DaTechGuy’s Field Guide to Bloggers Maggi Cook

Last year Maggi cook was an activist, now she is a blogger and she was kind enough to talk to me again: You can find the rest of my field guide here. Her blog the Madison project is here

So let me get this straight

Huffington post sold for $315 million after having investors kick in $36 million and none of the 4000 people who write for it get paid? That's 351 million not counting any revenue that the site has generated. If you paid the 4000 folks in question 10k each for the time they put in over 5 … Continue reading So let me get this straight

I guess we can call it a Soros fail

...if you have CBS covering the Planned Parenthood videos that tells us then operation Journolist 2.0 is floundering. Planned parenthood finds itself re-training their workers, Publius asks a funny question: One would have hoped Planned Parenthood staff wouldn’t have to be “trained” to protect victims of sex trafficking. You’d think that just went along with … Continue reading I guess we can call it a Soros fail