She has had a real rough time but a little bit of good news has turned up:

Join me in giving thanks and praise to God Most High! today I was accepted into Graduate School at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA! I will be working on my Master’s in Pastoral Ministry for Laity….

More than ever I need your support — with prayers and with anything you can donate toward my tuition…the college told me to leave it all in God’s hands…

I can tell you there is absolutely no comparison between my situation and hers and anything you can do to give her a hand either via cash or via prayer would be a blessing.

If you want to get another sample of DaTechGuy on DaRadio tune into WCRN 830 A.M Conservatively speaking from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

and if you aren’t in range of it’s 50,000 watts of awesomeness you can listen live here.

Make sure you call in to make us feel welcome from wherever you happen to be at (508)-438-0965

See you then.

Well I’ll tell you he is apparently so scared that 48 hours after this picture…

The perfect setting
…of the only John Olver sign I’ve seen in town went up. His guys felt compelled to take it down:
The Sign is gone

Here is the video I shot today:

In case you forget here is the video from before:

Yesterday on twitter I was talking to someone called Loud Liberal who said the following:

I’d give you 10 to 1 odds that Olver wins.


Bill Gunn can consider his campaign a HUGE success if he gets 30% of the vote.

Let me tell you this: If John Olver’s campaign is so worried that about two photos and a couple of youtube videos from a blogger in a hat that his guys have to pull the only sign I see in town then perhaps Bill Gunn is not the one who might be lucky to get 30% in November.

On January 20th the day after the Scott Brown Election, commenting on the arrogance of the defeated Democrats for the electorate I wrote this:

If the GOP doesn’t take advantage of this foolishness it’s only because they are not trying.

Well the Massachusetts GOP tried so hard that they didn’t even bother to run a candidate against the vulnerable Coakley. If it hadn’t been for Jim McKenna’s write-in campaign she would be sailing to re-election
Today at National Review ObiWan again used a military metaphor:

Jim: Generally, what should the Republicans be doing?

Obi-Wan: Avoid the saddest mistake that’s made in conflict – McClellan at Antietam, Mead at Gettysburg, or the Falaise Gap in WWII, or not letting Patton go for the Siegfried Line before that terrible winter and most of our casualties in Europe. Experts lack imagination and can’t seize the chance for Cannae-like victory.

Can you imagine with all the ethical vulnerabilities you have been showing about Schumer – not to mention that he’s more a symbol of this Congress than anyone and he’s got pretty unimpressive numbers – the GOP is not even mounting a campaign against him?

That the trick Attack Attack Attack

The Democrats have been under siege (ala Petersburg) defending unpopular policies that republicans have been nailing them on, first slowly then finally breaking through their flanks on both left and right. They are fleeing this president in the same way as the Confederates were fleeing Grant. This Mosque is one issue that the President has decided to stop and fight on as did the Confederates at Sayler’s Creek. Sheridan had the right answer saying: “Go Right through them, they are demoralized as hell.”

And as Stacy points out it’s not just timidness it’s not knowing where the fight actually is:

Nothing illustrates the disconnect between money and brains in the GOP than a fact highlighted by Jimmie Bise: Charlie Crist raised $4.3 million in a single three-month period of 2009.

The more I think about that, the angrier I get. Who were these more-money-than-brains people who wrote those checks for Crist? Did they just take the word of John Cornyn and Jim Greer that Crist was the man to beat in the Florida GOP Senate primary?

A fool and his money are soon parted, and there are times when the Republican Party resembles nothing so much as a scam for separating rich fools from their money.

For $4.3 million, you could have paid 86 bloggers $50,000 a year.

As I have been living off of $27k a year unemployment the number is staggering but more important is that 86 bloggers putting up 6 posts a day could literally write a post about EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR CONGRESS EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If even half of said bloggers were on the road covering campaigns you could have fresh stories that come direct from the districts boosting said candidates rather than the MSM stories attacking them coming from Washington. What kind of Stories? Well how about reports from candidate forums Georgia or Profiles of candidates in Maryland or interviews with candidates in NC and California or reports direct from Alaska.

These kind of reports, positive reports coming out on a daily basis keep the opposition demoralized, instead of being able to force us to play on their field.

and the last warning comes from Glenn Reynolds and reader:

But if the GOP establishment fights us to the end, then it will take an actual third-party to engage the public in transforming our political system. That will take much more time, and much more effort. And it will be a bloody mess (hopefully only figuratively! my biggest fear is otherwise) for years as we clean up the pieces of the train wreck they have driven us into.

