When I left the house to run an errand and have a bite with the wife the word had just come out that Prosser was up by 40 votes:

Incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser took a 40-vote lead over challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg, according to new totals released Thursday afternoon.

Kloppenburg had been leading by 204 votes, but newj unofficial totals reported in Winnebago County show that Prosser received 20,701 votes to Kloppenburg’s 18,887.

My first thought was that a certain law blogger was suddenly going to have a change of heart when it came to vote fraud. Ann Althouse agreed:

I wonder if the concept of fraud is suddenly much more appealing to certain people.

Now I come home after picking up the kid from his college course and WOW:

A conservative-leaning Wisconsin county on Thursday corrected its count and gave an unofficial 7,500-vote lead to the incumbent in the hotly contested state Supreme Court race seen as a referendum on Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s divisive union rights law.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said the votes weren’t reported to The Associated Press on Tuesday due to “human error.”

“This is not a case of extra votes or extra ballots being found,” she said. “This is human error, which I apologize for.”

Ann Althouse quotes herself:

UPDATE, 11:43: Dane (Madison’s county) is nearly all in. I don’t see how Kloppenburg can net more than about 3,000 with what’s left of Dane. Waukesha is now shown as completely in, but the numbers didn’t change, so I think something may have been misreported. I took the trouble to do a calculation and was going to predict that Prosser would net 40,000 more votes in Waukesha. What happened?

Jim Hoff is crowing. I suspect the left must be both devastated and suspicious. If I was on the left I would have raised eyebrows too. As a rule when you are stealing an election you don’t do it by “thousands” after the fact (too dramatic) , but I can’t see how the left can’t be thinking something funny is going on..

This is what is so ironic, in my opinion thanks to that error, the people who wished to say tweak the election reported the numbers that they did when they did in order to bring their candidate just over the line.

If the correct numbers had been reported the first time then I suspect we’d still have counties out to allow for further necessary “corrections”.

Michael Moore says we shouldn’t because Klop had already declared victory, I kid you not:

Want a laugh? Check out Michael Moore’s Twitter feed. He’s upset that the counties are conducting a canvass — you know, to make sure that the votes actually get counted correctly — because, er, “Kloppenburg has already declared victory! Repubs in WI r behaving like sore losers.” No, this is not a parody account, either, although it’s hard to tell.

And apparently the best part is that the presser announcing this took place just as Chris Matthews was droning on about Klop’s victory. Mary Katherine Ham owns the best line:

Small, state-wide election with vital national implications soon to have no national implications whatsoever.

Looking at left leaning sites and the sudden respect for “now-discredited allegations” in comments has been fun, but the most fun I’ve had is looking at Rick Hansen’s site who just this morning said this:

While the fraud allegations remain stuck in the public’s mind, no proof of any systemic fraud has been unearthed. Instead, close examination of elections show, time and again, that our election systems are not perfect – but this is due to human error and not fraud.

His site links to this Media Matters piece with a fun title:

Predictable: Right-Wing Media Respond To WI Supreme Court Election With Baseless Voter Fraud Allegations

There has been no update, I wonder if they still consider fraud charges “baseless”?
As for Hansen he says this:

Here’s what I expect: With Prosser in the lead, the claims of fraud on the Republican side will stop. The Democrats will not raise claims of fraud even if they contest the election.

UPDATE: I already may need to take back the last part of this post: looks like Dems may soon start playing fraud card in WI Sup Ct race, focusing on the clerk who found the lost votes.

I give him credit for not changing his own opinion but I disagree. I still think those fraud charges need to be checked out properly and completely. I think a complete recount needs to be done even with a 7000 vote margin, after all that is still only 1/2 of 1% of the total vote certainly close enough to be worthy of scrutiny. Fraud isn’t wrong only if an election is stolen, fraud is wrong because it is FRAUD. We need to smoke it out now so that when things are close enough to make a difference those who would commit it will think twice. And who taught me that? Why Tip O’Neill:

People used to talk about Mike Ward and his Chinese hat trick. The story was that Mike would hire ten Chinese men, pay them each five dollars for the day (this was in the 30’s & 40;s when that was good money btw DTG) , and have them vote repeatedly under different names. Each time they came to the polls, however they would be wearing a different hat, the idea being that to Caucasians, all Chinese people looked alike.

With the help of Mike Ward, Walter Madigan pulled a few fast ones, such as using the names of people who hadn’t voted, and voting the dead…

O’Neill still won that race by about 400 votes but he was mad and decided to do something about it.

As soon as I returned to the state house I filled a bill that anyone caught repeating in an election would be given an automatic 1 year jail sentence. Getting that bill out of committee was a cinch, because who could dare oppose it? Privately, however, some of the members let me know how disappointed they were, a that they hadn’t expected I was the kind of guy who would rock the boat. But I didn’t like people stealing elections –and I especially didn’t like people stealing them from me! The bill passed easily, and that particular brand of corruption virtually disappeared from Massachusetts.

