In Shelby Foote Magnum Opus The Civil War he tells the following story of Confederate General Braxton Bragg that is repeated online here:

“Grant recalled a story about Bragg when he was both company commander and quartermaster. “As commander of the company he made a requisition upon the quartermaster-himself-for something he wanted. As quartermaster he declined to fill the requisition, and endorsed on the back of it his reasons for so doing. As company commander he responded to this, urging that his requisition called for nothing but what he was entitled to, and that it was the duty of the quartermaster to fill it. As quartermaster he still persisted that he was right. Bragg finally went to the post commander for resolution of the problem who declared “My God, Mr. Bragg, you have quarreled with every officer in the army, and now you are quarreling with yourself.””

I could not help but think of that when I saw this story, after many days of delays and false starts NATO (a military organization that the US is the primary member and chief sponsor) finally took over the Libya mission from the US. Today was Day 1 of the NATO led mission. So what is the first thing “they” do?

NATO has asked the United States to continue participating in airstrikes over Libya through late Monday, ABC News has learned.

This was done to make up for the bad weather earlier in the week that had hampered targeting of Gadhafi forces and allowed them to push the rebels back to Ajdabiyah.

I suspect that NATO will have an easier time talking to themselves than Bragg did.

That anyone is taking this farce seriously is an indictment on the gullibility of mankind.

…it would likely disenfranchise most of the Black population of the south

Voter Activation Network is an equal opportunity employer. We insure that discrimination does not occur against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, age, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, or any other classification that offends our liberal sensibilities. We do not, however, hire Republicans.

Carol Greenberg notes they don’t want Republican business either, but a quick question. If a business opened in say South Carolina’s 6th congressional district which is 57% black, would a “no democrats need apply” policy allow business’ to effectively exclude blacks from employment?

Just asking

is not the story itself, although it is worth noting

Al Qaeda operatives are in Brazil planning attacks, raising money and recruiting followers, a leading news magazine reported Saturday, renewing concerns about the nation serving as a hide-out for Islamic militants.

Veja magazine, in its online edition, reported that at least 20 people affiliated with al Qaeda as well as the Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim group Hezbollah, the Palestinian group Hamas and two other organizations have been hiding out in the South American country.

The magazine said these operatives have been raising money and working to incite attacks abroad.

This is what I find interesting:

Where are the links?

The snapshot was from 2:35 a.m. EST today. It is now 11 hours later and nobody has found Al Qaeda active in the latest Western oil power worth blogging about.

Then again as Susannah Fleetwood points out some topics like Veena Malik are just not worth covering by some.

Update: Fausta finds it first

…because one should not beclown oneself so without ample payment:

Donna Brazile: Feels good to make change without war

It gets even funnier when you read it, a peek:

“How” we will “get” Gaddafi is also clear. We will not use military might to get Gaddafi. We will use diplomacy….

Backed by 221 Tomahawk missiles and more to be used if Nato asks. They are apparently best diplomats in the world.

no nightly news reporting on a third war in a Middle East nation; no draining of our national treasury.

Other than the 1 billion + we spent as of March 23rd or so.

The major actors in Libya around the globe have the message: Gaddafi’s days are numbered. Generally speaking, the only people to whom the obvious is not clear are the same men who involved us in an eight-year war, like Rumsfeld.

Well Rumsfeld and US Officials that is.

And it will have come about without a single American’s “boots on the ground.”

Except the CIA boots and special forces who are apparently barefoot.

You know at least Charlie Sheen got a crowd to pay $20 a head to make a fool of himself.

There are useful idiots and there are just idiots, I’ll leave it to you to decide how useful Ms. Brazile is.

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DaTechGuy March 24 2011:

#3 The partition/administration of Libya. Almost certainly the final result. The west without US leadership doesn’t have the staying power or the willingness to actually win the war or commit the ground troops necessary to do so. Sans such will the end result will be a deal to save face for the west that allows Gaddafi’s family in charge of the east where his tribe lives and the rebels in charge of the west. That allows Gaddafi to claim a victory over the west while the west claims success in its mission even as the east is purged of supporters of the rebellion.

The Washington Post Friday:

U.S. officials are becoming increasingly resigned to the possibility of a protracted stalemate in Libya, with rebels retaining control of the eastern half of the divided country but lacking the muscle to drive Moammar Gaddafi from power.

Makes that whole “not naming a withdrawal date” bit that the Bush administration argued in Iraq and Afghanistan sound a whole lot smarter doesn’t it?

Then again could this be the Sir Humphrey foreign policy in action again?

Sir Richard Wharton: …we should have partitioned the Island

Sir Humphrey: Oh you mean like we did in India, Cyprus and Palestine and Ireland?

Sir Richard Wharton: Yes that was our invariable practice when we gave independence to the colonies, it always worked.

Sir Humphrey: But didn’t partition always lead to civil war? it did in India, Cyprus and Palestine and Ireland?

Sir Richard Wharton: Yes but it kept them busy, instead of fighting other people they confined themselves to fighting each other

I don’t see why I would come to that conclusion after all with only 1000 fighters the rebels aren’t going to hold out without weapons and training and we aren’t providing that, are we?

“He told us that on Thursday night a new shipment of Katyusha rockets had been sent into eastern Libya from Egypt. He didn’t say they were sourced from Egypt, but that was their route through.

“He said these were state-of-the-art, heat-seeking rockets and that they needed to be trained on how to use them, which was one of the things the American and Egyptian special forces were there to do.”

Well if nothing else I guess those Katyushas won’t be fired at Israel. I presume our men are wearing loafers and the CIA uses a different brand of boots.

Considering that Charlie Sheen is a tad narcissistic and self centered is anyone surprised by this:

Charlie Sheen unleashed his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour on the Motor City on Saturday night before a crowd that greeted the actor with an adoring standing ovation and concluded with booing and walk-outs. The padded and disjointed show was a hodgepodge of video clips and Sheen-isms that felt hastily assembled and misjudged the patience of even the hardest of hardcore fans

The liveblog is painful to read but must have been more painful to sit through.

From What TMZ described it simply got worse as it went along.

The big question is this, will the follow up shows be canceled, will he tweak the shows? Will this be the official low point from which he recovers?

I have no idea but I suspect Chuck Lorie and CBS are doing fist-pumps right now.