DaTechGuy’s field guide to Bloggers, Iowahawk: With special guest!

When it comes to serious consideration of the issues, no person in the blogosphere brings a more calm and sober head to a discussion than Iowahawk! The tribute to E. Blackadder in this discourse touched me in a special way.

Day one of Tea party protests…

Today down at the mall a the initial wave of Tea party activists who had attended the Liberty XPO symposium were on the mall for an event including speakers, song and some good times. I got there around 1 p.m. and the program had already begun. Here are my shots from the event: If the … Continue reading Day one of Tea party protests…

Voices of the candidates Ray Igou (r) candidate 9th Essex District

State Rep Candidate Ray Igou (9th Essex) at the Reading Tea Party 9/7/2010 he is an airline pilot by trade and another great example of a regular guy who decided to step up to make a difference. He not only talks sense, I look forward to seeing him at the statehouse. This is why we … Continue reading Voices of the candidates Ray Igou (r) candidate 9th Essex District

Christine O’Donnell proves a point or two

...that a person is only "unelectable" until they are not. ...that I'd rather have Sarah Palin on my side than Mitt Romney, she is willing to risk political capital to fight for you. This is what a leader does! ...and Angel Clark's skill as a reporter/writer is only matched by her niceness as a person.

Some quick notes this morning….

Quick thoughts about a few things so far as I don't have time for long posts It's a long walk from Arlington to Capital Hill When going to inside congress, don't have a ton of metal Dan Riehl doesn't look like his twitter photo Melissa Clouthier is apparently secretly a Time Lord as there is … Continue reading Some quick notes this morning….

datechguy does Da other McCain

Smitty puts up some video of me opining I give some good advice to Republicans in terms of blogs but my football analogy to the president should be used in every legislative election in the country. If the football metaphor concerning the president doesn't get picked up by Rush, then nothing I say ever will.