Indeed. As I’ve warned before, if the GOP retakes Congress and then blows it, we’re likely to see not only a third-party Presidential challenge, but a lot of third-party challengers for Congressional seats.

It’s like Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, you get one shot, don’t blow it.

Update: Yet another Instalanche! Thanks Glenn. Hi folks, since your last visit we have scared John Olver, been Scheduled Saturday for another guest appearance on WCRN from 2-4 p.m. and should have a new Examiner column up before I hit the sack. Update: My examiner article Will the voters buy the One Nation timeshare is now up

It looks like the prez is going to have to wait for some of his appointments a bit longer:

By scheduling pro-forma sessions on Mondays and Fridays, lawmakers can take away Obama’s ability to make recess appointments.

Obama had 115 executive- and judicial-branch nominees pending on the Senate’s executive calendar as of Wednesday afternoon.

Bad sign for the president considering the incredible majorities he has in both houses. But as Father Z reports the Washington is not the only place where there are a lot of open seats waiting to be filled:

There are at present quite a few important curial positions and sees around the world which usually have cardinals… but don’t.

At the time of this writing, I believe there are 103 voting cardinals (men who have not turned 80 years old). By the end of November two more cardinals will hit 80 (Tumi, Pujats), bringing the number of voting cardinals down to 101. By the end of next February, four more (Panafieu, Vidal, García-Gasco, Ruini – sadly) – 97. By the end of April two more (Keeler, Sebastiani) – 95. So, an American and two Italians will have dropped from the list, leaving 10 Americans and 15 Italians as electors.

I won’t even pretend to know the inside baseball of the Vatican but with an elderly pope, the men who are elevated to cardinal now will have a lot to do with the direction of the church for decades.

They are still talking Colbert on Morning Joe. I have yet to see them mention the DOJ scandal this week, Washington post front page not withstanding.

Politico right now is saying that Democrats regret having him up there, I think the administration doesn’t regret it at all. Mission accomplished!

Remember the worst media bias is not the actual report, it is choosing what stories get reported (re: Time and Militia this week) and those that do not (DOJ scandal).

While everything is election election election in the US things continue to get interesting in England:

Anglo-Catholicism within the Church of England is evaporating like a cloud of incense rolling down the nave. Those Anglicans who have decided to take advantage of Pope Benedict XVI’s historic offer of special privileges within the Roman Catholic Church are already constructing a network of Ordinariate communities that will bear fruit in new Catholic parishes. Crucially, they are led by two “flying” Anglican bishops, the Rt Rev Andrew Burnham of Ebbsfleet and the Rt Rev Keith Newton of Richborough.

When you have media that thinks in terms of winning a media day vs the Church that looks at things in terms of centuries there really is no contest at all is there?

Update: The Anchoress points out this isn’t just going on in England:

On the heels of Pope Benedict’s well-received visit to the United Kingdom came the announcement last week of the CDF’s appointment of Archbishop Donald Wuerl, of Washington, as its delegate, “to guide the incorporation of Anglican groups into the Catholic Church in the United States.”

Yeah. It’s a big deal. And today, NETNY, Brooklyn Diocese-run channel that broadcasts, among other things, the nation’s only daily Catholic news program, scored an interview with Wuerl that helps clarify what the Ordinariate means for both Anglicans and Catholics, and how many Anglican congregations and parishes will be proceeding toward full Communion with Rome, and what the process will look like.

This is not about individual “conversions” but about how whole parishes may be incorporated into Communion with Rome, while maintaining their heritage, their liturgy and music (and anyone watching the gorgeous Evening Prayer at which Pope Benedict participated while in England will understand their desire to maintain it). Wuerl does a good job of laying out the basics.

This development will make many liberal in the US go Kryten

…from the game.

It was 2002. It was the All Star Game and it was an exciting matchup, until the powers that be decided that it wasn’t worth finishing the game. They didn’t want to risk the pitchers/players when the pitchers ran out.

I could forgive greed and other idiocy, I could not forgive not being willing to play to win. I vowed I would not watch, or follow baseball period. I loved the game, still was playing in my tabletop game but would not watch.

I kept that promise all through the end of 2002 and even as though the Red Sox made the playoffs in 1993 I didn’t watch a single game that season. When the series began against the A’s I still didn’t watch. When they lost the first two I didn’t give a damn, until some guy at work kept saying it’s all over it’s all over. The Red Sox are finished etc.. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore:

“Look”, I said, “there is a reason why the series is best out of 5. Until the A’s actually win that third game they haven’t won anything.”

