Stacy Has direct updates from Alaska, to wit:

ALASKA SENATE COUNTDOWN TODAY UPDATE: Miller Leads by 1,460 Votes After More Absentee Ballots Counted UPDATE: Miller Campaign Spokesman Expects ‘Good Day at the End of the Day’

Can someone please explain to me why some outfit in the MSM hasn’t snatched this guy up? They can’t all be afraid of Johnson.

memorandum thread here.

As I sit working on my Niece’s daughter’s computer her father showed me a machine he just got back from the Geek Squad, they repaired the power connector on the laptop (the first thing that tends to go barring a physical accident) and tested the repair with a known good battery.

For some reason however they specifically neglected to check if it would charge the battery that he came in with (it isn’t) so now after an expensive repair he has a laptop that is not portable.

Basic common sense says you test the battery that the system came in with, how it was released without doing that is beyond me, particularly since he had quite a haul to get to the local best buy (several towns away).

On occasion people are going to make mistakes but this neglected step is specifically on the form.

Guys I know you are still around and HiWired didn’t do hardware but this is support 101, make it easy for the customer and keep him informed. You can’t afford to be making mistakes like this when there are a dozen guys just waiting to take your job.

Bad form people, bad form.

There were four people that I know of who were attending their first tea party event last night:

One was my nephew Matt who came a bit late missing the start

One was my friend Poet and Theology expert James Marley who had to leave early.

One was Democratic city counselor from Fitchburg Rosemary Reynolds (she was James’ ride)

and finally my arch enemy friend Chris Lackey

I was hoping to get a video interview with Chris before he left but after grabbing several candidate interviews when I got to him he had to leave due to an early appointment on his wife’s part but he was kind enough to send me an e-mail of him impressions both of the Beck march and the meeting. After reading what he wrote, it is almost as if we were at two different events.

Chris requested that If I used his comments they were to be presented unedited and I think this is a good idea.
First It is an opposing view you don’t want to play with it
Secondly he did actually come for himself and stay for the entire event so he deserves the respect of an unfiltered opinion
Third I think it says more about the perspective that he came from and came in with and the perspective of the far left than anything about the tea party.

The irony that the host of the longest running atheist podcast in the state came and heard a speech about the Beck event which was overtly religious was not lost on me.

I would continue to urge people who agree and/or disagree with the tea parties and what they stand for to come on down, these meetings are open and all are welcome.

It goes without saying of course that these views are his and not of this blog They are presented as is without further comment on my part. I’ll let my readers and other attendees take care of that, so without further ado here is Chris’ comment: Continue reading “An opposing view: “Guest” post on yesterday’s Twin City Tea Party”

Some good news. I will be attending Freedom Works Blogcon running Thursday Sept 9th through Sunday September 12th. This means I will be covering the rallies at the capital that weekend.

Freedom works is graciously taking care of the airline and the room. I am hoping to raise a little bit of dough to pay for the metro, grub and spare batteries etc. I’m figuring about $150 should cover me for the days of the conference $200 if you want to help pay for the Cannoli I am bringing with me.

So if you would like to give a hand click on DaTipJar to the left and I hope to see you in Washington.

following the Joe Miller recount story.

You know the blood pressure of Mrs. Other McCain not withstanding if more reporters did what Stacy does, that is , actually go out and report the media would be held in more respect.

That doesn’t mean that Dan Riehl isn’t doing his best from the lower 48.

It’s stuff like this:

An alarming, must-see video at Big Peace shows prominent leaders of the Islamic community in the United States openly raising money for terrorism at a Saudi-funded mosque in central Florida.

Organized by the Islamic Society of Central Florida’s Imam Muhammad Musri, the compelling video features leftist former UK MP George Galloway and three-time felon Mahdi Bray of the Muslim American Society’s Freedom Foundation raising at least $55,000 for Hamas.

The sad thing is, if the MSM was willing to report on this stuff when it was happening it might have been nipped in the bud and wouldn’t have emboldened these guys to continue along these lines.

Well at least groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center investigate stuff like this: Oh Wait:

With regard to monitoring radical jihadists, we have made a pragmatic decision to leave that mainly to the major Jewish NGOs, which do a good job and have some real expertise that would likely take us years to develop.

When there is no disincentive for bad behavior you get more of it.

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Let’s sue to save the life of a terrorist in a foreign country because he was born here.

The younger al-Awlaki, who was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico, has been marked for death by the U.S. Defense Department and the CIA, according to the organizations.

