Question: Why hasn’t planned parenthood bothered to get their office in Fitchburg Open yet?

The Sentinel & Enterprise is noting that while Planned Parenthood has managed to win the legal battles so far things are going kinda slow in Fitchburg:

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts President Dianne Luby announced in January that Fitchburg would see a new clinic this spring, sparking opposition among pro-life advocates and community leaders who did not believe Planned Parenthood would benefit the downtown image.

More than five months later, the windows at 391 Main St., the space Planned Parenthood has leased, remain dark.

“We’re moving forward with plans in Fitchburg; it’s just that we don’t have a date, not even a tentative date, for opening,” said Elizabeth Rodgers, a media coordinator for Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

Ah the innocence of youth. Emily you have to understand that the location of this clinic has everything to do with the middle school. Until the middle school is back in business the target audience for the “clinic” isn’t available. Once the kids are back then Planned Parenthood will be able to do what it is in Fitchburg for, and believe me preventing teenage pregnancy isn’t it.

…has as many Christians praying for him as Christopher Hitchens does right now.

I have been advised by my physician that I must undergo a course of chemotherapy on my esophagus. This advice seems persuasive to me. I regret having had to cancel so many engagements at such short notice.

Rules of Christianity not withstanding I find it impossible to dislike Chris Hitchens, he is brave, loyal , honest to a fault and wrong as anyone can be about God in general and Christianity in particular.

He is open minded enough not to be offended by me and others like me offering prayers for his recovery (we’ll offer them for his redemption too but that’s beside the point). I must confess a bit of a selfish motive, I think the world will be a lesser place when he leaves it.

A rare sign of good news and sanity from the war on terror:

EMET has just received word directly from Mosab that the Government has officially dismissed its deportation case against Mosab Hassan Yousef at a federal detention center in San Diego.

Mosab has told us that it was thanks to the efforts of EMET that the government decided to dismiss its case and grant him political asylum.

We talked a bit about Mosab here, but other blogs such as Camp of the Saints and The Lonely Conservative and Maggie’s Notebook really carried the ball on this one.

The blog they set up is here.

Now that he won’t be a gimme target back home look for him to be more of a target here, so that means he will need to be more careful.

If you do a search of stories on the Unemployment extension or lack thereof you will see a lot of stuff like this:

Republicans are united against the extension

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sander M. Levin (D-MI), a co-sponsor of the bill, said in a press release yesterday that

“Republicans in Congress are clearly more focused on their short-term political standing than the immediate economic security of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and are unable to find work.”

Evil Republicans yada yada yada, just like the tea party stuff we’ve heard so many times before. You would think it was part of journolist.

Interestingly enough if you look at the Globe today you find this:

Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is planning to introduce legislation today aimed at extending unemployment assistance for the long-term jobless, funding summer jobs, and providing more Medicaid funding to states.

His plan would pay for the additional spending using unspent stimulus funding, along with cuts in other areas.

“There are some programs in that legislation that are important to Massachusetts during this economic crisis,’’ Brown, a Republican, says in a video message he is planning to release this morning. “But we need to find a way to pay for them.’’

Scott Brown? An Evil republican extending unemployment? That’s has to be as unlikely as democrats showing up for a Tea Party Forum.

How about that actually paying for that extension. As someone in tight shape who could use that extension I understand that the money is coming not from the Government but from my fellow taxpayers. Once people forget this we become a society of dependence.

Yesterday we had the video of the State Senate candidates, today we have the candidates for State rep for the 37th Middlesex District at the tea party candidate forum.

Jen Benson is the Democrat in her first term:

She made the case against term limits, and she pointed to the federal mandates in what we can and can’t do, it’s a fair point.

I know this next clip is kinda short but I had to break them up.

Next up is Kurt Hayes:

As the republican he had more in common with the crowd.

Hayes and Benson were both impressive, it is interesting to see that both argued against Term Limits (I say we have term limits, they are called elections and if we don’t take advantage of them it’s our own fault. As a native of NH Benson seemed a lot more conservative than the avg democrat and that has some appeal to this crowd.

As a bonus extra here is Scott Bove candidate for Sheriff of Worcester County, he only had 5 min:

His point about experience in the system is a very good one.

Overall this was a superior exchange to the first one. Benson was making the case that you need one term to get to speed but I don’t know if that’s the right take to make (true or no). Neither candidate hurt themselves and I personally think Benson helped herself more than Hayes simply by exposing voters who would normally vote against her to her positions

That was Kurt with a K. My bad there.

Remember that it isn’t a question of what is best for the military, it’s the best way to get us to stop fighting.

He is excoriating people who have people who are not serving and has no risk, that is a point, but when it comes down to it all they are talking about is exit strategy, not a victory strategy.

Listen to what they are saying this morning, change the date and it would be Iran before the surge.

Barnicle is calling the draft a wonderful “vibrant” thing for the youth and Joe Conason is talking about it to get rid of unemployment.

How many of these people were fans of the draft before these wars? How many were against the draft in the 70’s.

So we have them pushing a draft, defeat is Afghanistan isn’t a bug, it’s a feature!

Update: Mika suggested a camera on every casket, lets use dead US troops as political props, if she is not ashamed of herself she ought to be.

Update 2: American Glob notices that this isn’t confined to Morning Joe and gets a well deserved Instalanche for his trouble. My deeper thoughts on the draft from several years ago are buried deep in here.

The Weigel stuff had very little to do with Brietbart but he managed to draw aces.