When they won game three and the fellow at work kept saying didn’t matter, I became more insistent saying that not only would the Sox win game 4 but game 5 too. I watched game 4 and I was hooked, just in time for the series with the Yankees.

Even worse I was working a late shift during game 7 and the TV died just before the bottom fell out on Pedro. It came back just in time for Boone to hit the ball out of the park.

That was painful, much more painful than being down 0-3 the next year, that was annoying but it wasn’t the same.

It was the last real Red Sox pain I ever felt… after 2004 it is impossible for me to be hurt by the Sox again.

I will have 2004 and 2007 till the day I die and nobody can take it away from me or anyone else in Boston!

Says DaScienceGuy who as a professional scientist doesn’t scare easy.

He deserves a lot more of your attention. A few years ago he took him money out of the stock market and put it into…a small business (a laundromat to be precise) and that experience of running a small business along with his work in science makes for a really interesting fellow.

…although Michelle gives details:

SEIU leaders have shown a special talent for squandering their workers’ dues. They poured $10 million down the drain in Arkansas on a failed bid to unseat Democratic

Sen. Blanche Lincoln. They spent $10 million on a nasty lawsuit against a competing union in California. They’ve burned through union dues to transport SEIU radicals to bully bank execs and their families at their private homes and to bus workers to Arizona to protest crackdowns on illegal aliens, who depress the wages of law-abiding working-class Americans.

Under former Purple Army Chief Andy Stern, the union’s liabilities skyrocketed from $7.6 million to nearly $121 million. Stern burned through $61 million to put Barack Obama and the Democratic ruling majority in place. And before abruptly stepping down in April, he installed a cadre of labor management stooges embroiled in financial scandals across the country.

The bottom line is if a union member crosses his steward he my find it hard to find work. The job of the Union has stopped being to protect it’s members and has become to produce votes and money for democratic candidates.

It will be up to the rank and file to do something about it.

“Now, Master, you may let your servant go in peace, according to your word,”

Simeon 4 BC ..Luke 2:29

@Alyssa_Milano OMG! OMG! OMG!

Robert Stacy McCain Twitter approx 1 a.m. 9/29/2010

My congratulations to Stacy for not only for achieving the Milano Tweet, but the follow-up.

I will not presume to re-print those tweets, I’ll leave that to Robert Stacy’s site for you to see them as he deserves.

He has been seeking this retweet since last October, coincidentally that is when I first talked to him on the phone. What has changed since last October that has finally resulted in the success of his quest? Do you really have to ask?

The missing ingredient for the Milano Retweet

Behold the power of the Axis of Fedora!

I finally found a new John Olver sign in Fitchburg

Hey a John Olver sign

And is there any more appropriate location for a sign promoting a democratic member of congress…

The perfect setting

then a closed business?

And in case you think it is a stunt, lets go to the video!

Democrats it’s all yours.

Yesterday’s tea party meeting was smaller than most, not only because of the poor people having a fedora wearing blogger unleashed upon them but also because of a debate between candidates Jen Benson and Kurt Hayes for state rep.

When all the speakers were done a very unexpected guest showed up:

She spoke for several minutes about the tea party, unlike many pols republican and democrats he seems enthused by it

After he was done there was back and forth from the crowd:

The crowd was very taken by his appearance and he left with a souvenir of the evening.

A Twin City Tea Party Shirt for the Mayor

The Mayor seemed to grasp that the tea party was not a passing phase but the engagement of the citizens with their government. He seems to be way ahead of the curve here.

This is the last meeting before the election, it remains to be seen if the November meeting will be one of celebration or re-evaluation.

Sultan Knish’s “The 5 biggest lies about liberalism” should be required reading for any person in a social studies class in a public school and anyone who ever was in one.

Like multiculturalism, owning the feminist brand has been convenient. And it was easy enough to manage once feminism became a wholly owned product of academia, funded by liberal groups like the Ford Foundation. This brand of feminism has as much to do with equal rights for women, as African Studies have to do with equal rights for African-Americans. They’re basically little more than ways to repackage the agenda politics of the far left in identity colors. That way socialism can be dressed up as a civil rights agenda, and opposition to it becomes racism or sexism.

That leads us to the absurd spectacle of academic feminists declaring that successful female candidates who don’t share their politics are not feminists, but male candidates who do, are. Dig down to their real definition of feminism, and it turns out to be liberalism.

that’s from #4. Read all 5 and keep them in mind when the joys of their ideological purity is expounded.

