What the education debate has fallen to.

Yesterday I was flipping through the radio dial and as I was driving home and heard Michael Bower on 96.8 FM speaking of his outrage concerning a proposed Tennessee law concerning the discussion of homosexuality before the 9th grade in school and making fun of southerners in general.

One might debate the wisdom or necessity of such a law but the fact that it is even being debated shows a lot of people are missing the point concerning the purpose of public education.

I would think we might do better as a nation if our schools spent their time talking about things like Math, Science, English, History, Economics and Computer technology and the Arts. I know compared to homosexuality and identity politics stuff like Algebra, Astronomy, Calculus, HTML and Physics, Geology, Music and the American Revolution are trivial matters to the education and future success of grade school and junior high school students but I suspect even they might have their place.

This nonsense can’t help but remind me of a story concerning my first Job with a defense contractor back in 85. The big boss had a meeting with his managers and during the meeting the subject of the games on the Mainframes, came up. He went around the table to get their opinions and they varied. Some said we needed the space (this was back in the days when 1 meg was a LOT of memory) others thought the games were a good way to acclimate people to the computer system. When it finally got back to the Boss him he looked around the table and said in a decisive voice dripping with incredulity:

This is a place of Business! We are not paying people to play games!

The games were removed from the system directly afterward.

Eyes on the prize folks, eyes on the prize.

Oh btw as you might guess the techs very quickly put the games on a tape and restored them to a disguised directory. Geeks haven’t changed in three decades.