Taking a quick peek at Stacy and Attila’s exchange.

It hit me looking at Stacy's old rules for getting 1 million hits that his exchange manages to invoke all 5 rules. Meanwhile Attila instructs James Wolcott on the subject rule 1. It's always interesting to watch this kind of exchange between two of my favorite people on the web.

A footnote on Wisconsin but an important one

POWIP noticed something from Mickey Kaus that I didn't: It appears the Democrats had not accepted the concessions outlined by Walker in an email to some Dem senators (an email his office released). These were discussed below. They allowed collective bargaining over a broader range of issues, but kept the provision ending mandatory union dues … Continue reading A footnote on Wisconsin but an important one

The word you’re looking for is “barbarians”

For the people who did this, that description goes without saying of course: Israel hunted for the perpetrators of a grisly murder of a family of five in a remote West Bank settlement Saturday, appealing for help from the Palestinian Authority, which sent security forces to join the manhunt. The knife attack, which killed two … Continue reading The word you’re looking for is “barbarians”