Amherst NH 9:03 A.M. with Herman Cain: Updated with photos and Video

I’m sitting at the counter of Joey’s Diner

Joey's Diner in Amherst NH

where Herman Cain makes a presentation to a group of invited locals.

Mr. Cain will be in NH for several events culminating in a keynote speech at the Hillsborough Lincoln-Reagan Day Reception and Dinner- Keynote Address tonight in Nashua. I hope to be there to cover it.

Update: Had breakfast with an elderly WW 2 & Korean War navy vet named Bob McCloud. He’s seen many presidential candidates pass through NH over the years, his favorite was Ronald Reagan. He is Mitt Romney fan and is not familiar with Herman Cain which is exactly the reason why Mr. Cain is up here.

Herman cain in the Back room making his case

Scored an interview and will have it up when I have a faster upload location to work from.

Update 2: Video is up: