I wonder if it’s a requirement of Taxi Drivers in Washington DC that they all have to be wise and Godfearing:

Our taxi driver spoke in a thick Indian (from India) accent, “Where have you been?”

I responded, “The Tea Party!”

He didn’t say anything pro or con, so my curiosity asked him, “What do you think of Obama?”

He began gushing his disdain for the policies of the current administration. We spoke about the surge of government control, the irresponsible spending, the rising taxes which will cripple small business, destroy the middle class, and collapse our already weak economy, the lies, elitism, disappearing Freedom…and the hope of the November election. We got to the hotel and began disembarking the taxi. I fumbled for my money.

Standing in the middle of the dark street, a street lamp lighting his face, the Indian taxi driver said, “It reminds me of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego…”

It goes without saying that you should read the whole thing the nice lady wrote. It will remind you of this.

Question: How tone deaf are the democrats on their new immigration bill?

Imagine my surprise when after writing this post in the morning to see John Cole who I’ve hit in the past saying this:

Apparently they think the outcry over the Arizona “SHOW YOUR PAPERS” bill is that it will only be applied to Hispanics. Polls pretty clearly demonstrate that half the country has no problem with the Arizona bill because it will not affect them- it only is an inconvenience for “others” (meaning brown people). But start talking about a national id with biometric data that everyone has to be issued, and you will think the death panels and health care reform debate were a walk in the park.

that John Mearsheimer et/all keep making. This whole argument ignores that Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza strip, Saudi Arabia and the areas et/all are practically Judenrein.

How is it that Israel is an Apartheid state when Arabs serve in parliament, have the vote, have the protection of the law and have more rights than Arabs in any of the areas that I’ve just listed?

Even more importantly: How does a “reputable” scholar make such an argument with a straight face?

I’ll tell you something. As you know My D-Day is getting closer and closer and between DaTipJar, Have Fedora will Travel, The Ga-4 trip idea, and the Dinner With DaTechGuy stuff, I haven’t closed the gap that will come when week 99 hits.

I’d bet you real money that if I was willing to flip on Israel I’d be amazed at the opportunities that might suddenly arise in the field of writing, blogging and commentary. It wouldn’t shock me if the tip jar was regularly filled and the financial pressures upon me and mine were slowly relieved.

All I would have to do is forget, and rationalize a few basic facts…

…I think not.

Via Glenn who has a day job and wouldn’t change on Israel if he didn’t.

…luckily for you that can’t be said about Robert Stacy McCain

Such are the daily clashes that define the intense battle for Pennsylvania’s 12th District — now less than three weeks from an election that could put a Republican in the seat held for more than a three decades by Murtha, the 19-term Democrat who rose to become chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee before his Feb. 8 death. The potential parallels to Sen. Scott Brown’s January special-election upset — replacing the departed Ted Kennedy in heavily Democratic Massachusetts — are obvious enough. But to quote another famous Massachusetts Democrat, all politics is local and Murtha was the master of a peculiarly local brand of Pennsylvania politics.

As someone who saw Robert Stacy cover Scott Brown let me tell you, if he tell you he see parallels then they are there.

If you want the lowdown on Tim Burns. You know where to go.

Old template: Mean and nasty republicans in Arizona are like Nazi’s saying show me your papers!

New Template: Democrats propose law to include National identity card:

The Democratic proposal includes increased money for border patrol and drug war agents, equipment, helicopters and unmanned drones. It would create a national ID — which is dubbed a “biometric social security card.” Though Democrats insist that it is not an ID card and can only be used for employment purposes.

Soooo old federal law (yes federal law) aliens have to have their id stuff on them at all times. New Democratic law. EVERYBODY gets to have a federal ID card with them. Apparently our democratic friends want us ALL to show our papers.

I’m sure this is a debate that democrats in congress are dying to have. Why don’t you call your senator and rep and find out what they think about it?

On Morning Joe now the panel is trying to say that Charlie Crist has chosen the perfect time to run as an independent because this year an independent streak is running through the country. Am I actually hearing these people saying this?

There is a revolt over the administrations fiscal policies that Crist supported and they are claiming that this is going to favor him? Show me how a sitting governor is going to run as an outsider.

Just a clue. There was a candidate in January named Kennedy in Massachusetts who ran as an independent and managed to get all of 1%.

These people are just making fools of themselves.

…than nobody is going to.

If this questioning was taking place at Gitmo the ACLU and answer would be providing him lawyers.

The only softball came from Jon Meacham of Newsweek.

Only the letter next to his name has changed. They aren’t buying this at all.

Update: You know for days they were building this up as a real possibility and a real game changer but once they had in front of him on it’s as if they just couldn’t keep a straight face. They treated him as if he had no credibility.

But the moment he was off camera again suddenly he is, as Barnicle put it “a man among boys” and a strong candidate. It’s like a switch was suddenly turned back on once he was gone.

I guess the facade just wasn’t possible when he was shoveling it to their faces, but once he was gone the template came back.

Update 2: Did Eugene Robinson et/al just see the same interview that I did? For God’s sake they were there!

As you might remember Morning Joe was relentless in going after the Pope and the Vatican, so when there was a story coming up on the Boy Scouts you knew they would get to the bottom of the scandal…of the video game badge.

Complete these three requirements:
Explain why it is important to have a rating system for video games. Check your video games to be sure they are right for your age.
With an adult, create a schedule for you to do things that includes your chores, homework, and video gaming. Do your best to follow this schedule.
Learn to play a new video game that is approved by your parent, guardian, or teacher.

I’m confused, apparently this is bigger news than a million dollar sex scandal, an alleged coverup. The greenroom asked this question:

Of course, this would send a message precisely the opposite of what the Left’s first line of lawsuits sent; but if our national socialist movement had the chance to destroy one of its most hated enemies, the Boy Sprouts, would the Left really care how it did so?

Short answer: Yes. Look at the news coverage or lack thereof and you have your answer. The boy scout suits will gain all the mainstream media coverage that the Jesse Dirkhising case did.

My latest column for the examiner is up an excerpt:

…with the April meeting pending; organizer Justin Brooks started contacting democrats either in office or running for office. He left messages or talked to a half dozen different candidates eager to get another perspective, without success. Most office holders and candidates never got back to him, others had conflicts but when the April 26th meeting came around only a single candidate republican Mary Connaughton spoke to the 46 people assembled at the Border Grille & Bar in Leominster.

More details on the meeting are available here.

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Update: Instalanche on the Examiner article. Thanks muchly Glenn! Hits there are a lot more valuable to me than hits here.