Only people not paying attention to the left are surprised at Wonkette and comments there today

Was it only a few days ago that we were commenting on why the actions of the left in heckling Tea party protests would get no press:

There has been some media coverage at Reuters and Politico however there is one aspect of the story that they seemed to miss. The Left’s Reaction. For that we have Jim Hoff and Big Government.

And for other non-Wisconsin issues of the left we have the Blaze for Oregon and IC Arizona for Arizona.

Why has there been so little on the air about this? For the same reason why you will not see the full clip of Palin’s speech embedded in MSM sites or why there was no commentary this weekend. Watching the actions of the left tend to cause people to dislike them

Well today the left managed to do something that even the MSM couldn’t ignore. They not only made fun of a three-year old child with downs syndrome but suggested that he was conceived by his father’s incest with his daughter. Even more amazing (well not really if you know the left) not only was that done but until it became public the overwhelming majority of commentators on the site that choose to do this approved and joined in the fun.

Why, because if the kid’s last name is Palin.

The first rule of civility for the left is this, any statement no matter how vile or misogynistic that is directed against the Palin family is OK. If you don’t believe me check out the fun exchange between Tommy Christopher (the father of two special needs kids himself) and Ken Lane (editor of Wonkette)

Note how it starts and where it ends up and consider that during this time outrage was building and Papa Johns, Huggies and the Vanguard Group was busy pulling ads. was re-considering their advertising on Wonkette.

However Lane has changed his tune somewhat in an e-mail to Dave Weigel saying in part:

I have four kids myself and I wouldn’t want them mocked on the Internet by a bunch of cretins on the Internet. And that’s just one reason why I wouldn’t parade my children around in the media. What kind of mother does that?

In any case, Jack has been admonished and put on night probation until further notice. Anything involving Palin, I want to make it extra clear that *Palin* is the problem with America. Not her kids. Not her little kid, anyway. The older ones seem to be on their own path and you can’t really blame Sarah for it, although she certainly encourages the sleaziest possible behavior from her grown children, which is hardly a very “family values” thing to do.

Yeah, sleazy like joining the Army and fighting in Iraq.

Considering his earlier exchange with Mediate do you actually buy a word he is saying. Does this guy actually think?

Even funnier now Wonkette is calling for a Boycott of Papa Johns (with 100 people in favor of making fun of Downs Syndrome children supporting them. As for their reply concerning Palin:

Child protective services should take Trig away.

Yup they are really doing well with this.

Meanwhile in the time I started writing this post they scrubbed all the offensive comments from their site and removed the author’s name from it as well. Unfortunately for them there is such a thing as Google Cache so we get to remember the wisdom of commentators such as

nounverb911 , and V572. Barbara_i , DownFist Troll, mavenmaven Terry , OneDollarJuana, Gopherit, DaSandman ,the_problem_child , rocktonsam , emmelemm , smokefilledfetus, tessiee, OC_ROBOTS!!_Serf , memzilla , gullywompr, Fukui_sanYesOta, DustBowlBlues, Biel_ze_Bubba, ChessieNefercat, CalamityJames, Schmannnity donner_froh, EdFlintstone, Sassomatic, Radio_Level_7, mayor_quimby, twoeightnine, Guppy06, SorosBot , GOPCrusher WinterOuthouse, Fare la Volpe , BZ1, OKthennext, horsedreamer_1, El Pinche, lulzmonger, rip1944, DerrickWildcat and mavenmaven.

When I hear someone complaining about the incivility of the right I will always have all of you to fall back on forever. It makes my job so easy.

Meanwhile the advertisers on their page have diminished and continue to diminish. I don’t know what the writers there are making but if they are paid by ads, their pay is dropping rapidly.

As for the commentators above, alas for you all your wit and witticism is forever remembered in Google cache and can follow you as you comment elsewhere so let me give you some advice on both posting and life:

#1 First: people are in fact people unless they are beheading babies you want to show some level of decorum.

#2 Remember there is a difference between political enemies and actually enemies, for example I disagreed with Dave Weigel today but I’ve met him and he seems a nice guy don’t conflate being wrong with being evil.

#3 The internet is forever, if you choose to make a fool of yourself on it, be prepared to live with it and defend it, or be prepared to apologize for it.

#4 Finally The right thing is generally the smart thing, if you work under that rule you will do ok. (and if you haven’t figured out why your comments were not the right thing, find your grandmother, tell her what you said and then after you duck when she slaps you listen to what she tells you.)

Bad form people bad form, but remember bad form is not forever if you change. I’m sure quite a few of you are nice people who are just venting online but consider what a different story this would be if you have acted differently. No you don’t have to convert to conservatism, just don’t act like this again.

Update: Several good blogs think that the Wonkette post doesn’t deserve a link, au contrare it not only needs to be linked but it need to be seen by people directly. I’ve had enough of the left hiding their “light”.