strong counter point. Unfortunately for some reason although they’ve talked about her appearing for McCain (calling it uncomfortable). Not a word about the “dozens” in Searchlight.

Item: We are about to have our second hit on the Pope with Pat outnumbered 3-1 this time (Norah O’Donnell has joined the table along with Mark Penn), they are quoting Maureen Dowd, always an unbiased source on the church. O’Donnell is of course talking about “bringing down the church”. Pat brings up yet again that the liberal Milwaukee diocese role and the fact that the case came to the then Cardinal Ratzinger two months before the priest in question died. It was also very dishonest to suggest that the Pope reference to “gossip” was about the abuse in Milwaukee rather than the allegations people are trying to make against him.

It is not quite 8 a.m. yet EST so maybe we will see something different but it would be nice to see at least one more Conservative sitting at that table. I think it can be done without too many MSNBC viewers going Kryten.

Oh boy 8 a.m. and the Kelly O’Donnell joins the table creating as Savannah put it an “O’Donnell sandwich”, (I shudder to think what Stacy & Ace will do with that image.) that will add to the media balance, I do give Kelly full marks for pointed out how the Democrats managed to avoid recess to keep President Bush from doing recess appointments during his last term.

Update: Did I just hear Norah O’Donnell call the tea party people “good hard working Americans”? Did she point out the number of women as leaders? And then she goes and spoils it by repeating the Pope BS. Oh well. You take what I can get.

…concerning the Milwaukee Diocese. Specifically Buchanan brought up how the particular issue that the media is trying to hit the pope with originated from a very liberal diocese that doesn’t have much of a history of being in “lockstep” with the Vatican.

If you want, you know actual information rather than the tripe that we’ve seen even in papers like the Herald the best spot is of course here. For example lets meet the primary source of these stories:

The second source was Archbishop Rembert Weakland, retired archbishop of Milwaukee. He is the most discredited and disgraced bishop in the United States, widely known for mishandling sexual-abuse cases during his tenure, and guilty of using $450,000 of archdiocesan funds to pay hush money to a former homosexual lover who was blackmailing him. Archbishop Weakland had responsibility for the Father Murphy case between 1977 and 1998, when Father Murphy died. He has long been embittered that his maladministration of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee earned him the disfavor of Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, long before it was revealed that he had used parishioners’ money to pay off his clandestine lover. He is prima facie not a reliable source.

That’s just a glimpse, believe it or not it gets better (or worse if you are a foe of the Vatican). When Pat brought up Milwaukee, Savannah and Willie started hemming and hawing.

The British press have been on full attack mode too, aided by Richard Dawkins, Damion Thompson described his article best.

The article conjures up the image of a nasty old man who’s losing his marbles. It’s not very nice about the Pope, either.

I like Dawkins wife but can’t write about her till Lent is over. Meanwhile surprise surprise guess who pushed for a full investigation of this stuff a decade ago?

Don’t expect much traction for that story after all it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Pope Benedict one said that if the media starts treating him nice he would worry about what he was doing, from what I can see he must be doing very well.

As for the times and co, I’d tell you what I think of them but I’d have to go to confession afterward.

Andrea took me up on my offer for lunch and an interview at the Diner.

Her blog has been redesigned lately. Her readers like the new design (personally I liked the old one), but either way it is worth your time.

Andrea tells me it was actually 4 years that the study in question was hidden and was released on the 5th, she regrets the mistake.

And if you want to be the next blogger included in the field guide simply contact me and we will set up a meeting time.

The Lonely Conservative via the astute blogger tells the tale from the Telegraph.

Documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph disclose that staff at Britain’s largest ambulance service have been encouraged to maximise the organisation’s income, by securing payments for diverting patients to telephone helplines.

but that’s not all

Another plan uncovered would see thousands of 999 calls currently classed as urgent downgraded so that callers receive telephone advice instead of an ambulance response.

If you are surprised at this type of thing its only because you haven’t been paying attention. She concludes:

If the progressive Democrats really gave a hoot about the uninsured in America, they could have just done another stimulus program to buy them all insurance. But it’s not about that. It’s about control. History proves that when governments start controlling things there is epic failure. Just look at the two stories above. That’s our future if Obamacare stands.

Exactly right. Just remember it took years for this type of stuff to start happening. Our friends on the left will insist where’s the fire? Have no fear, if we fail to repeal we will not only see these same effects but as we were forewarned we will deserve them.

…but Stacy has a lot more photos of CNN’s “Dozens” of people who attended the event in Searchlight NV over at his site with the promise of more to come.