First he gets Weigel to put his side out on this site:

But I was cocky, and I got worse. I treated the list like a dive bar, swaggering in and popping off about what was “really” happening out there, and snarking at conservatives. Why did I want these people to like me so much? Why did I assume that I needed to crack wise and rant about people who, usually for no more than five minutes were getting on my nerves? Because I was stupid and arrogant, and needlessly mean. Yes, I’d trash-talk liberals to Republicans sometimes. And I’d tell them which liberals “mattered,” who was a hack, who was coming after them. Did I suggest which strategies might and might not work for liberals, Democrats, and the president? Yes, although I do the same to conservatives — in February, for example, I told many of them that Scott Brown’s election hadn’t killed health care reform, and they needed to avoid dancing in the endzone, because I was aware of what liberals were saying about how to come back.

That impressed the hell out of Stacy McCain who interviewed him for the Spectator:

Especially after the 2004 election, Breitbart said, liberals realized they had “lost control of the narrative,” and began organizing projects aimed at preventing stories that hurt Democrats from gaining traction in mainstream media. Breitbart compared the Journolist “cabal” to Professor Peter Dreier’s “Cry Wolf” project that offered $1,000 fees to academics for papers pushing back against conservative policy proposals.

By exerting peer pressure within the press corps, Breitbart said, the participants in Journolist influenced reporters like Weigel to adopt their practice of treating Drudge and Limbaugh as enemies, and to suppress story angles that favored conservatives.

So Breitbart takes the blog story of the day and makes it the place where everyone HAS to go. Is he done? Not by a long shot. He follows up with the offer that can’t be accepted or can’t be refused but sure can’t be ignored:

The American people, at least half of whom are the objects of scorn of this group of 400, deserve to know who was colluding against them so that in the future they can better understand how the once-objective media has come to be so corrupted and despised.

We want the list of journalists that comprised the 400 members of the “JournoList” and we want the contents of the listserv. Why should Weigel be the only person exposed and humiliated?

I therefore offer the sum of $100,000 to the person who provides the full “JournoList” archive. We will protect that person’s privacy and identity forever. No one will ever know who became $100,000 richer – and did the right thing, morally and ethically — by shining the light of truth on this seamy underworld of the media.

Glenn Reynolds like McCain calls him a Genius. He’s right.

On the memeorandum thread the reactions are varied Johnson calls him unethical, Vanity Fair says it not possible, other pooh pooh it but Breitbart is in a no lose situation.

If someone comes forward with the items he holds a scoop and a half, but the person in question is marked for life. Breitbart will keep his name quiet but the 100,000 has to be paid somehow. Do we get 12 under 10k payments to circumvent federal reporting laws. Said 100k will have to be claimed as an expense of Brietbart and as income by the recipient. I’ll wager a half decent reporter could trace it, particularly since many would be motivated to do so.

What is more likely is that the stupid thing will be done and the list will be held onto. Breitbart gets a storyline he can come back to forever, gets 100k+ worth of publicity without spending any money and can continue to paint journolist as what he says it is. Oh the left denies it, but can’t refute it without producing the actual archives and there’s the rub.

If Breitbart is right about what was going on there (and I suspect he is) then they don’t dare release it it’s a nail in the coffin of everyone who was part of it. If Breitbart is wrong the only way they can do so is to release it but the left is not about thinking long term, the one day or maybe two story the list would produce is one or two days too many for the left and even if the left isn’t doing what was said there is likely to be at least a few more people who have said things that they really shouldn’t have. They will fight tooth and nail to cover themselves.

What is the smart thing? Klein should release the list himself. If Breitbart is wrong it proves it and becomes a one or two day story. He can even give the dough to the DNC if he wants. If Breitbart is right he should release it anyway, we of the right already distrust them, so the revelations are not going to change things much. The damage to the left is then focused during a time when the left is in trouble anyways.

As I’ve said before it is going to come out sooner or later, if the left has brains it will be sooner, but they are not as smart as Breitbart.

Here is the video of Jen Flanagan and her opponent Neal Heeren at the Twin city Tea party on the 28th

I recorded these in about 10 minutes swatches based on my camera and the space on my two cards:

I actually think she made a good presentation. I thought her answer on “Tea Party Extremism” was a safe answer, but I think her answer on NH was week.

She did meet with people privately and talked for a while, as I said before she deserves a lot of credit for showing up.

Here is her opponent Neal Heeren

I missed the start of his speech as my batteries needed switching.

Without a question Heeren was a weaker speaker, he had to refer to his notes quite a bit on opening and seemed very uncomfortable on stage, rather odd for a lawyer. On the issues he was more correct but you have to be able to make the case to people. That’s a skill he can develop but if Flanagan keeps showing up and manages to make credible explanation and presentations it will be harder for him.

This more than anything illustrates why Flanagan’s presence was smart! Rather than avoiding the Tea Party in fear she confronts it directly. Were all her answers good enough? Likely not but you can’t beat something with nothing. She is an experienced pol and a personable lady. There is no reason why she shouldn’t make a good impression on the people she represents.

If what you believe is right it can stand up to argument. Liberals in fear of the tea party have conceded that argument. If they follow the example of Flanagan for good or ill that might change.

I’ll have Jen Benson and Kurt Hayes up later tonight

Q: How do we know that this Boston Globe article showing Scott Brown is the most popular pol in Massachusetts is true?

