Just don’t call it Cabbage

The fine blogger Roxeanne de Luca takes exception with me and Stacy for our defense of the Arab man in this story, to wit:

What really appalls me, though, is the idea that since every man out there lies to get sex, it’s okay and cannot possibly be criminal. Humans could not have long survived, let alone created our civilisation, if we only did things that we want to do and used any means to obtain our goals.

I have to disagree, I’m not defending the man’s actions but I don’t believe it is fair or proper to call it rape with all it entails.

Israel can have whatever laws it wants but I think it is wrong, not because the guy is good, or the lady is evil but words carry meaning and the meaning of what happened certainly isn’t rape.

Oh and the meaning of the title, Roxeanne’s blog won’t allow a comment with the word rape, so I replaced it with “Cabbage” throughout.