That’s the second of my fedora’s that have gotten that close to Sarah Palin.

Update: That didn’t take long for the more to come did it?

My review of the book Rediscovering Catholicism by Michael Matthew Kelly is available at Amazon.com here.

Kelly’s book is really good but it can’t compare to his ability to speak. If you really want to get the full effect of Mr. Kelly you have to see him in person.

If he is in your area go and see him.

…is available at his podcast Center of Mass this morning. This is episode 16 if you are finding this later on. It is also available at iTunes.

I first met Chris at the initial City Counsel meeting where he spoke on the other side. The room was filled with local people opposing Planned Parenthood and I admired him for standing up in a crowd against the crowd. It is very likely that if PP opens we will be on the opposite sides of protests, but outside of that we have a ton in common otherwise.

If you can’t tolerate the other side’s opinion you will have a hard time defending your own.

I’ve never done a debate of this nature (or a debate period) before so let me know how I did. I can think of a few things I would have done different but that’s life.

Update: As I said in the podcast my entire training consists of 7 years of Catholic Grammar school and what I’ve read. If a Catholic Priest finds any doctrinal errors in my presentation please feel free to contact me.

Update 2: The download link is here.

Castro supporting media underestimating crowds of protests against Cuba.

CNN underestimating crowd at Sarah Palin event, where people are protesting Obama & Harry Reid.

If you want to see what is actually happening try Robert Stacy, or Nice Deb or Hotair. These are people I’ve met personally and I’ll vouch for their trustworthiness myself.

Update: Nice Deb links back and includes some pictures. Well technically it dozens is correct, there were hundreds or thousands of dozens.

Spent most of the day helping my sister and her husband with their taxes. Speaking of her husband if you haven’t already ordered his book The Army Insider. You ought to. A man who gave so many years to his country’s military should be able to support himself better than he is now plus with all the time I spent helping on the taxes it would be nice to have more royalties to show.

My Amazon review of the book is here.

Update: It has come to my attention that some readers have inferred from my posting that Dave can’t support himself without more help from book sales.  If I left that conclusion I apologize.  Dave has a regular job and does ok.  I just think a fellow who has done so much for his country deserves better.

he tells me that he is doing fine and my Fedora is doing even better. He gives the Axis of Fedora props for a run of luck at the Roulette Table he had.

He was on his way trying to find Searchlight site of the Tea Party event today, due to a previous engagement I was unable to join him out west and he had some trouble navigating without me at the wheel next to him (or it could be that he was on the phone with me when he missed the turnoff) but apparently in the end he found the fabled land of searchlight aided no doubt by the long line of cars heading through the desert going to the same spot.

Even before his current report hit the Blog I found out that he would have to hightail it back to grab Ali from the airport who is still finding Gems like this in Obamacare:

Obama’s #hcr insurance mandate did NOT eliminate pre-existing conditions in all insurance. Call any airline ticket insurer.

I don’t know how familiar Ali is with trying to wake Stacy up early in the morning but that drive back to Searchlight is going to be very interesting.

There were already people camping out, Stacy being Stacy took the time to talk with the people there. It remains to be seen if they will draw the 4,000 or 10,000 but if my experience with Palin in NH is any indication it will be VERY large.

My question is will the SEIU stewards pull the “You’d better show up to counter protest or don’t be looking for jobs” bit to gin up counter protests. I remember in NH how organized the opposition to the Governor was as opposed to the grass roots nature of the people waiting to see her. Will they be organized and intimidating enough to get folks there so the media can say they existed or will it be too long a haul for them? If they do show up I suggest a quick video panning from the protesters to the crowd to see Governor Palin to illustrate the size difference and the media’s attempt to make them equivalent.

The big question is this. Can Stacy get a picture of Sarah Palin in the Fedora? Can we have her join the axis? No matter what today won’t be a lazy Saturday over at the Other McCain. I suggest frequent visits.

I can’t believe my Fedora made it to Vegas before I did.

There are blogs out there about every conceivable subject but who would think there would be a blog about twitter? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose?

I have the strangest feeling that Cheryl will draw more hits that Moe Lane did, a lot more. I can’t imagine why.

My son and I got to the men’s conference a bit before 7:30 a.m. There was already a small group of men who where there waiting at the doors which where shortly opened and a flow of men of all ages were quickly up the escalators and into the main exhibitor area. Where a plethora of Catholic books of all types and subjects awaited us. From the Saints, the popes, apologists of every type and historical books were available almost everywhere.