The ads keep coming more than two years before he stands for election because something has to be done to change the tone in the state or dramatic change might come.

Meanwhile Brown has come out against the financial bill:

“I said right from the beginning, I’ll let my statements speak for themselves,” said Senator Brown. “I was disappointed and surprised that at the last minute, they put in assessment fees, taxes…really without letting us know, and I’ve always made it clear that I can’t support adding another $19 billion passed through taxes to individual consumers, especially in the middle of a two year recession.”

Gateway also notes that he has come out against Cap and Trade too. this will of course lead to more ads portraying him has pro Wall Street, Pro Big Oil against small kittens etc etc etc… but SISU notes that this is what the people want.

Scott Brown “has listened to his constituents,” an aide in our junior Senator’s office just told us, and will definitely vote “no” on the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform bill should it come to the floor.

This was the same thing mentioned at yesterday’s Twin City Tea Party Meeting, a member who called urging opposition to the bill was told that there was an overwhelming response from voters against both bills.

As this memeorandum thread shows where Brown leads others are following:

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) joined Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) this evening, putting herself back into the undecided column on Wall Street reform legislation, after House and Senate negotiators added new fees on banks to the final bill late last week.

“It was not part of either the House or Senate bill and was added in the wee hours of the morning. So I’m taking a look at the specifics of that and other provisions as well,” Collins told reporters this evening outside the Senate chamber.

The times they are a changin!

Q: What is the difference between going to the unemployment office on Monday vs Tuesday?

I always bring a book to the unemployment office. When I went there last Monday I was able to finish The Long Way Home. Today I had some issues to resolve so I had to go down and low and behold I wasn’t able to finish Nomad. I hope to finish it later this week.

The Twin city tea party had its monthly meeting at the Border Grille and Bar yesterday. That in itself isn’t big news.

What WAS big news is that it included a candidates forum and two sitting DEMOCRATIC members of the General Court attended.

Jennifer Flanagan
(Sen 4th Worcester district) and Jen Benson (Rep 37th Middlesex District) along with their opponents Neal Heeren (4th Worcester Senate) and Kurt Hayes (37th Middlesex) showed up and took audience questions and stayed to talk to the people at intermission!

The significance of this can’t be overestimated. For over a year the media has been painting tea party members as wild eyed extremists. Congressmen and women have avoided town hall meetings in fear of encountering them and now sitting democratic members of the General Court attend events.

Both Jens deserve a lot of credit for doing so, it shows a respect for the people who will be voting in this election, but more importantly it shows that they are smart enough to realize that pretending a portion of the electorate must be ignored is a losing policy. Rather than giving the floor to their opponents they engaged the tea party members as voters to be persuaded.

Did they win any votes? I don’t know but I think both were impressive and helped themselves. Just as it is hard to stereotype the tea party when you actually interact with them it is hard to do the same with candidates who take the time to talk to you.

Incidentally I’ll have video uploaded and posted later in the day.

Is this an anomaly or is this the shape of things to come? Well as goes Massachusetts…

Update: Instalanche! Thanks Glenn, welcome all take a peek around. Find out why Foster Kamer is Vizzini, why the Iranians are just cowardly bullies, check out my cynical look at Church Closings and Dave Weigel and of course my Amazon reviews.

Update 2: This is actually the Second bi-partisian event held by the Twin City Tea Party. The First was on Flag Day and included the mayor of Leominster. The evidence of change in drawing local pols is evidenced by this video:

When local pols in the most liberal state in the nation feel comfortable being seen at tea party events the worm has turned. I think tea parties nationwide should take a good hard look at what the Twin City Tea Party group is doing and copy it.

Update 3: Here is the video of Flanagan and Heeren

Update 4: And here is the video of Benson and Hayes.

My latest examiner column No Party at the Washington Post for Dave Weigel is now available. A quick quote:

One could say that there is a lesson here for the Post and journalists but I think the real lesson is for conservatives in general and the tea party in particular. The mainstream media is not and never will be your friend. Until and unless the MSM print, paper or net are willing to hire people who we know are not hostile to us we should not give and they should not expect our cooperation.

Considering that he has now been hired by MSNBC it looks like this advice is pretty good.

As always you can find the archive of my examiner columns here.

Foster Kamer has a post up at the village voice about who smeared Dave Weigel, a gem from the piece:

I’m of the idea that Journolist was a bad idea in practice — because there is always a rat, always — but think that writers should be allowed to be sentient human beings with, you know, opinions about things. Otherwise, hold them in for seven presidential administrations, and the next thing you know, you’re Helen Thomas and your incredible legacy is now marred because you expressed an opinion about your job for the first time in your life that you’ve held in for way too long, that ends up being a “shocker” to people, and costs you your rep.

Take a look at that paragraph and the willful blindness it contains and it tells you a lot about the author. Poor Helen Thomas if only nobody knew what she really thought, we could have admired her in ignorance, just like Alger Hiss.

What annoys me is the title and the premise, Who smeared Dave Weigel? Smeared?

You might say who betrayed Dave Weigel, who outed Dave Weigel, who exposed Dave Weigel who embarrassed Dave Weigel but not smeared.

Smeared implies a falsehood, there is no falsehood here, Weigel wrote what he wrote of his own free will and said what he said.

Calling tea party activists racists, that is a smear. Exposing Weigel’s and Thomas’ true feelings in their own words to the light of day can be called many things but smear is not one of them.

