The MSM proves my Palin/left point again

Let’s set the table. Major public figure, best-selling author, former VP candidate for national party and possible presidential candidate in 2012 has Down Syndrome Child. Said Down Syndrome Child is attacked on his birthday by prominent leftist site that has appeared on Morning Joe, CNN, etc.

Prominent people on both sides of the Aisle condemn it, editor defends, then slightly backs off, then blames Major Public figure for encouraging sleazy behavior in her children (such as fighting in Iraq?). This is followed up by a twitter campaign targeting advertisers. In less than 24 hours major advertisers such as Papa Johns, Huggies, Nordstrum and Vanguard pull their ads and a twitter campaign exists to pressure others to leave. Said grass-roots campaign is thanked directly by said public figure. Site then scrubs author’s name from site and deletes hundreds of comments from readers encouraging the attacks on the child. Author then follows up with an update saying he “regrets” post but blames parents for their “use” of their child.

One might think that would be a story, and it likely would be if the major public figure was named Clinton or Obama and the web site involved was conservative.

Alas, the public figure is Sarah Palin and the Web Site is Wonkette. This makes it a twofer. It portrays the left in a poor light for a start and any such story might create sympathy for her at a time when the Republican Nomination is up in the air. So starting with Morning Joe and continuing with all the MSM’s morning shows this has become a non-story. Not even a scroll at the bottom of the screen.

Yesterday Dave Weigel answered a post of mine concerning Palin coverage saying in part this:

But here’s a scoop: Few speeches get covered the way politicians would like them to be covered.

That’s a fair point concerning Palin’s Wisconsin speech, it doesn’t explain the non coverage for drowning out 14-year-old girls and a reverend giving an invocation or assaulting old ladies at tea party events, and it certainly doesn’t explain why this kind of story that portrays the left poorly is ignored by the major media.

And this is why Ace and Hotair are wrong. If we don’t link and tell this story the MSM will pretend it never happened and the invisible left will remain invisible.

Yesterday the story was the actions of one lefty site going to far. Today’s non-coverage transforms it into a story of the journalistic (journo-listic?) malpractice as the mainstream media shields the left.

Update: It just hit me, do you remember when Governor Palin mispronounced “skirmish”? I recall Morning Joe finding time to play that video, much more newsworthy than this, isn’t it?

Update 2: Stacy Gives away the game.

Decent Americans recoil in shock at the latest eruption of Palin Derangment Syndrome

…and that’s exactly why the MSM will do their best to make sure decent Americans don’t find out.