Two important comparisons between 9/12 and One Nation

We’ve already pointed out the difference in terms of paying for transportation so lets take a look at this AP story:

Thousands gather for ‘One Nation’ rally in D.C.

Not the tens of thousands like 9/12 or the hundreds of thousands like Glenn Beck, but thousands. Poor Crooks and Liars et/al they can’t even get the MSM to lie for them anymore
A direct photo comparison available here.
Secondly let me remind you of this video:

And lets see one from today

I don’t know what unions these guys belonged to but it apparently wasn’t the trash collectors union.

Every republican candidate should show these two videos back to back on their web sites.

Update: The classic video via nice Deb as she put it, those buses run on a tight schedule

Update 2: Nice Deb flatters me greatly but I should point out the One Nation video isn’t mine

Update 3: another view near the WWII memorial

But they support the troops!

Update 4: A commentator at the HuffPo Tunes 59 kindly linked to me using the post to refute the Huffington Post’s claims on the rally. A commentator Kathy 001 took exception saying:

“LOL! Honey, there are more site that peddle cr@p on the internet than post actual facts. Find yourself a valid source.”

Apparently according to Kathy I am not a valid source. Perhaps Kathy can educate my sadly deceived readers:

Are you maintaining my short film from 9/12 is false and/or didn’t happen? Why or Why not?

Do you maintain that the crowd photos from Becks and One Nation are not authentic? If so why?

Do you maintain that the YouTube videos I linked are false? Do you deny the trash was left? If so why?

What is it about me that makes me a bad source? What other of my videos on youtube do you find false? Why?

My readers anxiously await enlightenment oh great one.