This story certainly sounds like a Red Meat story for people:

To get a sense of just how mind-bogglingly complex the federal tax code is, consider:

• More than 80% of individuals hire someone or buy software to help file their taxes, though only 64% of filers owe them, according to the Tax Foundation. So millions of filers pay for help to learn that their tax liability is zero.

• About two-thirds of low-income filers pay to have their taxes done, the Tax Policy Center found.

• The tax code has at least six definitions of a child, more than a dozen different education-related tax breaks and at least 16 different kinds of tax-favored savings plans.

That’s very true but there is one claim in the story that just plain false:

It now takes seven hours to fill out the so-called 1040 EZ.

I’m sorry I do my taxes by hand on paper as I have ever since I started doing taxes. It is true that the code is very complicated but there is no way on God’s Green Earth that you can take 7 hours to fill out form 1040EZ.

If you haven’t filled it out lately here is the link to the form and see for yourself.

Not counting name and address it is a whole 13 lines and you only use 12 of them max.

Let’s summarize:
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It’s Tax weekend and tomorrow’s edition of DaTechGuy on DaRadio belongs to the small businessman.

Instead of our usually array of Bloggers we have invited small businessmen from the area to talk about running a business in tough economic times.

Do you own a business and want to share your experience? We’d love you to call AM 830 WCRN at 508-438-0965 and tell us what you’re doing to get by and what you would like to see government do (if anything) to help things along.

So give us a ring tomorrow and when we’re done join me at the Border Grille and Bar on Mill street in Leominster at 1 p.m. and we’ll have a round table of listeners who would like to give their opinion too.

as I’ve gone to very few movies lately, but it’s release this weekend is another excuse for my Atlas Shrugged movie story.

I was at CPAC and attended an event which included a clip from the movie with some of the folks who worked on it.

As people mixed I suggested to the publicity man that they might want to consider some ads on DaTechGuy on DaRadio to promote the movie. The publicist answered they were only interested in free publicity.

The irony of the makers of a movie about productive people striking to preserve the profit motive declining to pay for desired publicity is still one of the funniest memories I have of CPAC this year.

You’re just another infidel:

ISLAMIST extremists in Gaza kidnapped a European journalist and peace activist this week and promised to kill him within 30 hours if Hamas did not release Palestinian prisoners. For the past two and a half years, he has been in Gaza with the International Solidarity Movement, monitoring human rights violations by Israel.

Israel Matzav notes how he arrived:

Israel Radio reports that Arrigoni – who is pro-‘Palestinian’ – entered Gaza with the first blockade-running flotilla and has lived in Gaza ever since. Useful idiot.

Well apparently he wasn’t a useful enough idiot because he’s now been killed

Hamas found the body of a pro-Palestinian Italian activist who was abducted and killed by al Qaeda aligned militants in the Gaza Strip, raising questions about the Islamist group’s security grip on the coastal enclave. Two men were arrested and others were being sought in the killing of Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, who was found strangled in an abandoned house, Hamas officials said.

The folks at on the west coast have an… interesting take concerning this murder:

People in Gaza have a voice because of hard working dedicated peace activists like Vik Arrigoni. Beyond the overly religious fanatical Salafist radicals, the only detractors this man had were Israeli Zionists who wished for his death for years.

You will note in the video below that Ken O’Keefe, our writer and diehard activist friend in Gaza, does not believe or at least did not, that any Palestinian could be responsible for Vik’s death.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine anyone doing this to a man who was so well loved and respected. It is exceedingly clear that everything is out of sync.

The perpetrators of this crime Ken suggests, were Zionist agents of Israel. This is the obvious relentless enemy of the Palestinian people, with frequent strikes on civilian targets in Gaza from U.S. made fighter jets and drones.

I’m sure Mr. O’Keefe doesn’t. After all why would anyone ever think that any Palestinian could be responsible for senseless violence. Oh and Itamar doesn’t count, beheading infants and killing children isn’t senseless if they are Jews.

Exit Question: Given the level of denial in the statement above who is more fanatical in their beliefs? the “Salafist radicals” or the authors of this article?

Update: It’s not a laughing matter but how else can you react when you see such an article like this one at the guardian?:

Arrigoni’s brutal murder comes after the murder of a settler family and the shooting of theatre director Juliano Mer-Khamis last week. Writing as someone who has spent a great deal of time in the West Bank over the years, these events seem alien to the Palestinian culture of resistance I have come to know and respect. Such actions smack of some kind of dirty war, based on motives that have little to do with the ongoing struggle for Palestinian self-determination.

Are you kidding me?