particularly if you supported the Egyptian revolution:

An Egyptian blogger was sentenced Monday to three years in prison for criticizing the military in what human rights advocates called one of the more alarming violations of freedom of expression since a popular uprising led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak two months ago.

If you are any sort of supporter of free speech This is something to be calling and writing the Egyptian embassy over it.

We’ve established that scanty clothing offends Islam, now lets see some things that don’t.

Shooting down Muslims at Mass funerals in Syria for example:

Syrian security forces opened fire on mourners near a mosque in the flashpoint city of Deraa after a mass funeral for pro-democracy protesters, two witnesses said on Saturday.

Security forces used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse thousands of people who were chanting freedom slogans after assembling near the old Omari mosque in the old quarter of the city, near the border with Jordan, the witnesses said.

Or using force to clear the square in Cario:

Egypt’s ruling generals said on Saturday they were ready to use force to end protests in Tahrir Square after troops cracked down on demonstrators overnight and sparked violence that medical sources said killed two people.

Soldiers and police had used tasers and batons to try to drive out protesters from the square, the epicenter of protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak on February 11. Gunshots echoed across the square in the overnight operation.

And of course you’ll never offend Islam by firing rockets at Jews:

Gaza militants have fired over 70 rockets and mortars into Israel since Thursday, damaging a house, police said. Israeli media said half a dozen people have been wounded.

but you can bet that this will offend.

Israel killed four Palestinian militants and wounded half a dozen others as it pursued air raids in Gaza for a third day on Saturday, responding to increased rocket fire out of the territory, local medics said.

It’s one thing for Jews to kill Muslims after being shot at, but you can’t expect radical Islamists to be complaining about Egyptians or Syrian killing their fellow Muslims. After all Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been killing their fellow Muslims for years.

…yet I hope they keep complaining about it.

If you look at this as an individual deal yeah it doesn’t cut enough, it leaves Planned Parenthood and NPR funded, both of those things stink and there will be quite a few members of the GOP who will vote against it due to this, but remember the trend.

In December even before our people were seated we had the White house making a deal to extend the Bush-era tax cuts (or in reality keeping the current tax rates). We didn’t get cuts but we got the tax deal. Many complained but the truth was we had absolutely no leverage except their fear. We didn’t have the votes in either house yet that fear was enough to compel them to make a deal not knowing what was coming next.

In March with a government shutdown looming a short-term bill was passed with 12 Billion in cuts. That is a pittance and the democrats didn’t want it, yet they felt compelled to make that deal to keep the government from shutting down when their own party rejected their alternative.

Now its April again the Democrats are compelled to make another deal, 38 Billion more cut; again a deal they didn’t like (although Obama is trying to appear a “winner” over it, but even the media isn’t buying that one) the sites on the left are howling, yet what could they do? Particularly after the defeat in Wisconsin when labor went all out and came up with nothing.

Soon there will be a vote on raising the debt ceiling. Yesterday in Leominster Senator Scott Brown pointed out that to get that increase there will have to be new cuts and new concessions from democrats. Even if it is only another 12 billion that again flanks them, too many Democrats in the senate have tough re-election fights to risk opposing it.

Already there is talk that an Obama alternative will “slow the growth of Medicare and Medicaid”.

Think about those words. In December 2008 did you think there was any chance you would read those words?

Now I can guarantee you the final budget will be a whole lot closer to the Paul Ryan numbers than the president’s numbers and we will continue to see democrats wonder why the tea party is kicking their butts. As one democrat told Politico:

“The fundamental problem of the whole process is Democrats have zero ability to describe what our view of government really is. So basically all we do is defend the status quo against attacks from the right-wing fringe of the GOP.”

As Carl Cameron put it, this is only the beginning.

All of this is due to the democrats being flanked from one position and another. The reality is we have been winning for 6 months and will continue to do so, Stacy McCain and Dan Riehl Andy McCarthy Mark Levin et/al not withstanding.

So why do I want them to keep complaining no matter what Politico says Boehner wants?

Because this continued pressure does several important things:

1. It keeps Republicans honest:

As long as the base of the party is insisting on bigger cuts both congressmen and senators will be worried about defending their right flank. None of them want primaries and are much more inclined to lean right rather than face their own version of Christine O’Donnell. It can not be overstated how important a lesson that Delaware election was.

2. It makes our negotiation position stronger.

The credible need for Boehner to get a deal acceptable to Conservatives (or as the left would call anyone to the left of Joe Lieberman the “Far Right”) allows him to demand and get bigger and bigger cuts shrinking government, which is the whole point of the exercise.