So in the words of Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

If Foster wants to defend Weigel he should take a page out of Stacy McCain’s book:

Ali Akbar called me to discuss WeigelGate and pointed out something: Weigel hung out with us in NY-23, in Boston during the Brown campaign, at CPAC and at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

During all that time, Ali remarked, not once did Weigel do a “gotcha” by disseminating reports of the off-the-record stuff he saw and heard. Whatever vicious snark and gossip Weigel dished out via his blog, or e-mails or Twitter, he did not abuse his journalistic privilege by burning the people who gave him access.

That is the defense of a friend rather than of an ideologue. Weigel is really lucky that he has Stacy McCain as a friend. Stacy will fight for his friends till hell freezes over and then will fight on the ice.

That is what the Washington Post calls him:

Robert C. Byrd, a conservative West Virginia Democrat who became the longest-serving member of Congress in history and used his masterful knowledge of the institution to shape the federal budget, protect the procedural rules of the Senate and, above all else, tend to the interests of his state, died at 3 a.m. Monday at Inova Fairfax Hospital, his office said.

Newsbusters notes his lifetime American Conservative Union rating was 28

Why is this the case? Well it is impossible to write the history of Robert Byrd without noting his involvement in the KKK. Interestingly enough as our fair and balanced media kept painting Tea Party Members and Conservatives as racists it was the democrats who were the party with a former KKK member in their caucus.

This was a problem, but now that he is dead, no matter what his actual voting record the media can now use the word “Conservative” to deflect that fact away from the party.

Update: CNN just called him an “archconservative” just before bringing up the Klan, what a bunch of phony bastards

When the news came that Sen Byrd was hospitalized this article came out at Five Thirty Eight:

Byrd’s current term expires on January 3, 2013. Under West Virginia state law on handling Senate vacancies, “if the vacancy occurs less than two years and six months before the end of the term, the Governor appoints someone to fill the unexpired term and there is no election”. Otherwise, Manchin would appoint an interim replacement, and an special election would be held in November to determine who held the seat in 2011 and 2012.

In other words, we are within a week of the threshold established by West Virginia law. If a vacancy were to be declared on July 3rd or later, there would not be an election to replace Byrd until 2012. If it were to occur earlier, there could potentially be an election later this year, although there might be some ambiguities arising from precisely when and how the vacancy were declared.

I thought it was a little crass but now that Sen Byrd has actually died it becomes VERY relevant.

It all comes down to when the Governor declares a vacancy. There is no question that the office is vacant but the Democratic Governor likely would rather not have another senate seat voted on in 2010.

As the corner points out such shenanigans are not unheard of in these cases but then again if the Democrats hasn’t tried to pull a fast one here, we might have senator Martha Coakley today.

I presume that the democrat governor will play games. Democrats have proved totally unwilling to consider the will of the people lately so I see no reason why Governor Manchin would do otherwise.

As you might Guess it is big news on Memeorandum.

My review of the Big Finish Adventure Survival of the Fittest featuring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor and Tracy Childs as Klein is available at here.

This CD features not one but TWO bonus stories, the conclusion of the Three Doctors saga featuring the Brigadier, Polly and Thomas Brewster and a special one part preview called Klein’s story with special guest star Paul McGann as the 8th doctor? Or is he someone else?

As always you can pick up the episode at Mike’s Comics and you can listen to a preview here.

and perhaps even a tad cruel.

I got up for morning mass today but my youngest son who was at a party till very late asked if he could go to 11/12 at St. Bernards since it was closing.

I said sure and decided to go with him although I was never really into St. Bernards. Well as it got near time to leave my wife mentioned that my mother would be going to the 2 p.m. at Madonna of the Holy Rosary also that last mass at that closing church, so at my son’s request we went there.

I used to go to that church every now and again, it was close to my house as a kid and my grandparents belonged to it after it was built close to their neighborhood plus it was a missionary church of St. Anthony’s so there was a connection.

The Mass was absolutely packed, the music was inspiring and the very long sermon of the priest who was retiring was one of the best he ever gave (he was an associated priest in my youth at St. Anthonys so I was very familiar with him.). There was an incensing of the altar, a sprinkling of holy water and an procession of adoration to our lady After the profession of faith he had everyone kneel and I saw something I never saw before, he started to recite an act of contrition and a fair amount of the congregation (those who knew it anyway) recited it as well, he absolved us and gave us a penance and continued the mass. At the end of the 2 1/2 hours the entire congregation stayed till the very end of the last note of the final hymn before going to a reception after mass downstairs.

It was very beautiful but I found myself leaving the church very cynical.

During the very fine homily the Pastor he departed from the gospel and readings for a moment and talked about the parish he had been pastor of for 16 years. He talked of the Garlic Festival and the famous Fish fry and how had people worked on them etc etc etc, but that was one of the things that struck me. When speaking of the church, he didn’t talk of weddings, funerals, and masses, it was the festivals the parties. It reminded me of something I overheard a few months ago concerning the church closings. Somebody was going on about shocked he was that Holy Rosary was closing, how much money they had in the bank, how new the building was (it is the youngest parish in town) and how big and well attended the festivals were. The person he was talking to replied, yes, those things were true, if only the masses were as well attended as the festivals.

It was like a few months ago at St. Bernards, I had two different first communions to attend, one at St. Bernards and one at St. Anthony’s both have catholic schools that feed them children but St. Bernards is a much bigger church that has been around for 70 years longer, in fact it is the mother church of the city. Yet The church was not very full and the first communion class was smaller than St. Anthony’s which due to the number of kids receiving had to split things into two masses to accommodate everyone.

