“Fire next Time”

Our friends on the left often complain about pro-life protesters and never fail to point out any untoward word. Here is a bit of news they might not have caught. Today at 8 a.m. when the people who volunteer at Problem Pregnancy came in they found this threat on their fence.

The peaceful left

And this window broken

Yup breaking windows is pro-woman

With this Rock

The Rock in question

The symbols painted on the fence were the anarchist and the feminist symbols. I talked to Corrine of problem pregnancy about it:

You would think that a place like Problem Pregnancy that offers free care to all comers, takes not state or federal money and is staffed almost entirely by volunteers would be a welcome thing to feminists but I guess without abortion they don’t count. Speaking of which Planned Parenthood has a very large facility diagonally across the street from them:

Planned Parenthood in Worcester

As you might guess where there is abortion there are protesters praying:

Protesting Planned Parenthood

And holding various signs:

Nothing is more scary than people praying

In regular protest

Some of them were willing to talk to me:

They were careful not to cross the Planned Parenthood 3 point line, but I was under no such restriction

So I went over to planned parenthood as asked if I could speak to anyone concerning the vandalism and threat.

They seemed genuinely surprised and upset by the vandalism and threats leveled at Problem pregnancy. The security guard was able to use their cameras in the building and was able to zoom directly into the spot at problem pregnancy where this took place.

but unfortunately since their camera are usually focused on their own area their own cameras wouldn’t have caught it unless a guard had been pointed the cameras directly at them. The people there were quite polite but declined to give any formal comment.

Meanwhile Problem Pregnancy as you might expect from a place staffed by unpaid volunteers has a less comprehensive camera system but their people where going through the film as I left. It’s much too early to say if any of their camera shots got the threats as they are still examining footage.

My guess is this threat came in response to the possible loss of federal money for Planned Parenthood. I didn’t hear anything on the local news or radio concerning this, to my knowledge this is the only media report on it, but then again Problem Pregnancy operating with only donations and gifts isn’t in a position to contribute millions to any candidates so naturally there is no story here.

As I have often said, media bias isn’t so much about what is reported, as it is about what isn’t.