Ten Questions for David Freddoso author of Gangster government

are asked at the Minority report about his book Gangster Government Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy.

1) Do you think Obama’s OJT (on the Job Training) is working?

If the yardstick is his ability to prostrate himself and grovel before union bosses, puff up and persecute political bogey men, and denigrate even average voters who disagree with him, Obama didn’t really need any on-the-job training. He comes from Chicago, where these things are built into the job description of every office-holder. The readers of Gangster Government should not be surprised, especially if they read my 2008 biography of Obama, The Case Against Barack Obama.

But one area where Obama really seems to have a slow learning curve is foreign policy. They could give him ten Nobel Prizes and he still wouldn’t have a clue about current events in the Arab world. The Wikileaks cables on Yemen bolster this, as does the additional war into which he has plunged us. We don’t know what we’re doing in Libya, or why or whether or how we should be supporting the rebels, in part because Obama acted alone. There was no debate. Typical Chicago, where politicians believe themselves to be above the law.

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