The time to smoke this stuff out is NOW while we have the win, investigate the lot, we will look magnanimous doing it with a lead because I suspect that the left can’t stand the heat and if we catch them on this now we won’t have to worry about it later.

And frankly if there is anything funny on our side, it SHOULD be exposed. I want to win, but I want an honest election first and foremost.

Update: Funny because it is true:

Reader Stu Wagner writes: “My suspicious, cynical side says that the Republicans delayed the full count to flush out any Democrat tricks. God bless ‘em, I hope they’re just that smart.” I’d be very surprised if they were that smart. . . .

So would I Glenn, so would I.

Update 2: Stacy and Ace are feeling good and Tom is just loving that Media Matters has confirmed there is no vote fraud:

And, of course, we are all relieved to know that Media Matters has already cleared up any idea that there was any voter fraud in this election. So there can be no doubt Conservative Judge Prosser won. And that he will also be the one to decide if the Republicans acted properly in passing the law limiting the Public Union’s collective bargaining privileges.

What a nice birthday present for Nice Deb.

This is an emergency! Control must be believed and obeyed! No-one in the colony believes in Macra! There is no such thing as Macra! Macra do not exist! There are no Macra! Dr. Who the Macra Terror 1967.

I couldn’t help but think of that lost episode when I read this from Ann Althouse response to this wild screach by Richard Hasen:

See, that’s the meme among Democrats. There is no fraud. You’re not even supposed to talk about “[t]he possibility of some fraud” — which was the phrase I used in my 11:55 p.m. post on election night. Note that I wasn’t even making an accusation. I was just trying to sign off and go to bed. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day. But the mere mention of fraud triggers the reaction: Don’t talk about fraud! Fraud?! There is no fraud! Everybody knows there is no fraud, and anybody who mentions it is, by that mere mention, an agent of discord and deceit. This is an effort to delegitimatize the very interest in the problem of fraud. I expect a label to emerge, a label like “birther.” Ugh! She’s a frauder.

The left does seem to act like Doctor Who Villains lately don’t they.

Since this morning when I first posted on this subject we’ve seen much more

Madison and Milwaukee conservative radio show host Vicki McKenna aired several concerns during her Wednesday show. She told TheDC she spent almost her entire two-hour show taking audience calls, in which listeners detailed what may be considered full-blown voter fraud.

One caller, McKenna said, talked about a “missing box of ballots,” a voter overheard poll workers talking about. On air, McKenna said the ballot box could have contained blank ballots or it could have been filled with Wisconsin voters’ completed ballot. Either possibility presents a dilemma, though, as blank ballots in the hands of the wrong people could be used to illegally influence counts after the election.

Ed Morrissey is suggesting caution:

Having been a radio show host for several years in the Twin City through four elections, I can attest that not every allegation made on the air is the absolute sterling truth. That doesn’t mean they’re all false, either, and Wisconsin has a recent history of voter fraud that certainly serves to reduce the trust in the system there. Talk radio can help focus a spotlight on fraud, but it can also provide a lot of red herrings, too. Wisconsin voters should demand transparency, but also should not jump to conclusions before assuming the entire election was stolen.

I like Ed a lot but the problem with this advice is if we are cautious while the left falsely states these claims are “discredited” we lose the fight before it even starts.

Update: I’m with Steve Foley at the Minority Report:

But even in the face of all this liberals are claiming victory and trying to ridicule (as is their go-to tactic) anyone for even mentioning voter fraud. In fact, a commenter named Murry, replied to my Opinion Journal video post saying:

Oh spare me the “voter fraud” meme.

As if we should just shut up and move along. According to Murry somehow mounting evidence, facts, and abiding by the law have no place in this debate and we rubes should just accept the fact that special interest groups stole this election and quite complaining.

I’m sure folks like Murry would love it if we did just that…

Newsflash — we’re not going anywhere and the fight has just begun!

Update 2: Now Prosser is up by 40. Expect the left to suddenly find an interest in vote fraud.

Admit it when you first saw this:

Shouting anti-U.S. slogans Muslims erupted into the streets, killing 14 more people over a translation of the 1986 Bangles hit ‘Walk Like an Egyptian.

You didn’t realize it was a parody, likely because of stuff like this:

Despite denials of an anti-Islam bias from Nintendo, the Japanese manufacturer of the cards and electronic games, Muslim leaders in Oman, Qatar, Dubai, Jordan and Egypt have also said Pokemon is religiously unacceptable. Japanese embassies throughout the region have received inquiries from parents and officials who had heard that Pokemon was Japanese for “I am a Jew.”

or their attempts to hold off Barbie.

