Matt Yglesias seems to be unclear on the concept of damage control when a colleague has said something really offensive:

Indeed, precisely the crux of our problem is that climate chaos isn’t divine retribution for pollution.

So rather than suggesting that is the divine curse of Gaia that those GOP voting areas are subject to devastation, Yglesias mere bemoans the fact that it is not…

…and although he does give space to hit my friend Tabitha Hale he still doesn’t has space for a charity link or two Here are some quick giving options in case you think differently

* Red Cross, or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to relief efforts
* Catholic Charities
* Samaritan’s Purse
* Text “Give” to 80888 to give $10 to Salvation Army relief efforts.

Personally I’m much more offended by Yglesias’ piece than Johnson’s. There is the possibility, however slight, that Johnson’s piece was typed up in haste and posted intemperately. We’ve all hit the “post” button on occasion when we shouldn’t. There is no chance in Yglesias case. He saw Johnson’s piece, and the reaction, and then wrote what he wrote.

Whatever Soros is paying these guys it’s too much.

Update: Johnson doubles down but this time includes a donation link. I guess that’s progress.

and this nonsense:

“Despite its prevalence, ‘pets’ is surely a derogatory term both of the animals concerned and their human carers,” the editorial claims.

“Again the word ‘owners’, whilst technically correct in law, harks back to a previous age when animals were regarded as just that: property, machines or things to use without moral constraint.”

Well Jonah Goldberg calls them:”…the canaries in the coal mine leading to the end of civilization.” for the sheer nonsense of it, I think it’s actually worse.

You see it’s all a question of the right enemies. If you talk about insulting animals you appear to the eyes of the right people moral without risk.

If you talk about this or this, then you are not only racist, but you are making enemies who will do more than make jokes concerning their dogs.

Kerry Picket of the Washington times will be our guest on DaTechGuy on DaRadio tomorrow at 10 a.m. on WCRN AM 830 Wocester. Brian Henchey will be coming back to join us for both hours and Bill O’Connell author of Liberty’s Lifeline: Engaging the Grassroots Movement to Stop the Erosion of American Freedoms

And when the show is done join me at 1 p.m. at Linguine’s Italian eatery on Route 20 Boston Post road Marlborough ma to enjoy some great food and continue our roundtable discussion.

That’s my translation of this Think Progress piece.

The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.

I guess Think Progress and those who commented on that story think Mother Nature made sure those GOP voters got what they deserved.

Meanwhile if you are a person who lives in reality and would rather actually help instead of trying to make an obscene political point, you can donate to the American Red Cross here.

Update: Simple question, if this took place in Massachusetts and Pat Robinson blamed it on the legalization of Gay Marriage, how would the media be reporting this piece? You would see national outrage.

Update 2: PJ Tatler links, (thanks) and Slublog at Hotair covers the story and links the Red Cross

Update 3: A little Theology for the Gaea worshipers at Think progress:

At that time some people who were present there told him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with the blood of their sacrifices.

He said to them in reply, “Do you think that because these Galileans suffered in this way they were greater sinners than all other Galileans? By no means! But I tell you, if you do not repent, you will all perish as they did! Or those eighteen people who were killed when the tower at Siloam fell on them – do you think they were more guilty than everyone else who lived in Jerusalem? By no means! But I tell you, if you do not repent, you will all perish as they did!” Luke 13:1-5

Amazing how the left can’t every parody Christianity right.

Update 4: Stixblog too. How soon will they start deleting comments and trying to pull a wonkette? RedState and Tabitha links too.

Update 5; It’s not just TP Now on Memeoandum

Update 6: Yglesias response? If only.

… but he is very right that this deserves more attention:

Syrian security forces opened fire on a demonstration Friday in the coastal city of Latakia – the heartland of the ruling elite – wounding at least five people as thousands took to the streets in several places across the country, witnesses said.

President Bashar Assad’s regime has stepped up its deadly crackdown on protesters in recent days by unleashing the army along with snipers and tanks. On Friday, protesters came out in their thousands, defying the crackdown and using it as a rallying cry.

There is also a rather hopeful development:

about 200 mostly low-level members of Syria’s ruling Baath Party have resigned over Assad’s brutal crackdown.

That would have been unheard of not long ago. Meanwhile in Libya things continue to develop, badly:

Libyan troops chased rebel fighters across the border with Tunisia and clashed with them, indiscriminately firing in the area before being captured by the Tunisian military, witnesses said. Tunisia’s government expressed “extreme indignation” and demanded Libya immediately halt violations of its territory.