U.S. forces are trying to find al-Awlaki, saying he has been linked to plots against American targets including the failed attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to detonate an explosive device aboard an airliner approaching Detroit in December.

Because there is nothing more un-american that killing people who join the enemy during a time of war.

Do these people actually understand how that looks?

Oh and notice the headline: ACLU Sues U.S. Over Targeted Killing of Citizens. The headline is a great example of a headline that doesn’t tell the story, it makes it sound like we are shooting people in the streets here.

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How Old was the doctor when he “borrowed on a finders keepers basis” the Tardis?

answer 236 years old

How do we know.

In The Pirate Planet episode one Romana states he has operated his TARDIS for 523 years. In the first episode of the Ribos operation she points out the Doctor is 759 years old.

Now that I have net access here I’ll give you live updates as to what goes on. (newest entries on Top)

8:15 p.m. Guy Carbone write in/sticker candidate for AG very impressive.

8:00 p.m. Campbell’s big issues are the military ballot issue and ID’s for voters.

7:50 p.m. Bill Campbell candidate for sec of state up now

7:45 p.m. Here is that interview I conducted, this is not the one from the stage

7:30 p.m. Twin city tea party will have shirts made for the 9/12 march

7:20 p.m. “A lot of the problems from today comes from us letting things happen.”

7:15 p.m. now a talk from a (different) attendee of Restore Honor rally

7:00 p.m. Mistake to avoid, make sure you have every written piece proofread and confirmed before the candidate takes any of your writer’s info to the podium.

6:57 p.m. I knew we won (Leominster Mayor race) when my opponent had to borrow for his campaign while we were still getting money. When I watched the Scott Brown election it was the same excitement.

6:50 p.m. “You have to become viable.” , “Gather names and database them.”

6:45 p.m. Guy MacKenzie is talking about organizing a local campaign effectively

6:35 p.m. Just scored an interview with a person who attended the Glenn Beck Restoreing honor rally, I will upload it ASAP

6:25 p.m. What are the odds, Rosemary Reynolds Fitchburg City counsel and polar opposite of Chris on the Planned Parenthood issue is also here for her first Tea Party event.

6:20 p.m. My Arch enemy friend Chris Lackey from Center of Mass is here checking out a tea party for the first time.

Young Ezra’s column is more about parties than Crist but the title is a little off.

Crist is no enigma. He is very easy to understand. Just another pol who can’t imagine life as an ex-elected official.

the point of the article is actually not bad, based on party you can guess how someone will vote pretty closely, but on Crist it is even easier.

If elected he will support whoever and whatever keeps him in office and in gravy.

Bank on it.

Memorandum thread here.

Stacy and Michelle have put up excellent posts in support of Christine O’Donnell but rather than try to match their rhetoric lets bottom line it:

A vote for Christine O’Donnell is a vote for Joe Miller

A vote for Mike Castle is a vote for Lisa Murkowski and the NRCC

Any questions?

Saw a tweet today from Reesdansie that said: America Held hostage day 588. I think that is unfair.

Held hostage implies that it was against our will, we did this to ourselves.

However with Manny on the brain it led me to this SI article from a few years ago of really bad free agent signings:

1. Hampton, $121 million, Rockies (and Braves). The deals for him and Denny Neagle ($55 million, five years) set the Rockies back five years. On the other hand, the complicated trade to send him away and get the Rockies on the path to the World Series was a stroke of genius. The Braves, who got him from the Marlins in November 2002, two days after Colorado dumped him, are known for wise pitching decisions, but this has to be their worst.

2. Carl Pavano, $40 million, four (long) years, Yankees. Never really looked interested. Changed agents more times than he actually pitched.

3. Albert Belle, $65 million, five years, Orioles. Brought surly mood, diminished power and bad hip to Peter Angelos’ brand of bad baseball

His list has 13 names on it with contracts worth a combined $925 million.

That is really the way we have to look at it. Barack Obama is a free agent who came with a lot of hype and the country got carried away with it, we thought we were getting the next Jackie Robinson, instead we got Pumpsie Green.

Bottom line Barack Obama is the most expensive free agent signing in history and he still has two years left on his contract!

Knowing the Red Sox have been having issue with offense and with so many players hurt I had a thought that they should consider trying to claim Manny Ramirez off of wavers, figuring hey how much damage in the clubhouse can he do in a month?

Ramirez, who lost his starting left-field job to Scott Podsednik, was out of the lineup for the fourth consecutive day when he came to the plate as a pinch-hitter in the sixth inning with the bases loaded. The first pitch was called a strike by home-plate umpire Gary Cederstrom. Ramirez argued that it was outside, and was ejected. Torre was furious. He got even more mad when Reed Johnson finished the at-bat by grounding into a double play.