Pretty sad isn’t it?

No not because his excellent daily cartoon Day by Day is now available at DaTechGuy’s blog but because of today’s cartoon:

Countdown to FATWA in 3...2...1

The really sad thing about this; it’s not a joke. It has reached a point where such a drawing is an act of courage, where radical Islamists will condemn such a drawing and murder over it. Even worse it has reached a point where people of the west will attack Muir for incitement. It would not surprise me if as Hitchens puts it we see

… self-righteous frenzy married to a neurotic need to take offence; the easy resort to indiscriminate violence and cruelty; the promulgation of makeshift fatwas by mullahs on the make; those writhing mustaches framing crude slogans of piety and hatred, and yelling for death as if on first-name terms with the Almighty. The spilling of blood and the spoliation of property — all for nothing

Yup, likely we will see more of this and it won’t be confined to Chris Muir via Little Miss Attila and Rogers Rules we see another candidate for Fatwa

I’m not a fan of burning books or offending people’s religion but can someone explain to me why this is being condemned by senators and presidents…

…and this is not:

As a Catholic I am outraged by the above video but it is important to show it to make the following point: I don’t recall Harry Reid’s or Lindsey Graham’s condemnation of the desecration of the body of Christ. I don’t recall breathless news stories about P. Z. Myers and his various physical attacks on the Eucharist (oddly enough his own tearing of the Koran elicited no response either) and tell me why when this is brought up the first response (particularly from our atheistic friends) is a history of the sins of Christianity when our response to online Eucharist desecration is this:

and Islam’s response is this:

The truth is that those who attack Christianity in general or Catholicism in particular know there is virtually no risk or danger to do so. They do however know that such attacks against Islam can lead to this:

Theo Van Gogh murdered Nov 2, 2004 on the streets of Amsterdam

Exit question, can someone explain to me why it is was a free speech imperative to defend the Nazi’s right to march in Skokie but not Terry Jones or Ann Barnhardt right to burn the Koran?

Update: Cross posted at The Minority Report

Shades of the Durant election (Worcester 6th) in Wisconsin:

BREAKING VOTER FRAUD: Poll workers conducting registration on election day, voting, then registering again to vote. High school students registering other high school students under 18. When complained, the poll worker said mind your own business.

You might remember yesterday I said this about the precincts not reporting:

Two of them in Milwaukee and 8 in Salk. In my opinion (and likely the opinion of most of the right) at this moment people are counting how many votes Kloppenburg needs to win and deciding how to report their figures so the numbers will look credible.

It is a painful thing for Wisconsin that I am saying this, but it’s more painful that the state has reached the point where I suspect everyone is actually thinking this.

Lo and Behold in Milwaukee:

As Vicki McKenna was saying earlier, I find it interesting/troubling that 100% of Milwaukee County was reported on for the Stone/Abele numbers, but not for the Prosser/Kloppenberg numbers. What the heck is the problem?? She had some interesting callers this morning that make you sit and go “HMMMMM!”

And don’t worry the Police have your back when it comes to preventing Voter Fraud right?:

Two witnesses confirmed that a Police Officer who reported to address the incident apparently refused to deal with the protesters initially. Jessica Schmidt, Grafton Town Clerk, and another witness heard the officer say, “I used to be a conservative but I’m not anymore.” Apparently, this behavior was a result of the recent debate over union rights that has consumed Wisconsin. The officer then walked outside and without addressing the issues presented by the protesters and refused to do his job, allowing the intimidation to continue. The officer’s behavior was apparently upsetting enough that an elderly poll worker was shaking immediately following the incident and needed to be calmed down by a nurse that was present at the polling place.

That members of the Wisconsin police have thrown away the biggest difference between America and third world dictatorships over this issue is disgraceful.

And now lets follow-up with shredding ballots:

For some reason one of the counties in the state is destroying ballots that ‘were not counted’ yesterday. Apparently this is a very bizarre and egregious move.

After all we can’t have a recount determining that these were in fact valid votes can we?
Talk show host Mark Belling is trying to act:

I have filed a Wisconsin Open records request with the City of Mequon demanding any ballot submitted but not cast in yesterday’s election, including any remnant of a shredded ballot. We have received reports Mequon poll workers destroyed submitted ballots before poll closing time, demanding a driver’s license number from the absentee voter. This request is unusual and the destruction of ballots is of grave concern, given the closeness of the state Supreme Court election. I will consider seeking an injuction to back up my request if Mequon officials are not copperative.

Within the margin of fraud indeed!

This is it for Wisconsin, if the voters of this state allow this without protest then frankly they deserve exactly what they get and I’m disappointed in Stacy for not being in more of a fighting mood.