Last year Maggi cook was an activist, now she is a blogger and she was kind enough to talk to me again:

You can find the rest of my field guide here. Her blog the Madison project is here

Huffington post sold for $315 million after having investors kick in $36 million and none of the 4000 people who write for it get paid?

That’s 351 million not counting any revenue that the site has generated. If you paid the 4000 folks in question 10k each for the time they put in over 5 years that still leaves 311 million. Subtract the investor money of 36 mil and you have 250 mill subtract say half for taxes and you have 125 mil and say another 25 mil for expenses and Arianna still pockets 20 mil a year over five years plus the revenue generated.

Yet the 4,000 got not a cent. The 40 mil that would be necessary to give them a piece of the pie is not to be. So all of you on the left who provided free content so Arianna could cash out big time now get to do the same thing so AOL can cash out big time. Is that what you signed on for?

Hey its a free country if you guys want to put out all that work so Huffington can get richer that’s totally up to you, but this is one version of Money for nothing that hasn’t been banned.

Then again if you look at Hotair it’s not about the money, it’s about the re-election:

Arianna Huffington, who got $315 million in a sale of Huffington Post to AOL as well as complete control of AOL’s content. She has plans for that power, Sargent reports at the Washington Post. She hopes to turn AOL into a center of “citizen journalism” in advance of the 2012 elections:

Or to put it another way, not only did Arianna get a big payday, but by using it to re-elect The One™ she and her friends are counting on, if successful a great payback on the back of the American Taxpayer for every liberal cause out there.  And that payout won’t be millions, it will be billions!

Update; Irony thy name is AOL via glenn AOL stock values falls $315 million since feb 1st

…if you have CBS covering the Planned Parenthood videos that tells us then operation Journolist 2.0 is floundering.

Planned parenthood finds itself re-training their workers, Publius asks a funny question:

One would have hoped Planned Parenthood staff wouldn’t have to be “trained” to protect victims of sex trafficking. You’d think that just went along with being human.

Hey Publius, these folks kill kids for a living and you expect them to worry about sex trafficking?

This was a stupid fight for the left, Soros, and those who defend them.

If this was stuff like the Wikileaks documents that people would have to read it might have worked but videos are a different matter. People are more likely to watch videos via social networks even if kept off the news. You can’t suppress them. But since abortion is the linchpin of the cultural left any price must be paid to defend it, and if a few women have to die in 3rd world conditions in Philly or a few pimps of underage girls need to be covered for, well every revolution has it casualties.