Just so you understand the bases were loaded and the Dodgers were down 8-2, there was one out, a Manny Shot would have cut that lead to 8-6, even a walk would have put the tying run on deck, you’ve been on the bench for four days. You would think that this is the perfect stage to show everybody who belongs at the plate. Guess not.

David Pinto’s accurate stats not withstanding this is Manny being Manny, it has always been Manny being Manny and always will be Manny being Manny.

Of course it is a moot point since the White Sox had first crack at him. He will likely be a very valuable person down the stretch, might even be enough to make a difference during that month. Maybe even Ozzie Guillen can control him.

Manny is a great player when he is happy, if he is not happy then he becomes a great but selfish player.

There is no question that Manny is one of the best hitters there have ever been, his swing is sweet and has a great eye for the plate (he was right about the call btw) Watching him bat was always a pleasure. As a Red Sox fan I will never forget him in 2004 and on the parade and will always remember him fondly for it. There is no question he is a HOF player and deserves it. We owe him here, but after this weekend reminded me of the other side of the coin, I’m glad his Sox will be White rather than red in September.

Remember when everyone told us that democrats should run on their records supporting Obamacare and the president when the people were screaming otherwise in polls?

I’m sure the leadership said they would stand behind them.

Apparently as the Cyberleader once told Miss Hartigan “That would be classified as a lie” as politico reports:

Facing a perilous political environment that has left the House Democratic majority in jeopardy, Van Hollen told reporters in a briefing at the National Press Club that the party faces a series of difficult decisions about which candidates to invest in this fall — and whom to leave behind

“At the end of the day, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will look at races we can win,” Van Hollen said.

And in the same breath he insists the democrats will retain the house.

So to all you democrats who thought it would be a good idea to let Obamacare pass and to all you blue dogs who pulled a Fishbait Miller thinking that Pelosi and co would save you, I have one word.


A wheel of fish award for you!

Update: Who would have guessed the first death panel from obamacare would be a political one for ailing democratic members?

But if you like me are a boardgamer who still have a shelf full of Avalon Hill games on your shelf, from Wooden Ships & Iron Men, to Civilization, to UpFront, to 1830 and the still published Diplomacy et/al he is the father of the hobby that you have enjoyed for decades.

As the founder of Avalon Hill his realistic wargames broke the mold and gave an outlet for all of us history buffs who didn’t follow the anti-military trend in society during the 60’s and 70.

His games rewarded strategic and creative thinking, From 1776, to War and Peace, from Tobruk to Third Reich. My gaming group still plays these type of games on a weekly basis 30+ years after we were first introduced to them. A full list of games are here.

Although since Hasbro took them over the “official” avalon hill line is decimated, you can still enjoy many of these games thanks to Curt Schilling’s MMP who hold the rights to many of these games and publish them and other new games so you can enjoy the hobby.

I’ll wager a lot of conservative bloggers like myself have the flags of a hundred different flags of history at half mast this morning.

Why with Charles Blow AND Al Sharpton as guests and Joe nowhere to be found.

Like I said Sharpton was brilliant. Thanks to his march MSNBC can deal with him instead of Beck.

Charles Blow is going after Beck, of course he is. Says people don’t understand. Mika seems confused that the crowd seems like “good people”, of course you are confused, for a year you have bought into the narative that you have been shoveled by the left.

6:20 Did MSNBC actually quote an unsigned e-mail from a unnamed conservative to politico as evidence of conservative opposition? Did I actually watch that? Is this what the left is reduced to?

6:50 a.m. Joe is now on the set, who will this change the coverage?

7:05 a.m. Bringing on Grover Norquist, not known as a social conservative to comment on Beck & co.

7:10 a.m. Now it’s “reported hundreds of thousands” what a difference an hour makes

7:15 a.m. Norquist dodges around

716 a.m. Can’t he just point out that Beck didn’t attack Muslims at his march, did Norquist even watch the speeches?

7:17 a.m. Norquist “I would rather have 1000 people rallies in congressional districts all over the country” So would the media, they could ignore that.

7:21 a.m. It would be really nice if they were able to have a conservative on who wasn’t tentative about Beck. It is also interesting that apparently “establishment” republicans privately are saying nasty things to Politico but don’t dare say it publicly. That suggests we need a new republican establishment.

7:33 a.m. Sharpton and Jealous? Sharpton and Jealous? they couldn’t have one speaker or supporter of Becks march on the show, give me a break!