About 15 years ago when the first talk of civil unions came up when people were talking about a constitutional amendment to enshrine actual marriage explicitly in the constitution the media and the pols pooh poohed the entire idea saying that nobody is talking about Gay Marriage and the idea it was going to come up was nonsense.

People who had more sense on the state level decided not to take chances and passed constitutional amendments to their own state constitutions.

Interestingly enough we are seeing this phenom again in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma is poised to become the first state in the nation to ban state judges from relying on Islamic law known as Sharia when deciding cases.

The ban is a cornerstone of a “Save our State” amendment to the Oklahoma constitution that was recently approved by the Legislature.

The amendment — which also would forbid judges from using international laws as a basis for decisions — will now be put before Oklahoma’s voters in November. Approval is expected.

Well this is a victory for liberals surely, Sharia law being so oppressive to women and gays and restrictive on sex etc etc I’m sure that our friends on the left will be cheering the chance for the voters to reject such a set of misogynistic rules right? Apparently not:

Reps. Duncan and Moore’s “us vs. them” mentality exemplifies the mainstreaming of extreme right-wing Islamophobia. Once hawked by fringe figures, the “creeping Sharia” delusion is finding champions among staunch conservative leaders like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose crusade against all-things-Islamic culminated in his call for “a federal law that says sharia law cannot be recognized by any court in the United States” at the Value Voters Summit this month.

Ah it’s all about Islamophobia, there is actually no reason why Sharia is something to be worried about, it can’t happen here. Next thing you will be telling me is that honor killings are taking place in America or something.

Jay Nordlinger identified these people long ago:

During the Cold War, we used to speak of anti-anti-Communists. These were people (on the left) who were not exactly pro-Communist. But they so hated the anti-Communists, they were . . . well, anti-anti-Communists — the best, the fairest name for them.

Today, there are anti-anti-Islamofascists. They are not on the Islamofascist side in the War on Terror. But they hate those who are fighting, or attempting to fight, the Islamofascists more than they could ever hate the Islamofascists. They are anti-anti-Islamofascists.

The similarities between yesterday’s anti-anti-Communists and today’s anti-anti-Islamofascists would make a very good essay — perhaps by David Pryce-Jones or Norman Podhoretz. Of course, many of today’s anti-anti-Islamofascists were yesterday’s anti-anti-Communists — I mean, the same people, in the flesh.

The day these people hate actual oppressors as much as they hate their pseudo oppressors will be a marvelous day for this country, and for themselves.

Yesterday we had two points of discussion and debate, lets revisit them on day 2

#1 Poll? What Poll?

They talked a bit about Christine O’Donnell yesterday and touched on Saturday Night Live’s skit on her. Fair enough NBC show, MSNBC cross promotion. However after going on yesterday about how Sarah Palin numbers were so bad and talking about how the GOP threw away a senate seat last week the fact that Christine O’Donnell has picked up Six points in the polls in Six days, trailing by less than double digits (this is without a Mike Castle Write-in and with no favorable press coverage).

Consider, Up by 8 Barney Frank felt the need to bring in Bill Clinton! Does that mean that Chris Coons, much less well-known than Frank will need to book the ex president’s in Delaware? I think not. The contrast between a beautiful woman who in her early 20’s was talking abstinence in 1996 and a president who at the same time was being serviced by a young girl the same age that O’Donnell was at the time would not be the image the Democratic party needs.

#2 Nobody reads that Washington Post rag

We are in Day two. Mika and company are in their second day of doing Colbert stuff. Apparently Mika’s Paris Hilton radar is getting weaker and Apparently the Front Page of the Washington Post doesn’t carry the clout with Morning Joe that it once did.

We are now in the 7 a.m. hour of the second day this week. (7:16 a.m.) Morning Joe has done Colbert clips yet the DOJ scandal is still totally unreported on the show. It is a startling omission. One might have made the excuse that there was the big cross over and the president etc yesterday but still have not found time for even a mention of the DOJ scandal or the testimony thereof.

It is very nice of them to try to provide material for the WCRN show that we hope to have up before the election but guys, you can report on it. I’m sure the media will ignore something else before that day.

Update: Just showed another O’Donnell joke hit, everyone is laughing but still not a word of the 6 points in 6 days that have been picked up. I can’t wait to see their faces Nov 3rd.