The church is not about the size of the place, or the parties, it’s about the sacraments, the devotions and the worship. The other things are fine but one they take precedence over the actual worship of God then the church has already closed, the people just don’t know it yet.

In various denominations we see it where social acceptance is more important than the word, in fact today there was a story about a church that took down its cross because it wanted to be “open to all views“. Once that happens its no longer a church, it’s a social club. There is nothing wrong with social clubs, but if your goal is salvation, a social club can’t deliver. The Lutherans, the Anglicans all have had this issue, and from my experience so do some Catholic Colleges.

It’s sad but that’s the way it is, our fate is in our own hands, may we have the wisdom to choose the right one.

My review of Big Finish #130 A thousand Tiny Wings staring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor and re-introducing Tracy Childs as Klein is available at here.

It is not often that you see a sequel to an adventure, particularly one from 9 years earlier but the unresolved paradox of a Nazi from a future where Germany won World War 2 loose in our reality is practically irresistible and it works!

As always you can pick up the episode at Mike’s Comics and you can listen to a preview here.

Panetta is making the case of “self radicalization”, people who decided to become radicals on their own.

This is a great example of denial and for some it is absolutely vital. If you actually suggest that there is an actual connection to radical Islam and terrorism, including in the United States then that puts you in the uncomfortable to have to make a decision to do something or not.

Ignorance is bliss because it allows you to ignore things that you don’t want to face.

Update: The unwillingness to face reality makes one spectators to events. Mark Steyn writes today about how well that is working in Canada:

I don’t want to give away any spoilers to those who want to wait the 3 weeks to see it in the US but here are my thoughts.

The episode was absolutely nothing like I expected.

I always liked the character of Rory, I liked him even more after this one.

The tone was the exact opposite of the previous episode.

There was an Inigo Montoya Moment and a side reference to something from the Princess Bride.

There is a significant contradiction from a particular 5th Doctor episode that will have to be explained or resolved.

Something happens in this episode that has never happened in the 47 years of the series, thinking back it’s actually amazing that it has never been the case.

Alex Kingston has the best part in television.

I absolutely loved the ending.

Well not really but it’s kinda funny to see this on the Britanica blog:

Many people may not have heard of ICANN, the organization that oversees the Internet’s top-level domains (TLDs; e.g., .com, .net, .org, .edu, .us), but a decision that they reached will likely affect millions of Web surfers, making it easier for them to identify porn sites from…ummm…non-porn sites. At its conference in Brussels, ICANN’s board gave initial approval for the creation of the .xxx TLD. According to the ICM registry, which backed the bid, there are some 110,000 pre-reservations for the domain–and they expect the first sites to pop up sometime in 2011.

This is actually rather significant in one respect. I talked to a friend of mine from my old HiWired days concerning porn and virus’. He said that 19 times out of 20 the virus’ we found on people machines were caused by surfing for porn. Said virus’ were always more likely to be found on a machine that didn’t use a “reputable” porn site. It will be interesting to see if this kind of “Red Light District” for the net will make it less likely that people trolling for porn online will find a electronic venereal disease.

On a less serious note that really ages me why is it that this story being in the Britannica blog makes me think of a bunch of teens from a century ago sneaking peeks at native girls in National Geographic? Is there anyone alive using the net old enough to get the reference?

Do you remember this story from a couple of weeks ago:

Since when were arms for jihadis considered aid? Watch this unfold.

Iranian aid ships head for Gaza Yahoo

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran is sending aid ships to blockaded Gaza, state radio said on Monday — a move likely to be considered provocative by Israel which accuses Tehran of arming the Palestinian enclave’s Islamist rulers, Hamas.

One ship left port on Sunday and another will depart by Friday, loaded with food, construction material and toys, the report said. “Until the end of (Israel’s) Gaza blockade, Iran will continue to ship aid,” said an official at Iran’s Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation.

Well it has unfolded or should we say unraveled?

Iran announced that the aid ship to Gaza, which was to leave on Sunday, will not be leaving. The secretary general of an Iranian organization supporting Palestinians, Hussein Sheikh el-Islam, said during a press conference that the main reason for the cancellation was “the Zionist regime’s violence and inhuman response to humanitarian aid.”

He said the aid would be transferred to Gaza in other ways, and not in Iran’s name

Not in Iran’s name? They are not only backing down, but they don’t even want their name associated with the “aid”. We haven’t seen such bravery since the days of Camelot.

The prophetic Michael Ledeen notes several lessons from the Iranian backdown:

1. They talk a lot but they’re afraid, profoundly afraid (can you imagine the RG generals talking to the Supreme Leader? “But Excellency, they will kill us all…”);

2. They will not risk direct confrontation, because any defeat will encourage the Iranian people to bring them down;

3. They talk a lot about the glories of martyrdom, but the martyrs they have in mind are the Arabs they send into battle or on suicide missions against us;

4. The trouble with American leaders is that they want to be loved, whereas a healthy dose of fear will do wonders for the region.

The emphasis on #3 is mine. It should be read by every Arab who has been taken in by these bastards to be used as cannon fodder. With the brave Iranians running away the question becomes will the Turks seeing the actions of Brave Brave Sir Robin the servants of Ahmadinejad the tough guys getting nukes ready, will they decide to stick out their necks alone? I think not. The strong horse/weak horse theory still applies.