7:46 a.m Joe mentions honoring the troops, they don’t mention code pink at Sharpton’s rally

8:06 a.m. It’s like a tea party rally, says Dean, I thought the left said tea party rallies were all these violent things, that’s what you were telling us all last year.

8:10 a.m. Dean calls Beck Father Coughlin and the people there “lost souls” He insists that Beck is a hate monger and that these aren’t tea party people. HA!

Guys bottom line is you need to hire me ASAP. I’ll tweet and chat with you from right here, give you the perspective of the conservative movement for the whole three hours every day and clue you in, and I’d do it for a lot less that the guys you have on now.

8:46: a.m. They bring up Joe Miller’s tweet, never mention this

Sources in Anchorage inform me that the five-member executive board of the Alaska Libertarian Party will convene in an emergency meeting today to discuss efforts by Lisa Murkowski’s supporters to secure the LP nomination for the Republican senator should she fail to overturn Joe Miller’s 1,668-vote margin in the GOP primary.

Not a word about the potential million dollar warchest transfer.

My review of the Big Finish 8th Doctor Episode 2.2 Max Warp staring Paul McGann as the Doctor and Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller is available at here:

Considering the posts this week about cars and hot rods this review fits in perfectly

As always you can pick this up at Mike’s comics. You can also listen to a trailer the adventure here.

My review of the 1915 silent movie Birth of a Nation one of the most famous American movies in history is available at here.

After you read my review read Roger Ebert’s from 2003: A peek:

To understand “The Birth of a Nation” we must first understand the difference between what we bring to the film, and what the film brings to us. All serious moviegoers must sooner or later arrive at a point where they see a film for what it is, and not simply for what they feel about it. “The Birth of a Nation” is not a bad film because it argues for evil. Like Riefenstahl’s “The Triumph of the Will,” it is a great film that argues for evil. To understand how it does so is to learn a great deal about film, and even something about evil.

I don’t have much use for Roger Ebert as a political commentator but his review of this movie is spot on. We can only thank God that for the good of society Michael Moore or Oliver Stone doesn’t have the skill or talent of D. W. Griffith.

This was just said on Reliable Sources. He is serious.

Jane Hall is going on about how Beck is not a reverend and hitting him for it.

They are crying Fox news, Fox news… as if that is all one needs to say.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Update: Hotair and memeorandum catch up

After a year or more of the left trying to first dismiss the tea parties as AstroTurf, then as irreverent, then not as big as they claim, then finally as violent racist and all of them failing miserably, Sharpton came up with a brilliant idea.

By holding a competing rally who’s primary mission was to declare the other rally evil and divisive, Sharpton was able to give the left something else to cover. To create an equivalence.

You can not find coverage of the Restoring Honor Rally without seeing coverage of Sharpton, (this post for example). The blogs on the left, some of who might not normally want to give him the time of day are forced to do so, because the alternative is to deal with Beck and the numbers he produced.

Sharpton saw this opportunity and jumped at it and the liberals with no alternatives must elevate him for his aggrandizement and profit.

Ironic isn’t it, Sharpton’s actions are the ultimate expression of capitalism, abetted by those who reject it.

The Park service estimated 250,000 at the Beck event so naturally CBS news needs a different figure:

An estimated 87,000 people attended a rally organized by talk-radio host and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck Saturday in Washington, according to a crowd estimate commissioned by CBS News.

CBS specifically commissioned a group for an estimate, that’s interesting. I wonder if they generated an estimate for Sharpton’s march?

memorandum thread here.

If you want to know why the major networks are hemorrhaging viewers, you now know.

And you also know why Charles Johnson is also hemorrhaging page views

NBC via the NYT of all places does better:

Officials do not make crowd estimates because they are unreliable and can be controversial, but event organizers put the number of attendees at 500,000; NBC News said it was closer to 300,000, but by any measure it was a large turnout. The crowd stretched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument.

So NBC’s estimate is more than triple CBS. No more morning joe for Charles and company. And what about Sharpton:

Across town, several hundred people packed a football field at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School to stage a rally commemorating Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

In fairness to Sharpton on CSPAN it looked like they easily made 1000 to me so that number sounds kinda low.

Today WCRN radio broadcast from the Mall at Whitney field this afternoon (or as anyone who actually lives in Fitchburg or Leominster know it as Searstown).

The featured guests were Mary Connaughton Candidate for Auditor and Ed McGrath candidate for the 2nd Middlesex and Norfolk district

Conservatively Speaking
who appeared with John Weston talking about their candidacies.