…than objecting to deifying a murderous communist dictator who has made his little island so wonderful that for decades people have risked drowning in the open ocean to escape it.

Yup sure is crazy congratulations Atlantic you figured out that stuff like this:

We are supposed to conclude that Cuba is no longer a threat to global stability and that Fidel is a reformed tyrant. But how believable is a guy whose revolution all but wiped out Cuba’s tiny Jewish community of 15,000, and who spent the past 50 years supporting the terrorism of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Syria, Libya and Iran? And how does Castro explain Venezuela, where Cuban intelligence agents run things, Iran is an ally and anti-Semitism has been state policy in recent years? Mr. Goldberg doesn’t go there with Fidel.

…doesn’t have any bearing on if Castro’s polemic against antisemitism is sincere. We don’t need the evidence we have the word of “the great man” Fidel!

I really should stop being surprised at the left constant love affair with communist dictators as Alberto de la Cruz puts it:

His sycophantic descriptions of a murderous monster turned loving teddy bear turns the stomach of all but the most ignorant.

It doesn’t turn my stomach, but it will make the day when this salt water version of the Berlin wall falls and the records are displayed even more embarrassed to those who have worshiped at its altar…

…if they are capable of embarrassment that is.

memeorandum thread here

A close second on the Irony scale? A Marxist, anarchist , atheist commenting on the morality of Martin Perez’s Harvard gift. The mind boggles.

If I didn’t have to run to the airport right now I’d have a longer comment and post on this but for now all I have to say is BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAH

Coakley agreed to accept a campaign spending cap in return for a maximum of $75,000 in public campaign funds. She can spend no more than $625,000.

That might have been fine if her assumption about ballot opposition had been correct. It wasn’t. Two Republicans ran write-in campaigns for their party’s nomination for attorney general. The primary election winner was James McKenna, a former prosecutor now in private practice. Because McKenna got more than 10,000 votes, his name will be on the ballot for the general election, right there with Coakley’s. Not only will McKenna be on equal footing with Coakley, he won’t be subject to the campaign spending limit.

Jim got 27k plus votes, if you want to support him his site is here. My latest interview with him is here.

…the post and the photos of the place is here, but there is a story that I didn’t tell.

It’s not about the story in the news (I heard rumors of it but I there were just rumors and I was there to cover an election so I didn’t dig) but there was something more basic.

As I wrote I was given a tour of the church place:

I want to give the thanks are due for the tour that was arranged without notice. It is a big place and it took quite a bit of a very nice lady’s time in the afternoon to let us see it.

What I didn’t mention is I got there around lunch time, so I had to wait a bit before someone was available our tour (I was there with my pal Joey). So while Joey and I sat waiting I figured I’d continue to pray my daily rosary.

I’ve mentioned before that I like the rosary because you can pray 31 different intentions on a single rosary. For whatever reason at one point in my Rosary I drew a blank when trying to decide on an intention. So I figured hey I’m at a huge church the secretary is right there I’ll ask her if someone in particular needs prayer. So I went over and asked her and we had the following exchange:

Me: Excuse me a moment, I’d doing my rosary right now and was wondering if you knew of anyone that needs prayer?

Secretary: We all need prayers.

Me: Yes I know but is there anyone in particular that needs prayer?

Secretary: I can’t think of anyone sorry.

This church has over 10,000 people who attend services, a school for k-12. She takes calls all day from people and sees the visitors who come every day and she isn’t aware of a single person in the congregation who has need of prayers? Nobody at all?

What do you have a church for if not to pray for each other?

Let me tell you something if I’m a person attending this church I’d be a lot more worried about this than any sins of Eddie Long. Pastors come and pastors go, everybody sins, but if your church isn’t supporting each other in prayer then it’s not a temple of God.

Put it another way: At the gates when St. Peter asks “Did you pray for your neighbor?” I don’t think you want to answer: “No but my church has cool sculptures!”

I wouldn’t bring this up even now, but at New Birth the congregation right now is taking a hard look at their church and if this is where the congregation is when it comes to faith and prayer then this is a church is in a crisis bigger than they realize.

I ask my readers to pray both or Pastor Long and the congregation. On the Rosary I suggest offering decade 14 Carrying the Cross or Decade 18 The mystery of the Pentecost

For your discussion and debate #1 Some poll results are more permanent than others

Looking at current polls. Obama is shown in poll with only 40% or so believing he deserves re-election. Joe points out in perspective saying that his polls were comparable with Clinton 2004 & Reagan 1982, can’t make this the last word…

…then in the same poll Obama is shown beating Sarah Palin in a 2012 match up and the Same Joe Scarborough touts this as more proof that she can sell books but can’t be elected and Mika breathes a sigh of relief.