For people from my parish St. Anthony Di Padua you couldn’t help but notice the number of people you knew. St. Anthony parishioners were everywhere.

You bumped into them everywhere you went.

For myself I also recognized many fellow members of the Knights of Columbus. Three different tables where setup. One concerning Membership, one on our insurance program and a third on a new programs on Christian Fatherhood called Fathers for good.

We got ourselves into the main hall pretty quick but for some reason Danny grabbed seats toward the center of the room in the third batch of seats. I had figured on being a lot closer but as long as we could see and hear the speakers we were good. Last years crop was pretty good, we hoped to do as good this year, we weren’t disappointed.

The Opening Speaker was Michael Matthew Kelly who was absolutely fantastic. Kelly’s thesis was twofold, first that Catholics have forgotten our history reminding us that things such as education for the non noble and medical care such as hospitals came from the Church. He then gave a list of what he called the seven Pillars of the Church and he put them in order:

1. Confession. He argued that like any athlete we will do better with a coach who knows us (a confessor) and he reminded of the necessity of confession because of our capacity to create God in our image.

2. Daily Prayer He stressed the need for good habits to set the direction of our day saying that our actions will follow our thoughts and reminded us that the Saints are the most diverse group in history.

3. The Mass He suggested the goal to look for one thing from each mass by which we could become better (suggesting a journal) And reminded us that the first person in history to leave right after communion was Judas.

4. The Bible He reminded us to start with the Gospels to find out who Jesus was, stressing that Jesus proclaimed himself God not giving other choices. He stated we avoid scripture because we don’t want to change.

5. Fasting He suggested that it was spiritual discipline. And fasting can be as easy as wanting Steak and taking chicken, wanting coke and having juice.

6. Spiritual Reading He reminded us that he we become what we read. People who question us deserve answers and how can we provide them if we don’t study or faith?

7. The Rosary He made one of the best Marian arguments I’ve heard reminding us that we would not hesitate to pray for someone else if asked so why not ask Mary and the Saints to pray for us. Nobody see the life of the child like the mother.

He seemed a tough act to follow but Jessie Romero followed him and told of his time on the LA police force and his time as a “culturally Catholic Latino.

He told of what happened when he read the Gospels and realized who and what Jesus was. By his 35 miracles he demonstrated who and what he was. He broke Christians down into three groups.

Wishbones: One day I’ll be better
Jawbones: Those who talk the Talk and don’t walk the walk
Backbones: “I’ve got Jesus bring it on!”

He told spectacular tales of evangelicalism on the streets in LA to gang members and criminals of all types, packing his weapon, and his holy water.

He impressed me and I spoke to him afterward outside where I was given a box lunch along with the exibitors so I missed a good chunk of Msgr. Swetland’s talk on Confession. When I came back in he stressed the need for the sacrament and it’s biblical origins. At the conclusion of his talk came the time for confession and lunch. 50 priests were there including Bishop McManus. As an older priest who seemed very familiar sat next to me I decided I didn’t need to go to the Bishop who was free and stood where I am. At the end of confession the priest commented on my fedora approvingly. Thanking him I introduced myself asking who he was. He lifted the red cap on the chair next to him and that how I met Auxiliary Bishop George Rueger.

The Seattle times reported that a rock was thrown through a congressman’s office in this building, on the 30th floor.

Land of the Giants!
The same people who believe that the Tea Party movement has 30 foot giants throwing rocks at windows probably believe the crowd estimates of these protests against Castro (photos via Babalu blog)

30 people march

30 people

173 people

About 173 people.

Those protests btw are to commemorate the crackdown of dissidents in Cuba known as Black Spring. At least one pop singer has spoken out about this, but for some reason wesmirch doesn’t find it interesting.

But don’t worry media fans and true believers. Andrew Breitbart is playing his own version of Win Ben Stein Money with $10,000 as the prize!

It’s time for the allegedly pristine character of Rep. John Lewis to put up or shut up. Therefore, I am offering $10,000 of my own money to provide hard evidence that the N- word was hurled at him not 15 times, as his colleague reported, but just once. Surely one of those two cameras wielded by members of his entourage will prove his point.

And surely if those cameras did not capture such abhorrence, then someone from the mainstream media — those who printed and broadcast his assertions without any reasonable questioning or investigation — must themselves surely have it on camera. Of course we already know they don’t. If they did, you’d have seen it by now.

That should be a piece of cake, after all the MSM media reported this as true and we believe the media don’t we?