Unfortunately the show in a fit of insanity brought on some blogger in a fedora to talk for a few minutes about the Glenn Beck Rally, but lucky for all in earshot he wasn’t on long.

They will be back in Leominster next Saturday too so make sure you give a listen as conservative talk continues to make its mark in Massachusetts.

Bob Herbert finds it outrageous that Beck’s restore honor march is on the same day as that other famous supporter of Republicans Martin Luther King’s was:

America is better than Glenn Beck. For all of his celebrity, Mr. Beck is an ignorant, divisive, pathetic figure. On the anniversary of the great 1963 March on Washington he will stand in the shadows of giants — Abraham Lincoln and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Who do you think is more representative of this nation?

Interestingly he finds Beck’s criticism of the president racist but his own critiques of the administration not. I wonder if he is working under the Bo Snerdley certification rules concerning Obama criticism?

Maybe he doesn’t know that Alveda King is speaking at Beck’s rally. And they are playing Lift every voice and sing there as I watch it live at noon, but then again he gets his news from the NYT, so how can he expect to be informed?

If like the NYT you count the numbers of people at either event and combine them with the folks at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally we get hundreds of thousands of people in attendance.

Between the two events, hundreds of thousands of people could swarm the Mall.

I hope we have enough food this year for all those folks.

The sad thing? Thousands of readers of the NYT around the world will never know the truth. The sadder thing? That is by design.

Question: What do Bob Herbert of the New York Times and a six year old child afraid of Monsters in her closet have in common?

What is the reliability myopic Bob Herbert afraid of that doesn’t exist? Why Tea party violence of course:

But I worry about the potential for violence that grows out of unrestrained, hostile bombast. We’ve seen it so often. A little more than two weeks after the 1963 March on Washington, the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham was bombed by the Ku Klux Klan and four young black girls were killed. And three months after the march, Jack Kennedy was assassinated.

Well yeah you know what happens when conservatives get angry, there was the Bill Sparkman murder, oops that was a staged suicide, they stab Muslim cab drivers, no wait that was a supporter of the park 51, or they firebomb democratic congressman’s offices, oh wait that was a liberal blogger who is suspected of that, well what about the death threats and shots fired at a party office this week? Sorry those were fired at a GOP office and the death threats were against Freedom Works a pro tea-party group. Ok so they aren’t all that violent but they do throw eggs at buses of people who oppose them, oh wait

Where is he getting these delusions? Why the Southern Law and Poverty Center of course and they do have a history of seeing growing threats:

How did this story line grow? Many of the claims that extremism is on the rise in America originate in research done by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based group that for nearly 40 years has tracked what it says is the growing threat of intolerance in the United States. These days, the SPLC is issuing new warnings of new threats. But today’s warnings sound an awful lot like those of the past.

In 1989, the SPLC warned of the growing threat of skinheads, saying, “Not since the height of Klan activity during the civil-rights era has there been a white supremacist group so obsessed with violence.”

In 1992, the SPLC warned of the growing threat of other white supremacist groups, which it claimed had grown by 27 percent from the year before.

In 1995, the SPLC warned of the growing threat of right-wing militias.

In 1998, the SPLC warned of the growing threat of Internet-based hate groups that, according to one press account, had “created the biggest surge in hate in America in years.”

In 1999, the SPLC warned that the growing threat of Web-based hate groups was growing even more, with a 60 percent increase from the year before.

In 2002, the SPLC warned of the growing threat of post-Sept. 11 hate groups, which it said had grown 12 percent between 2000 and 2001.

In 2004, the SPLC warned (again) of the growing threat of skinhead groups, whose numbers it said had doubled in the previous year.

In 2008, the SPLC warned of the growing threat of hate groups overall, whose number it said increased 48 percent since 2000.

And in 2010, just a few weeks ago, the SPLC warned of the growing threat of “patriot” groups, which it said increased by 244 percent in 2009.

In the world of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the threat is always growing. Ronald Reagan’s policies led to a growing threat. The first Gulf War led to a growing threat. The election of Bill Clinton led to a growing threat. The Internet led to a growing threat. Sept. 11 led to a growing threat. The war in Iraq led to a growing threat. Is it any wonder that Obama’s presidency has, in the SPLC’s estimation, led to a growing threat?

Well mathematically sooner or later there is bound to be an incident they can point to (lemon soaked paper napkin anyone?), perhaps he can write the column in advance like an obit and wait until something happens and then he can sub in the place and date.

memeorandum thread here.