Via Glenn Reynolds who brings back memories with this Gem.

At your throat or at your feet. It’s not just the Germans.

I haven’t heard the Germans described that way in years. Many years.

My review of the Big Finish Doctor Who adventure #25 Colditz featuring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor Sophie Aldred as Ace and future 10th Doctor David Tennant as Feldwebel Kurtz is available at here.

It was a first rate adventure but the most interesting Character is played by Tracy Childs as Klein. Her interaction with the Doctor just cries out for a sequel.

As always you can pick up the episode at Mike’s Comics and you can listen to a preview here.

in this story but no cigar.

Somebody on Journo-List didn’t like Dave Weigel and decided to publish his most furious and incendiary remarks that he thought — unwisely — that he was expressing in confidence.

this jibes with Stacy’s remarks about Washington:

Anyone who has ever worked in DC can testify that in Washington, the more you succeed, the more knives will be aimed at your back.

Geraghty continues:

So what else is on there that, if revealed, could make life difficult for Ezra Klein or Jeffrey Toobin or Paul Krugman or Ben Smith or Mike Allen? Or is the idea that as long as they stay in line, they’ll never have some remark they regret publicized to the world? Did Journo-List evolve into a massive blackmail scheme that ensures no one inside the club will ever speak ill of another member?

This is where he is wrong. There is nothing Ben Smith, Mike Allen, Ezra Klien, Jeffrey Toobin or Paul Krugman could say about conservatives that would get them in trouble. In fact it would only endear them to their customer base. That is why such revelations would never harm them, but for Dave they proved fatal. Why? Remember what I said this morning:

I see no reason why we should give him more consideration than any other journalist. If he gives us a fair shake then we should act accordingly, if not then not.

Unfortunately his job depends on us giving him more consideration than we would give another journalist. It depends on us not considering him a foe. Ann Althouse explains the issue:

So David started letting his need for lefty approval express itself on the email list, the Journolist, where the cool kids were being intimate and snarky. But those other kids were not tasked with covering conservatives. While they might have been embarrassed if the mean things they wrote in the email were ever leaked, they didn’t have careers founded on their suitability for covering conservatives. The risk poor Dave took was of an entirely different nature. Why, Dave, why? Why did you risk the plum job?

Why? Because he trusted his “friends” on the left.

And memeorandum has gone wild on the subject. The Funniest is Ezra Klein:

It was ironic, in a way, that it would be the Daily Caller that published e-mails from Journolist. A few weeks ago, its editor, Tucker Carlson, asked if he could join the list. After asking other members, I said no, that the rules had worked so far to protect people, and the members weren’t comfortable changing them. He tried to change my mind, and I offered, instead, to partner with Carlson to start a bipartisan list serv. That didn’t interest him.

In any case, Journolist is done now. I’ll delete the group soon after this post goes live. That’s not because Journolist was a bad idea, or anyone on it did anything wrong. It was a wonderful, chaotic, educational discussion. I’m proud of having started it, grateful to have participated in it, and I have no doubt that someone else will re-form it, with many of the same members, and keep it going. Hopefully, it will lose some of its mystique in the process, and be understood more for what it is: One of many e-mail lists where people talk about things they’re interested in. But insofar as the current version of Journolist has seen its archives become a weapon, and insofar as people’s careers are now at stake, it has to die.

Or in other words , “God forbid the public see what was really said by us.” Kind of funny for people whose job it is to get to get people to share with them.

Klein would doubtless say we are being paranoid about what Journolist actually was. It seems to be that he is asking for a consideration that the people on the left that he allowed on “journolist” doesn’t give to the right or the government when republicans are in power.

I also like the implication that Carlson got what he was trying to get. You had better hope that wasn’t what Tucker was after because if it was then he would have already downloaded the lot and is sitting on it. Perhaps Breitbart has it right now and is simply editing with video now to be released to its best effect.

Sooner or later it is all going to come out so, assuming I am wrong about the damage it would cause to your friends. you might as well get it out now, because if we conservatives DO have the content you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be released at a time of our best advantage. After all the left is going to be stuck by disaster this election anyways, might as well get the disaster out of the way when it can cause the least overall damage.

But I don’t think that’s what happened, I think a “friend” of his was pissed over something and decided to nail him, but you never know Ezra I might be wrong, maybe you should release the archives now.

The final official decrees for the closing of parishes in Fitchburg have been published in the Catholic Free Press. Major changes have taken place, parishes have closed, others have merged and territories have been assigned.

St. Anthony di Padua has not been unaffected by these epic changes our parish has been renamed.

No longer are we St Anthony di Padua. The parish has been renamed St. Anthony OF Padua. No longer will we use the Italian word “di”.

How we will handle such an epic change I don’t know.

The territorial boundaries as I said have been re-drawn and my family sits about 30 -50 yards on the wrong side of the line for St. Anthony. We have however decided that we will somehow manage to continue to make the 3 minute drive or 10 minute walk to St. Anthony as opposed to the 7 minutes drive and half hour walk to St. Francis that the new boundaries would have us go to.

Oh and we now have a blog. Not a real active one but we have one.

Ron Futrell is confused there seems to be two different reactions by the same people to David Petraeus and has concluded there must be more than one:

Is this the same General Petraeus? I know that name from somewhere and I’m pretty sure it’s spelled the same.

Futrell goes on to list the differences between the two Petraeus’ and his confusion.

The answer seems to me quite simple. Petraeus is a time Lord.