My take: How is one poll a snapshot of time and the other set in stone? Joe’s point about the president is right but it applies equally to Sarah Palin. How was Reagan polling in 1978 for example?

For your discussion and debate #2 Some stories are more relevant than others

Colbert took his act to SNL The comedy connection a congressional hearing on Friday and Mika’s reaction indicates she found it just as appealing and appropriate as leading the day’s news with Paris Hilton. Her comment was classic: “Who are these people who are the 21% that approve of congress?” Mark Halperin pointed out Pelosi & Hoyer disagreed on the appearance noting that this should be a bigger story….

…yet there was not a word about the other Friday Hearings on the air DOJ RACISM SCANDALS made the Washington Post front page but as of 7:08 Morning Joe hasn’t touched it. I submit that this is not coincidence. I think democrats wanted that coverage off of TV and as far as Morning Joe goes, that’s exactly what they’ve got. As John Nolte put it: Mission Accomplished.

My Take: I know they had their education day scheduled for a while but I’d like to see Mika decide for the 8 a.m. hour to lead with Christopher Coates testimony instead of Colbert a-la Paris. She has 45 minutes. Will she do it?

I will likely be liveblogging it but I might be speaking briefly (yeah stop laughing about the briefly part) about the 9/12 rally since the Fitchburg/Worcester groups were there only for the 9/11 march.

So if you want to see me try to be brief and direct talk I’ll see you at the border tonight, and if you don’t want to come for that, come for the .25 cent wings and half price appetizers after 9!

P.S. There will be NO Twin City Tea Party meeting in October as most members will be out campaigning with their favorite candidates.

I will likely pre-order the boxed set from Mike’s comics but I have this comment to make. You should give them a ring concerning the new episodes The cover art is a vast improvement over the last set.

Demon Quest vol 1 of 5

Anyways I’d drop an e-mail to Mike’s comics right away if you don’t want to wait for boxed stuff.

then this quote from his facebook page should:

While marching in parade yesterday, what appeared to be a 17yr old boy asked me if I was passing out free candy. I told him “NO, I’m the kind of guy that says get a job and buy your own candy.” The look on his face was priceless, a conservative is born.

If that’s not worth a ten spot to his campaign I’d like to know what is?

(BTW Ten spots are nice but volunteering is better!)

Holy guacamole! two instalanches in two days! I was so busy telling my Eddie Long/New Hope church Story to even notice till now. Ma-1 (along with Ma-6 & ma-5 & ma-10) are all incredible pickup opportunities that are being ignored. After you are done giving to Bill take a look at Bill Hudak in Ma-6 and Jon Golnik in Ma-5 and Jeff Perry in ma-10.

In fact check my twitter feed for today where I went over each race congressional race in Massachusetts, I’ve been predicting 3 seats in mass but there are 6 seats that could turn in this state, 7 if you count Barney Frank’s. The other two contested seats while a tough slog have good candidates and are worth fighting for too!

I’m writing this on Tuesday at 2 a.m. at home, I’m actually in a hotel room near Boston after attending a wedding but DaWife is always happier when the PC is not around so figured I’d schedule some thoughts.

Just read Ed Driscoll’ Jon Hamm bit, its good but the most interesting thing about it the reference to Bill Whittle’s old Eject Eject Eject piece.

That’s doesn’t mean Driscoll isn’t a good blogger (he is) but it’s amazing just how Damn good Whittle’s pieces are and how well they stand up, same with old Den Beste pieces 20 years from now we will still be reading them.

Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for every Instalanche I get but it puts you in your place when you manage your best non-instalance week you’ve ever done with a ton of (what I think) are strong posts and then the next week begins with a ‘lanche and your traffic topsthe best two days of the previous week that you were so proud of combined.

Is there a better movie deal than the combo of Netflix and Wii unlimited movies a month for $9-16 bucks? Nope.

An awful lot of people are in twenty years are going to have crummy eyes and ears due to Ipod and small screens.

And a kindle is cool but I’d rather have a book that I don’t have to worry about dropping and ruining, or getting wet, or cracking my screen etc, etc etc.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from interviewing 100’s of average people is they are a lot smarter than the elites and the press give them credit for…

Also a lot more decent, they don’t use their education to rationalize right and wrong.