In reality the West would LOVE if Tunisia or Egypt got involved. Much better to have Arab boots on the ground instead of western ones.

As Michael Graham puts it:

Today: Libya’s invading its neighbors, violence is spreading, civilians are still dying, America is refusing to lead, Gaddafi is stronger…and your gas is $4 a gallon. If you’re lucky.

We return you now to you regularly scheduled distraction.

We need a distraction now and again (and I loved the WW 2 planes in the fly over) but lets also not forget people dying to be free.


If these guys are attacking military bases then I think the endgame is near, one way or the other:

Syria’s state-run television says “armed terrorists” have attacked a military post in the southern city of Daraa, killing four soldiers and capturing two.

The report comes as thousands of Syrians took to the streets across the country – including the capital of Damascus – in demonstrations against the regime of President Bashar Assad. The six-week uprising has posed the gravest threat to his rule.

The government has blamed the unrest on armed gangs – not true reform-seekers.

Daraa is where the revolt began. It has been under military siege since Monday.

…and will give this outrage all the disdain they gave the birther stuff.

White House officials have banished one of the best political reporters in the country from the approved pool of journalists covering presidential visits to the Bay Area for using now-standard multimedia tools to gather the news.

The Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci – who, like many contemporary reporters, has a phone with video capabilities on her at all times – pulled out a small video camera last week and shot some protesters interrupting an Obama fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel.

And it gets even worse:

What’s worse: more than a few journalists familiar with this story are aware of some implied threats from the White House of additional and wider punishment if Carla’s spanking became public. Really? That’s a heavy hand usually reserved for places other than the land of the free

Michelle Malkin is not surprised, Nor is Pundit Press, If you are surprised by the actions of the most transparent administration in history then you just haven’t been paying attention.

They guys aren’t even trying to fake it

This is going to be fun:

Brown, a Republican, sent a letter to the chairs of the Legislature’s Special Committee on Redistricting offering his support for a Suffolk County district that is majority nonwhite, known as a majority-minority district.

“It is my hope that any redistricting for congressional or state legislative seats will result in districts that avoid diluting the voting strength of citizens based on the color of their skin,’’ he wrote to state Senator Stanley Rosenberg and Representative Mike Moran, both Democrats.

As you can guess among some circles this is VERY popular:

Several political groups have been pushing a majority-minority seat, including the Massachusetts Black Empowerment Coalition for Redistricting.

“I want to add my voice to theirs,’’ Brown said in the letter.

The group’s executive director, Kevin C. Peterson, said he welcomed Brown’s support.

“My hope is that this is a post-partisan attempt to join Democrats in a process that is about equity and fairness for historically disenfranchised voting groups,’’ he said.

Well it is, but it also means that if they are juggling districts in such a manner the following will happen:

1. There will be two current democratic incumbents who are toast not just one.

2. The Democratic party had to go all out to make sure they won state offices, although they had an easier time that expected with gas prices soaring and the economy in shambles it will be an even harder time for them.

3. It is already going to be complicated enough to keep diluting the increasingly more conservative Worcester county while keeping the GOP down elsewhere. This will make it even more complicated.

Live by racial politics, die by racial politics.

reported by Zombie (incredibly NSFW)

1. He is exactly right that if it was a group of Christians making fun of Gays in the same manner it would be front page news on every paper, held up as a sign of intolerance and condemned by every major media outlet. The MSM will never cover this event because they understand what the reaction of the general public would be.

2. Considering that gays are actually killed today under Sharia law it would be interesting if these same people would hold a similar festival during Ramadan attacking Islam or holding a “hunky Mohammad” contest.

3. As a Christian in general and a Catholic in particular this kind of stuff is part of the job description. We will always be mocked, Christ said so. The proper response to such mockery is to pray for them.

4. No word on if Michael Bower will be devoting a show expressing his outrage concerning this event.

5. It would be very interesting to find out if any Federal and or state funds are used for this event. If so it would be more interesting to ask state and federal elected officials if they support the use of said funds for this event.

6. Under local standards and law, the people of San Francisco have a perfect right to hold events of this nature if they want. The people involved are certainly welcome to continue to do this every year and hedonisticly mock Christianity and Christ for the rest of their lives…

…after that they’re on their own.

of worst overall president of the last 50 years from him.

One should never discount the unlimited capacity for imbecility in any single person but even I find it hard to attribute this to stupidity rather than evil.

Glenn Reynolds has called Jimmy Carter the “Best case scenario” for Barack Obama but no matter what I think of him I sincerely believe President Obama would never do something this evil.