Mike Forte hosted gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker in his shop Forte’s Parts connection, however when I interviewed him there we didn’t talk politics we talked shop:

If you want a better perspective on how the economic climate has effected his business, the Framingham Tab profiled him in January.

“Trips and expensive cars — they’re the first to go,” he said. “Since 2006 I’ve been feeling it, but since autumn 2008 we’re off by about a third.”

“I’ve cut back everything,” he said. “I’ve been getting killed.”

Forte isn’t alone in his struggles.

This has been a difficult year for small businesses. In the first quarter, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 400,000 businesses with fewer than 100 employees ceased operations, eliminating one million jobs. Some experts are describing 2009 as perhaps the worst year for small business since the Great Depression.

As they say, read the whole thing.

I’ll never forget an event I covered where a crowd was padded by union members ordered there by their steward. I remember the man scanning the crowd to make sure the people he ordered to be there showed up.

I’m very curious how many of Sharpton’s attendees will be “ordered” and bussed to Washington. I also wonder how many are professional paid protesters after all it was a year ago this month that we had this moment:

This clinic is adjacent to Denver’s day laborer pickup street, Park Avenue. Being fluent in Spanish, El Marco asked these guys “¿hablan ingles?” “casi nada” was the reply from our amigo on the left. I asked him if he could tell me what the signs said. “¿Quien sabe?” (who knows?) was all he said to me, with a big grin. I’m kicking myself for not asking them how much they were getting paid to support the grassroots.

The base post is here

I can’t help but remember the Cuba scene from Godfather II

Like in Denver I suspect we will have a set of protesters who are paid to be there (Sharpton’s) vs those who are coming of their own accord (Beck’s). Make sure you take a look at the photos that are run. You won’t see as many wide shots of Sharpton’s crew, particularly not as compared to Becks. The media will present them as equal and opposite. One voice here one voice there. In all things visual you won’t be able to tell the relative sizes of the groups.

Last year’s unbelievably huge 9/12 crowd defied attempts to lowball it:

This year the plan will be to over-count Sharpton & co. I wonder which crowd will leave a cleaner area.

One caveat here, For many in the tea party movement two trips to Washington within two weeks is prohibitively expensive. Don’t be surprised that this march is smaller than the 9/12 one since many tea party groups are going to Washington on 9/12. And the reverse is of course true. In that sense Beck’s Restoring Honor rally is about the power of Beck.

The NYT reports on “parallel rallies” even though the Washington post reports live from the Sharpton event that he has drawn “hundreds

As town hall says:

There is no equivalence between these two rallies. That won’t stop the MSM from trying to portray them as ‘competing’ gatherings, though.

Guess which narrative the MSM will use?

memeorandum thread here.

In 1864 the incorruptible but unqualified general Nathanael P. Banks led his army up the Red river to what would become an inglorious (or glorious depending on what side you were on) flogging by forces under Richard Taylor.

One of the things that complicated his retreat was that the annual rise of the Red River didn’t materialize. Banks was unlucky in that he hadn’t realized that in 1855 and 1846 (every 9 years) the river failed to rise. Now Banks had no idea about said cycle so perhaps he can be excused for this mistake, but whatever his deficiencies as a general his experience as both Governor of Massachusetts and Speaker of the House of Representatives provided him with the sense to listen to Major Joseph Bailey a person with practical experience in dams, but no formal education. Bailey was not only able to save the fleet by his exertions but provide a dry-shod crossing at a second point in the retreat saving the army.

What does this have to do with the economy? Just this: An economy like the Red River had a regular cycle and during those cycles you can usually tinker a bit without a lot of issue, but the best solution is to wait things out and let the business cycle take it course.

Once in a while however the cycle is extreme, just like the 9 year cycle of the Red. During those times it is very hard to convince people to wait it out. Particularly if previous tinkering have made things worse. When this happens you need people with actual practical, rather than theoretical experience to make a difference.

Right now we are in an extreme business cycle. Like any cycle the best move is to hunker down, not panic, and wait for the cycle to finish.

The problem if you are a political animal is that there is no credit to be had for the business cycle, and when times are bad the people demand action. The trick it to attempt to tweak the cycle so that you are able to take credit when the cycle is in your favor and divert blame to your foes when the cycle is against them.

Now president Obama is not a man with practical business experience. He is surrounded by and has emerged himself with people who’s experience is not in the business cycle, the creation of jobs or the stimulation of an economy and frankly his goals and priorities are in the direction of government control not the free market.