3. It keeps the media bulls-eye off of Boehner:

The entire strategy of the left is to create a villain and a boogieman to demonize. Paul Ryan just doesn’t cut it for them, they really need to target Boehner but the cry out of Harry Reid has been “Tea Party, TEA PARTY! TEA PARTY!“. The media frankly hates the tea party and never fails to take a chance to hit them. The Tea Party is large, and much more diverse than the media is willing to admit. Other than the farthest of the far left they simply don’t have the ability to successfully take them down. Like London during the Battle of Britain it can take bomb after bomb white the vital targets (the RAF air fields) are left untouched. Boehner is in the same spot. As long as the media is hitting the Tea Party and conservative commentators Boehner remains unscathed and simply gets stronger with each success vs the Democrats.

4. It establishes a baseline one we DO control the Senate.

With the total number of seats being defended it is almost impossible for the Democrats to hold the senate (I say almost because one should never underestimate the ability of the GOP to do something stupid) Once we have both houses the dynamic changes. While the GOP was willing to make a deal when they have only one piece of the puzzle when we have two or all three pieces of the puzzle that argument fizzles. The GOP will be in a position where they will not be able to deny their base. Every day we keep fighting for more and every day they keep making the 1/3 argument it undercuts them when our piece of the pie increases.

5. It Totally undermines the Democrats once we have control.

This last fight forced the democrats to paint shutting down the government as an incredible disaster for the country. They were unable to win a vote or even create a counter-offer on their own. Once they are the minority they will not be in a position to stop a vote without a filibuster. With Trillions on the table it will be REALLY hard for democrats to justify a filibuster to save federal funding for Their political campaigns planned parenthood and NPR.

So when the budget bills which WILL contain the cuts to NPR and planned parenthood come up, it will mean we will see Democrats threatening to shut down the government with a filibuster. It is a completely untenable position for them and the MSM.

Melissa may not be sure where this is going but I am. This is all heading exactly where we want it to head and all of us have a part to play in it including those conservatives who are very angry right now. Stay angry and keep fighting, as long as you still are we will get what we are looking for.

…is just a short leap:

Newspaper ads for the “Trinny & Susannah Do Israel” show have sparked a row among Muslims, as they show the two British fashion advisors dressed in immodest clothing against the backdrop of the al-Aqsa Mosque and Western Wall.

Channel 10 apologized for the incident on Wednesday evening and promised to change the ads immediately.

May I point out that if a Christian preacher had complained about this they would have laughed, but then again regardless of what some would have you believe a christian preacher would not be leading mobs to kill UN workers.

When you give rewards for violence you tend to get more of it.

Libya has dropped off he front page of the news and of the Morning Shows. But apparently it hasn’t dropped off the page of Robert Stacy McCain who says this at his blog:

It was last Sunday, April 3, that we saw the video of Geraldo Rivera under fire as rebels were fighting to re-take Brega. Now, a week later, the Gaddafi troops are reportedly closing in on Ajdabiya, where the rebels are trying desperately to hold onto their forward base. From Bin Jawwad to Brega is about 115 miles, and Gaddafi’s forces advanced that far in less than two days. After 10 days of fighting around Brega, Gaddafi’s forces have now apparently pushed another 50 miles to Ajdabiya.

And at the American Spectator:

To say that Gaddafi’s capture of Ajdabiya “would be a serious loss” is an understatement: Losing the town would be a disaster for the rebels, who have already been forced to retreat more than 200 miles eastward since March 28, when their advance threatened Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte. As the Associated Press says, if the rebels lose Ajdabiya, “the way is open for a siege of Benghazi.”

And at the Minority report quoting the Guardian:

Muammar Gaddafi’s forces continued to fight their way toward Benghazi . . .
Rebel defences around Ajdabiya appeared to be failing as Gaddafi’s soldiers broke into the heart of the strategic town, 90 miles from Benghazi, and engaged in running street battles after again outmanoeuvring the revolutionaries. . . .

and Captain Ed can read a map too:

It doesn’t take a Sir Bernard Law Montgomery to read the map. Ajdabiya is the key to Benghazi and Tobruk. As long as rebels held the city and its environs, they could keep Gaddafi from flanking them and pushing them back to the Mediterranean. If Ajdabiya falls, then Gaddafi’s forces can turn on Benghazi and a string of coastal cities rather easily even without heavy armor — or they could cut off Benghazi, seize Tukrah and Al Bayda, and besiege Benghazi instead, although NATO airstrikes make a static campaign difficult.

Why has the media moved on? The answer is in this sentence from Stacy:

Diplomats are now trying to negotiate a ceasefire in Libya, which suggests that “kinetic military action” has become a synonym for “getting our butts kicked by Qaddafi.”

Apparently when the White House said Gaddafi must go they didn’t specify where.