As I was leaving the 9/11 marches there was a large event on the mall, it was the Black Family Reunion an annual local DC event that I was not familiar with.

I’ve always wondered why black Americans who are so religious are so loyal to the democratic party.

….has it’s uses.

Does the left actually understand how they look when they decide the Delaware election should turn on WitchCraft and masturbation as opposed to say….jobs and the economy?

The fact is the left would likely actually approve of the witchcraft business, the idea is to convince people who might vote for O’Donnell on the right that she is unsuitable for support, electoral or financial.

The problem here is that their vision of the right and the tea party is a parody of what they think the right is.

As long as that parody is their vision they will continue to fail, so more python moments please.

Oh and Mr. Soros, whatever you’re paying your guys, it’s much too much.

Update: It’s Michelle for the defense

Update 2: Instalanche thanks Glenn (love the Taft line). Hi people, nice to have you around. Got a lot of new entries (including gateway pundit) in DaTechGuy’s field guide to Bloggers, livebloged from WCRN this weekend (might be able to get a show of my own if I can get sponsors hint hint), I covered the 9/12 rallies extensively (the most important interview is here) Check out my interview with Jim McKenna whose successful sticker campaign has set him up to beat Martha Coakley and Bill Gunn who will send John Olver home in MA-1. Learn why Christine O’Donnell is a leader and I invite you to join me in defying murderous barbarians.

In the studio now. Jim McKenna is in the studio and we all have fedoras

5:55 p.m. We are loaded for bear for the last 15 min

5:45 p.m. Stacy McCain is now on the air!

5:30 p.m. Working on getting a special guest today….

5:20 p.m. Mary Z. Connaughton is now on the air

5:13 p.m. Tom Wesley: “The hope and change from the 2008 election was not supposed to be a runaway freight train!”

5:06 p.m. Talking about something call “on tour with Tom” His campaign site’s blog is here.

4:55 p.m. Talking about business not government being the source of jobs

4:51 p.m. Rodney Josephson candidate for State Rep Worcester 5th district just called in

4:45 p.m Asking Tom about fresh faces, threw in a plug for Renee Ellmers (nc-2) and Liz Carter ga-4.

4:41 p.m. Call in at (508)-438-0965

4:40 p.m. Tom talks about the struggle of running a business and starting fresh, that’s called experience!

4:37 p.m. His acceptance speech was broadcast live on WCRN on election evening

4:36 p.m. Oh and feel free to hit DaTipJar too. (:c)

4:35 p.m. Tom Wesley is now on the air. His site if you want to donate to his campaign is here.

4:33 p.m. My interview with Jim McKenna here.

4:32 p.m. I maintain that Mr. McKenna’s win is the most significant win of Tuesday

4:29 p.m. Tom Wesley candidate for Ma-02 for congress has entered the studio

4:22 p.m. Jim McKenna is now going over his background, passers by a looking at the Fedora on our heads

4:20 Jen Caissie is now on the air, candidate for Governor’s council

Talk about getting an A-List blogger on the Field Guide:

One thing about bloggers like Jim, everyone wants their attention so if you want someone like Gateway Pundit for the field guide you have to be persistent.

This afternoon I interviewed Jim McKenna (R) who ran an successful write-in/sticker campaign to get on the ballot to face Martha Coakley in the fall elections:

DTG: A write in campaign is tough, in a primary doubly so and would be considered impossible for a Massachusetts republican before this year. What happened?

JM: Experienced political people told us we couldn’t do it but the people got involved, there seemed to be more homemade signs and individuals pushing the candidacy than we ever expected. Between myself and Guy Carbone another fine write-in candidate we know at least 20k went to the polls motivated for this race. I’ve never seen people so involved.

I think this is the most significant event from election day INCLUDING the O’Donnell victory in Delaware.

I’ll explain in some detail later today on WCRN 830 AM between 4-6 p.m.

…for a couple of reasons.

1. I personally think the rules as written are a bit weird, If I make a call from this room but not that room it is legal or illegal. I understand the principle but I think it’s a question of having a lawyer smart enough to define the hoops. It’s not the location but the selling of favors that matter.

2. The idea of a congressman hitting up lobbyists for money is about as shocking as the concept that John Kerry & John Edwards combined spend more on their hair a year then I do on clothes (including Fedoras).

3. I actually disagree with this statement at Big Government

The call could be examined to see if it breaks House ethics rules, and could not come at a worse time for Democrats trying to maintain their majority in the House and Senate in November midterm elections. Ethics violations by Republicans helped get Democrats elected in the last two election cycles when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to “drain the swamp.”

I actually think this is the absolute best time for the Democrats to let every crooked deal and unethical thing dump out. This election cycle is lost, and not just lost, SPECTACULARLY lost. The MSM is pinning their Nov 2nd storyline on hopes of Senate victories in Delaware and Alaska two states who’s combined have the same amount of seats in the house as Rhode Island. and have less combined representation in congress that Connecticut.

If you are going to lose anyway make it big, that way any pickup in 2012 can be spun as a “return to moderation”.

But I guess if it’s your seat in danger it’s hard to see the big picture.

I personally think a less restrictive but more open set of rules would be best. As long as the people who vote you in know what you are doing and who you are getting the dough from I don’t have an issue.

After Dinner on the 11th I went to CVS to buy more minutes for my phone card where I ran into these tea party supporters.

This explains why one should always have a camera if you want to do this kind of thing.