The left vs Sarah Palin on Easter Sunday

There are a lot of Amazing things about the #Trigscrew stuff on Twitter. The most amazing thing is the absolute panicked reaction of the left on it.

The sheer desperation and need to try to counter a twitter group that is less than a week old is absolutely amazing.

Here are just a few Easter Tweets from the anti-trigscrew crowd:

Turtles tears re-defines pro-life and accuses Palin of reckless endangerment

You Have Dusty accusing Palin or Murder

And the incomparable inmylife4747 has a two-fer

Palin doesn’t love Trig

and tries to kill him.

Meanwhile lets contrast that with Sarah Palin Easter Message on on Facebook:

Which set of messages do you think the General public would respond positively to?

Some suggest these guys should be blocked by Trigscrew members; I disagree. I think, like the Wonkette article this type of stuff shows the left for what they actually are. The more that is done, the more they lose.

Exit question: Presuming that the Soros left isn’t paying these guys to do this consider: How obsessed with Sarah Palin and how scared of Trigscrew do people have to be to spend their Easter doing their best to counter a Twitter hash tag?

I really hope, for their sake someone is paying them.

Update: Here is one more screen shot to add to the collection

What an incredible Easter Parade!

Update 2: and another classic

And remember this is supposed to make people believe they are right.