His ability to turn spend so much time dealing with individual tribes obviously comes from being able to use his TARDIS to go back in time to learn all these customs and travel back and forth to have the time to get to all of these places.

As for the attitude change, that’s easy; he has obviously recently regenerated and like the Doctor’s daughter Jenny had one of those rare regenerations where his physical appearance doesn’t change.

The first sign of said regeneration was the collapse. He must have been at the beginning of his regeneration cycle

This would also explain the different take of the media, they without a question didn’t care for the 1st version of Petraeus but since regeneration changes personality then of course they are looking at him in a different light.

Now it simply remains to be seen if this new regeneration of David Petraeus is just as effective a soldier as the previous one.

…covering this politico story and discovers they are likely not quite on-board with the whole victory thing:

You can read the rest of that, but it’s a pretty simple story: All those Democrats who spent six years complaining that the Iraq war was a mistake because it distracted from fighting the real enemy in Afghanistan were . . . eh, lying.

Anti-war Democrats aren’t just against bad wars and, in truth, they’re not actually anti-war. They’re just anti-America.

This is not exactly news as I wrote before:

the concept that the replacement of McChrystal with Petraeus brought one line of argument, basically that it shouldn’t be used to try to win

Here is the big conundrum: Smart Pols understand that it is not a political winner to be identified with losing a war or being responsible for losing a war. Not for the president, not for themselves and if there is anything more sacred than the humbling of America to the left, it is retaining power.

The question becomes: What is more important to the left; retaining power they crave or losing the war and humbling the west? We will find out in 2 1/2 years.

Because he puts these two sentences back to back concerning Weigel/journolist situation:

If there is something that should be kept sacred in journalism it’s a non-biased reporting of the facts(often times questionable today) and that items “off the record” stay off the record. While Weigel’s remarks give us insight into how the left are willing to talk about conservatives from within the protection of their own echo chambers, the true scoundrel here is whoever released his comments.

When two sentences earlier he writes this:

According to the story about the list, often times this is where news is first developed and then echoed out to the country through blogs and editorials. Up to this point however, no one has been outed for their participation and what they’ve said.

So let me get this straight, this “echo chamber” is where news is “developed” and the “echoed” to the world, by a group of hard liberals in a “secret and secure” group to paint things a particular way to influence the American people and we are worried about a scoundrel who leaks e-mail about some guy venting?

It’s like saying Tessio is a scoundrel and Clemenza is not. They’re all friggen Mafia! They are by definition all scoundrels.

We need to be much more worried about how they are trying to spin the news as a collective than if Dave lost his temper and some guys decided to be a pain over it.

Via Glenn who puts it best: No honor among schmucks.

But here is my take:

It would be nice if the Washington Post appointed a, you know, conservative, to cover conservatives, but that isn’t in the cards, where their customer base is and just not going to happen. Conservatives being angry at Weigel is not going to change this policy.

Stacy calls him a friend, he has gone after him on occasion when wrong (as have I) but he believes in the honey/vinegar principle here, plus since he declares him a friend that has to trump political considerations.

Weigel’s apology can be taken or not, it’s up to you. Do remember that if you choose not to accept the apology, be aware that this is the standard you are setting for yourself.

As far as him as an individual, I don’t know him or have loyalty one way or the other, he is a friend of a friend so I’ll give him some consideration on those lines, but as far as the conservative movement is concerned here’s the bottom line.

As far as him and the Wa Po, it’s real simple. I see no reason why we should give him more consideration than any other journalist. If he gives us a fair shake then we should act accordingly, if not then not.

And Dave some basic advice: If you don’t want something to get out, you don’t send it in an e-mail. Write the e-mail, vent your spleen, then delete it. I’ve done that myself and you’d be shocked at how much better you feel just writing it.

Sooner or later someone is going to Hack JournoList so the people on it should act accordingly.

Update: Weigel resigns. Will they choose a conservative to cover conservatives in the future? I wouldn’t be a whole lot of money on it.

Update 2: I have since met Weigel, he seems like a nice enough guy.

…in a well meaning post defending pro life women from this nonsense from Gloria Steinem. But her post that contains this whopper:

Earlier feminists were almost universally pro-choice and have dominated political debate until now.

This link contains the answer to this canard that is treated as history, but if you don’t want to bother here are a list of a few names that should be familiar if you know any history:

Jane Addams, Susan B. Anthony, Pearl S. Buck, Dorothy Day, Alice Stokes Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Wollstonecraft. If those names aren’t enough, feminists for life have plenty more.

It should be possible to defend pro-life feminism without re-writing history doing it, but that doesn’t get you a gig on CNN.

The only words that Joe Scarborough & Co seemed to know were “Joe Barton” during their interview with Eric Cantor.

Why Cantor didn’t say to Joe: “I know that the democratic talking points are to try to make the election about Joe Barton rather than Barack Obama, and if that’s the Democrats plan to keep power and win elections then they have very little respect for the intelligence of the American people.”

It’s moment like this why I wonder why I watch the show.

Now that Claire McCaskill is now I wonder if she is going to be grilled or pressed Will they ask about the “Betray Us” vote? The closest thing to a tough question was why are we in Afghanistan from Barnicle.

If this is how even Morning Joe is going to play the game, then I might have to change my opinion on if the GOP should bother going on the show. Why bother when the alternate media is out there?

…the first being the news on the budget, that I took with a grain of salt because of the source. Now the Al Gore Sex scandal is all over Memeorandum and Stacy McCain’s joke story is not a joke any more.