It appears the thrill is gone from the Leg of Chris Matthews, I’m just wondering if he is building street cred for the days post election, or maybe he is worried about Lawrence O’Donnell.

And may I say O’Donnell is one of those rarities, an unabashed partisan hack who is actually incredibly smart and understands how legislation works.

The networks hope and pray they are right about Christine O’Donnell because if they aren’t Massachusetts is not going to be a big source of good news for them on election Day.

Every dollar you spend in Ma-1 to elect Bill Gunn is a dollar well spent.

Same with Mattie Fein in ca-36…

…And Renee Ellmers in Nc-2

…and Liz Carter in Ga-4

and DaTipJar too but I digress

This year as of Tuesday 3 a.m. I’m over 154,000 hits for the year, that is triple my hits for the previous year (the first of the blog) by the end of the year I hope to be 1/4 of the way toward the Stacy McCain “how to get a million hits on your blog” path, I’m not much for rule 4 & 5 but I’m not so bad with 2, 3 and 6.

It is never more vital to be a cheery optimistic sort than when you have $300k+ in life insurance and under 8 weeks of unemployment left.

Also good to be Catholic at such a time too. Actually it is good to be a Catholic at any time as The Anchoress demonstrates every day.

Speaking of which there is nothing like a firm grasp of history to keep you from whining about your problems.

Or a Sicilian mother who grew up in the depression.

We Sicilians are in a bad way right now. Jersey shore is undoing decades of subtle attempts to get people to fear us and leave us alone.

And people don’t realize how much work Smitty has to do for those blog aggregates that are done on weekends at Stacy’s place.

Sometime this year or next the IPOD will be too full to hold another Dr. Who audio. Who ever figured I’d have so many gigs of adventures?

You never really lose the geek, it just goes to acceptable places.

Update: Awoke from the bed at the hotel to another Instalanche, (although not to this post) so let me say right now. Glenn: Feel free to put me in my place as often as you can!

“What State?” What State?” The question was asked again and again as I pointed to and asked people lining the boundary. The answer came back: New York, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Florida, California, Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, Washington state and DC, Oregon, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, Connecticut , North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, Kansas , Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Montana , Arizona, New Mexico, Wisconsin and more.

There were just too many people for me to pick out to film so I went through the crowd asking my questions again to groups of 10-20 at a time to get a feel of them:

“What prompted you to come here on a cold wet day to be here?” and the answers came back, Freedom! We’re overtaxed, Obamacare, We’re done being ignored, We don’t want socialism! (This is what gets the media in a huff.) We need to be counted! We want to be heard. A few pointed to their children and said: For them!

“How many of were active politically active three years ago?” A hand or two would come up, invariably those who were active were delighted to see so many new folks, those who had not been active had many reasons for holding back all these years, apathy, wasn’t worried, didn’t think I’d make a difference, had too much work.

This explains results such as Jim McKenna’s incredible write-in success on election day. A large amount of voters who never showed an interest before are showing an interest now.

“Why are you active now?” The answers were more direct, the actions of this congress and president, Obamacare, cap & tax, the bank bill, the bailouts, small business owners in particular were adamant about what this was doing. They talked of the pain of laying people off to survive.

“Who here trusts the GOP?” Not a single hand went up, but people over and over promised me that if the GOP spent like the democrats they would be back to throw them out too. No wonder the GOP is scared of the tea party.

More importantly the MSM spent it’s time on the periphery trying to get a shot, or a soundbite, there doesn’t seem to be any attempt to find out exactly what makes the Tea party members tick, and why the left and the media have no idea what is happening.

On November 2nd they are going to get a very unpleasant education.

Update: Nothing starts your day better than an Instalanche hi folks. The photos people I interviewed for the article above can be seen in this post. I only did one video interview during that questioning. Clara Csiong!:

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…but it is refreshing an official give genuine public indignation over a barbaric act done against a family he knows.

As for the jury pool, I listened to them broadcast what the mayor said and I’m positive it will not mess with the pool seriously. Why, because they played the clip 5 times on the radio and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. If it wasn’t for the papers and the supporting commentary by the hosts I still wouldn’t know what he was talking about.

As for this article:

We all poke fun at Mayor Tom Menino for his mumbles. Now, he’s taking heat for making a very blunt and clear statement.

Sorry guys, the statement was blunt but it sure wasn’t clear.

Does the city employ a translator to convert Menino into english? Is there an Menino to English/ English to Menino dictionary?

