from their site. Down the memory hole it goes, via Weasel Zippers. Stacy puts it best:

The American Left: Shamelessly Following Orders Ever Since Stalin Told Us to Endorse Hitler’s Invasion of Poland.

Well not everyone. AMERICAblog expresses surprise:

You’ll remember Petraeus as one of the Iraq war’s biggest defenders. Which is interesting, since the Senate Democrats just a few years ago produced a lengthy analysis of how flawed Petraeus’ Iraq testimony really was.

They get full marks for consistency, but it’s funny I’m sure the first thing on everybody’s mind was his testimony. It prompted the following comment from me:

Perhaps our democratic friends have discovered that “flawed congressional testimony” doesn’t trump actual success in winning a war.

I’ve already said I don’t care who commands as long as we win (and don’t have to do without Lara Logan). Little Miss Attila is still worried:

I actually think it was a clever move, though I wonder whether it’s possible to salvage the situation at this point.

And I offer her these words of encouragement:

Have faith Joy, after all that’s what the World Cup announcers were saying at the 90th minute of today’s match.

However Michal Yon in an e-mail to Glenn is more bullish:

I was there through the entire surge, and more, and saw the remarkable transformation under command of General Petraeus and due to the incredible efforts of our armed forces and civilian counterparts. No book that I have read, including the one that I wrote, has fully conveyed the magnitude of those days. You simply had to be there.

Here we are again. This time on the cusp of losing the war in Afghanistan. The situation is worse than ever before. Again, the United States has asked General David Petraeus to step into a situation that seems hopeless to many people. It is not hopeless, just extremely bad.

We have not yet begun to fight.

Update: Now a Memeorandum thread coming to a computer near you.

You don’t expect us to believe you or McCain over the White House on the border issue do you? It’s not as if we have audio of President Obama talking about that trade off to fall back on.

Oh Wait.

Hey that doesn’t count. He wasn’t president then and anyway that was six years ago, way past the expiration date.

it is straight from Star Trek The Next Generation:

Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: If you can’t make the big decisions, Commander, I suggest you make room for someone who can.

Absolutely amazing.

The funny thing is when the GOP put out their press release a few days ago on this I ignored it because it was a press release and It was to me such an incredible claim, I just wasn’t willing to believe it. But it’s true. I actually thought better of these people. You would think by now I would have learned my lesson.

I’ve got some things to do today but tomorrow (other than a postponed father’s day lunch) I will be doing some footwork on this.

I mean the ads just make themselves.

I had to go somewhere today and got back with 10 minutes left to the game seeing England ahead and the US game at 0-0 with under 10 min to go. The England game just finished and Slovakia was in for about 30 seconds when Donovan scored on the rebound.

One important thing to point out, the goal would not have been possible if the US Goalie at the other end (Howard) didn’t make the save and wasted no time throwing the ball forward to start the break. That will not likely be remembered but it should be.

Yeah it’s soccer but it’s US Soccer!

Update: This is consistent with what I wrote before:

Asked about the earlier disallowed goal, a glory-drenched Donovan responded, and I paraphrase: “We embody what Americans are all about. We can moan about or we can keep going.

Does that sound conservative or what?

Update 2: Cripes Stacy is so excited that he has TWO posts on the subject.

There are some things that are just too ridiculous to be believed.

CBS News’ #2 exec made a strange confession to Broadcasting & Cable magazine: the network isn’t covering Afghanistan as much as it used to because war correspondent Lara Logan is out on maternity leave.

“I would think that the biggest factor in how much less we’ve had on the air really has to do with Lara Logan’s pregnancy than it does with anything else,” CBS News Executive VP Paul Friedman said.

Via National Review which posted on the Huff Po story with one word: Unbelievable!

Are you telling me in an era when reporters are dropping like flys there isn’t anyone available to cover the war? Hey maybe we can get the Taliban to agree to a cease fire till Logan is done with her maternity leave?

Hey CBS why don’t you offer a contract to one of the two Michaels? Yon or Totten?

Cripes no wonder the MSM is sinking like a rock.

…the thread that has dominated memeorandum, because I am indifferent.

Yeah I don’t like the Rolling Stone interview, yeah lately the administration has not inspired me with their priorities, but bottom line is I want to win the war.

We have an army of millions, we have plenty of Generals, I doubt that McChrystal is the only one who is tactically capable of winning the war. If he is then we are in trouble bigtime.

As for generals and presidents butting heads, we have had that as long as we’ve had generals and presidents, cripes we had that before we even declared independence.

To steal the name from the old wargaming magazine I used to read, it comes down to Strategy and Tactics if McChrystal is the best choice and he is not undermining the war then keep him, if not then replace him.

The goal is to win, eyes on the prize people, eyes on the prize.

Update: McChrystal out, Petraeus in. Big Whoop, as long as we win.

One good thing about the move is Petraeus is that his rep will likely allow him to pursue the strategy of his choice, but we will see.