If you wonder why pro-life forces fight so hard…

…it is because of stories like this:

A fifth of nurses interviewed by researchers admitted that they had been involved in the euthanasia of a patient based on the “assumption” they would want to die. Nearly half of the nurses – 120 of 248 – admitted they had taken part in “terminations without request or consent”.

Euthanasia has been legal in Belgium since 2002. It accounts for two per cent of all deaths annually. The law states that patient consent must be given and that doctors must carry out the procedure. But the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that the rules are routinely flouted and shows how doctors often delegate the administering of fatal drugs to nurses.

You know that old Hippocratic oath had something to it. If you work under the assumption that the job is to preserve life and always err on the side of life you don’t get this type of thing, but once the attitude changes and the idea of cost take precedence the equation changes.

This is the result of a post Christian Europe and it is on its way here. It will not take one year or even 5, but by the time many of those who supported this health care plan become old enough to need this care, they may find that they ended up voting for their own end. In fact you have candidates openly stating this type of stuff today.