If president Obama had a Joseph Bailey to advise him, he could make tweaks to actually stimulate businesses to hire. He would decrease regulation, drop taxes and make transactions for small business and manufacturers more fluid.

But president Obama decided instead that his statist agenda was the way to go and convinced democrats that his tinkering with the business cycle and allocation of stimulus money would mean a better economy come election day, just in time to keep them in office, and they believed it, the more fool them.

Will the president change course after the election? I don’t think think so, he doesn’t have a Joe Bailey and he wouldn’t listen to one if he had. The republican party will have to do it for him, if they are willing that is.


It’s just the thing for the person who wants to pick and choose what they want to believe or what they want to consider sin but that’s not all:

Coming soon is WikiApostolic, WikiScripture, and WikiChurchFathers. Why stop at the Catechism? Create a whole universe that firmly agrees with your theological world view now. You have a lot to learn from yourself so sign on and get going with WikiCatechism now!

This is absolutely perfect for the person who loves being Catholic but doesn’t want to deal with the inconvenient belief system with all those absolutes that go along with it.

to make them accountable to the people?

Conservative activists are trying to oust three judges on the state Supreme Court whose unanimous ruling last year legalized same-sex unions. Their decision stunned opponents nationwide and delighted advocates who were eager for a victory in the heartland.

Why are supporters of Gay Marriage worried about this? It’s explained after the jump:

Gay rights groups have been less successful in the voting booth; in every state where the issue has been put on the ballot, voters have agreed to define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. emphasis mine

One can legitimately disagree on having elected vs appointed judges, both systems have advantages and disadvantages, but to get all in a huff because an elected official is being held accountable for actions in an elected office is just nonsense and highlights the disrespect and disdain the elites have with the voters in general and apparently our republican system in particular

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In this post concerning the tea parties and the GOP:

Here is the point, and I think this generalizes beyond NY-23 to the rest of the country: the GOP won’t take the Tea Party seriously until the Tea Party is the GOP.

One questions why the GOP establishment would be so willing to throw away a group of involved voters who match their beliefs. The answer may in fact be that their belief in fiscal conservatism and restraint is phony, that their belief is in their own power and a promise not to blow as much as the other side.

Actual spending cuts and spending restraint and tax reform decreases the power of the federal government. The goal of the establishment is apparently not to restrict such power, but to enjoy it.

The GOP doesn’t seem to understand that they are playing with fire. The tea party is going to give them two years to prove their bonafides. If they don’t you will see an actual tea party 3rd party.

I think Rush understands this which is why he constantly implores the GOP to take the conservative path.

What can we do about it? Smitty has the solution:

Get off the beanbag and support your local version of Doug Hoffman, or your sins of omission will result in a pocket-picking, and you’ll be at fault.emphasis mine

I think Bill Gunn put it very well in this interview last week jump to 3:34:

Money Quote: “If a republican is a big government republican I’m not going to campaign for him.

That is the tea party all over. The question is will republicans figure it out and act accordingly or will they destroy themselves and throw away the chance to create a lasting majority?

We will see.

BTW apparently great minds think alike, Sissy Willis put up a post making the very same argument.

Unfortunately for the Johnny Roccos of the GOP, the old way of doing business isn’t working anymore. It happened in the Massachusetts special election that sent Mr. Brown to Washington, and it’s happening again. The national GOP is being disintermediated via the Internet. No wonder they’re upset. The people’s choice, Joe Miller — endorsed by Sarah Palin and with major funding from the Tea Party Express — is battle ready

The question becomes, is the GOP establishment willing to destroy the party to keep it? So far the answer hasn’t been encoraging

…concerning the White House making their own mess on the Ground Zero Mosque issue (that I really am sick of writing about). The inability to see that the White House turned this into a national story by the president’s statement and then his attempted retreat and the attempt to play the “demagogue” card on the issue.

More amazing is the continued attempts to push the White House to try to use the Bushes to bail them out here. Why either of the Bushes would be compelled to do so is totally beyond me.

It is interesting to note I don’t hear them calling on the silent Bill Clinton to speak up on the issue. Why? Because Bill Clinton is much too smart to do so, particularity if there is the slightest chance his wife will be running in a 2012 primary against this president.

The team did have Irshad Manji on in the first hour and her interesting WSJ piece:

Consider Bob, who feels so offended by antimosque activists in his state of Tennessee that these feelings alone drive him to support more mosques—without prior thought to what, exactly, he’s supporting. “I found local citizens to be intolerant and un-American,” Bob tells me over email. “So as a gesture of tolerance and Americanism, I donated to the mosque building fund.”