The real story here, isn’t the fact that the case was closed (the Washington Post’s line). The story here is that the news of the case was apparently suppressed for 3 years during a time when the Vice President was as prominent as he had ever been.

Let’s pretend the person in the report was named, “McCain”, or “Bush” or “Palin” would the story have been reported? In fact we don’t have to pretend.

Two cause and effects for this:

#1 It might be time to decide to take the National Enquirer seriously as a news source, particularly since the rest of the media isn’t interested. One story (Edwards) might be lucky, two stories add up to news.

#2 Falahime who blogs at POWIP who is a masseuse will be putting up the following sign:

“We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone. Especially Al Gore.”

The money line of the story BTW

Of course, the real story isn’t about masseuse vs. massage therapist, but about this: “The FBI, Secret Service and Oregon State Police all declined Portland Police request to investigate the assault claim against Gore, according to the police report.”

How about that!

…the concept that the replacement of McChrystal with Petraeus brought one line of argument, basically that it shouldn’t be used to try to win, because of course there is no chance that this can be turned around in a year. There seemed a real worry that Petraeus had made a deal giving more time to fight.

The possibility that this could be used to bail out the president couldn’t trump the agreed fret that we shouldn’t try to win.

One interesting note, Barnicle as he is wont to do started giving the names of some of the KIA’s and they faded out quickly. Why? Because now those names reflect on Obama.

from their site. Down the memory hole it goes, via Weasel Zippers. Stacy puts it best:

The American Left: Shamelessly Following Orders Ever Since Stalin Told Us to Endorse Hitler’s Invasion of Poland.

Well not everyone. AMERICAblog expresses surprise:

You’ll remember Petraeus as one of the Iraq war’s biggest defenders. Which is interesting, since the Senate Democrats just a few years ago produced a lengthy analysis of how flawed Petraeus’ Iraq testimony really was.

They get full marks for consistency, but it’s funny I’m sure the first thing on everybody’s mind was his testimony. It prompted the following comment from me:

Perhaps our democratic friends have discovered that “flawed congressional testimony” doesn’t trump actual success in winning a war.

I’ve already said I don’t care who commands as long as we win (and don’t have to do without Lara Logan). Little Miss Attila is still worried:

I actually think it was a clever move, though I wonder whether it’s possible to salvage the situation at this point.

And I offer her these words of encouragement:

Have faith Joy, after all that’s what the World Cup announcers were saying at the 90th minute of today’s match.

However Michal Yon in an e-mail to Glenn is more bullish:

I was there through the entire surge, and more, and saw the remarkable transformation under command of General Petraeus and due to the incredible efforts of our armed forces and civilian counterparts. No book that I have read, including the one that I wrote, has fully conveyed the magnitude of those days. You simply had to be there.

Here we are again. This time on the cusp of losing the war in Afghanistan. The situation is worse than ever before. Again, the United States has asked General David Petraeus to step into a situation that seems hopeless to many people. It is not hopeless, just extremely bad.

We have not yet begun to fight.

Update: Now a Memeorandum thread coming to a computer near you.

You don’t expect us to believe you or McCain over the White House on the border issue do you? It’s not as if we have audio of President Obama talking about that trade off to fall back on.

Oh Wait.

Hey that doesn’t count. He wasn’t president then and anyway that was six years ago, way past the expiration date.

it is straight from Star Trek The Next Generation:

Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: If you can’t make the big decisions, Commander, I suggest you make room for someone who can.

Absolutely amazing.

The funny thing is when the GOP put out their press release a few days ago on this I ignored it because it was a press release and It was to me such an incredible claim, I just wasn’t willing to believe it. But it’s true. I actually thought better of these people. You would think by now I would have learned my lesson.

I’ve got some things to do today but tomorrow (other than a postponed father’s day lunch) I will be doing some footwork on this.

I mean the ads just make themselves.

I had to go somewhere today and got back with 10 minutes left to the game seeing England ahead and the US game at 0-0 with under 10 min to go. The England game just finished and Slovakia was in for about 30 seconds when Donovan scored on the rebound.

One important thing to point out, the goal would not have been possible if the US Goalie at the other end (Howard) didn’t make the save and wasted no time throwing the ball forward to start the break. That will not likely be remembered but it should be.

Yeah it’s soccer but it’s US Soccer!

Update: This is consistent with what I wrote before:

Asked about the earlier disallowed goal, a glory-drenched Donovan responded, and I paraphrase: “We embody what Americans are all about. We can moan about or we can keep going.

Does that sound conservative or what?

Update 2: Cripes Stacy is so excited that he has TWO posts on the subject.

There are some things that are just too ridiculous to be believed.

CBS News’ #2 exec made a strange confession to Broadcasting & Cable magazine: the network isn’t covering Afghanistan as much as it used to because war correspondent Lara Logan is out on maternity leave.

“I would think that the biggest factor in how much less we’ve had on the air really has to do with Lara Logan’s pregnancy than it does with anything else,” CBS News Executive VP Paul Friedman said.

Via National Review which posted on the Huff Po story with one word: Unbelievable!

Are you telling me in an era when reporters are dropping like flys there isn’t anyone available to cover the war? Hey maybe we can get the Taliban to agree to a cease fire till Logan is done with her maternity leave?

Hey CBS why don’t you offer a contract to one of the two Michaels? Yon or Totten?

Cripes no wonder the MSM is sinking like a rock.