Baseball Musings announced the death of Pirates Announcer Nellie King. I wasn’t familiar with the man but something in the post on his death struck me.

He pitched two outstanding seasons in 1955 and 1956, and then was out of baseball after the 1957 season.

I looked at his stars from baseball and his stats looked ok.

What struck me was the 4 seasons and out. If he came up today he might have made enough to live pretty comfortably and with current sports medicine the injury (of which I have no details about) might have only shelved him for a season or less.

Then again the pirates would have been deprived of a fine announcer.

Pretty soon we will run out of players who played under the old reserve clause and there will be nobody with actual baseball experience to remind young ballplayers just how lucky they are to have been born after 1970.

also known by her real name Barb Gillman.

We talked a little CNMC and a little blogging, her blog is here and her twitter page here

Update: For some reason the YouTube embed was going a tad wacky so if this post seemed to come and go that is why.

My latest Examiner column Out Gunn-ed Everywhere man is now up at my examiner page a peek:

Years ago Olver produced an ad which was a take off of the country song I’ve been everywhere emphasizing how many places in the state he has been to and worked for. It is still one of the best ads of its type I’ve ever seen. As the ad doesn’t mention an opponent or a year it is regularly rolled out each election. even gave it an award in 2008.

However the I’ve been everywhere theme might be overplayed Viking Pundit explains:

“Every two years, this guy blows the dust off of his campaign commercial which is simply themed “I’ve been everywhere.” Except he hasn’t held any town hall meetings anywhere in Massachusetts’ First District. The first and last time he visited any towns in Western Massachusetts was to shoot that damned commercial.

It is a first rate ad but it looks like it will take more than that to ensure a 20th straight year of democratic control of the MA-01.

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apparently Keith David Halloran wants her dead.

Now in fairness I’m sure he was just voicing what many others on the left are smart enough not to say aloud but still it’s an embarrassment to the party and the NH GOP is jumping all over it:

“Mr. Halloran’s outrageous comments are a new low, even by the standards of the New Hampshire Democrat Party,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “His publicly stated death wish for Governor Palin and her family is abhorrent, and has no place in our public discourse. Governor Lynch and Ann McLane Kuster need to immediately denounce Mr. Halloran’s hateful remarks and demand that he personally apologize to the Palin family.”

It is said that a gaffe is defined as saying what you actually think out loud. Mr. Halloran’s comments can be officially considered a “gaffe”

Update: The defeat I am referring to is her candidate Handel losing in Ga.

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Allicia Jensen talks about , blogging and Catholicism:

This is referring of course to Lino Rulli who was a keynote speaker at the CNMC. It was a great mistake of mine not to score a quick interview with him, but you can find him on radio, at his site and on twitter.

A month of fasting and reflective prayer for Muslims.

Reflective prayer is a good thing there is a lot that needs reflecting on in life. In the Catholic Church when you think of reflective prayer you think Monks. (At least I do). But reflective prayer should be an important part of the regular prayer life.

The examination of conscience (and yes I’m guilty of skipping it too) is a good example of reflective prayer There are a lot long versions out there. It can be daunting so start small. Take a single piece of it a day, and go with it.

The hardest thing about it of course is that when we are aware of our sins. It is so much easier to not consider our sins. If we do and are aware of them, we are obliged to do something about it. It’s something I struggle with but the struggle is certainly a step up from ignoring it but a big step below from actually doing it.

This is also where praying for each other makes a difference by supporting each other in our prayer life we give a hand to the person below us and accept a hand from the person above so we can all get to the same goal.

When we participate in reflective prayer, as a Catholic, Protestant, Jew or Muslim we ask God to take us closer to the person we ought to be.

Let us pray that our Islamic brothers take advantage of this month of prayer, fasting and reflection to become the people that God wants them to be. Don’t discount the power of prayer and fasting (Matt 17;21).

And yes I am very much aware of the truth of this post at Moonbattery and elsewhere. (Memeorandum thread here.) None of it changes the Christian obligation to pray for our Islamic brothers and, nor the transformative power of prayer on the soul.

You would think the candidate of a sitting president beating the candidate for a former president would not be big news. However this is the MSM and their anointed candidate is on the throne in office.

Robert Stacy McCain who has a highly attuned and refined BS detector is having none of it:

Really? I mean, really? The hand-picked establishment candidate won in the Colorado Democratic primary, while grassroots conservatives defeated the establishment pick in the GOP primary, and that’s good news for Democrats? That their party base is less fired-up than the Republican grassroots in a mid-term election where turnout is the name of the game?

He also points out that this is a defeat for John McCain, his advice?

Stop looking forward to 2012 – i.e., how did the Palin Factor play? — and focus on the here and now.

Don’t forget today.

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Sure sounds like it to me:

“I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?”

Tell me Harry what racial characteristics preclude descendants of the Spanish possession in North and South America from voting Republican?

Great line by Michelle Malkin: Harry Reid pulls out race card again, whacks himself in the head.

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then you are either Andrew Sullivan or you paid no attention during the first half of 2009.

Don’t forget that the big story last year was how even comedians wouldn’t touch Obama. Stewart provided a very small tweak of his inaugural speech comparing it to Bush’s in Jan. In Feb the story was nothing is funny about Obama flash forward to May 15 when I post on Stewart hitting Obama by name saying:

Jon Stewart has now directly ridiculed president Obama by name. He has done it on a primary news source for the far left and for many young people who pay no attention, and not only that he has done it in a way that a person who has no idea about politics can understand.

People may not realize how big this is. Will this mean that other comics will now be willing to hit him? Will this give the imprimatur to other to speak up? Only time will tell, but the first time is always easiest.

In September Stewart hit the Acorn story and it stuck.

Hey MSM when John Stewart isn’t going to go along you’d better start worrying.

Don’t forget that CNN felt compelled to fact check SNL when they hit Obama once in OCTOBER!.

Do you realize if Jeffrey Immelt owned Comedy Central we still might not have anyone in the media saying boo to Barack Obama.

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Of why we are fighting:

The Taliban has executed a pregnant widow accused of adultery in western Afghanistan, provincial and district officials said Monday.

The 47-year-old woman, Sanam Gul, also known as Sanam Bibi, was killed in Badghis province Saturday morning, said Ashrafuddin Majidi, the provincial governor’s spokesman.

The district governor of Qades, Hashim Habibi, confirmed the execution. He said the woman was accused of adultery that left her pregnant. The Taliban shadow district governor, Mullah Abdul Hakim, and his judge ordered the woman to be executed, he said.

It is true we can’t be everywhere and change everything but we ARE there. If we leave before the Taliban is crushed we will condemn thousands like her to death.

(btw in case you don’t understand the reference, in other countries a “shadow official” refers to a member of the political opposition who would in fact be in that post if they had power.

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