Before pledging a penny, Bob should have asked the imam: “Where will the men’s side of this mosque be?” It’s a discreet way of discerning whether the project will replicate segregation, and thus whether the mosque will wind up bolstering the intolerant behavior that Bob can’t abide.

She however sees possibility for the Mosque provided some questions are answered:

Namely, accountability. If Park51 gets built, thanks to its provocative location the nation will scrutinize what takes place inside. Americans have the opportunity right now to be clear about the civic values expected from any Islam practiced at the site.

That means setting aside bombast and asking the imam questions born of the highest American ideals: individual dignity and pluralism of ideas.

• Will the swimming pool at Park51 be segregated between men and women at any time of the day or night?

• May women lead congregational prayers any day of the week?

• Will Jews and Christians, fellow People of the Book, be able to use the prayer sanctuary for their services just as Muslims share prayer space with Christians and Jews in the Pentagon? (Spare me the technocratic argument that the Pentagon is a governmental, not private, building. Park51 may be private in the legal sense but is a public symbol par excellence.)

• What will be taught about homosexuals? About agnostics? About atheists? About apostasy?

• Where does one sign up for advance tickets to Salman Rushdie’s lecture at Park51?

These questions aren’t gratuitous. I, for one, remain haunted by the 300 Muslims chanting “Death to Rushdie” on Sept. 10, 2001.

Note the date. The fact is radical Islam didn’t first arrive in the US on Sept 11, 2001, it was just the first day Americans realized it.

Will the MSM ask such questions? Will they dare? Will any show other than Morning Joe in the 6 a.m hour dare bring it up?

Even when playing advocate they still do a better job than the rest of the MSM.

For talking points memo to live up to its name and spit out talking points about their blogger who is the suspect in the Carnahan bombing. Jim Hoff is exactly right about this:

Don’t expect the state-run media to touch this with a ten-foot pole.

Well I haven’t seen Morning Joe touch it.

Memeorandum thread here.

and I’ve made it clear that I preferred J. D. to John McCain, but isn’t it a contradiction to drop the republican nominee in Arizona for the libertarian, while rightfully screaming bloody murder over Murkowski in Alaska?

I want that senate to be a Republican one. If the people of Arizona were not as wise as the folks in Alaska it doesn’t mean we should take such a risk when we need every possible seat in the senate for a shot at changing the leadership.

The NRCC is being foolish if they are playing games with the results in Alaska and the grass roots are right to withholding funds from such idiots if they are spending their dough to contest a finished primary rather than in places like Ma-03 or ma-03 or Ca-36 where the cash would be a godsend, but that doesn’t mean we should do anything to risk an admittedly imperfect senate seat when we can’t spare a single one.

And do you really want to give the NRCC an excuse to spend more on Arizona when we have races we are in a real position to win that can use the dough?

The Ken Mehlman “coming out” story raises an interesting question about when a person is considered gay.

Mehlman was “outed” several years ago, and the reaction of people was pretty much the type of reaction that I would get if I told people I was fat. A total lack of surprise.

Since this was apparently something everyone knows it leads to the following questions about sexuality:

1. Is a person only considered a homosexual if they acknowledge it?

2. If a person comes out, is that considered forever, for example if a person announces later they they are in fact straight are they considered straight?

While these are interesting philosophical and or sociological questions, this doesn’t explain why the Mehlman story is so big? Of course it’s a great excuse to not report Tea Party/Sarah Palin wins Tuesday, but if we have to have the real answer Stacy McCain provides that for us.

There is nothing new under the sun, you see. There were gay people working for Republicans in 1967 and there are gay people working for Republicans today. What has changed is that gay-rights activists have turned sexuality into an identity-politics racket, so that any gay person who doesn’t share their agenda is made to feel inauthentic, a traitor to The Cause. And, as Marc Ambinder explains in his report at The Atlantic, this is now being used as a “wedge issue” by the Left

It is the attempt peel away conservatives that is the goal here and if this story can help the cause then it will be promoted by the media.

So as long as this is the case it will remain on top of memeorandum

Update: Via Glenn Ann Althouse nails it. It is all about becoming relevant , watch the MSM start using him as a goto guy when talking about republicans in the future.

On MSNBC you are actually getting people talking about the power of Sarah Palin. On Morning Joe, on Chris Matthews people are acknowledging her power in the GOP and her ability to get the nomination if she wants it.

The question is. Are they simply acknowledging facts or are they promoting her in the hopes that she can be beat by Obama?

In fact lets have a poll