Via this tweet by SissyWillis John Kerry takes his famous phrase to a whole new level:

A testy U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday blamed clueless voters with short attention spans for the uphill battle beleaguered Democrats are facing against Republicans across the nation.

The article gives a shout out to William Jacobson at Legal insurrection, which is cool, but the online piece doesn’t provide a link which is not.

John Kerry the gift that keeps on giving…great hair though, it would almost be a crime to cover it with a fedora.

…as Little Miss Attila explains

“I care, I care, I care: I want less drilling where the environmental standards are strictest, and more drilling where they are lax. La la la la la—I can’t hear you!”

I suspect if she did 800 words on this it would be one of the most devastating essays you would ever read

For all of those hundreds of faculty and administration who were e-mailed about the appearance and for all their students in history or government classes who were either uninterested or uninformed about a congressional candidate taking questions on campus here is some photos/video:

One of two stand out locations

Supporters stood out for Bill

Heading for the hall

They engaged students nearby

The Ex Mayor before the event

The ex mayor of Fitchburg arranged the hall, strangely enough I recall the lights being on and the bus for my kid being free when he was mayor.

State Sen candidate Neal Heeren showed up

Candidate Neal Heeren showed up as well

It would be untrue to say there were no students there except the one setting up the mike, there was a student there, unfortunately she didn’t go to Fitchburg state:

My camera had a write error so the first 20 minutes of Bill’s speech was lost, he talked about accountability and told a story of a person who although a voter who lives in the first district was told by Olver that she “wasn’t a constituent” when he found out she disagreed with him on issues.

The remainder of the speech comes in 4 parts

When the camera card filled I switched cards as quickly as possible

I found it really strange that an Audio visual department didn’t film this

When Bill was done he invited Neal Heeren to make his pitch:

He then took questions I show them individually:

I asked him about apathy:

Most answers were quick:

His answer on regulation was long, detailed and informed:

Nobody asked him about the war, (he wants the troops home, I disagree with him on this one) likely if the college kids were there he would have been asked. When everything was done I went back to Megan and asked her what she thought:

If the turnout among youth voters is an indication of the “Obama excitement” then democrats, be afraid, be very afraid.

I knew there was a reason I liked this kid so much when I met him:

As a stand-up comedian, I’ve seen hacks openly depict the most depraved, explicit sexual acts they can think of just to get a laugh out of the audience. Clearly, telling wiener jokes is no longer the treading of new territory that it once was.

Funnily enough, today there is one area of sex that when discussed, still makes people’s posteriors pucker with discomfort… abstinence.

Every young woman should remember the line that follows.

Constantly we hear cries of women aimed at their supposedly overly jealous boyfriends, “What’s the matter? Don’t you trust me?”

No, he doesn’t. You slept with him on the first date and there is no reason for him to think that you wouldn’t do the same when a better offer comes along emphasis mine.

I actually had to use a variation of that piece of advice to a young lady years ago who was asking my advice about dating/sleeping with a married man. This kid has learned it in his 20’s. Well done.

Today while watching Morning Joe this morning he brought up the Clinton record on taxes and I put out the following tweet:

A few minutes later he mentioned how the GOP congress moved Clinton, but at the same time I noticed that my youngest had not come down for his bus, had to get him up and running. He ended up missing the bus so I had to get dressed and get him to school. On the way home I stopped at Moran Square diner (ironic as Barnicle has mentioned it more than once) had breakfast and came back home about an hour after I left totally forgetting about the tweet.

A few min ago Joe sent this tweet.

It had been several hours later so I didn’t remember what he was talking about, but after seeing the tweet and remembering he had a real point so I tweeted the following:

Normally that would do but it occurs to me the tweet was up for 4 hours uncorrected. As it was not put up in error deleting it would be altering the record and the simply mea culpa tweet is in my opinion an insufficient apology so Joe I put this post up as a formal apology and correction that you deserve and honor demands beyond a simple tweet.

My bad.

Update: Maybe Meghan McCain can use this post as a template for a bad tweet.

Different individuals have different expertise, I don’t know if Stephen Colbert has any more specific information about illegal immigration than anyone else, but I do know this.

If you are going to testify on the people’s dime in the people’s house it is not meant to be a publicity stunt done in character.

But clown Colbert’s Democrat enablers aren’t interested in serious debate. They’re interested in promoting illegal alien amnesty by any means necessary — even it means turning a House hearing into a Comedy Central stage.

If democrats want to know why they are heading for the defeat they are, it’s because they have the same respect for the voter as they do for the people’s house.